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Giancarlo Stanton takes aim on HR mark

    LOS ANGELES -- The Giancarlo Stanton road show continued Friday at Dodger Stadium, where he cranked out his sixth home run of the trip. If Stanton goes deep either today or Sunday, he will break the club record for most home runs hit on a road trip with seven.

    As it now stands, he's in a four-way tie with three former Marlins:

    Player                      # Games on Road Trip         Dates                     No. HR

    Giancarlo Stanton                 9 (so far)           8/16/12--8/24/12          6

    Miguel Cabrera                    10                      7/14/05--7/24/05          6

    Mike Lowell                         12                      5/12/03--5/25/03          6

    Preston Wilson                     13                      9/12/00--9/24/00          6

    Stanton also put his name alongside Ted Williams with last night's homer. With 83 career home runs, Stanton now ranks 11th -- tied with Williams -- for most home runs hit before age 23. Mel Ott, with 115 home runs before his 23rd birthday, tops the list:

             Player                                      HR's (before age 23)

   1. Mel Ott                                              115

   2. Eddie Mathews                                   112

   3. Tony Conigliaro                                  104

   4. Alex Rodriguez                                     95

   5. Frank Robinson                                     93

   6. Johnny Bench                                        87

       Ken Griffey Jr.                                      87

   8. Jimmie Foxx                                         86

   9. Andruw Jones                                        84

       Mickey Mantle                                       84

 11. Giancarlo Stanton                                  83

       Ted Williams                                         83



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Big stud on a last place team


You know, I don't really give a damn. The whole thing would make a case of Shingles look like Coconaut cream Pie.


The only reason why I wish I still lived in South Florida would be so not going to the games would be more meaningful. Does not really count when you are 750 miles away. The only reason I would ever go would be to buy one of those 10.00 seats and move down to 4 rows behind the dugout and then tell everyone on my way out. By the way, the food STUNK!!!!

 Morris Buttermaker

Nice play in the 7th inning last nite...looked lke a freakin idiot...bad news fish...


boo hoo boo hooo boo hooohoo every post so negative whywatch or follow the team blame the owner blame the players blame the people who sell you food I wish I was back in miami going to games with my 7 yr old son I live in ct. and the closest games are yankees or red sox and those teams would be a better fit for you the team is in full rebuild mode again what do you expect from them.reyes and stanton are doing their part and the rest ae trying out for next year's team the f.o spent his stoln money invesed it and cashed out as soon as there was problems the whole team stunk an sadly they had to go. the bad part is what the marlins traded away. was more about saving money than rebuilding the team and that 's what sucks They have no farm system and no trade chips left so if you are hoping for a huge turn around next year good luck but I bet you we will both watch and follow the team and complain the same next year.

all other teams fans

Glad the Marlins will suck for years to come. Tickets on stubhub from $1.00 and 5.00 parking ,no traffic..Thanks Marlins for sucking,we get to see other good teams cheap..hope you stink forever.


Lou....I live 220 miles away & I'm go'n to my 5th game wednesday.....& really the food is pretty good. If you havn't tried it...you can't judge it.

Stan M

I have read everything over past few days but was out sick. Spitballer, I'm surprised that you didn't want at least Hanley gone, or was it gone after this year. Someone else asked a couple of days ago about whom to acquire for next year. I'll go back to what I said a couple of weeks ago. Make up a trade for Alex Gordon of KC. He's an above average player who is very proficient in either of the 2 places where we need help; 3B and LF. Maybe a trade of Nolasco, Peterson and 2 or 3 prospects just below the level of our top 6 could get him. Then Bourne as a FA would be great with Pzryzenski(sic) a good fallback. Lately someone asked if we should keep Zambrano. My answer would be definitely if within salary limits. He seems to be an excellent clubhouse presence. He was too good and is sometimes still very good, with the only problem being control and unless I'm wrong, that didn't used to be a problem. Furthermore, he can start or relieve. Personally, I don't think the team should chase any other starting pitchers; our problem was hitting. I'm no longer fond of this FO, but can't fault them for the deals made. Except for Anibel, the others were either not wanted or of minimal future significance. Just one quick question to my fellow posters. How many of you with a baseball package switched to Vince Scully? I damn sure did. I wonder if he might give it another year after all of the recent trade excitement. Hanley has 31 RBIs in 28 games and I'm still glad he's gone.


Dear Spitballer, I tried the damn food during a 3 game home stand against the Nats. The food STUNK. With all the restaurants in Miami anyone who does not eat at a good restaurant before coming to that place is nuts. I trust you are not equating 220 to 750 even though i had planned to go to a lot more games before I became aware of the pestilence. I trust you no longer go to any games.

Juan, take your son to some minor league games where he will see a decent product. It seems as if you have the same disgust for the owner that I do. I hope you have noticed I save my most vitriolic complaining for people not on the field. The guys can't help it if they can't play. It's the people who organized the team that I find abhorrent.


I take my son to the new britain rock cats and the norwich tigers we also go to new hampshire fishercats and lowell spiners when the jammers are in town. my point is as a marlin fan I would be more pist off at the fact that we traded the hopper for nothing.traded hanley for nothing and could of gotten more for sanchez and infante in seperate deals and the farm system is ranked 28 in major leagues the g.m of this team I don't know if it is by owners orders continue to aquire prospects that are discarded by other organizations and heap pile shopping even when they got reyes and burhle they could of spent more on players like pierre cespedes or any other outfield not named kearns and when the market tanked out on closers couldve picked up another arm. I rather see them sign a player with a major league track record more than a bounce back hopeful from the triple a.

Not a Marlins fan

Hope they keep on making crappy deals,so tickets and parking are cheap and you can see the other MLB teams without any pain in the ass Marlins fans in the way.


Dear Juan, We traded the Hopper for Miguel Cabrera.

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