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Guillen doesn't want lingering injuries to be a problem again for Marlins in 2013

Manager Ozzie Guillen made it clear Wednesday he doesn't want to have a repeat of the 2012 season when lingering injuries kept some of his best players off the field and hurt the team.

He wants players to stop delaying surgery, heal, rehab and be ready for the start of spring training. Or else, as Guillen put it, "there are going to be surprises."

"I'm not a doctor, but I don't know why people have to wait so long to have surgery," Guillen said when asked specifically about Logan Morrison, who said Tuesday he'll have a second surgery to reconnect his torn right patella tendon (Sept. 5) and will need to rehab six months.

"It ain't going to happen here like it's happened in the past... Agents and people and doctors and different opinions make those guys go different ways. Now, it's time for the Marlins to take it our way."

Last November, the Marlins let Morrison (who was shut down for the season after going on the disabled list July 29) participate in an All-Star tournament in Taiwan, even though he’d had a history of issues with the knee during the 2011 season.

Guillen said he not only had a problem with that, but also how the Marlins handled a lingering knee issue with right fielder Giancarlo Stanton, who missed most of spring training and almost a month of the season following arthroscopic knee surgery in July.

That's why Guillen said he's pushing outfielder Emilio Bonifacio, who went on the disabled list last week with a right knee sprain, to also shut it down and get healed.

"If you need to go in, clean it up, do it right now and I'll see you in spring training," Guillen said of Bonifacio.

"... If I'm going to get fired, I'm going to get fired my way. I'm going to get fired because I was bad. There's too many different things. We pay them a lot money, they got to respond to us -- to the Marlins, Mr. Loria, Mr. Beinfest. It's our way, not your agents way or your own doctor's way. It's the Marlins way, if you don't like it talk to your agent."


Earlier this year Jose Reyes cut his dreadlocks for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and welcomed a child from the charity during spring training.

Before Wednesday’s game, Reyes and teammate Josh Johnson hosted another fan through the Make-A-Wish program, a seventeen-year-old boy from Minnesota named Blake.

Reyes said he agreed to meet Blake immediately after he heard about his request. “You know that when they’re around major league players they’re going to feel good, they’re going to feel happy, at least for the moment,” Reyes said.

Reyes said Blake gave him a red “Stay strong Blake” bracelet to wear for good luck during the game.

> Six Marlins prospects have been chosen to participate in the Arizona Fall League. Pitchers Grant Dayton, Brian Flynn, and Scott McGough, outfielders Kyle Jensen and Christian Yelich and catcher Jacob Realmuto,will all play for the Phoenix Desert Dogs.

The six-team AFL is a traditional destination for some of baseball’s biggest prospects. Yelich, the top prospect in the ground, has been batting .319 for the Class A-Advanced Jupiter Hammerheads.

The Desert Dogs will also consist of minor leaguers from the Braves, Athletics, Brewers and Rays organizations.

> Could Stanton be in line for another NL Player of the Month award?

The right fielder, who won the award in May after hitting .343 with 12 homers and 30 RBI, is batting .320 with 10 home runs and 22 RBIs in August. His stiffest competition offensively will come from the Padres Chase Headley (.306, 10 HRs, 28 RBI), Cincinnati's Todd Frazier (.340, 6 HRs, 25 RBI), former teammate Hanley Ramirez (.296, 6 HRs, 24 RBI) and the Giant's Buster Posey (.367, 6 HRs, 19 RBI).

The Marlins distributed 15,000 bobblehead dolls of Stanton to 15,000 fans Wednesday.

Guillen said he received a lot of requests for them -- mostly from women.

"They asked me if he was naked. I said 'No he has a uniform on,'" Guillen said before breaking out into laughter. "But that's awesome. A couple years in the big leagues and have a bobblehead -- that's outstanding. I know people who have bobbleheads and don't deserve to have them. This kid does. Good for him."



> Nationals (77-51): 1. Jayson Werth RF, 2. Bryce Harper CF, 3. Jordan Zimmerman 3B, 4. Adam LaRoche 1B, 5. Mike Morse LF, 6. Ian Desmond SS, 7. Danny Espinosa 2B, 8. Kurt Suzuki C, 9. Ross Detwiler P.

> Marlins (59-71): 1. Gorkys Hernandez CF, 2. Donovan Solano 2B, 3. Jose Reyes SS, 4. Carlos Lee 1B, 5. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 6. Justin Ruggiano LF, 7. John Buck C, 8. Donnie Murphy 3B, 9. Jacob Turner P.


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I have to agree with Ozzie on the way that injuries were handled prior to him really taking over and getting settled. We haven't seen a healthy LoMo since his rookie season and the way that Giancarlo was handled was ridiculous as well. Look at how much more comfortable he looks since surgery. The players also have some responsibility to take care of themselves during the off season. Should be interesting to see if LoMo makes it back to form next year or if he's another Beinfest bust?

DC Heater

Stanton, LoMo and Bonifacio are so important to this team heading into next season. They must rehab and get healthy soon. As crazy as this sounds, I actually think they will be good next year if healthy and of course if the team isn't blown up in the offseason anymore.


if LoMo's surgery is going to require 6 months to recover why didn't they already have the surgery weeks ago? The time frame given makes him supposedly ready by March. why the wait?

Flav C.

J, worse than that is the fact that last year when he had the surgery, a 6-month rehab program was shortened to 3. Brilliant.


Trust me. I want no credit for my prior comments--because you would have needed to be a 7 year old to not understand---but myself and others have complained aggressively about SloMo's attitude in regard to his treatment. Some suggested he was waiting for the swelling to go down, I never saw that because I believe it would be next to impossible to run(even as slowly as SloMo) if you had swelling of the magnitude that would require reduction before surgery.

Now maybe a few of these guys had bad experiences in a doctor's office at the age of 4 and it has carried over. I have no idea as to why any human being would not wish to take the standard and accepted way to address an injury or illness of any magnitude. To me this has always been similiar to--"Mommy, I don't want to take my pil."


Ozzie's comments were the most refreshing things about this franchise in months.


I finally got my hands on a computer out here in the wilds of Oregon and decided to add my two cents to the LoMo discussion. LoMo's surgery will be performed by Dr. Richard Steadman, the Colorado sawbones who's supposed to be THE hotshot doc for athletes with knee injuries. During the second week of August, Dr. Steadman recommended that LoMo have at least three weeks of rest and therapy before having knee surgery. I don't know the reason for that, but apparently Morrison is following doctor's orders.
I've just been reading through old blog comments to catch up on what's going on and noticed that Stan the Man was bedridden for eight days. Stan, that sounds miserable. Hope you're feeling better.
My brother, curious to know what was occupying my attention, read through several old threads here and was impressed by how sharp you guys are. His conclusion was that the comments here were more interesting, more intelligent and more civil than most sports blogs.
"I would have thought that Marlins fans would be a bunch of raving lunatics by now, but they're not," he said.
Lou, I agree that Ozzie's remarks were refreshing. Maybe he feels like he's finally made it through the customary "keep-your-mouth-shut-and-observe" period with a new team and is now ready to bust some balls. Let's hope.


First time all season I have agreed with Ozzie. Why in the heck is LoMO having surgery on September 5th when he has been shut down since July 29th? Ridiculous! It is miserable watching this kid run. He is slow an rumbling.

The Only True Fake Alex

El caballo trots faster than lomo at this point


Dear Laurel, It has become so bad that I almost have the need to ask where you read that statement by Dr. Steadman. I would almost trust the source of the yellow cake uranium more than anything Marlin related.

Camera Mike

Lou, I just googled Richard Steadman and found a couple stories (both from Marlins.com from Aug. 9 and Aug. 10) which state Lomo saw both team doctor Lee Kaplan and Dr. Steadman with both docs saying rest the knee for three weeks before being reevaluated and deciding on surgery. Though both docs thought surgery would eventually be needed so I do not fully understand why they wanted the three week period of rest, but I am not a doctor or an expert on knees. As much as I have been fustrated with Lomo for his poor play this season and delaying his surgey last year it does appear he is following the doctors advice right now.



Check the link above from Aug. 11. I'm not sure where I originally read the info, but there were a number of stories reporting the same thing about that time. This was before the brouhaha erupted, so I tend to believe it. But again, Dr. Steadman never consulted with me on this case, as he so often does, so I can't vouch for anything.
By the way, that yellow cake uranium tastes damn good with lemon glaze. Just don't put it in the fridge.


Camera Mike,
I didn't see your response before I wrote mine, but I think we agree that LoMo may be in the clear this time.

Camera Mike


Yes I think we do agree. Plus like I also agree with you on Ozzie's comments. Hopefully he can get his way and make sure everyone comes back healthy for next year and we don't have a IR revolving door.

Peter Gammons Dog

Marlins will bid adieu to the over-rated Lomo in 13'. He will go the way of other drafted Marlins that they evaluated wrong... First Gaby, soon Coghlan,Petersen Cousins and Lomo ,will all be gone. Adios.


Agree...The only reason they still have the above players is because they are cheap pre-Arb eligible and get paid the minimum with no bargaining power. That will change,then it's bye-bye.

Flav C.

Dog and Gabagootz, couldn't agree more. LoMo had his "goodbye kiss" when he filed grievance (against the Marlins) for demotion to AAA, back in September last year.
Since then, the Marlins really could not care less about his future with the team.
They knew he was hurt and still kept him running like an idiot on the outfield, only to aggravate his injury even more.
On top of that, a 6 month rehab after his surgery last year was shortened in almost half. Not sure if it was the team's decision or LoMo who rushed to make spring training. Anyway, all evidences point out to LoMo not being a Marlins for long. I think he is eligible for arbitration in 2013. Let's see what happens.

Flav C.

Does anyone know if Yelich was called up for the September extended roster?
He was not in the Hammerhead's lineup tonight.


It takes a lot to still turn my stomach but when I read Buck's comments calling Evoldi and Turner filthy, I just needed to say that Buckie should only use the word filthy to describe his career and by filthy I mean like a college apartment shared by 4 college juniors.

The Only True Fake Alex

There's no way yelich is being called up. Perhaps next year but it also can't come soon enough because he's will be a starting OF in a couple seasons.

The Only True Fake Alex

' filthy' , 'stuff' are codewords for throwers who haven't learned how to pitch.

Kind of like boxers who are better at brawling than actually boxing.

Give me a guy who throws 90 with really good accuracy over 97 with wild control any day. It's a better long term deal. 97 will get your on the highlight reel but give me a winner.

The Only True Fake Alex

How should the OF look like next year?

Should the marlins cut their losses with cousins,peterson,gorkys?

I think gorkys needs to spend some more time at triple a and refine his plate discipline.

I feel like cousins and peterson are just begging to get released although i see peterson coming back as a reserve somehow even with his 200ba.


Sole Phony Real Alex,
I agree about Gorkys. He's overmatched at the plate right now but he's starting to show some signs of life. He's never going to be a superstar, but if spends some time in the minors with a good hitting coach and learns to get on base with a little more regularity, he could be a lot better than advertised.


I notice that on Sunday, the Marlins have some kind of John Buck kids pillowcase giveaway. Don't know what this is exactly, but I guess it's in honor of the guy who slept through the season.

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