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In his opinion, Giancarlo Stanton having so-so road trip

       LOS ANGELES -- Despite breaking a Marlins record for home runs on a single road trip, despite being the only Marlin worth watching in the opinion of his manager, despite bringing gasps from opposing crowds with tape-measure homers.....despite all that, Giancarlo Stanton is partly frustrated with the way he's hit on the team's 11-game road swing, which ends this afternoon at Dodger Stadium.

        "If you want to be honest, I'm having either terrible at bats or hitting a homer," Stanton said. "This is kind of the most ups and downs I've ever had."

        Stanton hit his seventh home run of the road trip on Saturday, a 452-foot bomb off Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. That established a new record for dingers on one trip. The previous mark had been shared by Preston Wilson, Mike Lowell and Miguel Cabrera. Afterward, manager Ozzie Guillen said Stanton is the only player on the team worth watching these days.

        "He's the only one positive," Guillen said. "Every two or three innings we enjoy this game, seeing this kid at the plate. That's the only part we look forward to, coming to the ballpark to watch."

        But Stanton said he is somewhat frustrated in that it has been an all-or-nothing trip. Though he is hiting .324 on the trip, seven of his 12 hits have been homers, and he's struck out 12 times.

        "It's not total failure," Stanton said. "But...."


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You must love Ozzie's honesty. I absolutely love the way he calls out this collection of curs that the Two Hefners have put together.

Stan M

Great that Scully is coming back. I know Im repeating myself, but how many people alive today were actually listening to the Brooklyn Dodger game when Red Barber first introduced "this young fella from Fordham who will be assisting Connie and me calling the games..." 64 years ago and listening at that very moment. There can't be many of us. It's kind of funny that I remember close to his exact words. I must have been 11 or 12 at the time.

One can only imagine what Stanton could do if/when he learns to lay off the sweeping outside curveball.

Not a Marlins fan

Would like to hear Ozzie being Ozzie and give his unfiltered opinion of the team. Believe he has been subdued because of the Cuban thing back in April. It's Sept. soon,and would like to hear Ozzie roar. After all, he's got 3 yrs. left on a guaranteed contract. Whats Loria gonna do? Nothing. Go, Ozzie,Go..Let er' rip...

Father Guido Sarducci

the Two Hefners???? More like an Organ Grinder and his monkey.


Not A Marlins Fan, It's coming. Stay Tuned!!!

Flav C.

Just read in the NY Times that Scully is returning for one more season (2013) with the Dodgers. He will call the home games and the away games in CA and AZ.


Curs...a pack of worthless mongrel dogs...excellent adjective to describe the 12' Miami Marlins.


Ironic that Dave Dombrowski's last two Marlins 1st round picks were in the big trade. Since then,you could call Beinfest' 1st rounders 'Curs'.


Marlins have changed the players and that did not work so it is time to change the management !

Flav C.

Hey Webster, looks like the leader of the pack of worthless mongrel dogs hit his 29th. And the young curs reliever had his first 1+ inning save.
Two old mongrels also had their share of HRs.
Never kick a mongrel when it is down. It just might bite you back.
As Morrisey from The Smiths would sing "Some curs are better than others"...or something similar to that.

Stan M

I was surprised at how positive some of this looks:

In February 12th, 2002, The sale of the Florida Marlins to Jeffrey Loria was approved by the baseball owners. The managing trio of Loria, President David Samson and general manager Larry Beinfest were formed.

When Loria bought the team in 2002, the Marlins already had a World Series championship from 1997. It was their only winning season. On top of winning a championship of their own, there isn’t much more they would need to do to top previous ownership.

Before Opening Day of their first season as Marlins brass, they made their first trade of the regime by sending pitchers Matt Clement and Antonio Alfonseca to the Chicago Cubs for pitchers Julian Tavarez, Dontrelle Willis and Jose Cueto, and catcher Ryan Jorgensen.

That same year, they traded star outfielder Cliff Floyd to their former team, the Montreal Expos, for pitchers Carl Pavano, Justin Wayne, Graeme Lloyd, and Don Levinski and reserve infielders Mike Mordecai and Wilton Guerrero.

The same day they shipped their ace Ryan Dempster to the Cincinnati Reds for outfielder Juan Encarnacion, infielder Wilton Guerreer and pitcher Ryan Snare.

The Marlins finished 4th in the National League East with a record of 79 wins and 83 loses.

During the offseason, the Marlins acquired pitcher Mike Hampton and center fielder Juan Pierre from the Colorado Rockies for catcher Charles Johnson, outfielder Preston Wilson, infielder Pablo Ozuna and pitcher Vic Darensbourg.

Immediately after securing that deal, the Marlins sent Hampton to the Atlanta Braves for relief pitcher Tim Spooneybarger and minor league pitcher Ryan Baker.

Through those five trades, the Marlins replaced Matt Clement, Antonio Alfonseca, Cliff Floyd, Ryan Dempster, Charles Johnson and Preston Wilson with Dontrelle Willis, Carl Pavano, Juan Encarnacion, Juan Pierre, Tim Spooneybarger and Mike Mordecai.

On paper, those moves may not make any sense. However, include the signing of catcher Ivan Rodriguez, the hiring of manager Jack McKeon, the emergence of Miguel Cabrera, and midseason trades for Ugueth Urbina and Jeff Conine, and the Loria/Samson/Beinfest regime wins a World Series Championship of their own in just their second season.

The Marlins would finish 83-79 for the next two seasons but the additions of pitcher Armando Benitez, Paul Lo Duca, Todd Jones and Carlos Delgado was seen as shrewd moves. Benitez would record a franchise record 47 saves in 51 attempts.

However with much of their 2005 leaving for free agency, it made more sense to cut payroll and start over rather than live in baseball purgatory.

They traded every veteran and Jeffery Loria was labeled by the media as a cheapskate owner for having the youngest team in baseball with a league low $15M payroll going into the 2006 season.

They were expected to win less games than the soon to be champion Miami Heat. Instead those youngsters had an historic season despite finishing 78-84.

The Marlins became first team in the modern baseball era to improve to better than .500 after being as much as 20 games under .500. Also, for the first time in MLB history, four rookies topped double digits in wins: Josh Johnson, Scott Olsen, Ricky Nolasco and Anibal Sanchez.

On September 6, 2006, Sanchez threw the fourth no-hitter in franchise history, beating Arizona, 2-0, at Dolphin Stadium.

Rookie second baseman Dan Uggla became the first Rule 5 pick to be selected to the All-Star Game in the season in which he was drafted. Rookie shortstop Hanley Ramirez won the National League Rookie of the Year Award, and Joe Girardi was voted N.L. Manager of the Year during his rookie season.

Adding veteran outfielder Luis Gonzalez gave the young Marlins much needed veteran leadership and helped them return to their winning way as they finished above .500 for the first time since 2005.

Adding Jorge Cantu turned out to be a steal when he helped the Marlins set a Major League record by having four infielders reach at least 25 home runs — Hanley Ramirez (33), Dan Uggla (32), Mike Jacobs (32) and Jorge Cantu (29).

That same year however, they traded Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to the Detroit Tigers for Burke Badenhop, Dallas Trahern, Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin, Mike Rabelo and Eulogio de la Cruz.

None of their returns proved to be a difference maker, making the trade one of, if the worst, trades in Marlins history.

Going into last year, the Marlins traded Dan Uggla to the Atlanta Braves for Omar Infante and a reliever. Infante was a .300 hitter and better fielder than Uggla but wasn’t that hitter when with the Marlins.

Their signing of Javier Vazquez that was shaping up to be like the NAte Robertson acquisition in 2010 until the second half of the season when he became their ace in Josh Johnson’s absence.

This year, the Miami Marlins signed Heath Bell, Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle and traded Chris Volstad to the Chicago Cubs for Carlos Zambrano. Anyone is an upgrade over Volstad but Bell turned out to be a complete bust and also the face of a failed 2012 campaign which has the Marlins in last place for the second straight year.

They also traded Anibal Sanchez, Omar Infante, Hanley Ramirez and Randy Choate (who was a solid signing) for a coup of prospects. Two of the major ones are starting pitchers Nathan Eovaldi from the Los Angeles Dodgers, who is 3-2 with a 3.75 ERA, and Jacob Turner from the Tigers, who will be making his Marlins debut this week.

If these two pitchers can be successful, they can help springboard another big offseason for the Marlins brass and possibly be on the rebound in 2013. This regime has seen a lot and deserve every praise and criticism, but for the fans of the Marlins, they’re the best they got.

Flav C.


Brent Keys back today. As usual, went 2-4, scored 1 run, and increased his average to .342.
The 2 guys I'd love to see having a chance next season played fairly well with the JAX Suns: 3B Zack Cox went 1-4 with a BB and scored a run, and OF Daniel Pertusati went 1-3, with a RBI, and improved his bat avg to .311.

Lou, i thought you would like this:

Skipworth is now batting .223, with 20 HRs. He is tied for 5th in the HR lead, only 4 shy of the #1 guy.

Stan M

I copied and pasted the above article...not my work

All of the Above

was the title of the above article "How Scumbags Go From First to Worst" or "They Are Baseball Buffoons,Get Used to Their Stupid Moves" or "If You Hate Loria,Samson and Beinfest,Stay Home" or "Most of the Moves They Make Turn To Dogshit"...

Loviste this

Happy to see Hanley the Mutt revert back to his usual ways this series..1 for 12, 6k's and hit into 2 DP's,not to mention his choking error in the 8th today giving the Marlins a much needed 4th run..way to go Muttley,we see you.

Nick Cannon Saves You Depot Time

this team needs amezaga


Just saw a highlight of SF fans giving Chipper Jones a standing ovation as he walked up to pinch hit. I'm not sure what was more impressive the fact they showed him the respect he's earned or that in a game in which he didn't start 40,000 recognized it was his last at bat in their ballpark. Stay classy San Francisco.


Given that this piece of crap organization didn't do diddly squat for Bobby Cox would they do anything for Chipper?

Camera Mike

Bobby Cox also beat his wife but since he did it the same year he won a world series everyone looked the other way. I love baseball but there is no excuse for domestic violence. The Marlins were right to give him nothing and it's a shame Atlanta and the rest of the country ignored his wife beating.

thar she blows

His wife is from Philadelphia...a Phillies fan.


Camera Mike, that was 1995. I think you missed the point.

Stan M

Read where LA announcer had each of 3 new "stars" come out for a curtain call. And Hanley then decided to make an imprompto curtain call of his own. That's our boy!
Thanks, Glags. Yelich, Fernandez and maybe Conley should now go up to AA ball and Keys take Yelich's place.
In one piece, the just traded Gonzalez was described as having matinee good looks. Really? I think he's kind of funny looking, certainly not handsome.

Foghorn Leghorn

thet meant Manatee looks....did you call Hanley, Boy?

Stan M

Yes I did. And in my mind it's a take off on an old TV show called, "That's My Boy" where a middle aged football hero has a sissified kid. Good show. And if anyone takes my comment differently, I really don't give a damn.


Dear Flav, I'm ectasic that a guy older than Brantly is playing in Double A and is hitting .223. Makes me tingly. By the time he is 26 and has already repeated Tripe A twice he might beup to .250.

That you guys remain optimistc is either an endorsement of "self-induced" euphoria or not having paid attention. We have an exceptional RF, we have a talented utility man, we have a promising left handed hitting catcher(not Skipworth who is older than Ernie Lon=mbardi), we have a productive SS who must remain motivated and healthy, we have a near "sure thing" in the minores who will be CF in 2013, we have a power hitting RF who could switch to left and be up halfway through 2013, we have a potential #1 starter ready for 2013, we have a guy who could be a 2 or 3. That is what we have that could be considered near sure. That is a ridiculously low amount for an organization AND we also have the Franchise Killers--sounds like a movie title--an art conissueur, his very fortunate relative and an inept front office and scouting department and we have what I have learned about the 2 guys at the top which would seem to suggest nobody get their hopes up. This may have all been a staged charade with the only fly in the ointment being the discerning nature of the South Florida sports afficianados who picked up on it early and left the palace soon to be as barren as a 96 year old spinster.


say what?


Dear huh?, Thank you for the very reasoned response. Yours is the type reaction that makes me realize the true value of posting on this blog.

Camera Mike


Yes I do realize my comment was not responding to the point you had made, but I have had close friends who were victims of domestic violence and having seen the horrors of it close up it is a subject I take seriously. Thus it bothers me when people only talk about a persons positive virtus and ignore their ugly pasts as many people do with Bobby Cox. Now please don't think I am accusing you of condoning wife beating,. I have no reason to believe you are anything but a kind loving man who would never hit a woman. My comment was made to insult Bobby Cox not you or your point of view.

Stan M

Dear Louis,
A team does not have to have a farm system overcowded with prospects. Although it's nice to have some excess to use in trades. A team can only play 8 regulars at a time. Our team had met a modicum of success and was considered to be young. Therefore, it didn't need immediate replacements, especially after the rise of Gabby, Coghlan, LoMO, and later Stanton. What it did need was very young prospects who would arrive in 2-3 years. We have those. No one expected Gabby to be less than average or for the other two to sustain injuries that completely attenuated their performance level. Right now this team has needs that should be filled by late 2013 or Spring of 2014. Our signings of Reyes and Buelhre(sic) have been successful and CJ Wilson and Pujols are thankfully left to a different team's problems. Wilson has been dissapointing and Pujols is already showing those nagging injuries that come with age. The team made two seriou errors in Bell and Buck but half of that will be over in 2014. The two kid pitchers we acquired have shown promise and to expect more at their present ages is somewhat unrealistic. You denounced some 23 YO minor leaguer. Remember that both of these kid pitchers are 1 to 2 years below that age right now and already in the ML. Our team stinks. This year stinks. But it would still please me greatly if you found it in your heart to say something positive in every 25th post or so. We all must have some hope or what in the hell are we doing here in the first place?

Stan M

I'm sorry, Lou. I've been bedridden for 8 days now and it's just no fun to sneak up to the computer for a few minutes and see post after post of nothing but negative stuff. I know it's not just you and that this team deserves a lot of it. I guess it's just that you are out there the most. I keep trying to put out something with a positive spin and sometimes it's not easy but I feel like somebody has to say something positive or who will even bother checking in here if all they find are gripes. Maybe I'm wrong and just another old fart who doesn't know what he's talking about anymore.

not a Marlins fan

looking at the bright side MLB fans can see Strasburg pitch tomorrow in Miami starting from .75 cents a ticket on Stubhub.com...

Marlin Fan

I think we have a right to complain with all the dissapointment this season . With that said , we are not the Astros . We do have some bright spots on this team and in the minors .
A big hampering effect on success is the joke FO and bigger joke manager , I think things can turn around next year .

Marlin Fan

Ok, who gets called up with the roster expansions ?????? Turner and Brantly are already here ..... Cox ???? Coughln ????? Maybe give Yelich a taste ???? Ozuna ???? Fernandez ?????

The Only True Fake Alex

chris aguila

not a Marlins fan

Arquimedes Caminero

Flav C.

I'll go with Caminero as well. He's been pitching really well as a reliever. Maybe Cox.

Stan M

Ever go to a site and all you see is 20 straight posts by a Cubs fan? Or another site and see, "So in so is an idiot" or "all you guys are ...holes". But come here and Glags might have an interesting stat line to talk about. Flavs... might tell of an experience in a distant ballpark. LB, well LB is just Thomas Boswell and I'll leave it at that. Spitballer, jrichie, Marlinfan, have all shown insight and related interesting experiences. Then someone says, "The food stinks" and takes six posts to do it. I'm exaggerating, it didn't really happen that way, but I think I've made my point. We have other fine posters whom I've forgotten...please forgive me, I'm old and I'm sick. But we have something here, a core group of interested and interesting posters. Alex almost destroyed that with his incessent rants and we don't need a new Alex-"light".. Rather than "so in so sucks", tell why you don't think he belongs on the Marlins, find an interesting link, tell about an experience, find a player to talk about. See how Marlin Fan threw out a good suggestion to follow up on just above. My point isn't criticizing, we all do our share. My point is that it shouldn't be that same point over and over, post after post. Hell, I made it pretty well known that I didn't like the Buck signing, and as LB quietly reminded me, erronously criticized the Ruggiano signing. If you are really down in the dumps and simply must let some player really have it, there is always Hanley to talk about. No more from me...who the hell am I to say all this crap? Oh and by the way, "Hanley sucks".


Dear Stan, You are a good man and I don't ever think I'll be mad at you. I just put my 13 year old Pembroke Welsi Corgi down a few hours ago and cried like a baby. I had to literally take her out every 2 hours to urinate because she had an adrenal tumor. This went on for 3 weeks and when the dog could not walk up a 2 inch step, I remembered what a good friend who was a vet once told me---When an animal no longer enjoys being an animal you are keeping it alive for yourself and that is the cruelest thing you can do. I disregarded those words for about 2 weeks and I;m glad today I remembered them. Actually felt a huge weight liftedand I remembered how I like all you guys with 1 or 2 exceptions.

Stan, Im now able to come up to Hendersonville and I will tell you in person what I was told about Loria and Samson by a man with really good credentials. I think you will understand why i feel the way I do.

Flav C.

Stan, i think after listening to some Return to Forever, Milt Jackson, and Dave Brubeck, I'm much more relaxed and ready to agree with you. However, those rants and stupid comments are valid as well, in my point of view. They give some different color to this blog. Even Alex, who behind all that ire, had some interesting comments.
I for one, enjoy reading what you, LB, Lou, flaggs, Glags, spitballer, jrichie, marlinfan, Camera Mike, juanv and several other who bring some insight, positive or negative, to this tiny microcosm of baseball. I even enjoy the creative names that people come up (i.e. Cancel Their Work Visa, Master Kan, etc).
Let's just keep writing.
And yes, Hanley sucks!


Flav, My name is not creative>

Flav C.

And this one is just to tease and bother our friend Lou:

JAX Suns beat the Montgomery Biscuits 1 - 0 tonight.
The Suns had only one hit, the winning hit in the 4th inning: a single by Skipworth that brought Smolinski home after walks issued to him and Zack Cox.
Skipworth is clutch!

Flav C.

And Lou, just to make one thing clear: I share the same opinion and despise about the Marlins owner and his puppet. Same as yours.
I just prefer to share lighter thoughts and interesting stats than pollute this healthy environment with their names.


I actually called a lawyer today who told me the best defense is the truth. I want to ask some more questions about public figures and the responsibility of people posting on the internet about those public figures. I'm going to make absolutely sure before I write anything.Also want to call Laurel. I'm going to try to follow up with that baseball economist I told you about. I want documentation and make sure it's not Bull.

And you can't make me mad because I know you're smarter than that. Now if I disrespected you I would make fun of you, but that is not necessary. Have you noticed I have kept my word about not even mentioning certain names on this blog. If I did mention their names Then this blog would be polluted.

Flav C.

And how about "Hanley 0-4", the sequel?
In tonight's 0-10 loss to the Rockies, the Dodgers saw its 3B have another pitiful performance, going 0-4 (just like the day before), with two ground outs, one strike out, and one fly out.
Hanley is back to his old ways.


Flav, You must lose this Hanley fascination or it will become like the high school romance where the girl breaks up with the guy and he then accuses her of being a sleep around thus demonstrating that he still has feelings for her. Let Hanley Go!!! Better yet let the team go. I've pretty much done that but I just want to follow up on this "stuff" I heard. I wish you, Flags, Stan, Laurel and I could have a conference call to determine if I should post this stuff.


Lou, my wife and I are both dog poeple. I'm allergic to dogs and cats, so we only have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Last week was anniversary of putting down a much loved 3rd dog.
Flav, you are right of course. My problem is with the excess and I'm probably depressed right now. There was a fascinating article about Loria and his manuevering in Montreal and then Miami and the general sliminess it entailed.
Lou, it would be a great delight to go to the Marlin park with fellow posters and start a "Loria must go" chant. Wouldn't that be a wonderful daily occurance if it caught on.

The Only True Fake Alex

Take your sentimental posts and insert them in your diaries!! I will not allow MY blog to be turned into some Hallmark special starring greta garbo or whom ever you used to pleasure yourself to!

longue carabine. va en paix.


was greta garbo a carpet muncher?

marlene dietrich

yes...she loved thick shag

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