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Jacob Turner being considered for Arizona doubleheader

    DENVER -- With injuries, trades and so forth, there are so many unfamiliar faces inside the Marlins clubhouse and dugout these days that manager Ozzie Guillen says he doesn't dare try to call them by name. He refers to each player simply as "big leaguer."

     Here's one Guillen might want to memorize: Jacob Turner [stats].

     Guillen said that Turner, the right-hander the Marlins obtained from the Tigers in the Anibal Sanchez/Omar Infante deal, is under consideration to make his Marlins debut in next Wednesday's day-night doubleheader at Arizona.

      Since the July 23 trade that also brought catcher Rob Brantly to the Marlins, Turner has gone 1-1 with a 2.42 ERA in his four starts at Triple A New Orleans, striking out 13 while walking 10 in 22 1/3 innings.

      Guillen emphasized that a Turner call-up and start in the Arizona twinbill is not set in stone. But Turner is expected to make his way up when rosters expand after Sept. 1, if not before.


       The latest newcomer to the Marlins: infielder Gil Velazquez, who has amassed nearly 5,000 plate appearances in the minors but has only 16 at bats in (very) brief stays with the Red Sox and Angels. He fills the roster spot vacated by Nick Green, who was placed on the DL with a thumb injury.

       "I would love to have an opportunity to be up here and play consistently," said Velazquez, 32, who began his professional baseball odyssey in 1998 in the Mets farm system. "But it is what it is and every opportunity I get I'll try to take advantage of."

        Velezquez's stay with the Marlins may be just as brief as those with Boston and Los Angeles. Emilio Bonifacio and Donnie Murphy are eligible to come off the DL on Sunday.


        Even though he is playing in considerable pain with a strained oblique, Greg Dobbs said he has given no thought to going on the DL and allowing the injury the time it needs to heal.

        "Until I physically can't play or physically feel I can't help this team, I'll cross that bridge," Dobbs said. "But I haven't got to that point yet, nor do I envision that happening. I envision this as something I will get through and play through, and it will slowly get better. The DL is not a thought at all. If I don't have to (go on the DL), I don't want to."

        Dobbs said that throwing, more so than hitting, causes him the greatest pain.

        "Throwing is the worst," Dobbs said. "Hitting I don't feel it too much. You just try to grit your teeth and get through it."

        Guillen said he admires Dobbs for sticking it out.

        "Having Dobbs on the field is a plus, and I appreciate it," Guillen said. "This guy is grinding right now because he knows we need him."


        The rapidly expanding "Perfect Game" club added yet another member Wednesday when Seattle's Felix Hernandez accomplished the feat. His was the 23rd perfect game in major league history but the third this season sixth since Mark Buehrle tossed his with the White Sox in 2009.

        "I don't know what's going on with why there's more now than previous years," Buehrle said. "I have no idea. I can't figure it out. The game hasn't changed."


        Tonight's lineup (No. 92 this season for the Marlins):

        Marlins: 1. Bryan Petersen, lf; 2. Gorkys Hernandez, cf; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 6. Greg Dobbs, 3b; 7. Donovan Solano, 2b; 8. Rob Brantly, c; 9. Ricky Nolasco, p.

        Rockies: 1. Eric Young Jr., cf; 2. Tyler Colvin, rf; 3. Carlos Gonzalez, lf; 4. Michael Cuddyer, 1b; 5. Wilin Rosario, c;  6. Jordan Pacheco, 3b; 7. DJ LeMahieu, 2b; 8. Jonathan Herrera, ss; 9. Alex White, p.

        Umpires: HP -- Larry Vanover; 1B -- Dan Bellino; 2B -- Jerry Layne, 3B -- Mike Estabrook.


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Too bad that Miguel Cabrera is not under consideration for that double header.

Stan M

Marlins call up a 32YO career minor leaguer instead of Coghlan or Smolinski, two players who just might have a future. This has to be financially motivated, no other reason makes sense.

The Only True Fake Alex

Yeah, a future in selling used cars or renting out surf boards in Acapulco.


Bring up Chrissy Evert now!!!!!!(Those are not caps), I want Chrissy to demonstrate his great future as a LH gap hitter with a high OBP. Please bring him up and put him in center where he can demonstrate the defensive instincts of Dick Stuart and the arm of Juan Pierre. watch him take routes to fly balls that will trigger memories of Junior Felix. Bring him up now!! I want the noise in the system quelled!!


Petersen, Hernandez and Cousins are combined hitting 40 points higher than Rogers Hornsby hit one year.


Stan, We all have futures up umtil the second we die.Smolinski "might" have a future as a Major League baseball player.

Marlin Fan

Why Velasquez, money ??? Cheap FO? I'm tired of it .
Nice to see Brantly get his first hit. An ill advised pickoff throw, but he's young and will learn . .....butchered fly ball by Stanton, although another awesome HR.... Lee and Stanton get hits to start and inning , and they aren't even able to advance !!! .... Nalasco didn't pitch terribly , but hung a few pitches .
Heard Boni, and Murphy did well tonight , as did Yelich. Now I'm not saying genus Trout or Harper , but both of them had very little experience in AAA . I think Yelich should have been up in AA for awhile now , and start next season in AAA. dont think that will happen though .
I've never heard Tommy Bahama say " that was a play that should have been made ", or he misplayed that one "
. There's always an excuse for a miscue. Calling it like it is doesn't mean your against the marlins , just honest , but I digress .

Marlin Fan

Should have read , I'm not saying he is Trout or Harper . Sorry it's late

Solly Hemus

How come the Marlins havent called up 3B Mike Cervenak from NOLA yet. He's hitting .330 with an .887 OPS and will be only 36 yrs old on his birthday tomorrow. WTF are they waiting for????


Marlin Fan...Your comments are right on more often than not, but I disagree this time. I hear TH call players out quite frequently lately, saying exactly what you say he never says. I think he and his buddy are doing well considering everything.


Even though he looked like a goofy nerd from the Clevelander on Monday nite.


They just really don't want to let Big Z start, do they?

Harry the Hat

Afraid he'll walk the stadium


It's so pathetic and depressing I've run out of words. This team looks like the Dolphins moving forward...no significant talent. Gonna be a long few years. Look at our starting pitching they won't ever be able to compete with the Nats, Phils, or Braves. Won't even go into all the other holes that need to be plugged. How long will the Clevelander remain open? Two maybe three years before they close shop. They'll have to replace the Clevelander dancers with some calle ocho trash!


Forget the calle ocho trash, bring back the Manatees!

And what do you mean no significant talent? Giancarlo Stanton is pretty significant.

Stan M

I've slept on the whole conundrum and woke up with a better understanding of what must have really happened. Lou had you call him at a restaurant for a very clever reason. When you asked for him, Lou had paid an intelligent, articulate , well informed patron to speak with you in his place. Meanwhile, Lou himself was sitting at the bar explaining for the umpteenth time to each passer by why Carbera should never have been traded. Admit it, Lou, you completely fooled LB, but NOT STAN. STAN KNEW!

Marlin Fan, Lefty is right in this instance. Tommy has more than once made that exact comment, "that play has got to be made", or "that is unacceptable at this level" and the like. It was my impression that Hanley was far from his favorite player. Those two guys are in an impossible situation. They are undoubtedly as disappointed as the rest of us, yet have to try to put a positive note on such things as bringing up a 32YO minor leaguer to save a few bucks. Wouldn't it be fun to have a beer with those guys and hear their true opinions. AS LB pointed out some time ago, the ball club doesn't pay them. Nonetheless, they can only go so far. Do you think giving Loria the nickname "chubby" would be going too far?

Marlin Fan

I guess your right guys. I don't think I could do his job . I wouldn't make it through the week. I get frustrated watching this demoralizing team, and at this point in the season, my patience has run out .
Let's hope Turner gets his start and does well.

Stan M

On a more serious point, I am very much a baseball traditionalist. Don't like that Little League parade after a win, that pajama look with the long leggings, high fives after a meaningless sacrifice fly, etc. The new ballpark is beautiful, and I like the dimensions; can even put up with that HR monstrosity that tiplifies Loria's artistic taste. Could even accept those fat guys who must have been hired to imitate what Loria thinks is foreplay in his pre sexual love dance before his young bride. But I simply can't agree with the dancing girls in scanty costumes at a ballgame. Would love to hear other opinions. Is it just that I'm an old fart whose is completely out of touch, ( you don't have to answer that explicidly) or are those girls a gauche implimentation that is out of character with what is supposed to be family entertainment.

Marlin Fan

Stan do you mean the "dance energy team" ? if we can't play like a professional baseball team , let's at least have the atmosphere of one. They ( dancers ) are a joke. Enough has been documented about the eyesore in center .
In complete agreement about the untucked shirts for the victory hand shakes. Your a major leaguer. While your in the field LOOK like one . The players can wait an extra minute or two to get to the dugout . Not a fan if long pants . MLB needs to institute a rule that requires the pant needing to be , I don't know an inch above the shoe. The NBA instituted a similar rule with the shorts a few yrs back . I think it said the shirts need to be 3 inches above the knee. They allow for some lee way , but still it can't be BELOW the knee. Long story short , clean up
The appearance a little .


MLB, like American society in general,can trace its eroding traditions,sloppy uniforms, bush-league celebrations etc, to the influx of 3rd world players into the game over the past 20yrs.. Loria has his tacky gimmicks at the stadium to keep the attention of a predominatly 3rd world crowd. America has turned into a 3rd world garbage can and the antics of its national pastime have mimicked American society. The NFL,also known as the Negro Felony League,has suffered the same fate.Fans of both sports have two choices.Get used to it or dont watch.

buckwheat rodriguez

dats raycess...true, but its be raycess

Marlin Fan

I'll drop it after this, I also can't stand the hat brim's not being bent AT ALL . I see it more and more in MLB .
I was hoping we could take 3 of 4 from Colorado , I guess I've become delusional . Lol . If it's not now , we then have Arizona then LA.

Mr. Blackwell

lo-class morons wear baseball caps as a fashion statement.


Stan M,
Naw, Lou wouldn't have. Would he? Naw, you'll never make me believe it.
Someday we should have a conference call. That would be a real train wreck — all three of us trying to talk at once.
I agree that Rich and Tommy are doing a pretty good job of telling it like it is. Just as one example, they were quick to point out last night that it was Brantly's inexplicable hesitation in throwing to Nolasco at home that allowed the Rocky run to score on a wild pitch. They didn't call the kid an idiot or the world's worst catching prospect, but they did point out that he made a mistake. And they called him out again for poor judgement on the overthrow to first.
Brantly's an example of what happens when you call a young guy up a little before he's ready. Sometimes throwing them into the fire speeds them along, and sometimes it does more harm than good by undermining their confidence. I prefer that they get as much seasoning in the minor leagues as possible before bringing them up and letting the Marlins coaches completely screw them up.

Stan M

Duke, you must love pro basketball. Don't go any further with this or you are going to get banned for sure. Just remember what to do come November.

Marlin Fan, it will soon be no longer politically correct to throw at a batter. Soon it will be the umpires duty to have arguments settled the humane way. The two parties will be made to kiss and make up on the field in front of all 16 fans who will be present. Fraternization before games will be encouraged with both teams engaging in short birthday parties for the celebrating players who are not on the DL, maturnity leave, or bereavement leave. Each month the players union will send out questionaires to see if any disgruntled players simply insist on being traded to a pennant contender. After games both teams will go to the middle of the field, hold hands and make a "curtain call bow" and the losing manager will present a bouquet of flowers to the winner before they embrace to thunderous applause from...from...from...oh, my God, there are no longer any fans attending the games.

The Only True Fake Alex

Peterson went 0-4. Again...

Just wanted to point that out.

Gil Velazquez??? BWAHAHA

Is there any time in the MLB that resembles a minor league outfit more than your miami marlins?

The HEAT can't come soon enough.

I'm not looking forward to the dolphins or canes

terrible time to be a sports fan in south florida

abandon ship yo


What's the big deal about a guy almost 7ft tall with 3ft long arms, putting a round ball in a round hole that's only 10ft off the ground?

The Only True Fake Alex

Did the marlins ever try to go after burnett in the previous off season?

were bridges burnt or something

long time fan

Burnett personally detests Samson...well known fact.

The Only True Fake Alex

thanks again samson


Stan, I must have missed the foreplay, young bride and the sex dance. I often don't agree with you but I always understand you. Here I'm at a loss. Did I miss something? I'm not watching like I once did. Wonder if the Midget thinks "foreplay" has something to do with golf?

Laurel, I would have had someone smarter than me impersonate me on that phone call.


Smarter than you? I can't imagine who that could possibly be.
Stan M,
Hugs and flowers and bowing and fraternization? Sounds a lot like those damned Olympics.

Stan M

Is there a possibility that we are all, and it is unaminous,unjustly making fun of Loria. He could be so overweight due to a thyroid condition. It couldn't be gluttony, pure and simple, could it? And isn't it the American way to make as much money as possible. Isn't there a chance that he is salting it all away because he has a huge family and wants to leave them all well off. And as for his much younger companion, shouldn't we understand his desire to help, educate, and raise the social expectations of a less fortunate female? This is kindness, pure and simple. Well, maybe not pure, but definitely simple. Lastly, how many others don't dislike politicians and tax collectors, so what harm is it to fleece the locals of as much tax money as possible. He had them build that beautiful park, didn't he? His reason has to be that he wanted the people of Miami to have as much social enjoyment as possible. No one can possibly misunderstand his intentions and think personal gain was involved. Isn't all of this natural and true?...NO...then that must mean that he's really a fat, little, greedy, s**t than, doesn't it.

Nurse Ratched

Loria is so full of shitttt ,he has to get his adult diapers changed every other hour.

Stan M

LB, you got to talk to Lou while he was in a restaurant. I actually got to meet Lou and have lunch with him in a Chinese restaurant in Greenville. Talk about being embarassed! You should have seen all of the blank stares he got when he kept trying to explain to the Oriental staff why the Marlins should never have traded Carbera. One bartender actually thought Carbera was a Latin drink and offered to give him an American replacement. The waitress finally wanted to give her tip to set up a Carbera relief fund. The only good that came of it was that we were reseated in a very private area so no one could possibly bother us. This is all true, you know I would never lie.

Sum Dum Phuc

Hard to believe...they have a Chinese restaurant in Greenville.


Stan M,
You're at the top of your game today. You musta had a good night's sleep. I think Lou would admit that's funny stuff.
Looks like I'm going to be in Oregon longer than I thought, but one of these days I might hit that Chinese joint with you guys and have a couple of those Cabreras myself — stirred, not shaken. If they're too expensive, maybe I'll settle for a grass Hopper instead. Sounds like a fair trade-off.

Stan M

LB, I didn't get the Hopper remark until a second reading. That was quite good. If the Hopper isn't to your liking, you can trade it off for money. I know a cranky little fat man who did just that. But no one watched, for interest had lagged. You might consider an older drink for Latin America that no one else wanted but is very cheap and can take the place of a more expensive brew.

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