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Jose Reyes has remained focused despite major changes around him

ATLANTA -- When Jose Reyes signed a six-year, $106 million deal with the Marlins this winter, the last thing he expected was to be the only remaining starting infielder from Opening Night still on the roster come August.

Jose ReyesBut the 29-year old four-time All-Star shortstop hasn't let the changes around him phase him. Despite a rough first half (.264, 3 HRs, 22 RBI), he's rebounded nicely since the All-Star Break (.347, 4 HRs, 8 RBI) and carried a 19-game hitting steak into Thursday's game.

"That’s how baseball is some times. Baseball is crazy," he said Tuesday. "It’s shocking because we went to spring training with high expectations. That team we had on opening day was a pretty good team. But we were not able to put everything together, stay in the hunt and compete. As a player, it is what it is, you need to continue to play, continue to go on the field, don’t worry about what happened, how many guys the team is trading. You just need to need to continue to stay focused on the field and continue to do our job."

Reyes believes despite the changes there is still enough talent on the team for the Marlins to remain competitive this season and win in the future.

"We still have some pieces," Reyes said. "[Giancarlo] Stanton is coming back. We still have JJ here. [Mark] Buehrle, he’s capable when he takes the ball. We need to put it together and be consistent on a daily basis. If we are able to do that we are going to win a lot of ball games."

With close friend Hanley Ramirez now with the Dodgers, Reyes was asked if he would assume what was once Ramirez's role as the face of the franchise.

"Yes," he said. "I notice a lot of young guys on this ballclub like to see me play. They can take me as an example, just the way I play the game. I want to give everything I have to help this organization to win a lot of ballgames."

Manager Ozzie Guillen said Reyes sets a good example for his teammates to follow.

"He goes about his business the way it should be," Guillen said. "I don't think he should care about what's around him. He's a guy who has hit .340 in the past. Even though he struggled, you look at every game he hits the ball hard. He plays the same way every time. Reyes can be 0 for 4, or 4 for 5, but you can't even see it because he always play the same way, the same attitude."


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eovoladi getting lit up. what value for Hanley. typical marlins


Ed, what would you have liked to receive in return for Hanley? What expectations did you have? The Marlins brass chose a prospect that wasn't elite but freed up over $25 million the next 2 years. This trade cannot be judged until at least this winter when the FO will decide whether to spend on FAs or pocket the cash. If the FO pockets the cash then feel free to post such negative comments.

Most Marlin fans will tell you unloading Hanley was necessary and getting anything back in his place wasa mere bonus. He wasn't performing and what's worse is his attitude and performance seemed to bring down others around him.


no FA bats this offseason worth going after. Napoli overrated and Hamilton is going back to Tex. FO is a joke here.

Leo Orestes Barberie

rbleigh, I will travel to the city you live in and buy you dinner IF the Marlins--and I'll make it in YOUR estimation----do ANYTHING with that money to improve this team. Book It!! Mark It!!!

Stan M

A well thought out and very well presented post. The answer from any thoughtful fan should be, "Of corse". And LOB, I don't think you should judge Loria's spending until we see what happens. I, too worry about him, but we probably have both the union and commissioner on our side regarding his treatment of those saved funds.

Stan M

Good and bad news. Stanton went 2 for 5 with a HR tonight. That young pitcher in low A ball who did so well with so many Ks last week has been really lit up in his last 2 starts. Ouch!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Stan, You are 90 miles away. Brunch for you at the Grove Park Inn IF Loria and The Midget spend the money they have shed in salaries to fix this team. Stan, I always believe in putting my money where my mouth is, I doubt the Art Dealer shares a similiar bent. Brunch Bet??? I'll even let you decide when you believe he has helped this team. Give me the word when you think it has happened. 3, 6, 9 months from now--Let me know.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Stan, Is that really your comment??? Not only am I qualified to judge Loria's thoughts, actions and motivations but EVERYONE in North America who has even a cursory interest in baseball is eligible to judge the Art Dealer and the Diminutive Stepson. The body of evidence is in, documented and spread out across America flow chart like. After I walk through Central Park at 1:00AM, I don't have a need to duplicate the exercise to determine what will happen the next time. Newton only had to flip that apple up one time to realize what it would do the next time.

Leo Orestes Barberie

By the way, Gorkys could not play 5 years ago, could not play 3 years ago, could not play a year ago and will not be able to play when he is 35. Just give Sanchez away, that is fine, but don't insult the 32 people who still care by bringing in Gorkys. Gee!!!!!

17 hours until game time!!! PLEASE!!! Don't rain!!

Stan M

Please don't forget that the Marlins received a very favorable draft choice along with Gorkys. That pick, I think it will be #32 in next year's draft is alone worth Gabby. Regarding your throwing your money around. I neither need nor want your money. If you want to make it a bet, that will be fine. In the interim, why don't you drive up to Hendersonville and we can have lunch together and I'll show you my baseball memorabilia collection. Separate checks, of course.

Samsons Boyfriend

Loria doesnt have to spend any money he doesnt want to, matter of fact ,he will probably cut back the 100mill payroll to 80-85,and say the stadium attendance expectations fell short,and he wants to stay out of the FA market in 13' and develope younger,cheaper players. As of right now ,Loria owes 63,750million next season to JJ,Nolasco,Reyes,Bell,Buerhle,Buck,and Dobbs. Seven players. Do the math.The union and commish wont say a peep about what Loria spends. Or Not.

Marlin Fan

Just listened to Sampson in 790. What an
Idiot . He has absolutely NO baseball knowledge or how to run a team . He kept on saying all the moves made were to win now . WIN NOW ??????? turner - minors , Brantley-minors , Eovaldi - still developing, Cox( 3b prospect - minors ) , AND we start guys who hit BELOW.200 .... HOWS THAT WINNING NOW ????? He insults peoples intelligence . And claims the moves were not money dumps .
The silver lining, right before he hangs up, he tells te host he loves the show and the great job they're doing . Host thinking he hung up already says " well we wish we could say the same for you " , apparently he didn't hang up yet and cries what idiots they are and " being stabbed in the back" all to the response of historical laughter of the host :-))))))

Marlin Fan

Should read hysterical , sorry it's early

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, Since when is making a lunch bet revolving around our disparate convictions an insult about me saying you want or need my money?? I don't believe that is why people make friendly bets---to insult people. Like I said I don't like to express really strong convictions without backing them up. I don't think buying you lunch if I'm wrong is "tossing my money around",do you??

Stan M

Absolutely and I was insulted. You weren't making a bet. You were playing the BTO and it was too obvious. I'm not angry with you because you do this all the time and not just to me. Had you said that I had to buy you lunch if you were correct, then that's a bet. There is a huge difference and I'm sorry that you don't see it that way. But forget about it and come up for lunch and we can tell each other how smart we are. It isn't that important and we Marlin fans have enough to worry about.


if marlins sucked up some of hanley's salary we could have brought in someone better than Eovaldi. But Samson and Loria just want to pocket the cash. This franchise is a joke and there is no defending it. If Guillen had any sense (debatable) he should resign and go to a real team. Next year those empty blue seats....you'll have a whole section to your own watching the Miami marlins....clean up hitter Gorkys Hernandez.


It's the ...Miami Marlins....Miami Marlins...Miami Marlins all the way, cuz it's the miami marlins..the miami marlins...

they hit the ball 10 feet from home, like nobody's ever seen.

There in the air , there on the ground, Miami's baseball team....and when your talking marlins your talking Triple A


I was planning to look for you behind the dugout this afternoon, but how will I know it's you? Purple shirt and toupee? Red-orange corsage? A sign saying, "LORIA SUCKS!" Let me know what to look for.


Well done ed!! Funny as hell.


Attendance in Atlanta last night just over 19,600. Of course, they were playing the Marlins, but that seems paltry for a team in the middle of a red-hot pennant race. The Braves are averaging about 1,200 a game more than the Fish, for what that's worth.


I can't beleive the nats just picked up susuki. he is hitting .218 but his defense is great that is a move that helps win now fo,and samson. he would be a great back up or starter just on defensive merrit alone. I am tired of buck prolonging innings with his wild throws over second or first.


or even yorbit torealba would be a great pick up just to have options this spring and start bringing in players that can help now and next year catch the mets atleast.


hey stanm. you like following some guys in the minors check out juancito martinez, and jesus solrozano,not bad outfielders jesus has some pop and juancito drives them nuts on the bases. It's a little weird there's a couple of guys that where there last year that should of been in grrensboro by now manzueta and mendoza both are pretty good mendoza does not strike out almost 1 every 16 ab great contact hitter, and manzueta has great stuff a converted starter to releiver he 's pretty good averaging almost 2 ko's an inning

Stan M

Thank you, Juan, I'll watch them for a whilr.

Baseball Stu

The Bozo Marlins get shot down twice ,trying to make a quick profit selling Carlos Lee.First Lee uses his no trade clause in a 1 mill sale to Yankees. Second ,the Bozos try to snooker the Orioles for Lee at 2.5mill, Orioles wont agree to price. Why the higher price for O's? Marlins Bozos are greedy Basturds.


Marlins must be trying to get cash for Lee and put it toward the loss they will take ,when they dump Buck and the 8-9 million they are on the books for,for the remainder of this year and next. Not a bad idea.

The Real Alex

I'm watching the game and it's just staggering what has happened to this team. Some of you guys actually EXPECTED this team to be a winner, based on what they did in the Off Season! Don't you feel really STUPID now? No?

Look, after last season ended the Marlins had three HUGE holes to fill, as well as some smaller ones. Here are the Big Holes:

1) They needed a BIG BAT, a proven RBI producer.

2) They needed a Top Starter, because counting on JJ to be that guy after an injury was crazy.

3) They needed a Top Closer.

So what did they do?

1) They signed a SMALL BAT in Jose Reyes and overpaid BIG TIME.

2) The signed Mark Buerhle, a nice guy, but far from a Top Starter at this stage of his career and

3) They signed Heath Bell, probably the WORST closer available of the ones that were out there.

And you REALLY expected something GOOD from this team? Really? LMFAO!

Richard Lee Deanno

Every one of your posts sounds EXACTLY the same. And I mean almost word for word. Are you just cutting and pasting this crap? It just sounds so ridiculous after a while.


Guess JJ wanted to stay a Marlin? Wonder if he'd be in TX or Baltimore if his last start mirrored this one?

Here's to next year, JJ for Cy Young 2013


Bonnie with a bum thumb means Coghlan backs into a 2 month shot a redemption.


JJ will probably be on waivers tomorrow.
And I'm guessing you're right about Coghlan. Reyes hurt his hand as well. Wonder how bad that is.

Bob C.G.

Bell was a bad deal. "Turrible" deal. No question about it.
But how good of a deal was the other closer available on free agency after last season, the guy called Papelbon?

Comparing to his 2011 season:

Worse ERA, Worse WAR, Worse WHIP, Worse K/9, Worse K/BB, Worse OBP by opposite hitters, Worse Bat Avg by opposite hitters, 4 losses, 3 Blown saves. Only 43 innings pitched. $ 12 million dollar salary in 2012.

There isn't a more overrated position in baseball than this stupidity called "closer".

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