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LoMo's knee surgery set for Sept. 5, rehab to last 6 months; Guillen doesn't expect influx of September call-ups

The first time around, Logan Morrison's right knee surgery didn't end up going as planned. He's hoping there won't have to be a third surgery.

Morrison told The Miami Herald Tuesday a second surgery to stitch his right patella tendon together will take place Sept. 5. He said rehab is expected to take six months -- leading him right up to the start of spring training. It's the same surgery Morrison had last December, but never fully recovered from. 

Morrison was one of the bigger disappointments on the team this season. He hit .230 with 11 homers and 36 RBI in 93 games before being shutdown for the remainder of the season earlier this month.


With September right around the corner, one might imagine the Marlins are ready to bring up their entire farm system to get a good look at as many players as possible who might help them in the future. Not so according manager Ozzie Guillen.

"They're all already here," Guillen said of who the Marlins want to look at from their minor league sytem. "They kind of mentioned a couple players. But I don't expect more than three. I always say this -- and this is my belief -- if you bring guys to the big leagues it's because you need them and they deserve it. I see a lot of big leagues teams calling people up hitting .210 because he's a prospect, because he's our guy. I think people should come to the big leagues because they earn it and should be here and not just because they have to be here.

"But I don't expect that many guys to come up here. Obviously, they're going to bring people up. I don't know their names, but they're going to bring two or three guys."


The hot topic in baseball for the past few weeks is how the first-place Nats plan on shutting down ace Stephen Strasburg (15-5, 2.85 ERA) early a year after Tommy John surgery. The normally outspoken Guillen stayed away from controversy Tuesday by saying what the Nats are doing is "nobody's business."

"The thing I respect is that they said it from the beginning of the season. They didn't change anything. I respect that," Guillen said. "Anything else, you have to be Davey [Johnson's] shoes, the general manager shoes and the players shoes. I cannot make any comment about it because they're not on my ballclub."

Guillen said while Stasburg is Washington's best pitcher the Nats can still win the National League. "They're good enough to compete without that kid," Guillen said. "You only need three [starters] I think they could matchup against anybody in the National League."


Right-hander Jacob Turner, who now has seven major league starts under his belt, said he's excited to make his first start at Marlins Park on Wednesday against the first-place Nationals. He went six innings and gave up four hits and three earned runs with five strikeouts and no walks last week in his Marlins debut against Arizona.

Asked what he learned from his first National League start, the 21-year old former ninth overall pick said: "The biggest thing was just my teammates [names] and how [John] Buck calls the game behind the plate. But as far as pitching wise, it wasn't a whole lot different.

"I made some good adjustments probably after the first inning. And that was the key for me."

As for catcher Rob Brantly, who was acquired in the same trade with Detroit, Turner said they have a "great relationship." There is a good chance Brantly will get to catch Turner Wednesday.

"He's only caught me a few times, but he knows what I like to do," Turner said. "If we ever gets the chance to work together, we'll just go from where we were before."

Guillen said he likes that Turner "throws a lot of strikes."

"He just needs to do what he did in Arizona," Guillen said. "Obviously, I'm not expecting that all the time. But stay around there, be consistent and then I don't need to see anything else. We will see if this guy needs more time. But I think the way this guy pitched in Arizona, it was a big step for him. Hopefully, he continues to do it."


The Marlins will give the first 15,000 fans attending Wednesday night's game against the Nationals a Giancarlo Stanton Bobblehead presented by Leon Medical Centers.

The first-time All-Star was named the National League's Player of the Week Monday after leading the league in slugging percentage (.857) and total bases and tied for the lead in homers (5) and second with RBI (8). In a year filled with disappointment for the Marlins, Stanton said being honored is "among the few positives you can get out of a year like this."

"The consistency is really what I want to be there," said Stanton, who had arthroscopic knee surgery just before the All-Star Game in July and missed nearly a month of action. "The past couple years it's been a great two, three weeks and then it's a bad week and a half and back to square one. Consistency is what I'm trying to get to." 

As for the bobblehead, Stanton said he likes it and is hoping to snag few he can send back home to his family.

> As Stanton spoke to reporters Tuesday, teammate Carlos Lee, who is seated in the locker next to the young slugger, had a little fun by poking him in the face with a microphone.

Stanton laughed it off, but then sent the veteran first baseman a little jab back by telling the media: "Carlos? I got to protect him every night. He doesn't know how to protect himself. I got to walk him home and everything."

Lee, known as El Caballo (the Horse), said next to Stanton he's simply "El Caballito" (the pony).


> Nationals (77-50): 1. Jayson Werth RF, 2. Bryce Harper CF, 3. Ryan Zimmerman 3B, 4. Adam LaRoche 1B, 5. Michael Morse LF, 6. Ian Desmond SS, 7. Danny Espinosa 2B, 8. Kurt Suzuki C, 9. Stephen Strasburg P.

> Marlins (58-71): 1. Bryan Petersen LF, 2. Justin Ruggiano CF, 3. Jose Reyes SS, 4. Carlos Lee 1B, 5. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 6. Greg Dobbs 3B, 7. Donovan Solano 2B, 8. Rob Brantly C, 9. Ricky Nolasco P.


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Take your time Lomo...lookjng forward to seeing you play in 13'..for another team....

Marlin Fan

Did anyone see the game tonight ?? Awesome. Nolasco complete game shut out. A rare feat in today's game . Ruggiano 4 for 4 , Stanton 3 RBI's. Solano continues to hit, heck everyone hit tonight.
Did anyone see Carlos Lee tonight ??? I didn't , he was a blur on the base paths !!!

Marlin Fan

I hope Lomo surgeries take care of his knee problem. However it doesn't look positive , all the more reason to retain Lee.


Notice the surgery is taking him right up to spring training, at that point he will start to play before being totally ready and we can expect a repeat of this scenario.And anyone saying this is "negative", I would say it is an accurate asssessment based upon what has already occured. Has anyone else heard of another team that has had this much trouble with guys having problems after having what seems to be minor knee surgeries??

My "favorite" Miami doctor was Dr Virgin who cleared Mercury Morris to play with a broken neck.

Flav C.

Morrison has short shelf-life with the Marlins.
He had to play through pain, on a bad knee, and playing outfield. Which organization would allow their young star go through that? I'm sure he had to take cortizone shots, which only aggravates his knee problem and increases the chances of rupture. And all of that had the blessing of the FO.
This all comes to show that the Marlins organization clearly demonstrates that Morrison is not in their plans for the future. They will use him until he is playing on one leg and kick him to the curb.

@ Manny Navarro - I think the medical term is "right patellar tendon".

Stan M

Saw an interesting theory on Clemen's comeback. It postulated that he is doing this to put off his HOF ballot for 5 more years in hopes that the PED stuff will have cooled down. Makes sense.


Clemens will never be elected to the HOF until after he's dead.


@Stan- I agree with that, with the way that opinions change, especially those of public opinion. In 5 years anything may happen and he may well be looked at.

Orthopedic Medical Supplies and Equipment

Stan M

A couple of weeks ago the Marlins started 5 players with a sub .200 BA. I kidded that to improve they needed to put on Cardinal jerseys. Recently of the Cards first 7 batters, 6 were hitting better than .300 and the 7th was Beltran. Freeze at .298 pinch hit in that game. Yet they are 7 games behind Cinn.

By contrast, last night Tampa started 6 players hitting below .250 yet are only 1 1//2 games behind in the wild card. The point to be gained is that you can be very competitive as long as you have good pitching which Tampa has in abundance and in a very tough division.

Our Marlins haven't really hit consistently all year, but the FO went out and got promising pitchers. In my opinion, that was the correct move, especially for our huge ballfield.

The Only True Fake Alex

what moves do you see in the off season? adding another pitcher or hitter?

Stan M

We added all sorts of pitching already so hitting is needed. As said in past, I'd go after Gordon of KC because he can play 3B or LF, both well. What a great time to move Nolasco if he's not in team plans. He looked fantastic last night. As for another hitter, Bourne if the obvious choice but we are far from alone in coveting him. If Boston wants to get younger, Cody Ross might be available and I'd nail him in a heartbeat. Wouldn't mind Juan Pierre as an OF platoon and for example he sets.

Camera Mike

I agree Stan hitting is far more of a need right now then pitching despite the poor year some of our pitchers are having. My wife is a Red Sox fan leading me to see plenty of Cody Ross this year and he has has a decent season, though he has shined in a few key PH appearances, and I would like to get him back in the fold and our outfield. As for Juan Pierre, it would be nice to have a player who was on a successful Marlins team, but do you know how is speed is holding up at his age?

Baseball Stu

On the failure of the Marlins hitting this season ,the blame can be put squarely on the shoulders of Hanley batting 3rd @.259 and Lomo batting clean-up@.237,along with the whole team stinking w/RISP. One is gone,the other is a big question mark,not to be counted on going into 13'. Reyes @.307 batting 3rd solves one problem. Might want to hit Stanton 4th to solve the other.

Camera Mike

Good point Stu, plus it would help if Bonaficio is fully healthy next year and we can have him lead off.


I agree hitting is necessary. There are too many holes and there really isn't any indication that Ruggiano and Solano will be this good next year. I've seen too many one hit wonders to rest on these guys' past performance.

My solution: you send LOMO to Colorado for Cargo and take on the whole salary to entice Colorado to do it. They have two very old 1B so they have a need at that position and Pacheco can stay at 3B. Colorado is always going to need pitching. If they ask for more by all means give them as many of those guys decaying in NOLA or Jacksonville. The Elih Villanuevas of the world. You sign an old and not as productive Carlos Lee to play 1B and hope the chemistry with the 3-5 hitters continues. Say what you will about Lee he's done a decent job in between Reyes and Stanton. His defense can't be worse than Lomo's.

If Solano or Ruggiano falter thats where Boni's value kicks in.


If you question why I have Solano and Ruggiano back as utility guy it's because he now has a knee injury. Seemingly the UM physicians do not know how to fix these. I'm almost certain Boni will never be the same player again. Let's hope I'm wrong.


Correction: Solano and Ruggiano STARTING AND BONI back as a utility guy

Camera Mike

Yes there have been a ton of one hit wonders in MLB history but I am optimistic on Ruggiano for next year and like you would like to see him start next year.

Though I wouldn't give up on Lomo quite yet. While it's true it has been a couple of frustrating years I think he still has a lot of talent in him and just needs to grow up. Hopefully Ozzie and the team management ride him all off season on both proper re-hab and dropping the twitter. I don't think he took his re-hab seriously enough last year and with it supposed to be taking right up to spring training next year the team really needs to stay on top of him. With the twitter they need to take a tough stance on it like Jack Mckeon did last year and just force him to mature and worry more about baseball then how many followers he has or how many wity comments he believes are funny. If after another season he refuses to grow up then I may be intereted in moving on.

Flav C.

Glags, was it the doctor's fault or was it the rush to have Morrison on the field the why his knee never healed?
Last time the Marlins pushed Morrison to be back for ST after 3 months the surgery. This time he will have 6 months.


Why would anyone believe the Marlins (Loria and Samson) are going to pursue any free agents again except for John Buck caliber? I was a season ticket holder for 10 years--Yes, I was the one---and I want nothing more than to be proven wrong but I can guarantee--Not!!! almost guarantee---that this free agent binge was utilized as a distraction to take away from manner in which stadium was financed. They will force MLB into demanding they sell the team, and with the sweet heart stadium deal in place---they can pull a Schiffel and be gone.


Seriosly!! Was P.T. Barnum so right that you think they care about making this team better? The state of the art stadium is in place and now all they need to do is reap the profit from selling a team to another guy who believes South Florida is a baseball hotbed. They will cut payroll so drastically that MLB will demand they sell--and they will say "Thank You Very Much".

Stan M

Someone, I think it was LB, explained that Loria can't sell until something like 2019 because of some contract. In my opinion, it is in his best interest to make the team more, not less profitable. If he could be forced to sell now, he would get much less than if the team gets better. And if he doesn't make some effort, even the casual fans who have been to the stadium out of curiosity, will shun the team. Right now, he can't get a corporate namer for the ballpark and I seriously wonder about media sponsors for next year, not to mention season ticker buyers. He simply must make a significant move and I thik he will for no other reason than he has to.

Glags,trading LoMo while injured and unproven would net little. And he has shown that he can be a fine hitter when healthy. I would move Nolasco, or even JJ before him.

Whether Ruggiano and Solarno can be as productive next year remains to be seen, but that seeing should be done in Marlin uniforms next Spring in order for us, and not someone else, to find out.

missed that one

when did Lomo show he's a fine hitter when healthy? In the minors?

Marlin Fan

I think Ruggiano has earne a starting position next year . Time will tell if he's a "one year wonder". I personally don't think so. I think more time is needed to tell fir sure . Solano I feel the same . Good glove and hitter . Doesn't have the speed of Boni, but you can't steal bases on the DL. both offer little to no power.

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