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Loria says his expectations for 2013 are high in final episode of The Franchise

Showtime aired its final episode of The Franchise Wednesday night and wrapped up a season of disappointment for the Marlins by giving us the voices of the players still around as well as a frustrated front office, which promised that there's not only enough talent still around to win next year, but expectations for 2013 should be high.

Owner Jeffrey Loria, filmed inside an empty Marlins Park after the team wrapped up their most recent home series against the Phillies by being shutout in three straight games and setting a new franchise-low with 30 consecutive scoreless innings, said he "realized early on it was broke and it had to be fixed."

"It's not happening this year, but we have an enormously successful core of young players, a new young catcher in [Rob] Brantly. I have very high hopes."

General manager Mike Hill said much of what we already knew -- that the Marlins simply didn't get enough out of Gaby Sanchez, Logan Morrison and Hanley Ramirez and that pitchers felt "like they had to be perfect."

Players echoed those sentiments.

"Almost everybody underachieved to some degree," catcher John Buck said. "We just didn't do what we were capable of doing and that's kind of all we had to do, which is what sort of made it so deflating."

Said pitcher Carlos Zambrano: "You can have the best coaching staff and the best players, but if we don't play good nothing will help us. It's our fault."

President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest weighed in with: "We put expectations on ourselves we thought were realistic and unfortunately they weren't realistic because we didn't even come close." 

But Beinfest then said: "There's a lot of good pieces, a lot things to build around. There's still a lot of talent here."

Of course, Beinfest and Hill may not be here next year to see that "talent."

> The biggest question on Marlins fans' minds -- if the team will spend money this off-season to upgrade -- remained unanswered.

The closest we got was this from president David Samson: "We need to let our fans know we care about winning as much as they do and we're going to keep trying as hard as they would want us to try."

And this line from Loria: "We are always striving to be winners."

> The rest of the episode centered on the arrival of Brantly, the role of pinch hitter Greg Dobbs (who ended the team's 30 inning scoreless streak), and new closer Steve Cishek, who went around people asking if they had ever heard of Steve Cishek.

At one point, Samson tells Brantly inside the Marlins clubhouse cafeteria: "We were talking about this trade and the owner is on the phone and you should just know -- it's no pressure -- he said 'We will not make this trade unless we get this kid Brantly.'... So you were wanted. That's a positive."

Brantly's response: "I'm honored."

> Manager Ozzie Guillen tells Showtime the toughest part of the season for him wasn't the June swoon or the dismantling of his team at the trade deadline. Nope, it was the embarrassment he suffered from his Fidel Castro comments.

"It was something I was accused and people were pointing at my face like I was a criminal when deep in my heart I know exactly what I say, when I say it and how I say it. Some people [took] advantage," Guillen said. "That's what hurt more than anything."

Guillen closes out the episode by saying the Marlins "have to make Miami a baseball town."

"It's going to be a lot of work," Guillen said. "But if they think they worked last year. I think this year is going to be harder."

> Heath Bell actually has one of the last lines in the episode and it's one that ought to get you fired up if you can forget what kind of season he had after signing a 3-year, $27 million deal.

"There's a lot of talent here. These young guys want to play and they want to win," Bell said. "Once we gel and come together we're going to be a force to be reckoned with."


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the Truth

Loria,Samson and Beinfest can say all they want. They blew their big shot this season in the new stadium,and have zero credibility with the majority of most Marlins fans. Wait til next season when season tickets are not renewed and attendance drops like a rock, no matter what B.S they say or do.


Big Z, if you didn't play well, then you didn't have the best players and coaches.


anytime u had buck and the pitcher coming up that was pretty much 2 outs thanks buck for a great year mr 180 avg


good to see that "the Truth" and "bob" join me in seeing right through the BS from loria, samson, and beinfest


Jacob Turner = Andrew Miller Redux. I've seen all I need to see from this bum. Another great move by Beinf--k. To hell with this franchise.


Loria builds a park that is virtually last in all of baseball in homers. A cow pasture with prison walls. A work of "art". Loria, if you don't lower the fences to 8 feet and bring in the dimensions by at least 20 feet from left center to right center, then...you really do know nothing about this game.


I was at the game yesterday to see both rookie pitchers. The one thing I came away with is that Ozzie is still having a difficult time with the NL game. Then his ejection which seemed to put the team in a funk after tying it with Ruggiano's HR. It's funny to listen to Mark Grace talk about the Marlins and his take on Ozzie's managing style in the NL. I did get to sit with close friends of a relief pitcher for the Marlins and they had some interesting stories about Ozzie and how the majority of the team disliked Hanley. They said that Hanley and Reyes were not as close as what everyone thinks and that Hanley really took advantage of their relationship. This player also said that the team only really takes Ozzie serious about 30 percent of the time but that he does keep the clubhouse pretty loose. Thought it was interesting as they grew up with this guy. Anyways I will wait until next year to see if I will travel down to Phoenix to see them again.


Sorry I did not make trip as promised,however, if you must contemplate Flagstaff to Phoenix, imagine how I felt about Greenville to Phoenix. It's great to have sources like the one you described. It helps to cut through the BS. It's funny that you, Stan and myself know people and reveal insights and yet nobody who writes about the Marlins has any insights. Laurel, will give us the newspaper terminology--and it's not "off the record" when you quote someone in such a way as to not reveal his or her position in an organization??

Loria said he had high expectations for next year--I believe one word in that statement is correct.


Yeah Lou it's hard to justify spending any money with this team. We got lucky that they turned it into a double header as I was planning on having to go down Thursday and having to stay over.

The question is who can the Marlins get to anchor the pitching staff. The way I see it we do not have an Ace any longer and counting on a kid that throws a 91 mph heater with Turner isn't gonna cut it. I do think that they have found a diamond in the rough with Ruggiano and maybe with Solano as well but 3rd base is an issue as well as 1st as we simply can't count on LoMo being consistent. I'm hoping that his knee was the culprit this year but who knows with him? Do we stick with Bonifacio at CF?

It's always fun to hear from an insider. I really think the beat writers are more comfortable just covering the easy stuff rather than stirring it up but as a reader and fan I would've love to have known that Hanley's supposed friendship with Reyes was really a one way street.

Moving into 2013 I hope that Beinfest, Hill, Perez and even St. Clair are gone. And I would imagine if it goes south next year, Ozzie will be toast too.

What FA's will or can the Marlins make a serious run at? What pitcher's, 3b, OF, 2nd and 1b might be available?

Oh and screw Heath Bell and his comments. Mark Grace was gushing over Cishek and even commented on Bell's lack of performance.


Flags, Just had a post removed with no profanity of any type. made a reference to something that everybody in Atlanta knows about and maybe that was it. Glad I have Laurel's phone number.


Turner looked pretty good for a four or five next year. He could of won if the marlins had hit when they needed. That double play lee hit into realy hurt when stanton flew out on a high pitch that was a spot that if the marlins had capitalized on the game would of been diffrent as far as next year solano should be a utility boni in second and they bring in a first baseman or go with lomo at first. cheap f.o will problably give the third base to zack cox,and go out and find a cheap fix for the first base job (lomo)I realy would hate to see lomo in the outfield next year he has horible jumps on any ball hit outthere. Rugiano,stanton are fine in the outfield is the centerfield they need the most bourn,upton or even gorky's if they get a big bat at third or 1st would be a good fit. It seems like a lot of routine outs in the outfield have extended alot of innings this year. and to go into a season without a big bat to protect stanton realy hurt them this year. like a marlin fan thinks we'll see what the rebuild looks like next year.


as far as an ace goes the marlins have some young arms in he minors fernandez conley,healy that one of them can develop into one over time.now they should find out if any of the triple a arms can develop into parts of a rotation guys that should get a shot like brad hand, kohler and villanueva see what they can do and keep turner down for the rest of the year eovaldi has some stuff just needs to figure it out some more.


Headline should read "Loria has Great Expectorations for 2013" as his word is just a spit in the face of Marlins fans.


Charlie D.,
Very good!


Laurel just demonstrated what a nice man he is. I had to break off a conversation earlier today and said I would call him "right back", I unfortunately forgot and Laurel just called to see how I was doing. The man is a prince!!!

I'm getting primed to stay up and root for the Giants against ther Braves. Uggla is 0 for 14 from being at the Mendoza Line. he is so bad that he must go 0 for 14 to drop 8 points. He is so bad that assuming he got 4 AB's in the last 38 games he would have to hit .343 to finish at .240.

The Only True Fake Alex

Indrid Cold

Homeless peeps

Will Schnoria and Scamson keep Marlins Park open to the public to use as a hurricane shelter? Can the county and/or city force them to do so?


They will probably have the home run machine go off when the eye passes over. I certainly miss the file footage of the water and canned food buying and all the other necessities. What they never mention is the 5 days of oppressive humidity after the power goes out and the inevitable rise in rates for all those "fortunate" enough to live on a peninsula, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean during a time of rising temperatures. Stan and I live about 50 miles apart and I pay 965.00 a dollar a year for homeowner's insurance for a 6 bedroom house{Sure Stan's is comparable depending on the size), reason for the ridiculously low amount is because we are sheltered by the Blue Ridge Mountains and nothing ever goes wrong except for the once a year ice storm--this year there was no 1 day ice storm. TOO warm!! I forgot the taxes of 1,555 a year. Yes Sir!! It sure was a mistake leaving Boca Raton and all those gracious New Yorkers for the moderate temperatures, pleasant fall, mild winter and extremely bearable Summer. Also miss the carnage on I-95, the gangs intruding into Palm Beach County, the mind set that would have had my daughter expecting a new Lexus at 18. I tell you, I ONCE missed the Marlins and the MLB experience but since MLB moved out of South Florida, there is nothing to miss.

KooL & the Gang

we r headin up to visit n move the crib up later

archie bell & the Drells

R U totin da Keeds wit U ?

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