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Marlins have monster inning in Arizona

     PHOENIX -- The Marlins messed up scorecards in tonight's fourth inning at Chase Field, sending a dozen men to the plate in a nine-run outburst that featured a three-run bomb by Giancarlo Stanton and a total of 10 hits to equal a club mark.

     Here's the brief rundown on the new marks:

     -- The 10 hits matched the team record for one inning. The Marlins also produced 10 hits -- as well as nine runs -- in the third inning at Pittsburgh on Sept. 9, 2011.

     -- The nine runs fell one run shy of the team's one-inning mark. The Marlins scored 10 runs here at Chase Field in the eighth inning on July 9, 2009.

     Diamondbacks starter Joe Saunders, who shut out Miami at Marlins Park in April, was on the hill during Monday's bloodbath.

     The inning went as follows:

     1. Donovan Solano singled.

     2. Jose Reyes singled.

     3. Carlos Lee singled, scoring Solano.

     4. Giancarlo Stanton homered to deep left, scoring Reyes and Lee.

     5. Justin Ruggiano homered.

     6. John Buck singled.

     7. Donnie Murphy flied out.

     8. Mark Buehrle popped out.

     9. Emilio Bonifacio singled.

    10. Donovan Solano singled, scoring Buck.

    11. Jose Reyes doubled, scoring Bonifacio and Solano.

    12. Carlos Lee singled, scoring Reyes. (Lee was thrown out at second while trying to advance).

    According to ESPN Stats, Stanton's home run into the second deck in left measured 442 feet. Ruggiano's blast to center was also measured at 442 feet.


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and they still suck


Eduardo Perez is really, really lucky... not that the Marlins' offense has come roaring back to life, but that his dad hooked him up with a job.


Giancarlo Stanton is making up for missing Home Run Derby 2012 by having it at Colorado and Arizona.


What a player Stanton is. Gonna be a blast for years to come.

Flav C.

Stanton must enjoy playing against NL West rivals: Half of his HRs (13) this season came against the Giants, DBacks, Rockies, and Padres.

Dodgers, watch out. You're next.


Why is there a DH on Wednesday? Was that on the original schedule?


The doubleheader was not on the original schedule. It has something to do with the Diamondbacks' schedule and the fact that they played a rainout makeup game on what was scheduled to be an off day. Now they have to be given Thursday off to avoid violating the player agreement. All pretty stupid.


I was wondering the same thing. Why would the Marlins need to make up a game with the D'Backs? Both play in domed stadiums. Both also have a day off on Thursday, and they're both going to the west coast on Friday. If they need a DH, why not play a noon game Thursday instead?

Who knows what was going through the scheduler's head.


Didn't see lb's post. Makes more sense to me to use an off-day instead of playing two games in one day. It is pretty stupid. Player agreement prefers that players work twice as hard one day than normal load over two days.


I explained as best I could above. The Diamondbacks had a rainout during an AWAY series, forcing them to play on a day they were supposed to have off and necessitating a last-minute schedule change to prevent them from playing more days in a row than the player agreement allows. In other words, the Dbacks have to take Thursday off. At least, that's the way I understand it. Hope someone will correct me if I've got it wrong.


Laurel, Enjoy Oregon and quit concerning yourself about the arcane scheduling machinations of some highly paid independent contracters??

Could I have written for the Washington Times? I know the Post is out of the question but I could have dated Sally Quinn.


I'm sure you could write for the Washington Times if you're willing to swear allegiance to the Moonie cause. You could use your inimitable powers of persuasion to help the Reverend Moon root out all those Commie dogs and their pinko sympathizers from MLB.


The real Deep Throat (despite what you've read) was Paul DeLisle — not the bassist for Smash Mouth, but the maitre 'd at the Sans Souci Restaurant, the most connected man in Washington during the Watergate era. He probably knows (or knew) the answer to your question.

Mr.Smith goes to Detroit

This place has turned into the huffington post.

go take your daily kos and breitbart talking points to GLP or something of the like


With "juice" back in the news..& the Marlins are starting to hit & one guy is hiting moon shots....say it aint's so.....there's no relationship right???


Marlins get Stephen Drew from D-Backs... Nancy Drew not available?


I see that Ruggiano is not in the starting lineup tonight. I guess his 2-for-4 with a monster home run was enough to convince Ozzie he should be in there. So behind Stanton, they have Dobbs, Solano, Brantly and Nolasco. Really, really sad.


Marlins lawyers have demanded that the White Sox return Jhan Marinez and Ozzie Martinez forthwith. Or at least they should.

Flav C.

Playoff tickets to see the Jupiter Hammerheads on sale starting tomorrow. This should be fun.

Flav C.

Does anyone see Zack Cox (Cardinals prospect who came to the Marlins in the Mujica trade) being called up next year?
He is highly regarded prospect and was 25th overall pick in 2010. The Cards could not find a spot for him in the infield in the short term, thus the trade.
He's been playing pretty well in Jacksonville as an everyday 3B, but talking to folks who know him from St. Louis, they say he can play both corners of the infield really well.
Somehow I thought the Marlins would offer Lee an interesting contract, and would call this kid up, maybe to platoon 1B with Lee and play some 3B next season.
Lee already said he wants to stay and acknowledges a new contract (a cheaper one) is not impossible, considering he lost a lot of his power.

Marlin Fan

I would love to see Lee stay . Morrison is not the answer at 1st .
Laurelbowie, couldn't agree more about Ruggiano . Even with double header tomorrow .

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