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Marlins avoid becoming ninth team in MLB history to get shutout in four straight games; end draught after 30 innings

The scoreless streak is over.

The Marlins plated two runs in the fourth inning off Phillies starter Roy Halladay Wednesday to avoid something that's happened only eight times before in baseball: being shutout four straight games.

The 1992 Cubs (78-84) were the last team to do it according to BaseballReference.com.

Greg Dobbs ended the misery with an RBI single to right following a walk to Carlos Lee and a double by Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton then scored on Donavan Solano's sac fly to left to make it 2-0.

The last-place Fish (52-65) were shut out for the third game in a row Tuesday night -- a new franchise record. They've been shutout 13th times in all this season, one shy of the club mark set in 1993 and 1996.

Scoring figured to be a tall order against Halladay. He held the Marlins to one earned run over seven innings the previous time he faced them on April 11. Halladay also tossed a perfect game against the Fish in 2010.

The 30-inning drought without a run is eclipsed the longest in Marlins' history (previously set Sept. 11-15, 1993). It's also the second longest in the majors this season behind a 33-inning skid by the Dodgers.

The Marlins came into Wednesday's game having scored the second-fewest runs in baseball.


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Marlin Fan

Can't wait to see another wasted pitching performance . Crowd looks to be no more than 15 .


Ozzie has to know more baseball than I do, he has to doesn't he?

How do you bat a guy leadoff who's OBP is below 300?


Eduardo Perez got lucky... not that the Marlins finally got a run, but that his dad is in with the owner.


You mean Doggy or is it Doggie or is it Dogie like in Venice.


Cabrera just hit his 30th with 104 RBI's in 118 games. Remember when The Midget said "Clubs are afraid to deal with the Marlins because of our reputation" he really said that.



Cabrera just got caught violating MLB's controlled substances policy, and has been suspended 50 games.

Melky Cabrera, that is.

Marlin Fan

Marlins looked like a major league team today !! Wow !!!
Melky was almost having too good a yr . Lol


Drove thru Miami today,on the way to the Keys. When we hit the 836 and I-95 area around noon, the putrid stench of dead fish was nauseating...Is that the normal smell around Marlins Park these days? Was told by the locals the Marlins are going out of town,and the smell would go with them and when I drive thru heading back on Monday ,the smell should be gone.Hope so because it was rancid. Dont know how the Marlins fans can stand it,although was told they are used to it by now.


Greetings from Oregon, everybody. It's hotter here than in Florida. Watched the game today with my brother, who doesn't see many Marlins games. His reaction was, "What are you bitchin' about? They look pretty damn good to me." It's like a Cat 5 hurricane — you can't understand how bad it is just reading about it. You have to be there.
The Marlins scoring drought reminded me of the old days (yeah, them again) when folks used to say of a really bad team, "They couldn't score in Tehachapi with a pocketful of pardons." Tehachapi (for you whippersnappers) was the old California women's prison made famous in movies like the Maltese Falcon. The expression was colorful enough that it still comes to mind when I see total futility on the field.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...To my taste, this team is not " avoiding " anything. They're trying to achieve. Some days it's the opposing pitcher, who has " nasty " stuff, and on others, it may be our pitchers who don't warm-up at all. We started the season with batting problems, it was seen in Spring training, but although they aren't within reach of a play-off spot, the hitting has arrived.
With the return of the " Slugger ", and the addition of another veteran batter, the Marlins
Offensive Plan has " cranked-up ".


Are you drunk, Blanco? Or just "cranked up"


Blanco, You are a professsional provacateur. I just heard about "trolls" who come on blogs to antagonize the regulars to the point that a moderator---Not here--must step in and close the blog. The trolls keep score by the number of blogs they get shut down.

Blanco, you must try harder!!


Laurel, Stan, Flags, Glags, Marlin Fan and AMY OTHER Blog Regular I've forgotten, Who would lke to read what The Midget's response would be to trading away, arguably the greatest hitter in the game, for basically a guy who had a cutesy nickname and knew all the minor league nicksames?

To all the Old Timers(and new timers) will this trade ultimately rank as the 2nd worst of all time behind only Ruth for the money to stage a Broadway way?? I already think it is worse than Brock for Broglio. We would have to consider Robinson for Pappas. The Joe Morgan trade from Houston. Carlton for Wise. But something about a Miggy for a Hopper is almost as obscene as some of the social pairings I've seen at some baseball games.

Flav C.

Hopper was part of the deal, but the enticing part of the trade was the possibility of getting 2 highly regarded prospects, Detroit's #1 draft picks of 2005/2006. Maybin was a #10 overall pick in 2005 and Miller was #6 overall pick in 2006.


Flav, I believe I understand what the trade was SUPPOSE to produce. In reality it produced a marginal, relief pitcher with an ability to remember mundane subject matter for the greatest hitter in the game. The huge part of what makes a trade so horrific is that you actually think you are receiving something of value when in relity you are taken to the woodshed to be remembered for all history as being a MORON!!

Stan M

Exactly, Flav.
Most pundits thought it a fair trade and that the Marlins did fairly well. There are rumors that a better trade (as things worked out) was on the table with, I think, the Angels and Loria himself nixed it. From the Marlins standpoint, they were trading an overweight, out of shape, alcholic with poor training habits that could have been hurting our younger players. And at that time they didn't want to invest the bucks either. Retrospect is something else naturally. Only Alex really knew! And Lou, there have been about 20 negative posts in a row and now you are using caps. Please don't go there, you are too nice a guy. And Lou, there was a very interesting trade the Yankees made with Milwaukee back in the 50s. They got Johnny Sain, who did help them for a while for a young righthander named Lou Burdette.


Do you guys think Cabrera for Maybin, Miller, Hopper and company was a worse trade than the Mets made? Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi.

Stan M

A trip down my memory lane. Johnny Sain spent 3 years in WWII and when he came out, he won 20 or more games 4 of the next 5 years. His career total, I think was about 140 and therefore isn't impressive. But for a few years, there was none better. We all know the expression, "Spahan and Sain and 2 days of rain" when his team won a surprising pennant in 1948. My memories of him are from when he was a grizzled veteran with the Yankees. He did two things that were outrageous and I've never seen since. There was a man on first and a hard one bouncer was hit right back to him. He grabbed it and without so much as a look, rolled it behind him to the 2nd baseman for a forceout. After rolling the ball, he simply started walking toward the dugout without even looking back for it was the third out. The other play has been lost to an old man's memory, but it also involved a ball hit back to him. I think, what he did was roll the ball to the first baseman from behind his back, again never even bothering to look if the play worked or not as it, too, was the 3rd out. Later Sain became what many would call the first true pitching coach. A very interesting man who has been lost to history.

Stan M

TR Shour,
The rumor was that Ryan's beautiful (cheerleader type wife) couldn't get along with Nancy Seaver who was media savy and ended up with a TV show with Tom. What a damn shame.

Juan Chela

All I want to say is, whatever Buck was taking while with the Blue Jays for that one season in 2009, he stopped taking. Probably afraid of being caught. And why risk it? After all, he finally landed himself a hefty contract! Job well done!
Now that I stop to think about...Somebody pleeeeease... Somebody please warn Ruggiano to be cautious!! I know he wants to be in the majors next year, etc...but when a career minor leaguer starts to hit .320+ in a season, with almost 200 at bats already...and half of his hits for extra-base...mmmmmm..this definitely call a loooot of attention. Careful there, Ruggie!!


Trading away Cabrera could someday rank as one of the five worst in history, but it has a lot of competition for the No. 2 spot. TR SHOUR mentioned the Nolan Ryan trade. The Phillies traded Larry Bowa and Ryne Sandberg to Cubs for Ivan DeJesus. Dodgers traded Pedro Martinez to Expos for Delino DeShields. You mentioned the Brock trade. So there is some stiff competition for the coveted #2 position. Loria and his henchmen are still ecstatic that they made that trade because they used the loot they saved on Miggy to pony up as their share of the ballpark deal.
By the way, for those of us still holding out hope that MLB will step in if the Marlins don't beef up their payroll — the Houston Astros have a current payroll of $21.3 million and nobody in authority seems to be squawking about that. The Marlins payroll will be somewhere around three times that next year with the personnel they have now. Yikes.


Dear Stan, With the length of my posts, are two or 3 capitalized words too mich? If it is going to affect my status as a nice guy, I will cease and desist immediately. It is difficult when discussing members of the Marlins hierarchy to not use techniques that will translate my level of disdain,however if you think it's bad, I will stop.

The reason I give the Cabrera trade for what some might call a near idiot savant of minor league nicknames is the deal was so big that you think the Marlin player personnel people just might have been right about 1 or 2 of them. To literally miss on the talent evaluation of 5 guys is something special. The Marlins did have the sense to dump Dontrelle--a guy who I believe the esteemed Thader Whack ruined by his overuse, including total disregard for pitch counts. Treader Whack realized what he had, and if you look back you will see a young guy being thrown to the wolves, but the guy is 107 so he must be a nice guy.

Back to Cabrera for Cutesy Nickname, I believe the trade will end up becoming even more infamous in that I believe Cabrera goes to 1b and then to DH and plays until he is 40. Can you imagine if a dedicated Miguel Cabrera plays until he is 40? That is a scary thought.. The trades you guys mentioned ar all good ones but if you note they all involved guys who had something of major League value in exchange for the Superstar mistake. None of the Marlin acquisitions had any value in this deal commensurate with the other deals. DeJesus and DeShields were functionally literate in a baseball sense, but Maybin, Miller, The Minor League Nickname King, de la Cruz and the forgotten throw in were and continue to be pitiful.

No caps. I'm still a good guy. And now Laurel, the resident Pulizter winner, will vouch for me.


Since I don't believe anything the Art Dealer, The Midget and the Front Office say, I'm really curious as to whether you guys really believe Stanton was ultimately the breaking point of the Manny ramirez deal OR(Sorry a cap) if the Marlins really demanded money above and beyond Manny's salary and the piece going back to the Red Sox was ultimately far less than Mike Stanton? Anyone have any ideas? Can you tell I really hate these guys. I know Mother Teresa, The Good Sister of Calcutta, would frown upon my disgust with these individuals but since I won't be up for Canonization, I have an excuse.


Yes, I actually spoke with Lou by telephone and found him to be an intelligent, articulate, soft-spoken and ultimately likeable guy — quite different from his on-line persona. Who'd have guessed that, huh?
BTW, my Pulitzer musta got lost in the mail because it never showed up.
I'm back in your neck of the woods (sort of) and it's as beautiful as ever. But somebody forgot to turn down the thermostat.

Stan M

Lou, that was mostly tongue in cheek. But anything positive once in a while is nice, too. It's just such a pleasure with you know who gone. We all cap once in a while. Yes, it's damn hard to find something positive. That's why I've been commenting so much on the minors. Did you know about the Sain/Burdette trade?


Stan M,
Johnny Sain was one of the best pitchers I ever saw. As a kid, I thought he was better than Spahn. One season in the late 40s, he had 24 wins and 28 complete games! It's hard to imagine in this day of nurse-maiding pitchers to the point of insanity. Later, he became a pitching coach for a number of teams, including four or five pennant winners. Jim Bouton called him the greatest pitching coach who ever lived. Managers, including Yogi Berra, hated him because he was so beloved by the players.
I think the battle cry for the Braves in those years was "Spahn and Sain, then pray for rain."
So what battle cry could we use for the Marlins — Johnson and Buerhle, then call off the week early?
I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm truly sorry they cancelled your canonization.


Trust you have been to the Rose Garden? Is Heathman's still around??? I've only been to Portland once and yet I'm able to take all these mental images that last forever. never use a camera because I find it distorts my memory of what the place was really like. Best sunset I ever saw was at Otter Crest. Worst breakfast I ever had was at a place in Sheridan, Washington or Oregon. This place had a miniature zoo in the backyard and I still believe some of the little animals had been slaughtered and used for hash.

By the way, this is not for you, it's pronounced "Eye N" Rand. If someone is going to be your idol have the graciousness to pronounce his or name correctly. Somehow I can't believe some of these people made it all the way through "Dr. Seuss" let alone "Atlas Shrugged."

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