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Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria: "We will fix it"

     Jeffrey Loria sounded very much like a politician when he spoke briefly with reporters following the team photo shoot this afternoon, offering little in the way of specifics but promising to "rectify" problems and "fix" his underachieving team.

      How he intends to do that remains a mystery.

      "Let me tell you something," Loria said when asked if he thought the last-place team could contend next season. "I thought this team was a contender this year. So we have to figure out what went wrong and how to go about rectifying it. And we will."

      Loria said he will meet with his front office staff following the season to see what action to take.

      "Right now, I'm just looking, doing what everybody else is doing, looking," Loria said. "And then we'll come to some conclusions -- or not. I've asked our guys to look, come back with some recommendations, and we'll go from there. You really can't make those evaluations until the season is over."

      Asked specifically if president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest's job is safe, Loria replied: "That's not a fair question. That's not a fair question about anybody's job."

       One thing to keep in mind: Beinfest and general manager Michael Hill have three seasons remaining on their original eight-year contracts.

       Asked what, in his mind, is most to blame for the Marlins' underperformance, Loria replied: "I have not assessed blame, or looking at it that way. I think there's been a lot of things that went into whatever didn't work, and I want to hear what our people say. I know what I think, but I want to hear what everybody else has to say."

       Loria said he feels that talent exists on the club.

       "I have in mind some thoughts, but we have some very good pieces here, very good elements, very good parts on this team," he said. "We had some guys who performed very well. Others haven't, so we'll have to look at it. Maybe there were aberrations. We have to be very careful. You don't want to say, 'Well, this guy doesn't work,' and then he goes elsewhere and he does work.

      "We need to meet, talk, put it on all on the table....We'll come to some intelligent conclusions. We always do. But we will fix it."


       According to manager Ozzie Guillen, the Marlins aren't planning to make any minor-league call-ups until Sunday. The organization wants to see whether Double A Jacksonville -- presently one game behind in the second-half Southern League standings -- reaches the playoffs.

        That's an indication the Marlins could be eying someone like third baseman Zack Cox, who was obtained from the Cardinals in the Edward Mujica trade last month, or closer A.J. Ramos, who is 3-2 with a 1.23 ERA and 21 saves. Ramos, however, is not on the 40-man roster.

        The Marlins will also be considering the usual suspects from Triple A New Orleans, such as outfielder Chris Coghlan and catcher Brett Hayes. But, Guillen said the Marlins will probably call up no more than three or four players total for the final month.


       Carlos Zambrano, who has been relegated to the bullpen, said his first preference next season would be to return to the Marlins, but only as a starting pitcher. Given his performance this season, and the influx of new arms, that scenario appears very doubtful.

       Look for Zambrano, who is expected to become a free agent after the season, to go elsewhere in hopes of landing in some team's rotation. Guillen said he thinks that Zambrano, who is only 31 but has already piled up close to 2,000 innings, still has value as a starter.

       "There's no doubt in my mind," Guillen said. "His arm is great. But, I don't care who you are or what you do, if you cannot throw strikes, you're going to be in the bullpen. I think Carlos is outstanding. I think he has had maybe mechanic problems. Can he pitch and start in the big leagues? Yes, with any team. But to start with another team -- or with us -- he's got to correct that problem, and that's a big problem."


      The lineups:

      Marlins: 1. Bryan Petersen, lf; 2. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 6. Greg Dobbs, 3b; 7. Donovan Solano, 2b; 8. Rob Brantly, c; 9. Nathan Eovaldi, p.

      Mets: 1. Ruben Tejada, ss; 2. Daniel Murphy, 2b; 3. David Wright, 3b; 4. Ike Davis, 1b; 5. Lucas Duda, lf; 6. Mike Baxter, rf; 7. Andres Torres, cf; 8. Josh Thole, c; 9. R.A. Dickey, p.

      Umpires: HP -- Scott Barry; 1B -- Jerry Meals; 2B -- Gary Darling; 3B -- Paul Emmel.


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Peter Gammons said that Beinfest will be reassigned and Dan Jennings will take his job.


Loria needs to stop meeting with his FO. I heard that the only reason we got Heath Bell was because of Loria.

Camera Mike

Question for all, does anyone here believe Loria cares more about fixing the problems and putting together a winning franchise then he does collecting his revenue sharing checks and turning a profit? Based on his stewardship of the Expos and his tenure thus far as Marlins owner I certainly feel he cares more about the profit.

Also it is a completely fair to questions whether Larry Beinfest will be retained. Larry, as well as the rest of the front office, has a history of making terrible decisions when they team doesn't spend money and now when they do. As far as I am concerened they should all be up for a serious review. This team does have some talented players and can be turned into a winner, but they need some new people making the decisions,

H. Wayne Hypinga

Marlins wont be a winner until new ownership takes over and cleans house.

Marlin Fan

Another non hitting with RISP loss tonight . I give Dickey credit . Even though he got the loss , Eovaldi pitched well. He kept his walks down to a minimum . Didn't have his usual velocity tonight, topped out at around 93 , instead of 97 .

Put a Cork in it

Why bother asking Loria anything? He just gives the usual horseshit answers,and his words are worthless. Waste of time and space.

Drop Dead Loria

Loria says "We will fix it"....Are "we' getting out of MLB...that's the only way the "We" will fix it


good leaders surround themselves with good people. loria cannot handle surrounding himself with people who are smarter or more qualified than himself. he fired Joe Girardi, and Freddi Gonzalez, no doubt because they would not tolerate his BS. Same probably was the case with hitting coach Malee. lorias' infatuation with hanley ramirez probably had a lot to do with getting rid of Uggla, played a part in the temporary demotion of Lomo last year, played a big part in the resignation of Edwin Rodriguez (sp?) last year, and possibly Cody Ross wouldn't tolerate hanley in the clubhouse so he was just let go, very stupidly for nothing in return.
By the way, I was watching the new last year 3 Stooges Movie, and saw that david samson had a small part as an extra, during a party scene towards the end of the movie. As you all may know, this was a remake of the popular 3 Stooges series from years ago, but, with a new cast. The original 3 Stooges cast is now in the Marlins Front Office.

MoreBullshit fromthe Headasshole

"We'll come to some intelligent conclusions,we always do". Good thing. Otherwise they might end up in last place two years in a row. Oh...wait

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Tickets for remaining homestand at Marlins Park starting at .75 cents @stubhub.com

Marlins fans are suckers

Gloria and Scamson are laughing all the way to the Bank. You fools that bought season tickets and their new rainbow team gear deserve what you get from these conmen/thieves.

Stan M

Camera Mike,
I'm going to differ with the prevailing thought line here. Loria simply has to spend some money this offseason. It won't be for any altruistic reasons, he has to protect his investment. If he does nothing, the value of the team will become much less and owners make the real big bucks when they sell the team. I don't know how the tax laws work now, but in one of the best baseball books ever written, "Veeck As In Wreck"", Bill Veeck explained how the owners depreciate a percentage of the team each year and eventually made a killing. It is my understanding that there is some sort of contract or aggreement that won't allow him to sell for a few more years. Damnit! He might sign someone to a backloaded contract where the next owner will have to pay the brunt of the salary. Please don't think I like or want to defend this scalawag, but I think his own self interest will force him to keep this team competitive. The Met announcers made the point last night that despite this being year one of a new park, the Marlin attendance was something like the 4th lowest in the majors, if I remember correctly.

Eddie S

Why is Donnie Murphy on the club? Sping training he batted 220 Solano batted 412. They kept Murphy - he batted 100 sent him down and brought up Solano. Solano close to 300, Murphy close to 200.
Why does Guillen say that Ruggiano may get a roster spot next year. GUILLEN SHOULD PRAISE HIM AND THANK HIM FOR BEING THE MARLINS BEST HITTER.
Besides wasting at bats with Murphy, Cousins, Hernandez and Couglin, the Marlins should get rid of Heath Bell and take the loss.THE MARLINS GAINED FINANCIALLY ALOT BY GETTING RID OF RAMIREZ,THEY CERTAINLY CAN AFFORD TO GET RID OF BELL.

Camera Mike


I certainly hope you are correct and he will spend miney and improve the team if for no other reason then sell tickets. I am trying to be optimistic about next season. We already do have some good pieces in place (Johnson, Buehrle, Stanton, Reyes) and I believe can turn things around if we pick up a couple good hitters and have players stay healthy (especially Bonifacio) However the side of me that has followed Loria's past moves forces me into pessimism.

Also I thought Loria isn't barred from selling the team but if he does so during the first five years in the stadium he is forced to share with the new owner a percentage of all stadium revenue he earned during that time including past earnings. While if he sells after five years he gets to keep all past earnings. Though I am not 100% sure on this and if anyone knows differently please do correct me.


Stan M and Camera Mike,
As I understand it, the buyout period for the stadium is seven years from the start of construction (which I believe was in 2009). If Loria sells more than 50% interest in the team before those seven years are up, he would have to make an equity payment, based on a sliding scale, to the city and county. In other words, if he sells in year 5, he would have to pay 10%, in year 6 it would be 7.5%, et celery. In other words, he has a pretty good financial incentive to hang onto the team until 2016. Woe is us.

Camera Mike

Thanks Lauel and woe is us indeed.


Besides my good buddies the only reason I come to the blog is the new found lovable wickedness of Clark and Ozzie--LOVED the reference to "all the usual suspects from New Orleans"

I'm imploring anyone who is contemplating going to a game to PLEASE!! buy the $10.00 tickets and then sit whereever you want. Would also be a good idea to boycott(Well, that is a bad word because the food does stink) the food and have a good meal at a good restaurant before the game. Won't cost much more than the crap you will buy at the White Elephant. Maybe Rolaids or some pharmaceutical related to intestinal distress could put name on stadium. Now you would have to guess I'm a foodie, but even if I was a 4 year old child who would not eat any vegetables, this food would still ne among the worse I've ever had at a sporting event. Pitiful!!

Laurel, How about a friendly wager--If he improves the team to any level at all--and I'll actually let you be the arbiter---I will come down to your home and take you out to dinner, IF he does not improve the team--once again I'll let you be the judge---you come up here and buy me dinner. Of course we will provide the lodging.

Flav C.

Heck, they might as well call the entire NOLA Zephyrs up. Their season is over, anyway.


Loria could not fix his boxers. I would hope that anyone in South Florida who sees one of the Dynamic Duo has the guts to unload and not back off. If you have verbally gone after them here and then shrink in their presence that would be an act of cowardice. I'm not talking about any profane language but just voicing your opinions of their "stewardship" of this franchise.

"I'll fix it", fix the food first, Midget Adopter.


No bet, because as much as it pains me, I agree with you. (It doesn't pain me to agree with you — it pains me that I can't see much hope that Loria is going to spend any money to make this thing work.)
I think this team may improve a little on its own next year, like a kid who grows into a functioning, worthwhile adult with abolutely no help from his shiftless parents. But without spending another dime, the Marlins payroll is going to be somewhere in the $65-$70 million range (somebody check my math) and I don't think he's going any higher.
Stan M,
I understand your point and I want to agree with you, but right now, I can't. Going fishin'. Maybe a big Chinook will put me in a better mood.

Flav C.

Gotta agree with Lou. Clark's writing is bit by bit voicing more of what he thinks than simply reporting a fact. I like that. Obviously, Clark does it in a subtle way.
"Jeffrey Loria sounded more like a politician..."
"How he intends that remains a mistery."

Flav C.

Matt Dominguez numbers as a starter with the Astros, not too shabby: 6 Games, 16 ABs, 6 Hits (1 3b, 1 2b, 1 HR). .375 bat avg.
Small sample, definitely. But better than any other stretch he's ever had with the Marlins.

Marlin Fan

I think he tried spending this year , it didn't work , so he's done .
Do you think we'll offer Stanton an extension in the off season ? I think he's up for arbitration in 2013 and free agency in 2016 .


Loria will fix it alright. Like they "fixed" that swindle of a deal to get the stadium financed. Like they "fixed" the books to keep the revenue sharing but show the team in red ink. Loria is the "fixer". Him, the little weasel, Beinfest, the cougar wife deserve this. Empty stadium....which by the way is already looking rusted out on the outside. What a joke this team is with their rainbow uniforms

Bryan Harv'stache

I have heard from a relative who works inside that it was loria who wanted Bell and was met with reluctance from both hill and beinfest. Loria signed him on his own accord. Its was also revealed that Beinfest wanted to deal Hanley at least 2 years ago but was met with much reluctance from loria who refused to trade off his spoiled brat of a child.

Sounds like an owner much to involved. Hes not a baseball mind...hes an art dealer. Hey loria let the guys you pay to make the decisions....make the decisions!

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