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Marlins place Emilio Bonifacio on 15-day DL

    PHOENIX -- Emilio Bonifacio is returning to the disabled list for the third time this season, only this time it's for a new injury. Bonifacio was placed on the 15-day DL with a sprained right knee, which he believes he injured in Tuesday's game while making a throw from the outfield.

     "Unbelievable," Bonifacio said. "I've never been on the disabled list my whole career."

     Bonifacio, who has already made two trips to the DL with a thumb ligament injury, had a MRI early Wednesday and was hopeful the injury to his knee would not sent him back a third time. Manager Ozzie Guillen said he would just as soon shut Bonifacio down for the rest of this season and have him ready to go for spring training.

     But Bonifacio said he would like to play again this season.

     "The good news is I don't need surgery," he said.

     Immediately after placing Bonifacio on the DL, the Marlins called up left-handed reliever Dan Jennings, who will be available for the second game of today's doubleheader.


     After reaching base in nine consecutive plate appearances, Donovan Solano's streak ended in the first game of the doubleheader when he struck out in the eighth. Solano just missed matching the club record of 10 straight, which is shared by Cameron Maybin (2008), Juan Encarnacion (2005) and Derrek Lee (2002).


     Catcher John Buck was impressed with starting pitcher Jacob Turner, who made his Marlins debut in the 3-2 loss to Arizona. Turner gave up a two-run homer in the first inning to Aaron Hill, but held the Diamondbacks to four hits over six innings, striking out five and issuing no walks.

     "I think he's going to be one of those guys who keeps you in the game and eats a lot of innings," Buck said. "I feel like he can get through a lineup pretty quick, and turn that lineup over without getting to too many pitches."


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We don't have those newfangled television hookups here in the Beaver State (but we're loaded for bear with beavers), so I didn't get to see this afternoon's game. From what I read, Turner pitched pretty well, but Buck's comments don't seem seem all that enthusiastic: "I think he's going to be one of those guys who keeps you in the game and eats a lot of innings." Whoop-de-do. When you're trying to think of something nice to say about a pitcher but can't think of anything, you call him an innings-eater. Makes you think 9-12, 4.20 era. Hopes he turns out better than that.


Dear Laurel, There is one less beaver out there than there was in 1986.

Dear Stan, I must think you are being serious.I don't think you are being serious.


Whats up with that umpire that threw out Ozzie?!!! Isn't he the same guy that had a beef with Kemp last week or so. This guy must think people are paying to see him umpire. What an ozzhole.

Stan M

Hey, Lou. Who do you want to see brought up? My guess is that you would prefer Coghlan. What is your opinion? Actually I'd prefer Cox but I know how you love Chris.

If anyone missed Flav's post about Toronto two years ago, go back to the last blog. It's really worth a read.

Flav C.

Stan, I'll just copy here, since I was replying to Glags:


Bautista started hitting 50+ HRs in 2009 with the BlueJays. Same year Buck had his career year. Same year 7 out of 9 position players of the BlueJays had 20+ HRs each.
In 2008, only 1 position player of the BlueJays had 20+ HRs.


Loria and Beinfest bought it, hook,line and stinker.


Laurel, You know more about the Pacific Coast League than I do. What kind of a freak show is it? Marlins designate Velasquez(obviously nobody cliams him) and he goes 3 for 4 1st game back, Hayes is hitting .422, Cervanek(Even I have not heard of him) continues to rake at .330. Do they throw underhand, are the bases 60 feet apart, is the mound 120 feet away? what is it? Can't be just the altitude. can it?

Flav C.

Lou, PCL is known for having several stadiums that are hitter-friendly, much more than the other AAA leagues. And as you mentioned, high elevations also helps a lot to inflate most of the bat avg of those players.


Flav, "Hitter friendly" enough for these Petersen, Cousins, Cervanek, Velasquez and Hayes statistical aberrations??


Flav, You know that .300 has always been the benchmark in any league and even in college as far as hitting? Have that ever done a calculation to judge what a legitimate prospect would need to hit in the PCL? I;m estimating that you better hit around .330 to be taken seriously? How does that sound to you? i remember what the Dodger prospects once did in Albuquerque. Believe that Mondesi destroyed some buildings there.

Flav C.

Apparently so. If you compare some of the leagues, you will notice the disparities: PCL has 35 hitters with bat avg above .300. Arizona League has 19. Texas League has 6.

Flav C.

.330 sounds ok for PCL, considering you will have 35 guys hitting above .300 and 8 hitting about .330.
Adam Eaton (prospect playing for Arizona AAA affiliate Aces) is hitting .382 (70% of his hits for 1B, not much power there).


I used to know a lot about the PCL, but teams — and ballparks — have changed since them. Flav and some of the other guys know more than I do, but since the parks seem spacious enough, I'd guess you guys are right about altitude being the culprit. Helps hitters, makes it tough for pitchers to grip the ball. Seems like the best way to evaluate a PCL hitter is to compare him to what others in the league are doing. Apples to apples, and all that.


Sorry, Flav. I hadn't seen your last two posts when I wrote mine, and I wasn't trying to steal your stuff. But I think you hit one out of the park there. Where else you gonna find a league with that many guys hitting .300 this far along in the season.
All this talk has really made me nostalgic for the old, now-defunct Portland Beavers. Minor league baseball can be as thrilling as it gets when you're a kid and it's the only game in town.

Stan M

I don't know anything about the NO ballpark except that altitude is definitely not a factor. Maybe it would be best to go to "splits" and check out players home stats vs. the away stats. That would at least negate the West Coast and altitude factors. Not so with pitchers, of course. It's a plus if they do well in away games.

Marlin Fan

Two good pitching performances wasted. Leblanc has been consistent throughout . Turner pitched well in his debut . When I said I heard Turner was possibly not as good as advertised , I guess that people were saying he would not be an ace (#1) starter , but still very productive . Not sure I agree with Buck's assessment , of just eating up innings, think he's more than that .
Brantly had one of the worst games I've seen for a catcher in awhile . Realmuto ??? Lol
At least we can look forward ( if things continue and progress) to some good pitching next year. I enjoy the 2-1, 3-2 losses


@laurel you hit it right on the head with Turner. I was at the game about 15 rows up behind home and although he doesn't have overpowering stuff he appears to be a smart pitcher and as long as he has his location should be alright. Skaggs from the DBacks was better however and after Ozzie got tossed, instead of it firing up the Marlins it appeared that he really settled down. Oh and Carlos Lee killed the team all day. He's become an easy out. Too fat, too old. Have fun as a DH Carlos.


What is scary--you guys know I was born in Detroit---Turner was considered a power guy upon his signing. Now I read more and more about this finesse crap. Porcello was suppose to be a Superstar and now he has morphed into a .500 guy with siminished fastball. What are the Tigers doing to these guys? They also had 2 lefties who were projected to be up already--Crosby and Oliver--and they are struggling in the minors. Strange.

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