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Negative X-rays a positive for Emilio Bonifacio

     WASHINGTON -- The Marlins and Emilio Bonifacio received some encouraging news on the second baseman's injured left thumb. X-rays were negative and Bonifacio might not miss the rest of the season, as manager Ozzie Guillen had feared in the immediate aftermath of last night's fielding mishap.

      Bonifacio was placed on the 15-day disabled list and returned home to Miami, where he'll be examined by the surgeon who repaired his thumb in May.

      "They're going to take a look at it and see if everything is what it was when he repaired it," Guillen said. "He's going to be out for 15 days, and hopefully no more than that. We've got to wait until Monday or Tuesday to see what the doctor says."

       But Guillen and Marlins general manager Michael Hill said the initial results are encouraging.

       "The X-rays were negative so that's a positive," Hill said.

       While Bonifacio's status remains uncertain, the Marlins were forced to make roster changes to compensate not only for his loss, but a mild hamstring injury to infielder Donnie Murphy. Murphy pulled up lame while running the bases in last night's win.

        As a result, the Marlins selelected the contract of infielder Nick Green, adding him to the 40-man roster and calling him up from Triple A New Orleans. Green, 33, last played in the majors in 2010 with the Blue Jays. The Marlins are his eighth major league team. Green has also played for the Braves, Rays, Yankees, Mariners, Red Sox and Dodgers.

        "I feel more rewarded this time than I have in the past, just because it's been a while, " Green said. "I've been through ups and downs since I was last in the big leagues. It's been two years since I was in the big leagues, but it feels like forever. So, at my age, it feels rewarding."

        Green was hitting .344 with 12 homers in 212 at bats for Triple A New Orleans.


        More injury updates:

        -- Murphy said his injured hamstring felt better Saturday and hopes to resume play within the next few days. "Hopefully it'll calm down in the next couple of days," he said.

        -- Outfielder Justin Ruggiano (back spasms) said he's also feeling much better and could be ready to return to the lineup on Sunday. "Today is really promising," Ruggiano said. "If I could be in the lineup today I would be ready to go. Right now it's more or less a tight back instead of a spasming back. Today's the best it's felt."

        -- Outfielder Giancarlo Stanton continues rehabbing with Single A Jupiter and remains on target to come off the DL on Tuesday and play in New York. Jose Reyes, who brings a 22-game hitting streak into tonight's game against the Nationals, has done so well hitting in the No. 3 position that Guillen said he is inclined to keep him there even after Stanton returns. Stanton could go into the No. 5 spot, behind Reyes and Carlos Lee, Guillen said.


        Reyes' 22-game hitting streak matches the fourth-longest in Marlins history. Here's the list:

        Player                              Games                        Year

        Luis Castillo                         35                           2002

        Emilio Bonifacio                   26                           2011

        Kevin Millar                          25                           2002

        Edgar Renteria                     22                            1996

        Luis Castillo                         22                            1999

        Jose Reyes                           22                            2012

        -- Reyes is the first reigning NL batting champion to have a hit streak of 22+ games since Stan Musial had a 24-game hit treak in 1952.

        -- Reyes' streak is the longest by a reigning batting champion from either league since Wade Boggs hit in 25 straight in 1987.


       Check out tonight's lineup for the Marlins. Is this not the worst starting outfield -- based purely on batting average -- in the history of major league baseball? Bryan Petersen (.169), Scott Cousins (.161) and Gorkys Hernandez (.061)....Add up all their averages, and they're still shy of .400. Incredible....


       Tonight's lineups:

       Marlins: 1. Bryan Petersen, lf; 2. Scott Cousins, rf; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Greg Dobbs, 3b; 6. Donovan Solano, 2b; 7. Gorkys Hernandez, cf; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Mark Buehrle, p.

       Nationals: 1. Danny Espinosa, ss; 2. Bryce Harper, rf; 3. Ryan Zimmerman, 3b; 4. Michael Morse, lf; 5. Adam LaRoche, 1b; 6. Jayson Werth, cf; 7. Kurt Suzuki, c; 8. Steve Lombardozzi, 2b; 9. Jordan Zimmermann, p.


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Picking up from the previous thread, I watched both games yesterday. It was kinda like slamming your nuts in a car door, only not as much fun. They didn't bother showing Fricker and of course, I don't know if I got a glimpse of you or not, unless you're that leggy blonde with the big boobs in the third row. Old Ozzie is so shell-shocked from everything that's happened this season that he's afraid to interact with anybody in the stands.
It's sad, but New Orleans wouldn't stand a chance with the lineup the Marlins are throwing out there tonight. Poor Mark Buehrle. What a comedown for a guy with his credentials.

Marlin Fan

Great leadoff one two punch of Peterson and Cousins . Two automatic outs

The Real Alex

Josh Johnson's performance just proves what I have been saying all year: DO NOT TRADE THIS GUY. He is going to be a good pitcher for years to come, and if we trade him WE WILL REGRET IT big time, sort of like the Mets regretted trading Nolan Ryan, but not quite, as Ryan did not spend as many years with the Mets as JJ did with the Fish. But the concept is the same.

This has been JJ's LEARNING YEAR, he is learning how to be a PITCHER rather than a thrower. Little by little he has progressed and gotten better. If this team any ANY BRAINS AT ALL (extremely DOUBTFUL) they will not only keep JJ they will try to sign him to an extension. Otherwise the pitching staff has NO TOP NOTCH PITCHERS, only Beuhrle and a bunch of QUESTION MARKS that we got in trades, like Eovaldi and the kid from the Tigers.

The Real Alex

Reyes' hit streak MIGHT get his average up to .300 by the end of the year! That way it won't look like Reyes was a huge BUST this year, at least it won't look like that to someone who hasn't WATCHED Reyes all year long. Reyes' poor performance for most of this season certainly contributed to this team being where it is right now. He wasn't as big of a reason as Bell, or Hanley, or Buck, or Ozzie's managing style (there can be NO DOUBT that these players have little regard for him), but him batting about .260 most of the year certainly HURT THIS TEAM.

But hey, at least he's ALWAYS SMILING! I guess I'd be ALWAYS SMILING too if I got some IDIOT to pay me 109 MILLION DOLLARS because I fit in with his concept of a great Latino team in Miami that would cause Latino fans to FLOCK TO THE STADIUM! Someday the STUPIDITY of that strategy of Loria's will go down in history as among the DUMBEST MOVES EVER MADE BY A BASEBALL OWNER.

His lack of respect for Latino people ended up BURNING HIM. In Loria's stupid rich white man's mind he thought that if only he loads the team up with as many Latino players as he can, the Latino fans will break down the turnstiles trying to get in to see the Marlins. Because after all, Latino fans are THAT STUPID that they will only support a team if it is full of LATINO PLAYERS, otherwise they'll stay home and play dominoes. Unfortunately for Loria, Latino baseball fans are pretty much like ALL BASEBALL FANS: if you have a good, WINNING team, they will come. If you SUCK, they won't. And the Marlins have SUCKED, so attendance has ALSO SUCKED.

Principal Anderson

Mr. Alex, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


PA, Alex's comment was in fact coherent but it stinks of redundancy. LB, really you feel bad for Buehrle? I don't know, for me it's really hard to feel bad for someone who chose to come and play for a team for several million dollars. Did he turn down larger offers, specifically from the White Sox? It almost hurts to say this but I'm starting to feel sorry for Ozzie as this team is a giant epic fail. If the FO stands pat come the offseason then ugh, 15k per game next year or less.

richard lee deanno

Principal Anderson,
He does get boring, doesn't he?


I guess I feel sorry for all of us who bought into this fiasco, including Buerhle. We all make mistakes.



Marlin Fan

Why does Ozzie always leave pitcher in 3 batters too late ???? What a waste of 6 runs . Opposing pitchers should just pitch around Lee and Reyes since no one else can hit on this team . In regards to certain redundant posts , simply don't respond .

tr shour

Ozzie - Please resign - Ozzie you are the worst manager I have ever seen - Ozzie I am begging you- please resign- you stink- this loss was your fault.

The Real Alex

Ozzie the MORON strikes again. He leaves Dunn in the game with a one run lead and two outs in the 8th inning and lets him ABSOLUTELY give the game away and get HAMMERED. He had Cishek ready to go, and even the TV guys were surprised, at least as surprised as they will ADMIT TO. This is STUPID MANAGING for many reasons:

1) Dunn had NOTHING and everyone knew it. Why leave him in there to take this beating? To punish him for dropping the ball at 1st base? What is THIS gonna do to his confidence? I understand leaving a guy in there to "take one for the team" in certain situations. But this was a game they could have won. Watching Dunn get POUNDED was painful; he did NOT deserve that.

2) Even though the team is OUT OF IT , why manage them into a MORALE KILLING LOSS? Is this Ozzie's way of getting even with a team that OBVIOUSLY has no respect for him? By now I'm sure that Ozzie there is a large GULF between Guillen and his players; he just made it into an OCEAN.

Sure, these games don't mean anything to the Marlins; we are going to be BIG TIME LOSERS this year anyway. But Ozzie's style of managing should have EVERY Marlins fan feeling nothing but DESPAIR for the next couple of years because HE WILL NOT MANAGE THIS TEAM INTO A WINNER IN MIAMI.

Ozzie came here with an obvious chip on his shoulder towards players based on his experiences in Chicago. By the time he left there the players were popping champagne corks. He came here convinced that the MAIN THING he has to do is BREAK DOWN ANY AND ALL DISSENT by laying down the law from Day One: THIS IS MY F*CKING TEAM AND WE ARE GOING TO DO THINGS MY WAY AND THAT'S IT. I guess he felt that he HAD TO come in here like that because of what he went through in Chicago. But it didn't play well here at all. Why? Because THERE WAS NO REASON FOR HIM TO COME OFF LIKE THAT TO THESE GUYS! These Marlins players were looking FORWARD to a new manager and a new beginning; there was no "crew of malcontents" on this team that were running things! Hell, this team didn't even have a TEAM LEADER. Ozzie's MORONIC "it's my way or the highway crap" only succeeded in accomplishing ONE THING - it made them LAUGH AT HIM and dislike him.

Look at the way this team has played for him, if you don't believe what I'm saying. Have you heard any Marlins players say ANYTHING COMPLIMENTARY at all about Ozzie this year? No, of course not. Hell, when Jack was here last year and Edwin before that, the players at least LIKED and RESPECTED them. You would constantly hear Marlins players say how much they learned from those guys. Now contrast THAT to this year's Marlins. NOT ONE PLAYER HAS COME OUT AND SAID HOW MUCH THEY APPRECIATE THE JOB OZZIE HAS DONE, HOW MUCH THEY HAVE LEARNED FROM HIM.

If you are a Marlins fan facing THREE MORE YEARS OF OZZIE GUILLEN, that should SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU.


Agree....Ozzie should have pulled Dunn when the Nats tied the game. He needs to get faster with the "hook" & start pulling pitchers in the middle of counts like Jack would do.


billy madison...

tr shour

Now watch the Bobbleheads - Craig, Cliff and Preston analyze the game without putting the blame where it belongs ---- on Ozzie. What are they afraid of? Wouldn't they rather tell the truth? To thine own self be true.

Marlin Fan

Unfortunately , I agree wholeheartedly with your last post .

The Real Alex

How many times do I have to tell you idiots that I could CARE LESS about what some anonymous internet MORON like you says? But go ahead and type away if it makes you feel better. You'll STILL BE A MORON and I STILL won't care and I'll STILL keep on posting here.

(Its the same dumbass only he changes his screen name a lot.)

The Real Alex

Well said, tshour and Marlin Fan; it is becoming VERY CLEAR to anyone that has been watching this team all year that OZZIE REALLY SUCKS. In fact, even if Stanton had never gotten hurt, and Bell had had a good year and all the bad crap had not happened, OZZIE WOULD STILL HAVE FOUND A WAY TO F*CK THIS SEASON UP.

When we first signed him, all these Chicago guys on numerous internet sites came around and they were LAUGHING at us for being stupid enough to hire Ozzie. I had never watched too much White Sox baseball, so I thought it was just a case of TYPICAL INTERNET MORONS (like the guy above with the multiple names) having fun with us. I mean I could not believe that Ozzie was as BAD as these guys said he was!

But after watching Ozzie manage this team all year I gotta say that the Chicago guys were 100% CORRECT! Ozzie Guillen is an IDIOT and a very LOUSY manager.

But we all know WHY Jeffrey Loria hired him - because he knew that Marlins fans would HATE OZZIE even MORE than they hate HIM. Loria was desperate to find SOMEBODY to take the HEAT OFF OF HIM, and picking Ozzie was brilliant. Now Marlins fans have somebody that they hate even MORE than Loria & Samson. He learned his lesson from the Joe Girardi fiasco. Marlins fans liked Girardi WAY MORE than they liked Loria, and he was determined not to let THAT happen again.


So many question marks in the bullpen, starting staff and everyday players. This squad won't contend anytime soon. Would be nice to see the petersen's and cousins of the world establish themselves as a spot starter/utility guy but that seems to be asking for too much.

cody ross come on down

The Real Alex

We can't expect "the Bobbleheads" (LOL!) or Tommy or Rich to come out and be critical of Ozzie or Loria or the Front Office. These guys are NOT real "journalists". Like that MORON Joe Frisaro on the Marlins MLB website, they are PAID CHEERLEADERS.

Marlin Fan

I'm going to enjoy Reyes 's play for the rest of the season . WHEN HE WANTS TO PLAY , he is awesome. As we saw the first half of the season , this is not always the case .
PLEASE let's start to bring up some guys. I would rather watch Turner take his lumps , than Hand getting shelled . Please no more Buck or Hayes . I want to see Brantley and Realmuto. I also think Yelich can hit at least .170 . Even bring up Fernandez . But like everyone has said , and rightfully so, nonof this will matter with a classless , clown, sideshow masquerading as a manager

The Real Alex

Oh man, I'm really LMAO @ Ozzie having the balls to sit there at the post game press conference and say he didn't bring Cishek into the game because the Nats had some lefty hitter on the bench that he was afraid of...not that he could REMEMBER THE NAME of this feared slugger....but he didn't want Cishek to face him.

What a JOKE. This team will NEVER win with this clown as the manager, NEVER. Look, players are NOT STUPID. They see everything WE SEE and they see it UP CLOSE. If WE CAN SEE that Ozzie is a clown not worthy of RESPECT, what makes you think THEY don't see it?

The Real Alex

I'm disgusted that I wasted an evening watching THIS GARBAGE. But I promise this: I WILL NOT SPEND ANOTHER DIME AT THE BALLPARK THIS YEAR. I'm out of here; good night, fellas.


I'm expecting some argument on this, but I'm firmly convinced that if in the first half of the season, Reyes had provided the spark he's providing now and Bell had pitched the way he's pitching now, the Marlins would be right in the thick of the pennant race and building up steam — even with Hanley,
Lomo and Gaby stinking it up. The Fish would have been buyers at the trade deadline, maybe picking up a key bat or two, and the season would have been magically transformed based on the performance of our pivotal pair, Reyes and Bell. Sparky and the Fat Man let us down.

regardles of Hanley'shave been right in the middle of this pennant race, the Fish would have picked up another bat at the trade deadline


Forget the last two lines of the post above. That's garbage I'd meant to delete. Somebody pass the Glenlivet.

Stan M

Alex, what has happened to you? There is some imposter dominating this site and flaunting a troubled ego with incredibly dedundant justifications of claims from the past. Please refute this parvenue and return with rational, non obtrusive, posts that are not punctuated with words that attempt to make the rest of us look inferior. Where have you gone? This peson, claiming to be "The Real Alex" can't possibly be you.

Stan M

Some random thought:
*Coghlan is hitting too well to remain in AAA ball unless there are underlying reasons
*We often make assuptions without access to these reasons. Case in point...Ruggiano not starting seemed like a foolish move before we learned that he was hurt.
*Ozzie must have changed since leaving Chicago, perhaps because of the Castro thing. Not only has he made poor judgemental moves this year, but he seems to lack that inner fire for which he was famous.
*There is speculation above that he is unpopular with the players. Personally, I haven't seen any evidence of this. If anything, he simply lets the players go out and play and such managers are usually popular. Case in point...Dusty Baker, a horrible tactician, but players love to play for him.
*This FO made what many of us thought were splendid moves this Winter including spending more money than expected. Yet, by also being incredibly cheap with smaller moves, they negated much of the good that had been done.
*In addition, the FO has robbed us fans of that which all need to survive in this world...hope. Promoting career minor leaguers over prospects and not raising promising minor leaguers up a level is perplexing. An example is this 19YO 1st round draft choice, A. Fernandez. His exploits are seldom publicized and his accomplishments are such that he could easily move up another level this year despite his age. Dwight Gooden jumped from A ball to the majors at 19 YO. He's no Gooden, but why not AA ball at least.
*The FO finally admitted something had to be done, and made several promising moves. Yet they seem blind to the fact that this entire team hasn't hit all year, yet that nespodic son of a HOFer remains. Why?
*Reyes is finally showing his worth. It is too bad it took so long. These guys also have a nervous system I guess. Even Pujols, of whom I wrote back in May that he was only the 4th or 5th best performer for that team, has finally come out with a bang. I still thank God that we don't have his contrast to stifle our payroll for the next nine years.
*This team must rebuild this year and next year will probably be another learning experience. By advancing Nick Green, we might win another game or two if he hits. And the worth of that...none. The downside of that...we will have a lower draft choice this Winter. Right now our position would be in the top 10 and naturally, the higher, the better.
*I, for one, would much rather watch a bunch of kids with promise than a bexy of mediocre players attempt to play .500 ball.

Stan M

Sorry, hit wrong key. I meant "bevy".


Did anyone other than I hear the comment from Rich Waltz during the TV Broadcast regarding the hitting coach and Reyes recent bunt base hits? Rich said he was talking with Eduardo prior to the game and Eduardo said he has noticed that Jose has been getting more bunt base hits lately, during his hitting streak. so, this should prove that Eduardo is a qualified hitting coach, he notices things.


A year ago today,the Marlins were 55-56 and ended up losing 90 games. Fast forward to today at 49-59,these 2012 Marlins will go down as having the worst season in Marlins history based on adding over 40 million in payroll and pre-season expectations.Congratulations to Loria,Samson & Beinfest for finally proving to the MLB world, they were lucky to win the WS in 03' and really dont know what the hell they are doing.They even fooled the 'experts' who picked them this season to go deep into the play-offs.At long last,they have exposed their true talent as bungling MLB Buffoons.

Stan M

No big argument with that, Fishmnger. The little things they do wrong negate the bigger things they do right. Didn't they inherit most of that 2003 team?


This lineup is laughable!!!!! Outside of Reyes and an over the hill Lee, this lineup isn't worthy of double-A status!! Sampson is a joke!! As long as he and the current ownership "run" this organization, I won't spend a penny going to a game! This coming from a former season ticket holder!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Laurel, Brunch at Old Ebbitts in an hour. Call and ask for Lou and I'll let the hostess know I may get a call and if you want give her your number, she will give it to me and I'll call you. Genius!!


For you braniacs who think Ozzie can win with this lineup, you're almost as ignorant as the actual imbeciles who own and run this organization. Here is yesterday's so called lineup:

1. Bryan Petersen, lf - belongs in the minors, AA at best
2. Scott Cousins, rf - belongs in AA
3. Jose Reyes, ss - the only legitimate guy in this lineup
4. Carlos Lee, 1b - not the player he once was but decent at best
5. Greg Dobbs, 3b - utility guy at best
6. Donovan Solano, 2b - belongs in AA
7. Gorkys Hernandez cf - belongs in A
8. John Buck, c - should hang them up, can't hit the ground with a bat if he dropped it!

This lineup is hitting .254 and if you remove Reyes and Lee (who can't do it alone obviously), the lineup is hitting .215!!! Not to mention no power at all!!

All but Reyes and Lee belong in the minors, 6 out the the 8 guys in this lineup!

And you expect Ozzie to win with these guys??? Pathetic!

Bob C.G.

I don't expect the Marlins to win with those guys. But they were winning last night. And bad management helped the team to lose it. So, if it is not the team one day, the next day is the coach.

Flav C.

With this bad bullpen, time to test some young arms.
I had mentioned his name before, but I'll say it again:
Bring Arquimedes Caminero from AA. He is 25 and has very good stuff. Between A+ and AA, he's been keeping a 0.35 ERA this season, as a reliever. Yesterday he pitched a perfect 9th to help the Suns get a well-deserved W.
Also, keep an eye on young Daniel Pertusati, OF for the JAX. He's been doing really well since promoted from Jupiter to JAX about a month ago.


In the perfect words of Major League, "These guys are sh*tty!"

tr shour

No question that the Marlins have had their share of big injuries. There is no question that many of the players on this team are underperforming this year. There is no question that many of the acquisitions have been overevaluated by Beinfest and company. There is also no question that Ozzie has handled all the challenges and opportunities very poorly. He has proven to fans and front office that he does not know when to lift a struggling reliever. The blame for last nights loss falls squarely on the shoulders of Ozzie. Dunn obviously performed poorly, but Ozzie's title is that of MANAGER. As the MANAGER, it is his job to manage the pitching staff and remove a relief pitcher prior to the game being blown.

The Real Alex

LMFAO!!!! Stan M won't be happy until Coghlan, with his SECOND BASEMAN'S ARM, is back in Center Field getting injured for the Marlins. There, Stan, are you HAPPY? After all, I certainly DO REMEMBER your post admonishing me not to be critical of certain Marlins because "WE LIKE COGHLAN AND LOMO, ETC.".

The TRUTH, of COURSE, is that the Marlins minor league crop of Lomo, Coughlan, Peterson & Cousins are just NOT VERY GOOD BALLPLAYERS.

Of course, we will never know how good Coghlan & Lomo COULD HAVE BEEN had the MORONIC FRONT OFFICE asked them to play OUT OF POSITION.

Then again, you LIKE Coghlan in Center Field, don't you, Stan? LMFAO!!!!

Marlin Fan

Nolasco has less AB and more RBI's than Cousins , Hayes, and Peterson . Horrible .

The Real Alex

"This FO made what many of us thought were splendid moves this Winter" - Stan M

LMFAO....speak for YOURSELF and the rest of the "INSIDERS". I KNEW that these moves were BAD MOVES and so did ANYONE with any baseball brains at all. Allow me to RECAP:

1) EVERYONE knew the Marlins needed a BIG BAT. This was NO SECRET; it was why they tried to sign Pujols, after all. Therefore signing Reyes and his LITTLE BAT was a VERY STUPID MOVE. Unless you thought Hanley Ramirez would go back to being a BIG BAT, right Stan M? How could you EVER believe such a STUPID thing?

2) EVERYONE knew the Marlins needed a TOP CLOSER. And EVERYONE KNEW that Heath Bell was FAR from being the best closer available. Signing a 34 year old OVERWEIGHT pitcher who even the Padres no longer wanted was a BAD MOVE. How could you EVER believe that was a "splendid move"? My sides are actually HURTING from laughter!

3)Everyone knew that the Marlins needed a TOP STARTER. That's why they went after CJ Wilson. They finally settled on Mark Buerhle, a fine #3 or #4 starter, but certainly NOT a "splendid move".

My APOLOGIES for all this "redundancy" STAN M, but if you really believed that these were "splendid moves" just because they finally spent some money, then you are OBVIOUSLY a FOOL WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT BASEBALL.

Allow me to TEACH YOU SOMETHING: It's not about how much money you spend. It's about HOW you spend the money!

The Real Alex

"I'm expecting some argument on this, but I'm firmly convinced that if in the first half of the season, Reyes had provided the spark he's providing now and Bell had pitched the way he's pitching now, the Marlins would be right in the thick of the pennant race and building up steam — even with Hanley,Lomo and Gaby stinking it up."

You would get NO ARGUMENT from me, laurelbowie! I have been calling out Reyes all year long as a BUST. I don't care if he finishes the season with a .300 average. When this team NEEDED HIM, he SUCKED. We paid 109 MILLION dollars for this guy! UNBELIEVABLY STUPID.

The Real Alex

Yes Mike, the line up SUCKS, you are correct. But that does NOT take Ozzie off the hook for his incredibly bad managing. He SUCKS. His managing SUCKED even when we HAD all our players. This team is in BIG TROUBLE because Ozzie is signed for THREE MORE YEARS and mark my words: OZZIE will NEVER manage this team in to a WINNER.

Stan M

This should cheer us all up. Over the last 7 days, our ex "superstar" is hitting .148.

tr shour

Our brilliant talent evaluators decided that the over priced signing of Reyes would bring back Hanley to his previous glory. Instead Hanley brought down Reyes. I don't agree that Reyes was a bad signing but they did overpay badly. Also, the day that Heath Bell was signed by the Marlins, the talking heads on MLB network kept talking about how Bell's strikeouts were trending downward over the last 2 years. Now why didn't Beinfest and company notice that? But the absolute worst signing was a 4 year contract for Fozzie.

tr shour

Buck sucks. His 3 year Free Agent contract was as bad as the sigining of Heath Bell. We are completely finished this year but we still have to watch the this sub-Mendoza line catcher striking out multiple times each day. Why doesn't our geniuses in the front office bring up the catcher we just traded for. Give him a chance. I'm sure he could hit above .170. And if he doesn't, who cares.


Am glad the Marlins suck as I just got free tickets to next Sat&Sun games against the Dodgers inc parking pass,from a season ticket holder who said he cant give them away...Thanks marlins for being a crappy team no one but a few people want to go see.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Alex, I must confess that I have said many more dumb things than Stan over the years but I am proud to say in the history of MLB, I believe only Chris Biggio found his way from 2B to CF BESIDES Chris Coghlin. The positions DO NOT equate. Everyone in baseball knows this and I will not extrapolate AGAIN all the reasons why.

I am so glad that i am not at Nats Park witnessing this abortion of a team again. They could have picked me up in a limo at my hotel and enconsed my butt in an executive suite with Kim Kardashian as my personal hostess and I would not have attended this game.I'm headed back out. Just checked in to see the comments.

Laurel----It is HOT!!!!!

the rest of MLB

Hooray!!! Marlins lose...hope they lose over 100 , so Beerfest has a crack at choking again on a top #1 draft choice.


Sorry I missed you at Old Ebbitt's. I would have tried to get in touch. Instead, I went to church and then to lunch — anything to stay out of the house so I wouldn't be tempted to tune in to the game. When I'm home, I have to watch, kinda like staring at a real bad car wreck even though you don't really want to see all those bloody, mutilated bodies. Hope you enjoyed Ebbitt's. They still have the peanut butter pie?

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