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Negative X-rays a positive for Emilio Bonifacio

     WASHINGTON -- The Marlins and Emilio Bonifacio received some encouraging news on the second baseman's injured left thumb. X-rays were negative and Bonifacio might not miss the rest of the season, as manager Ozzie Guillen had feared in the immediate aftermath of last night's fielding mishap.

      Bonifacio was placed on the 15-day disabled list and returned home to Miami, where he'll be examined by the surgeon who repaired his thumb in May.

      "They're going to take a look at it and see if everything is what it was when he repaired it," Guillen said. "He's going to be out for 15 days, and hopefully no more than that. We've got to wait until Monday or Tuesday to see what the doctor says."

       But Guillen and Marlins general manager Michael Hill said the initial results are encouraging.

       "The X-rays were negative so that's a positive," Hill said.

       While Bonifacio's status remains uncertain, the Marlins were forced to make roster changes to compensate not only for his loss, but a mild hamstring injury to infielder Donnie Murphy. Murphy pulled up lame while running the bases in last night's win.

        As a result, the Marlins selelected the contract of infielder Nick Green, adding him to the 40-man roster and calling him up from Triple A New Orleans. Green, 33, last played in the majors in 2010 with the Blue Jays. The Marlins are his eighth major league team. Green has also played for the Braves, Rays, Yankees, Mariners, Red Sox and Dodgers.

        "I feel more rewarded this time than I have in the past, just because it's been a while, " Green said. "I've been through ups and downs since I was last in the big leagues. It's been two years since I was in the big leagues, but it feels like forever. So, at my age, it feels rewarding."

        Green was hitting .344 with 12 homers in 212 at bats for Triple A New Orleans.


        More injury updates:

        -- Murphy said his injured hamstring felt better Saturday and hopes to resume play within the next few days. "Hopefully it'll calm down in the next couple of days," he said.

        -- Outfielder Justin Ruggiano (back spasms) said he's also feeling much better and could be ready to return to the lineup on Sunday. "Today is really promising," Ruggiano said. "If I could be in the lineup today I would be ready to go. Right now it's more or less a tight back instead of a spasming back. Today's the best it's felt."

        -- Outfielder Giancarlo Stanton continues rehabbing with Single A Jupiter and remains on target to come off the DL on Tuesday and play in New York. Jose Reyes, who brings a 22-game hitting streak into tonight's game against the Nationals, has done so well hitting in the No. 3 position that Guillen said he is inclined to keep him there even after Stanton returns. Stanton could go into the No. 5 spot, behind Reyes and Carlos Lee, Guillen said.


        Reyes' 22-game hitting streak matches the fourth-longest in Marlins history. Here's the list:

        Player                              Games                        Year

        Luis Castillo                         35                           2002

        Emilio Bonifacio                   26                           2011

        Kevin Millar                          25                           2002

        Edgar Renteria                     22                            1996

        Luis Castillo                         22                            1999

        Jose Reyes                           22                            2012

        -- Reyes is the first reigning NL batting champion to have a hit streak of 22+ games since Stan Musial had a 24-game hit treak in 1952.

        -- Reyes' streak is the longest by a reigning batting champion from either league since Wade Boggs hit in 25 straight in 1987.


       Check out tonight's lineup for the Marlins. Is this not the worst starting outfield -- based purely on batting average -- in the history of major league baseball? Bryan Petersen (.169), Scott Cousins (.161) and Gorkys Hernandez (.061)....Add up all their averages, and they're still shy of .400. Incredible....


       Tonight's lineups:

       Marlins: 1. Bryan Petersen, lf; 2. Scott Cousins, rf; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Greg Dobbs, 3b; 6. Donovan Solano, 2b; 7. Gorkys Hernandez, cf; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Mark Buehrle, p.

       Nationals: 1. Danny Espinosa, ss; 2. Bryce Harper, rf; 3. Ryan Zimmerman, 3b; 4. Michael Morse, lf; 5. Adam LaRoche, 1b; 6. Jayson Werth, cf; 7. Kurt Suzuki, c; 8. Steve Lombardozzi, 2b; 9. Jordan Zimmermann, p.


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Marlin Fan

Reyes , Lee, and Dobbs all extend hit streaks. Buck gets the hat trick again

Camera Mike

I can't stay nice or respectful anymore. Loria, Samspn, and Beinfest can't die soon enough. That is the only action that can save the Marlins. Sorry for the hyperbole but so long as they are in control the team stands no chance of finishing a season over .500 never mind actually making the postseason and I don't see Loria letting any of the FO go or selling the team.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Laurel, The place is totally different then last time I was there--1981---in fact the old place was razed and new place is very spiffy and owned by Clyde's. My wife has to give a presentation in Chicago tomorrow so she just flew out and now I'm going to take the Metro and walk around The Mall. Forgot all about the peanut butter pie, maybe I'll stop back for dessert.

I never realized Bowie was so close to DC.

Did Clark actually ask "Is this the worst outfield in MLB history?", the answer could be YES!!!!! I'm thinking that SloMo in left, the sophomoric ROY from eons ago and Dobbs in right might be the WORST DEFENSIVE outfield in history.

Poor Gorkys is at best a Double A outfielder.

Leo Orestes Barberie

This is really a SPECIAL season in the making!! Possibly the WOEST hitting outfield in baseball, the WORST defensive outfield in baseball capable of being deployed, the worst catching combo since 61 Mets, the worst bench in last 5o years, worst farm system in years--Just a special collection of "talent" and i ain't talking COUGARS!!!

Has Mr Twit decided on surgery or will that be done in March??


Real Alex - I know Ozzie hasn't been at his best but seriously, look at the lineup!! You can't make chicken soup out of chicken sh@t! With better talent, we'd be in much better shape, period despite the manager. How much of a difference does a manager/coach make in pro sports?? Players are ultimately responsible for "w"s and with this lineup, Joe Torre, Bobby Cox or any other good manager would still stink!


Joe Torre,Bobby Cox or any other good manager would not work for Loria,Samson and Beinfest.

Leo Orestes Barberie

You could have a combo of John Wooden, Red Auerbach, Don Shula, Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, Scotty Bowman, Joe McCarthy, John McGraw and I'll give you your choice of 25 other GREAT names and ALL those guys could NOT do a thing with the WORST collection of pro talent I've seen asembled. The 61 Mets would beat thse guys in a 7 game series. Hell, they beat them even considering they are all about 80 years old.

Lomo's Advisor, Dr Quackenbush

Mr Twit has decided to get twitter-fingers surgery 1st, as he relizes that is what he's best at and that's where his future lies.

Stan M

I could be wrong about this for I must trust a 76YO memory, but in early 2011, didn't you compliment me as the only person you knew who said Coghlan would work out in CF as he did before his knee acted up again and he had to go on DL. As I remember, you even emphasized it when we lunched together. In case you didn't notice, I suggested that you come up to Hendersonville to lunch again.

The posts of Alex are of small consequence to me for it has become obvious to myself and others that Alex has a serious personality disorder and he manifests it with posts that are characterized by little more than a puzzling degree of hatred toward those who disagree with him or are authority figures. I wonder how much longer the powers that be will tolerate what he is doing to what had been an interesting and thought provoking blog. It seems to me that many who used to post more are now seen much less often and that is sad. Personally, I am tired of seeing rambling post after post of repetitious drivel and self justification that constitute so much of what he writes. Maybe it's just me because I am the princple target of his vitriol. However everyone who disagrees is usually referred to as an "idiot" so that includes far more than this one old man. What seemd to push him over the edge was a comment I made that it was nice to see posts that weren't filled with words like "idiot", "moron" and "stupid" in caps. It would be interesting to hear what others think.


Just ignore him like the loud stinkin fart that he is, and eventually he will blow away.



Harry H.

Beerfest and Blueberry Hill are in first place to take the title of worst VP/GM in Mlb since Omar Minaya wore the crown. Ironically, Minaya followed Beerfest in Montreal,and Minayas' worst trade in MLB history,when he traded Cliff Lee,Grady Sizemore,Brandon Phillips and Lee Stevens from Montreal to Cleveland for Bartolo Colon in 2002 ,is equaled to or topped by Beerfest and Hill doing the Cabrera trade and all the bad drafts and FA signings. Minaya was hired in Dec 11' by the Padres as Sr.VP of Baseball Ops.Look at them. Beerfest and Hill should go the way of Minaya, resign or be fired.Of course having an owner like Loria,they'll probably get a raise.

michael lee deanno

Stan M...Alex is rude, arrogant, ignorant and probably psychotic. We don't jump in to defend you because you handle him well on your own. Maybe if we ignore him, he will go away.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, I'm trying to remember that. I may have been swayed by your feelings about Coghlin to CF. I don't recall but I do remember posting numerous times that he would be the 2nd that I can recall ever making that transition. Most of these guys i dislike as ballplayers but Coghlin I have trouble with based on how he incurred the injury and then his reaction to demotion when if i remember the injury became a bone of contention AGAIN.

Stan, You must see these guys in person to realize how seriously pathetic they are. TV does not do them justice.

Laurel, still have the peanut butter pie.

Stan M

Lou, I believe you even posted it after Coghlan had made two or three diving catches in CF. I think(but am not positive) that it was on a dive that he hurt his throwing shoulder. I hope that you remember that I welcomed you back this Spring. Please realize that this deviant is throwing compliments at you all over the place. Just stop and think about why. And don't let that stop our "friendship" and come on up here so we can, as I said before, tell each other how smart we are.

Stan M

Leo, it's not I who needs defending. It's the blog that needs defending because, at least in my opinion, he is taking our blog down with him. Don't stand up for me, I'm pretty good at that myself. Stand up for what is being taken from us by a deeply troubled person.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, After the way I have been dissed as a result of using my real name I really pay no attention to compliments or invectives.I will respond to people if they call me an idiotic old man or the epitome of Mensa membership. I will cede that I said that because you have NO reason to make it up. I'm only trying to remember my mindset at the time because the idea of such a positional move was just so bizarre AND the Marlins were SURE such a move would work!!!!!Why?? I can understand the move(maybe) but the SURENESS of the orgaization making the move was NUTS IMHO.


Not to be picky, but didn't Boni also go from second to CF (and then back again)? He's no Craig Biggio, but he handled it well.
The Marlins weren't sure moving Cogs to CF would work — they just blew a lotta smoke up our butts because they didn't want to pony up for an experienced CFer. I wasn't in favor of the move at the time, but I guess now we'll never know whether it might have worked. Sad.
Now that you remind me, I think I did hear that the Ebbitt's had been remodeled. Also sad.

Stan M

A nice thought to end the day. Alex Fernandez went 5 innings and gave up only 1 hit , no walks and no runs...again. Just noticed that that kid, Cox, we got for Mujica is rated #4 on our revised prospect list. Brantly, the catcher who is doing so well in AAA, is rated #12. The kid that I spoke of so often, Keys, is out of tune. He's in a funk since returning from DL a little over a week ago.


Stan M,
76? You had a birthday. Happy birthday. Hope they gave you another Aston Martin. The old one is just so 2011, you know?

Stan M

Actually no. It's in Sept. So will be our 55th wedding anniversary. Wow! Remember a few days ago we said that we'd prefer to watch a bunch of kids. Looks like we will be getting our wish if this FO gets off its butt. Now would be a good time to tell me about DC and baseball there if you have the time or inclination.


Stan M,
Congratulations on your anniversary. Most guys don't log 55 years when they add all their wives together.
The story of our efforts to restore baseball to D.C. is pretty boring stuff. Mostly letter-writing and lobbying on Capitol Hill. And ultimately, I was long gone by the time the gang met with success. But one of our chief allies was a guy they later made a big movie about. I will fill you in on some of the details when I'm not so pooped.

Stan M

Charlie Wilson?


Stan M,
Right on.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, I will definitely come and see you in Hendersonville.

I love Charlie Wilson IF he was anything like the portrayal in the movie. I also have a crush on Amy Adams walking away or moving towards me. I was telling Nat fans that they should be disgusted for dropping I of 4 to this team at home.

I have cancelled all Marlins trips this season. Unlike laurel I avert my eyes from train wrecks. I will root for the Tigers who I have followed since 1956 and my NOW beloved Nats who I really want to reward this deserving area. How about a Nats-Orioles World Series. What would you call that ,Laurel. Best i can come up with is Beltway Series or Crabcake Series--You can do better.

Went to Lincoln Memorial and read those GREAT WORDS once again. The realization that a couple of hundred thousand more died in the Civil War than WW2 is mind boggling.

AS far as this Blog---Few will notice nor long remember what was said on this Blog,however, people will long remember the team of Loria, Samson, Hill and Beinfest. Can you imagine these guys as generals of more than a very bad baseball team?

Stan M

Pick any time and day except Friday afternoon. I'll pick the restaurant and give you directions.

Baseball's rules are now pretty well established after some 100+ years. However, the other night something happened that I personally don't like but probably have to admit that it's the correct thing to do. When Dunn blew up the other night, none of the runs he gave up were earned and therefore didn't affect his ERA. The thing that I don't like is that Dunn himself made the error that made all of the susequent runs unearned. As it was his fault, shouldn't the runs count against him? The reasoning must be that Dunn, the pitcher made a pitch that should have resulted in the 3rd out and his fielding is entirely separate from his fielding. It's also a fact that if another relief pitcher entered after Dunn, and gave up 10 runs, none of those would be earned either.

Stan M

Woops. Should say "his pitching is entirely separate from his fielding."


That series has always been called the Beltway Series or the Battle of the Beltways, and I doubt that they'll let us change it. You're right, though — I'm sure we could come up with something more colorful with a little thought.
You can't imagine how much Nats fans would relish the chance to kick Oriole ass in the World Series because O's majority owner Peter Angelos lobbied hard in the early 2000s to prevent MLB from awarding Washington a franchise, fearing it would cut into his profits. Nationals fans haven't forgotten or forgiven.


Marlins should sign Usain Bolt to replace Cant-Hit-4-Shite Dorky Gorky. They could easily teach him how to bunt and steal bases. Talk about selling tickets...The Jamaicans in S.Fl would put away their cricket bats,and go to Marlins Park to see Bolt Baseball.Its a better idea than any of the moves they've come up with in 10 years.


gorky hernandez was put here to win. like all are other moves are meant to win now not later we are not focused on adding any players that will be here next year or future we will sign has beens and last shot at being in the majors type of guys and the we will win a world series any one we sign will not last the full contract because we are smart buisnessman sorry baseballmen. Me and Jeffrey are going to monaco for the rest of the season thanks for your soppurt miami.

The Fake Alex

You two carpet baggers are in love.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Craig, Give Laurel, Stan and myself permission and we will write the story pertaining to one of the biggest lies I've ever read anywhere. The stepson/President(ROTFLMBAO) of the Miami Marlins just said--I'll paraphrase--the Number 1 picks leave a lot to be desired but the other picks have been okay. NOW would it have been apropos to ask THE!! Clown Midget of Major League why there are only 2!!!!!!!! quality baseball players in MLB that are in Major League Baseball from the last 11 Marlins Drafts--Stanton and Johnson are here, IF the other "drafted players" would have been alright?? Go on!! Scan the rosters of MLB and tell me former marlin draft choices who even qualify as FAIR MLB players? How could a journalist have allowed him to get away with that?

Leo Orestes Barberie

If you get a chance check out where the future Hall of Famer who plays 3rd for the Tigers just hit a home run. Now I now that Samson, Beinfest and Hill ended up netting Badenhop(a guy who knows the nicknames of all minor league teams) for arguably the best COMBINED clutch hitting/power hitting/OBP/slugging and great eye guy of the past 5 years and 5 years into the future, but STILL maybe a little more than the Hopper would have been in order. i really believe this will end up being worse than Brock for Broglio!!


He's not a journalist, he's a paid ass-kisser,along with the other Bobble-heads on the staff...

The Real Fake Alex

MARK my words the fish will snag a wild card spot based on jj and stanton alone along with bell watch for it


The Real Fake Alex - with 13.5 games out of the wild card spot, the Marlins chances of "snagging" one of the wild card spots are about as good as you making the team!

Lloyd Christmas

So you're telling me there is a chance. Yeah!!!

The Real Fake Alex

I actually was on the team many years ago. minors a ball.

thanks though

The Real Fake Alex


The Only True Alex

Yes Stan, I guess if I had STUPIDLY thought that the moves this team made were "splendid moves" and someone was LAUGHING AT ME for saying that, I guess I'd attack them as well. It's certainly a lot easier to ATTACK than to defend making really STUPID STATEMENTS like yours.

Any MORON (except for YOU, STAN) could see that the team's NEEDS were NOT TAKEN CARE OF with those free agent signings. The Big Bat? Only a fool like YOURSELF would call Jose Reyes that. A Top Starter? Maybe 7 years ago Mark Buerhle was one. A Top Closer? 34 year old overweight Heath Bell, recently REJECTED by the Padres? LMFAO!

"SPLENDID MOVES" says Stan M. And if you LAUGH AT HIS STUPIDITY for saying that, Little Stanley gets VERY ANGRY! "WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! How dare you attack ME, Alex? Don't you know who I AM?"

Yeah, I know EXACTLY who you are, Little Stanley: you are an old FOOL whose self respect is tied in with being The Grand Poobah of an internet website. And you damn sure DON'T LIKE IT when somebody makes fun of your stupid comments. Unlike YOU, I am not about to launch into any psychological diagnoses of you; I have never met you and only an IDIOT would attempt to make a psychological diagnosis of someone he has never met. I am content to attack the STUPID THINGS THAT YOU POST. And there are a LOT OF THOSE TO ATTACK.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Are you guys worn out by this season? just totally washed out? My ONLY hope now is for a total collapse to the finish. MAYBE if that happens Beinfest, Hill and some other scouting people will all be gone. We know he can't fire the Stepson and he won't fire himself and that is the sad part. Spoke to an economist who is now involved in baseball and I Can't even repeat what he said about Loria and Samson and their reps among baseball people.

I believe the 12 or so regular Bloggers are just about worn out and this Blog will soon take on the appearance of Yucca Flats circa 1955.

Will say one more time that I have followed baseball since 1956 and the lineups being run out there now is among the worst I've ever seen. Compare the Marlins'lineup Sunday with that of the 61 Mets and I would say the Marlins are only better at SS and1B.

How did this happen? And from talking to the economist at the game he said it was the feeling among baseball people that Loria will soon be trying to sell and profit from the stupidity of Dade County elected officials. It was his contention that Loria and Samson knew all along this would not work and the only goal was to have a state of the art stadium built mostly at taxpayer expense that they could sell to somebody in the near future who will be enticed by stadium but who will fail to accept the fact that even though it was built, they still will not come.

John Decker

Enough already. Stan M has gotten to the point that nobody here can disagree with him? This blog is going downhill. Fast.

The Only True Alex

Great article today with Samson crying about how the "Splendid Moves" of the Front Office didn't turn out to be that "Splendid". Amazingly funny.

They were trying to sign Pujols because they realized they had a real Baseball NEED - the team NEEDED a BIG BAT. That was OBVIOUS. So what did they do when Pujols signed with the Angels? Suddenly they decided they NO LONGER NEEDED A BIG BAT! Suddenly signing a little slap hitter like Reyes became a "Splendid Move". An amazing turnaround! Big Bat no longer needed! We will win with LITTLE BATS! And when you look at how LOUSY the Marlins OFFENSE has been this year even with Reyes, you gotta shake your head how ANYONE could have thought this was a "Splendid Move".

As for the signing of Heath Bell, there were many people on TV and on websites everywhere that were shaking their heads AS SOON AS THE DEAL WAS ANNOUNCED. He was a guy that pretty much EVERYONE agreed was DECLINING. A "Splendid Move"? Depends! On whether you are DRUNK or not.

Bottom Line: Guys like Stan M were so giddy that the CHEAP MARLINS were finally about to spend some money that they were going to call ANY MOVE AT ALL a "splendid move".

Leo Orestes Barberie

I just looked at that Mets 1962 starting lineup and I saw again that Felix Mantilla was the SS and Gil Hodges was at 1B. Mantilla was a pretty good player and Hodges was on downside of career but all in all those 2 positions are closer than I first thought. The other positions are not even close. Do you think people in baseball realize that the 62 Mets with a payroll of about 500,000 was better than the marlins with a payroll of 190,000,000. Now I know inflation must be factored in but that is still pretty shocking. Now who was the better manager Stengel or Guillen?

The Only True Alex

How did this happen, LOB? It's simple. The same people who ran this team during the CHEAP YEARS at Sun Life Stadium from 2006 to 2011 are STILL RUNNING THE TEAM TODAY.

What does that mean? It means that instead of running this team from the standpoint of "what can we do to make THE TEAM better", they operate from a different angle: "what can we do to make money"?

The free agent signings, as I have pointed out, were NOT made because of real baseball NEED, but because of the need to get fans to come to the games (the Reyes signing) and the need to save money (the Bell signing). Bell was far from the best closer, but THE PRICE WAS RIGHT so they did it. And Reyes did not fill the NEED for a BIG BAT, but they did it anyway.

As for the rest of the nonsense, the jerry-rigged line up, the guys playing out of position, the DH guys like Dobbs and Kearns playing the OF, the decimated middle relief corps, all of THAT is nothing more than BUSINESS AS USUAL to this ownership and Front Office. That's exactly how they ran this team the past 6 years at Sun Life stadium. Why did anyone expect anything different?

The Only True Alex

By the way, if you don't think the Marlins Front Office people don't read this column, THINK AGAIN. Ever since I started making fun of Ozzie's constant NOSE PICKING during the post game press conferences, he has STOPPED DOING IT! Somebody must have told him that people are making fun of it, so he stopped. I have been watching those post game conferences looking to see if he'll go to his nose again, and he has not done so. Someone definitely gave him a heads up!


Stan is fine. You're the insufferable screwball.


By the way, Alex, everybody knows that YOU are John Decker. Please.

richard lee deanno

Good grief! Now he thinks Ozzie quit picking his nose because of him.

The Only True Fake Alex

I'm the oracle this place needs. worship my image and i shall grant you mercy.

This all started when miggy was traded.

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