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Negative X-rays a positive for Emilio Bonifacio

     WASHINGTON -- The Marlins and Emilio Bonifacio received some encouraging news on the second baseman's injured left thumb. X-rays were negative and Bonifacio might not miss the rest of the season, as manager Ozzie Guillen had feared in the immediate aftermath of last night's fielding mishap.

      Bonifacio was placed on the 15-day disabled list and returned home to Miami, where he'll be examined by the surgeon who repaired his thumb in May.

      "They're going to take a look at it and see if everything is what it was when he repaired it," Guillen said. "He's going to be out for 15 days, and hopefully no more than that. We've got to wait until Monday or Tuesday to see what the doctor says."

       But Guillen and Marlins general manager Michael Hill said the initial results are encouraging.

       "The X-rays were negative so that's a positive," Hill said.

       While Bonifacio's status remains uncertain, the Marlins were forced to make roster changes to compensate not only for his loss, but a mild hamstring injury to infielder Donnie Murphy. Murphy pulled up lame while running the bases in last night's win.

        As a result, the Marlins selelected the contract of infielder Nick Green, adding him to the 40-man roster and calling him up from Triple A New Orleans. Green, 33, last played in the majors in 2010 with the Blue Jays. The Marlins are his eighth major league team. Green has also played for the Braves, Rays, Yankees, Mariners, Red Sox and Dodgers.

        "I feel more rewarded this time than I have in the past, just because it's been a while, " Green said. "I've been through ups and downs since I was last in the big leagues. It's been two years since I was in the big leagues, but it feels like forever. So, at my age, it feels rewarding."

        Green was hitting .344 with 12 homers in 212 at bats for Triple A New Orleans.


        More injury updates:

        -- Murphy said his injured hamstring felt better Saturday and hopes to resume play within the next few days. "Hopefully it'll calm down in the next couple of days," he said.

        -- Outfielder Justin Ruggiano (back spasms) said he's also feeling much better and could be ready to return to the lineup on Sunday. "Today is really promising," Ruggiano said. "If I could be in the lineup today I would be ready to go. Right now it's more or less a tight back instead of a spasming back. Today's the best it's felt."

        -- Outfielder Giancarlo Stanton continues rehabbing with Single A Jupiter and remains on target to come off the DL on Tuesday and play in New York. Jose Reyes, who brings a 22-game hitting streak into tonight's game against the Nationals, has done so well hitting in the No. 3 position that Guillen said he is inclined to keep him there even after Stanton returns. Stanton could go into the No. 5 spot, behind Reyes and Carlos Lee, Guillen said.


        Reyes' 22-game hitting streak matches the fourth-longest in Marlins history. Here's the list:

        Player                              Games                        Year

        Luis Castillo                         35                           2002

        Emilio Bonifacio                   26                           2011

        Kevin Millar                          25                           2002

        Edgar Renteria                     22                            1996

        Luis Castillo                         22                            1999

        Jose Reyes                           22                            2012

        -- Reyes is the first reigning NL batting champion to have a hit streak of 22+ games since Stan Musial had a 24-game hit treak in 1952.

        -- Reyes' streak is the longest by a reigning batting champion from either league since Wade Boggs hit in 25 straight in 1987.


       Check out tonight's lineup for the Marlins. Is this not the worst starting outfield -- based purely on batting average -- in the history of major league baseball? Bryan Petersen (.169), Scott Cousins (.161) and Gorkys Hernandez (.061)....Add up all their averages, and they're still shy of .400. Incredible....


       Tonight's lineups:

       Marlins: 1. Bryan Petersen, lf; 2. Scott Cousins, rf; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Greg Dobbs, 3b; 6. Donovan Solano, 2b; 7. Gorkys Hernandez, cf; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Mark Buehrle, p.

       Nationals: 1. Danny Espinosa, ss; 2. Bryce Harper, rf; 3. Ryan Zimmerman, 3b; 4. Michael Morse, lf; 5. Adam LaRoche, 1b; 6. Jayson Werth, cf; 7. Kurt Suzuki, c; 8. Steve Lombardozzi, 2b; 9. Jordan Zimmermann, p.


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I just read an article comparing whatr teams have spent in the last five years in draft bonusus marlins dead last top three spenders royals,nationals,and pirates. orioles and rays round out top five all these clubs spent more on draft bonus than the marlins and I bet you money they problably spent more on international signings to. tat is why the marlins have not produced any good players via drafts or farm. If your gong to be cheap with the big club you should stock up your farm.

David Samson

I may be a midget but I'm filthy rich unlike you scums! HAHA. Thanks for the stadium you moronic Dade County residents. Ahhhhhhhahahhh thats me sipping on my Margarita in Costa Rica. See ya 2013!!

Stan M

So true. I've been checking the Marlin's farm teams more than usual. That's probably because it's so depressing to check out the ML team. Anyway, the AA level is usually stocked with the best prospects. Not so with us. That cupboard is relatively bare. A few good prospects in the two A balls. That young 3B we got from the Cardinals was slotted in as our #4 prospect and that exemplifies how barren our top 20 field really is. There was som encouraging talk about a young LH pitcher in low A ball whose name I've forgotten. Anyway, he's been lit up very badly for three starts in a row. Ouch!

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, Think of the Union Army moving through Atlanta and then imagine what was left behind. Our farm system makes the ruins of Atlanta look like the Hanging Vines of Babalon--I think I really messed up that reference to one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, but then again we could add David Samson as the Eighth. He could be called the Diminutive Munchkin with the Foresight To Be Adopted Well and Achieve A Position In No Way Commensurate With Abilities.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I just realized that Beinfest is not a runner. Maybe that is the reason for the impotent farm system. Maybe he needs some long distance training to align himself properly with all those prospects(suspects) that spend so much time at Greensboro and Jamestown.

May I suggest, watch the Nats or the Tigers-Yankees tonight. Marvel at the slugger who is Miguel Cabrera. The Marlins Number 3 hitter is Jose Reyes with Lee hitting 4th. The Tigers go Cabrera and Fielder. By the way, Infante is heating up!!

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