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Ruggiano, Petersen ailing in Marlins outfield

ATLANTA -- Justin Ruggiano -- arguably the Marlins most consistent player next to Jose Reyes -- was held out of the lineup for the second day in a row because of back spasms.

Ruggiano said he tweaked his back throwing a ball back into the infield following Tuesday night's 1 hour, 53 minute rain delay in a 7-1 loss to the Braves. He hasn't swung a bat since.

"I may be ready [Friday]," Ruggiano said. 

Bryan Petersen, who tweaked the AC joint in his right shoulder attempting to make a diving catch in Wednesday's 4-2 win over Atlanta, could be out a little longer.

Petersen, who dropped a fly ball that allowed the Braves' to score their first run, said he had trouble picking the ball up in the lights at Turner Field during the twilight hours.

"It was definitely a catchable ball," Petersen said. "It's just really hard to see here."


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The Real Alex

Gee, it's nice to find out about Ruggiano...two days AFTER this happened! I mean I spent yesterday TEARING OZZIE a new butt hole for benching their best player and kit turns out that he was hurt!

Not that I'm sorry for RIPPING Ozzie. He is STILL an incompetent SCHMUCK of a manager, and I guarantee you this: he has NO FANS IN THAT LOCKER ROOM. Maybe Mark Buerhle and Joey Cora, but that's it. If you asked the Marlins players what they personally think of ozzie, I'd bet you ANYTHING that overwhelmingly they would say that he's an A.s.s. hole.

Sure, I know that players don't have to like a manager to play well for him. But I don't think it helps to have everyone disliking you either. Why do they dislike him? Because of his confrontational style. He came in there talking smack, "this is my team, and I don't care if you like me or not, it's my way or the highway" blah, blah, blah, and it wasn't necessary. But that's the way he is, and I will bet anything it cost him the team's RESPECT this year.


I have a boss like that!!


Don't they do any stretching in the clubhouse during rain delays?

Amarillo Slim

They stretch their arms reaching for a card, playing Gin Rummy.


Miami Marlins....Miami Marlins

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