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Should the Marlins consider Melky Cabrera?

    DENVER -- Though his reputation is stained and his robust stats over the past few seasons are now subject to question, Melky Cabrera [stats] could be just the ticket for the Marlins when they go looking for lineup help in the offseason.

     The Marlins probably won't be throwing wads of cash around like they did last December, and Cabrera -- a pending free agent -- could come at a bargain for, say, a one- or two-year deal. The Giants outfielder all but shot himself in the wallet (and the foot) when he received a 50-game suspension for PEDs, and instead of a four- or five-year deal that might have been worth more than $50 million when he hits the free agent market after the season, he'll likely be looking at much less than that.

     Cabrera has played all three outfield positions, but his suddenly majestic offensive numbers over the past two seasons in Kansas City and San Francisco must now be judged with a a high amount of skepticism. Were they inflated artificially? Or, is it also possible that his improvement resulted from his maturation as a hitter? Or, could it be some combination of both? He's only 28, swings from both sides, and put up solid numbers in a pitcher's park. Did I also mention his .314 average with runners in scoring position this season?

     The Marlins had interest in Cabrera during his Yankees years. Given the weak market for looming free agent hitters, should the Marlins give Cabrera another look when he hits the market?


     The Marlins placed infielder Nick Green on the 15-day disablied list (retroactive to Aug. 13) for a sprained left thumb, transferred outfielder Logan Morrison (knee) to the 60-day DL, and selected the contract of infielder Gil Velazquez [stats] from Triple A New Orleans.  



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 Eddie S

How come we do not here anything about Donnie Murphy? When he came back for tHe 2nd time this year he was fantastic. Maybe that was the real Murphy who can hit, field and even steal bases is a great combination.


yeah, right, sign Melky and name him team captain in charge of the medicine chest. not! why would this even be a point of consideration? isn't there enough crap with the lousy reputation of the front office and ownership?


Yeah sure ..A liar and a cheat ,plus he's latin..fits right in with the Marlins demographics.

juan v

how about they promote some double a guys and see what they do smolinski maybe or isacc galloway or maybe just bring someone we are going to see in the future you are telling me there is no one in the farm that can atleast contend for a spot next year maybe they can spend some cash on some more bullpen help and depth next year.


That depends, what exactly will Cabrera's production be without PEDs? We all thought he was having a career season, then turns out it was because of the PEDs. Was he really that impressive in previous seasons?

Looking at Cabrera's performance over the past few seasons, he really wouldn't be too much of an improvement over any of our current outfielders, not counting the abyssal hitting performances of Petersen and Cousins. He did have higher numbers than he previously had in his career last season, but hey, he could've just been starting to use PEDs in 2011, like Ryan Braun. Too bad Cabrera doesn't have friends in high places, like Ryan Braun and Eduardo Perez.

Speaking of Eduardo Perez, if he stays here for 2013, and if the Marlins do sign Melky Cabrera, and if he comes here as the Melky Cabrera pre-PEDs, then you can expect him to be just as easy an out as Petersen or Cousins. So why sign Melky Cabrera when we already have cheaper options?

Should the Marlins sign Melky Cabrera? NO.

the Truth

Doesnt matter who the Marlins sign,they will turn to crap in the Marlins organization.

juan v

It would be nice to see cogs outthere. If the marlins are going to get rid of him it would be cool to see if he can win a spot back in this last 45 days I rather see cogs than gorky dorky,or gil velasquez or any other career minor leaguer any body agree or disagree?

juan v

as Melky cabrera's concerned I live in the nrth east between n.y and boston and the reason the yanks got rid of melky was because he was a bad influence on cano. Imagine turning aguy loose in miami not a good idea.

the Truth

Instead of Smelky, the Marlins should sign Bonds instead...He's still under 50 and can still hit better than anybody the Marlins have now...he could play LF better than Lomo, even if he was 100...


juan v,
I've read the stories saying the Yankees dumped Melky because he had poor work habits and was a bad influence on Cano. But Alex Rodriguez and other Yankees have been big Melky supporters and have been urging the team to bring him back ever since he left. Melky even came to Miami to work out with A-Rod in the off-season — so I guess we'll have to read between the lines there. Bottom line: I think there is a good chance he'll return to New York.


Thats the same as Mantle urging the Yankees to bring back Billy Martin back in the 50's.


Regarding your questions on the previous thread:
I don't know whether you mean the Rose Garden, home of the Portland Trailblazers, or the Rose Garden, home of more than 600 varieties of roses. But I've been to both many times. My brother has had courtside season tickets to the Blazers since they came into existence approximately 40 years ago. The Heathman Hotel is alive and well and Sheridan, home of the barfable hash, is in Oregon.
Who's mispronouncing Ayn Rand's name? Paul Ryan?


You're not suggesting that A-Rod needs a drinking buddy, are you?


Melky, To tell the truth he is a great defender and has a canon arm. and I am sure he would be a good fit on a baseball sense. But even at a reduced rate the marlins would cut spending somewhere else. I would rather see a fleet footed outfielder someone that can track those can of corns in the outfield. or a rick ankiel to gun down people from left and spend the money on a corner infielder with pop zach cox is looking like he is strugling this year. and the current infield doesn't look that good besides solano reyes and boni the depht is pitiful when people are hoping for donnie murphy says something I rather them take a flier on yuneski bethancurt or try to land yunell escobar next season for second base and move boni to cf. As of now the team doesn't look that promising fore next year and I hope they plug all those holes this season heading to next so the momentum can build for 2013 now instead of mid 2013.


I sincerely --not being w wise guy--believe the marlins should name JuanV as GM. Those were some good points and he nailed it about Donnie Murphy. When you are anticipating Donnie Murphy as you would a 1970ish Barbie Benton that really tells you something. I've quit fighting everyone. I really want Coghlin up right now so everyone can pay close attention to that left handed power stroke,, with the rotation of the hips and the solid way in which he keeps himself firm through the hitting area. Also watch how he somehow manages to spray balls off to the left against right handed pitchers. Chris Coghlin ,always the class clown, and now a devalued, flash in the pan ROY who has totally lost his ability to contribute. Remember, while career minor leaguers Petersen, Cousins, Green, Velasques and others hit in the .330's at NewOrleans, good old Chrissy Evert has been scuffling along at .290 with diminished power. If you can't hit .300 in a notorious hitter's league, how are you projected to contribute at The Major League level. Just bring Mr. Pie Face up so I can quit reading about him and you can see for yourselves.


Good point Lou but why not give it a shot. What do the marlins have to lose it is not like he can do worse than the marlins options right now. I personaly think triple a is where players careers go to die. and double a players make a better transition most times. but if you don't give it a shot the marlins can just pencil him in for next year and find out after the season starts if he can't handle it why not try it and if it fails it opens a spot for someone else and I rather see a flash in the pan roy than a career minor leaguer playing there since 2002 like velasquez,or any other player they have in triple a take a look at the triple a roster and see what I am talking about.


Get Cogs Here Now!!!!!!!!! I'm on board!!! Of course I will have to bite my tongue in half not to say "I told you so", but I can do it.


Forgot to mention that Cervanek is also hitting .330 at New Orleans. How in the Hell can Chrissie Evert only be hitting .286??


He SUCKS,thats how

Marlin Fan

A simple no melky

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