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Showboating by Hanley Ramirez after home run doesn't surprise Ozzie Guillen

     DENVER -- It came as no surprise to Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen that Hanley Ramirez showboated a home run on Thursday, drawing the ire of Pirates pitcher A.J. Burnett.

    “That’s Hanley,” Guillen said of the former Marlin, now with the Dodgers. “(If) Hanley hit a home run down by 30 runs, he would pimp it. That’s the way he is.” Hanley

    Ramirez angered Burnett when he homered off the pitcher in the fourth inning and gestured by using his fingers to make circles around his eyes, similar to the “lo viste” gesture popularized this season by the Marlins.

    When Burnett struck out Ramirez in his next at bat, he yelled “Sit the (expletive) down.” Afterward, Burnett told reporters he thought Ramirez went overboard.

    “If you’re going to hit a homer, act like like you’ve hit one before,” Burnett said.

     Guillen said he doesn’t care for such antics.

     “There’s so much (garbage),” Guillen said. “Somebody hits a home run, they put on a show. Somebody strikes out, they put on a show. That’s the way the game is right now.”

     But Guillen said it would be hypocritical of him to object since his own players are guilty of gyrations.

     “I cannot say (anything) because my players do a stupid show,” Guillen said. “They’re a last-place team. They score one run and they (act) like we score 100.”



     Justin Ruggiano is aiming for a Sunday return to the lineup, but said it all depends on how his back and oblique respond between now and then.

      “As soon as I can get to where I can swing and not feel it, I’m ready,” said Ruggiano, who took some practice swings off the tee on Friday. “The more swings, the less I feel it. It seems like when it’s good and warmed up, it’s good.”

      Ruggiano started Wednesday but left the game after two at bats because of soreness in his side and back. Because the Marlins were mired in a long scoreless innings slump at the time, hitting coach Eduardo Perez tried to change the team’s luck by locking the doors to the indoor batting cage before that game.

     Ruggiano said that might have contributed to his injury acting up during the game.

     “I think what basically happened was I hadn’t taken a swing the day that I did it, probably due to the fact the cage was closed,” Ruggiano said.


     Carlos Lee has a vested interest in the Little League World Series. His hometown team from Aguadulce, Panama, is representing Latin America, and Lee was cheering from a couch from inside the Marlins clubhouse on Friday while watching them play Uganda.

    Lee sent the team a video of himself offering encouragement several days before the start of the tournament. During Friday’s pre-game introductions, many of the Panamanian Little Leaguers said Lee was their favorite player.

    “I’m proud of them,” he said.



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Hanley's gone and good riddance. I didn't want him gone only to follow him from afar. You wanna keep writing about Hanley then move to LA. Maybe the LA times has a spot. Give me a friggin' break. Hanley can't as much as fart without you writing about it. Let it go already.


agree 100%...good riddance to that piece of shittttt. Am happy not to see him or hear about him anymore and dont care if he does well or drops dead..

Old School

Cant wait for a pitcher to come up and in on Miss Hanley,knocking her on her smug ass,then the pitcher going "I see you"

Marlin Fan

Good win tonight . Another Stanton bomb . Zambrano looked great in relief . Bell didn't blow it , and Cishek is starting to really fulfill the role of closer . Buck even had an RBI. If he keeps this up, he might just get to the Mendoza line .

Flav C.

Marlins' #1 draft pick of 2012 (Andrew Heaney) will have his debut as a Grasshopper this Saturday, playing against Lakewood. Another "debutante" in Greensboro is reliever Nick Wittgren, 9th pick by the Marlins in 2012. He's been having some very good reviews after having 11 saves in 17 games in Jamestown, with a 1.46 ERA and a 12.4 SO/9.

Stan, your boy Brent Keys was hit in his wrist by a pitch a few days ago and has been out of the lineup over the last couple of days, and will remain out for a few more days.


That eye crap he's doing is so stupid. I would've told Hanley to sit the **** down too.


Way to go Glags....enough of the Hanley following. I don't wish him bad but he's gone.

Stan M

Thanks for the info, Flav. Would you please tell me what site you go to to get that stuff. I can find the rosters and stats,but not the box scores or pertinent info. Too bad about Keys for he was on fire over the last few games. The rub against him was that he does most of his hitting at home in their very hitter friendly park. This spree was on the road. Yelich has been a hitting machine over his last ten games, Not so for Coghlan. He has been below the "buckline" for a while (formerly called the "mendoza line") Adam Conley had a horrible outing last night after 3 great ones. Gave up 7 runs in 1/3 of inning. Hope he's not hurt. Fernandez should be going tonight. If he shines again here's hoping that he gets promoted; he deserves it. Will watch the two you mentioned, especially Heaney.


Hanley's just another coconut acting like a punk..it's a culture thing.


What a bum , he is so dissapointed he didnt invent the "lo viste" sign he copied the moniker and changed it up.
Cant wait till he dissapoints the dodgers in a big spot of the playoffs!


I'm not as angry anymore as I watch the Nats and the Tigers. Missed Stanton's homer by not watching but of course got to see it a few dozen times on the MLB Network.

Stan, you can go to MILB.com and find all the minor league info. It's not like we have a Major League team so the minor league stuff comes in handy. What do you think Brent Petersen must do to finally consider that alternative career choice? Will a baseball person ever just say to him--"Hey, the economy is tough but this baseball ain't your thing. You want to end up being Brent Carroll, Gil Velasquez or another one of these guys who can't walk away?

By the way, someone should mention to Ozzie that his team does consider it scoring a "100" when they score 1 against a good pitcher or good team.


Clark does have something of a conundrum. What would you have him talk about? Can't talk about Stanton every story. He's discussed the impotence and basically ED of the front office and upper echelons. The farm system except for the Big 6 is as barren as a corn field if Samson had been in charge of cultivation. Clark just figures we can live through our vicarious natures by reporing on Hanley gaffes. There really ain't much more here. So Move On!!!

Flav C.


For Grasshoppers info, usually I talk to a good colleague of mine who lives in Greensboro and follows the Grasshoppers closely. He also had suggested a long ago a blog by Bill Hass (I think he's been reporting about Greensboro sports for a long time). The link is http://gsohoppers.mlblogs.com/

Stan M

Thanks, Flav. I have been going to MLB.com, then players, then Marins, then minor league affitiates to get stats. Unless I'm mistaken, Heaney had already made a start or two...and been hit hard.

Here is a link to a fairly good article about how our ballpark should affect future purchases. Poor Alex. In between his rants he sometimes had something good to say and he was dead on abot outfield defense as article points out. It also backs my contention rhat we need rabbits more than power.


Stan M

Lou, hope you weren't angry when I told LB about our adventure at the Chinese restaurant. I left out the part about you yelling at that poor workman who had "Perez" on his name tag. You did calm down when I finally got you to realize he wasn't another son of our HOFer and his relatives weren't throwing bubble gum at you. Anyway we got out of there OK, especially after you gave everyone a "Bring Carbera Back" bumper sticker. That picture of him on it wasn't too clear and he had bulked up quite a bit in that photo. I remember that you disagreed, but I still think that those Orientals couldn't read English and thought they were "Save the Whale" stickers. I still have that other sticker you gave me that says, "I'm Lou and You're Not". But naturally I can't put it on my car. Anyway, we do have to get together again. Those were good ol' times.

Flav C.

Stan, yes, Heaney was hit pretty hard in his first game as a Grasshopper. Tonight he debuts as a starter.
The milb sites mentioned by you and Lou are pretty good for stats. The blog I follow is more of someone who is actually following the Grasshoppers up close, giving some inside details.

Master Kan

Grasshopper...snatch the pebble from my hand...


When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.


2 out of 3 ?


I don't care for Hanley and can't stand Ozzie. IMO he is not what this team needs going forward. The fact he would even address this is ridiculous. Hanley is the most selfish player in baseball and Ozzie is the most look at me manager. Look at the White Sox. They stunk last season and have been close to first all season. Please get rid of Ozzie in the off season!!! And pretty please no more coverage of Hanley.

Jacqueline Turner

I have a students now whose name is Denver also. I remember him when I read the player's name above. They are very opposite though. My student doesn't love sports. He is a techy person unlike the Denver above.

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