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Stanton returns to lineup, Marlins get more "good" news on Bonifacio

     NEW YORK -- Giancarlo Stanton found it painful to watch the Marlins during his time on the disabled list because 1) they played poorly while he was on the mend from arthroscopic knee surgery and, 2) there was not one thing he could do to help. 

     "It was not fun to sit and watch these past few weeks," Stanton said. "You don't want to watch the team lose the whole time and there were things you maybe could have helped or changed the game."

     Stanton, who has not played since July 7, was activated from the disabled list on Tuesday and inserted into the lineup. Ozzie Guillen has him batting fifth.

     "He makes the lineup a little better," Guillen said.

     The Marlins not only went 8-17 in Stanton's absence, but traded a handful of key players when the front office recognized the team wasn't going anywhere this season.

     Guillen said Stanton might require a day off here and there until he reaches full strength. He'll also continue to bat fifth, at least until Emilio Bonifacio returns from the DL. Bonifacio was examined Tuesday by the surgeon who repaired the torn ligament in his left thumb back in May and was told the latest injury to the same ligament is not nearly as severe as the it was the first time.

     "Boni is good, thank God," Guillen said. "They don't have to go in to to fix it."

     As a result, Guillen said he expects Bonifacio will be able to return to the lineup when he is eligible to como off the DL on Aug. 19. At that point, Guillen indicated he might move Jose Reyes back into the leadoff spot and have Stanton bat third.

     Reyes, who continues to hit third, takes a 24-game hitting streak into tonight's game against his former team. A hit tonight will move him into a tie with Kevin Millar for the third-longest hitting streak in Marlins history.

    -- To make room for Stanton on the roster, infielder Donnie Murphy was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a hamstring injury.

    -- Logan Morrison was scheduled to receive a second opinion on his injured right knee in Denver on Tuesday. Marlins president David Samson said there is still a chance Morrison will return this season.

    -- Guillen said that tonight's starter, Wade LeBlanc, will be limited to 85 pitches.

    Tonight's lineups:

    Marlins: 1. Donovan Solano, 2b; 2. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 6. Austin Kearns, lf; 7. Nick Green, 3b; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Wade LeBlanc, p.

    Mets: 1. Ruben Tejada, ss; 2. Daniel Murphy, 1b; 3. David Wright, 3b; 4. Scott Hairston, rf; 5. Jason Bay, lf; 6. Ronny Cedeno, 2b; 7. Andres Torres, cf; 8. Josh Thole, c; 9. Jonathon Niese, p.

    Umpires: HP -- Gary Darling; 1B -- Paul Emmel; 2B -- Scott Barry, 3B -- Jerry Meals.


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Marlins Fairy Tales

Sad Larry Beinfest went to the cubbard to get poor Ozzie a Bone,But when Beinfest bent over Loria took over and said ,"I've blown all the bones that I own."

The Only True Alex

Hey Stan M, you should give Samson a call and CONSOLE HIM about the 190 MILLION they spent on a slap hitting short stop, an overweight 34 year old has been closer, and a #4 starter. The poor guy sounds like he's really broken up about making those moves! After all, according to you those were "splendid moves" and you agreed with those moves 100%. Talk to him; maybe you can make him feel better!

On the other hand some of us thought those were REALLY BAD MOVES, as the Marlins never got the BIG BAT they needed, and they threw away 27 million on a closer that wasn't even in the TOP THREE closers available and that even the Padres no longer wanted!

Of course, Stan, you won't do anything other than to call me names because someone dares to laugh at THE GRAND POOBAH OF FISH BYTES.

Well, you NEED TO BE LAUGHED AT, Stan M. You take your "position" here much too seriously! You actually CARE about what some anonymous guys ON THE INTERNET say about you, LMAO. You need to RELAX. So WHAT you were dead wrong about the free agent signings? It's not the first time you were wrong!

1) You were wrong about Hanley Ramirez too. You said you EXPECTED a big year from him! LMFAO! Yeah, anyone watching Hanley the past three years could tell he was gonna REALLY BUST OUT this year!

2) You were wrong about weak armed Chris Coghlan being the "Marlins best Center Fielder". The poor kid basically ruined his arm trying to play a position anyone could see he was not suited for. But you call him our "best Center Fielder!" Priceless stuff, Stan!

You are often wrong, and it's ok. Nobody cares about you being the Grand Poobah of Fish Bytes. But maybe you NEED to have guys here tell you what a "great guy" you are and what an astute baseball mind you have. Maybe your self esteem requires it. Ok, I'll help you out!

The Best Alex

Hey, shut up with all the Stan bashing! You are the reason that this blog is going downhill! Stan M is the Greatest!

The Fakest Alex

Hey Stan, don't listen to that guy! He has issues. We all love you over here!

 Alex 23

Just because Stan was wrong about these moves being "splendid" is no reason to bash him! We need a Grand Poobah here anyway!

Joe Frisaro

I agree that this Alex guy is a bad person. When I was doing my job on the Marlins website trying to get guys to buy lots of Marlins hats and jersies, this Alex person had the nerve to say that the Marlins Free Agent signings were not very good! Can you believe the nerve of that guy? The season hadn't even started yet and this Alex guy was saying that this team had problems!

Fortunately I got him banned. Stan M, I support you 100%

Wanna buy a Marlins hat?


All those posts are by the same psycho.

The Only True Alex

See Stan? You have LOADS OF SUPPORTERS! LMFAO!!!!!!!

Wilma and Betty from Bedrock

Fred and Barney love & respect Stan the Grand Poobah

The Only True Alex

Getting back to baseball, THANK GOD that Stanton is back! Stanton is the only Marlin other than Ruggiano and Reyes worth watching as this team staggers through the season.

Stanton will be a great baseball player, and if he stays healthy I project him to be future Hall Of Fame material. When you look at his stats at the age of 22, only one or two guys in the entire history of the game have done what he has done at such a young age.

Of course he has a long way to go. He's like a rough diamond in need of polishing. His outfield defense has been atrocious, but he has a cannon for an arm, and he has good speed. He just needs to work at it, that's all. His pitch selection has to get better; he still strikes out too much on bad pitches. But anyone who has watched him since he first came up can see just how much he has improved at the plate.

The bottom line is that he's learning, and he's constantly IMPROVING. I only hope that this MORONIC OWNER realizes what a rare talent Stanton is and locks him up for the next 10 years. Otherwise we will be watching Stanton breaking Home Run records in Chicago, Boston or St. Louis, instead of in Miami, where he belongs.

Fake Jake

All of those posts are by the same psycho jake.

Psycho Jake

Can I be the Grand Psycho?

 Fred and Barney in Bedrock

The Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lodge 26 support Stan M for Grand Poobah.

Jake Loves Stan M

I love Stan M and I hate Joe Frisaro. And Psycho Jake, too.

Mr C. ,Richie C, & the Fonz

The Leopard Lodge No.462 in Milwaukee support Stan M for Grand Poobah.

richard lee deanno

Clark...Is there some way to get this tweeker off of here? His drug-induced jibberish is ruining the blog for the rest of us.
BTW Alex, I'm not some anonymous guy on the internet. My name is Richard Lee Deanno and if you want my home address I'll give it to you.

The Only True Alex

Marlins Fans better read between the lines of that article where Samson is CRYING about the 190 million that they MIS-SPENT on players they had NO BUSINESS signing. If you guys have watched Loria & Samson over the years you should be able to see EXACTLY what Samson is saying:

"Forget about us spending money on Free Agents any time soon. We tried it and it DOESN'T WORK. We're going back to being CHEAP like we were at Sun Life Stadium."

In fact, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find out that they threw that money away ON PURPOSE so that they wouldn't have to spend money ever again. Sounds crazy? Not really. Don't forget that Loria had been getting MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from Revenue Sharing over the years and he admitted he had SAVED IT for this year. That 190 Million that they threw away probably WASN'T EVEN THEIR OWN MONEY, but money they got from MLB. I don't put ANYTHING past those two SLIME BUCKETS, Loria & Samson.


The Benevolent Society of Angry Misanthropist Marlins Fans support Stan M for Grand Poobah.

The I Hate Alex Club

Stan M is the heart & soul of this place!

Eduardo Perez

Whoopee ...Hanley the Mutt is hitting .217 since joining the Dodgers


Dude, you've taken your madness to a whole other level. Independent of what I or anyone else thinks of Stan the fact remains that you're bat bleep crazy. There really isn't a polite way to put it. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for you. I'm being genuine here, it truly does sound like you need help.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Dear Richard Lee, PLEASE don't post your address on this site. You actually got me to tone things down and I'm grateful. Thank You!!

Stan M

Watched the Met announcers tonight. It's interesting to get a different perspective. Two thing really stood out. They thought the Buck-Bell for Jason Bay trade would have been good for the Mets. Their reasoning was that Bell's troubles are at least partially caused by the big contract, etc. and that he would probably be much better next year. They also mentioned that Buck hit better in K and Toronto. And, of course, they want Bay gone any way possible. They also talked about the Marlin's big ballpark. They felt Stanton could hit them out of anywhere, but like Whitey Herzog did in St. Louis, they should surround him with speed rather than power hitters. Both Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling felt this way. Interesting.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Just noticed Jupiter scored a late TD but still lost 22-6. "farm system, we don't need no stinking farm system."

Stan M

If it could be possible, and granted it isn't, would you trade Mike Stanton even up for Brice Harper?

LOB, I like the Nats in one way and feel that they would represent the NL well in the WS. The one sticking point for me is that they are so good, and their FO makes such rational moves, that I'm a little jealous of them. To me, KC represents what the Marlins were like before the 2003 break out and they offer interest for that reason.

If we Marlin fans are depressed, how must Phillie and Red Sox fans feel?

Buster Onley speculated about the Marlin's future and hinted that they might have to dump more salary and go back to their miserly ways. He found it very revealing that they already wanted money in the Lee to Yankee trade.

LB, we spoke of TV viewership and that their contract has some years to go. Here is a question. Who will want to sponsor their telecasts? Not only will viewership be down, but what company wants to be identified with this systemic mess.

Leo Orestes Barberie

Stan, Watch a replay of the CATCH that gave the Nats the win!!


Stan M,
I haven't paid too much attention, but they may already be having sponsorship woes. Seems like most of the commercials I see are in-house promos for the Marlins themselves. Those commercials proclaiming the Marlins "the most exciting team in baseball" are the height of absurdity. Any sponsor with any pride would have pulled them long ago.

The Original One & Only Alex

And I thought the Panther board couldn't be matched when it came to OCD types. Haven't all you chronics (as Uncle Neil used to say) come to realize that there are more important things in life than obsessing about some dumb inept jocks who couldn't care less about what you think about them. It's not the heat, it's the stupidity. Life's short, get one.


First world problems.

Stan M

Glags, get ready, you'll be next!

Silver Lining

While the Marlins FO deserves to be ripped for this season,give Loria credit for trading Uggla. Uggla flat out stinks and the Braves owe him 3yrs and 36m.Except for a hitting streak last season Uggla has pretty much stunk it up since he left the Marlins. Kudos to the Marlins for that deal.

Silver Lining

Also for getting rid of a no-hit hacker Maybin.

Marlin Fan

Good win last night . Good to see Stanton back .
Maybe we have something developing with Bell in the 8th and Cishek closing . Reyes at 25 now , Lee at , I think 12 ?
I know we won't retain Lee , but is Lomo the answer at 1st . Other than I year , what has he done? Yes he's young and with alot of potential , but is he a .270 hitter with 20plus hrs , or .230 with alot of strikeouts ?

the Truth

Lomo is another over-rate stiff....Oh yeah...blame it on his right knee...Lomo goes up to hit and takes 2 strikes before he takes the bat off his shoulder. Marlins are keeping Lomo for 1 more year because of his pre-arb contract. This time next season,he has a 50-50 shot to be gone,if not then,certainly before Arb in 14'. And his defense stinks ,anywhere on the field.

Stan M

Here is a very interesting article by Michael Jong. I believe he is a young medical student, but has become a powerful voice in analyizing the Marlins. He is very much a stat head but when he sticks to text he is very interesting.



Btw, Turner pitched six scoreless innings though he did give up 8 hits and Brantly is doing really well at the plate. The Sanchez and Infante trade ain't looking so bad.

richard lee deanno

Leo...You're right, of course. Thanks for adding a touch of sanity. But I would definitely like to meet that wacko face to face. He's so sure he's right, maybe he'll man up and tell us who he really is.

The Fake Stan Leo and Alex

All you mutton chops need to get a life.

Go ride a harley or something.

retire to greece

get off my blog


Done with Marlins. Dbacks for now


Do they call the Dbacks' farm system the Babybacks?


Actaully, they call the major league team the babybacks and the minors spare ribs.

Marlin Fan

Good article . Not sure I agree with every aspect of it , but a good article nonetheless .


Fangs a lot, Flags.


I shoulda said fangs a lot for the meaty response.

Leo Orestes Barberie

I've learned a lot from a few of you guys in a relatively short time. I think I'm a better person for it and I wish to thank you!!! I have dropped the really hostile language and even the slurs. I will still criticize this team with a vehemence but only because I have learned more and more that besides not being good for baseball that they are really not good people--and that is the most important thing. In honor of the guys who I have learned from I'm going back to "Lou" in respect For if you are not saying anything not to be ashamed of you should use your name. That may not be for everybody but it is for me. A special thanks to Richard whose scathing--but JUSTIFIED response a while back inspired me to shape up.Thanks!!


Sorry!!! Forgot the "Lou"


Rumors going around the internet that Beinfest might be on his way out. I still don't like the trade with the Tigers & the trade with the Pirates. This Gaby for Gorkey...has Gorkey had a hit yet????


Welcome back, Lou. RIP, LOB.
No Spit, I don't think Gorkys has had a hit since he showed up. He hit a pop foul the other night and was so excited to make contact that he was dancing around and doing the lo viste.

The Only True Fake Alex

Is ben grieve available off waivers??

Stan M

Lou, saw the catch. Wow!

Spitballer, Marlins also got Pittsburgh special pick. It occurs right after the first round. I think they will have the 32nd pick in the whole draft and that could be much more valuable than Gorkys.

I was glad to see Zambrano pick up that win in relief. He was robbed by Bell of a couple earlier this year if memory serves.

Let's hope that Lee's approach to hitting rubs off on some others. He seems to know he can't reach the fences so he goes for the gaps. And seldom strikes out to boot. Too bad he's 36 and not 26.

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