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Stanton returns to lineup, Marlins get more "good" news on Bonifacio

     NEW YORK -- Giancarlo Stanton found it painful to watch the Marlins during his time on the disabled list because 1) they played poorly while he was on the mend from arthroscopic knee surgery and, 2) there was not one thing he could do to help. 

     "It was not fun to sit and watch these past few weeks," Stanton said. "You don't want to watch the team lose the whole time and there were things you maybe could have helped or changed the game."

     Stanton, who has not played since July 7, was activated from the disabled list on Tuesday and inserted into the lineup. Ozzie Guillen has him batting fifth.

     "He makes the lineup a little better," Guillen said.

     The Marlins not only went 8-17 in Stanton's absence, but traded a handful of key players when the front office recognized the team wasn't going anywhere this season.

     Guillen said Stanton might require a day off here and there until he reaches full strength. He'll also continue to bat fifth, at least until Emilio Bonifacio returns from the DL. Bonifacio was examined Tuesday by the surgeon who repaired the torn ligament in his left thumb back in May and was told the latest injury to the same ligament is not nearly as severe as the it was the first time.

     "Boni is good, thank God," Guillen said. "They don't have to go in to to fix it."

     As a result, Guillen said he expects Bonifacio will be able to return to the lineup when he is eligible to como off the DL on Aug. 19. At that point, Guillen indicated he might move Jose Reyes back into the leadoff spot and have Stanton bat third.

     Reyes, who continues to hit third, takes a 24-game hitting streak into tonight's game against his former team. A hit tonight will move him into a tie with Kevin Millar for the third-longest hitting streak in Marlins history.

    -- To make room for Stanton on the roster, infielder Donnie Murphy was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a hamstring injury.

    -- Logan Morrison was scheduled to receive a second opinion on his injured right knee in Denver on Tuesday. Marlins president David Samson said there is still a chance Morrison will return this season.

    -- Guillen said that tonight's starter, Wade LeBlanc, will be limited to 85 pitches.

    Tonight's lineups:

    Marlins: 1. Donovan Solano, 2b; 2. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 6. Austin Kearns, lf; 7. Nick Green, 3b; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Wade LeBlanc, p.

    Mets: 1. Ruben Tejada, ss; 2. Daniel Murphy, 1b; 3. David Wright, 3b; 4. Scott Hairston, rf; 5. Jason Bay, lf; 6. Ronny Cedeno, 2b; 7. Andres Torres, cf; 8. Josh Thole, c; 9. Jonathon Niese, p.

    Umpires: HP -- Gary Darling; 1B -- Paul Emmel; 2B -- Scott Barry, 3B -- Jerry Meals.


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Stan, If he was 26 we would not have acquired him.

Anybody ever put a dog to slep after 12 great years. I am having much trouble with this but will do what is BEST for the dog and not for me. It was so nice to walk around Greenville today and have people know that something was wrong and so many reached out. It's scary that so many said I appeared "heart broken" I hope that is not the case because in spite of my love for this Welsh Corgi there aare so many aspects of life that deserve the level of pain that would demonstrate heart brokenness.



In response to a previous question of given the choice between Harper and Stanton, I'd take Harper.

I just don't see Stanton turning into the 5 tool player that Harper will become. Stanton has a huge body that is already prone to breaking down and that body is only going to get bigger. Look at Cabrera at age 21 and how he's filled out.
To continue with Cabrera, some people like to compare Stanton to Cabrera but I'd be very surprised if Stanton has that stratosphere of a ceiling. Cabrera might be the best hitter in MLB which puts an almost impossible set of expectations on Stanton.

I can picture Harper in the OF for the next 20 years which is amazing considering his 1st position is C. Stanton is a phenomenal athlete but that huge body of his is destined for 1B.


rbleigh, PLEASE watch some Tiger games. At this point in time Cabrera is the best hitter I have ever seen. Liners down the left field line, sliced liners to right, ground shots between 1st and 2nd, homers to right center and 460 foot blasts to dead center. It is amazing and to think the Tigers acquired him for a relief pitcher with a knowledge of minor league nick names.


I really wish i could relate what this economist who works in baseball told me about Loria and samson. I don't want to give any specifics that could be traced back to him. This was a very pleasant man and his mood totally changed when I brought up samson and Loria and he regaled me with some stories besides calling them a couple of P$%#$%!!!

Stan M

I thought the question would bring more opinions. Completely agree with your assessment. It's been too long for Stanton to be completely fooled by good pitchers. Although in my opinion, Stanton won't balloon out physically, he does seem to have injury problems, especially in his knees. One of the regrets I have at just about 76YO, is that I won't see these new stars go into HOF. Another good question would be Heywood or Stanton. Here I'd take Stanton. Washington, the manager in TX, recently proclaimed that Trout is no Willie Mays. Well there is no comparison at this stage of their respective careers. Trout has him by plenty. That comparison will probably swing to Mays in a year or two, but right now, it's Trout in a landslide. And as to Trout or Harper, again it's Trout. Look at photo of that guy. His neck is wider than is head!
Lou, agree that Carbera is best hitter in baseball right now. A lot of fans forget that he was an out of shape, overweight, alcholic with a bad attitude when the Marlins traded him. The tragedy is not the trade as such, but the fact that our FO didn't take pains to try to rehabilitate him as Detroit obviously did. In that condition he wasn't worth a big salary boost, but sober, oh boy, what a talent.

Marlin Fan

No way would I take Harper over Stanton . Even IF Stanton is injury prone , I'd rather have him for 125 games than Harper for 162. I think Harper will be very successful in his career , but right now he's .270's with limited power . I feel Trout has ( and is right now) a much better chance of producing offensively for yrs to come .
Stanton is not Cabrera in terms of body type , so I doubt he will blow up , besides if Cabrera can hit the way he can , who care if he's 300 pounds .
Too often marlin fans don't appreciate what they have ( the very little that we do) . Stanton in two games back had 2 hr and 5 RBI , and provided a spark .

Gary Van Soosten

The SILVER LINING guy commenting on getting rid of Maybin. Who made the trade to get him! Wasn't that for Miguel Cabrera! Yes that was terrific! He knew Maybin was average to below average after he didnt pan out and traded a future hall of famer to get him!!! The Marlins got 5 or 6 guys and I dont believe any are with them now!!!!! But your right these guys are SHARP! When it comes to taking money from the public to build a new stadium!!! Nice!!!!!

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