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Stanton's 494-ft. blast longest this season in MLB

     DENVER -- After further review, Giancarlo Stanton's mammoth blast at Coors Field last night was measured by ESPN's Home Run Tracker at 494 feet, making it the longest and mightiest of the season by any player in the majors. The original estimate by the stats staff at Coors was 474 feet.

      ESPN calculates "true distance," or the distance the ball would have gone had it traveled uninterrupted to field level. Stanton's bomb landed a few rows from the top of the lower-deck bleachers in center.

      Afterward, Stanton -- who has homered in five straight games at Coors to equal Jeff Kent's (2003) mark for most consecutive games with a HR by visiting player -- was asked if he had thought what it would be like if he played at Coors more than a few games a year. Stanton said he had.

      Then, when asked what he thought those numbers might look like, he hesitated for a moment, smiled and replied: "Use your imagination."

      Let's just say his stats would look a whole lot healthier play at Coors than they will over the course of his career at Marlins Park, however long that turns out to be.

      By the way, the second-longest HR of the season now belongs to the Padres' Cameron Maybin -- 485 ft.

      If you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out:


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Whoopty freakin Do

Wow..Marlins fans cream all over each other when Stanton unloads

get some handi-wipes

Ewww... Rich Waltz wets his pants over Stantons monster dong...


All the sarcasm gets really boring after awhile. Do your homework, Honey, and stay off Mommy's computer.

Stan M

to whom are you referring, LB. You are way over my head.


Sorry, Stan M. I was just giving the guys above us on this thread a little poke. I'm sure my comment was just as childish as theirs were.


By the way, I'm probably using the term "poke" differently from the way it's used on Facebook — since I'm old and have no idea what a Facebook poke is.

hannibal sphincter

...put the lotion in the basket, gramps.....

Flav C.

Some useless stats:

Reyes completed 83 at bats in the #3 position.

He's been batting .337 since moving to #3, and batted .272 as leadoff.

He has scored 1 RBI per 10 at bats as #3, vs. 1 RBI/15 at bats as #1.

Reyes has scored 1 Run per 5 at bats, vs. 1 run per 8 at bats as leadoff.

And finally, he has scored 1 HR per 28 at bats as #3 vs. 1 HR/65 at bats as #1.


How much does it have to do with el caballo hitting in front of him.


nothing, he hits behind him.


Tonight's Rockies lineup has four guys hitting more than .300, a fifth hitting .296 and a sixth hitting in the .280s. This Fish lineup has four guys, including the two at the top of the order, hitting .173 or lower. I guess we've got them just where we want them.
BTW, the Rockies announcers were oohing and ahhing over the Stanton home run more than the Marlins announcers. As fate would have it, one of them was pointing out how far Stanton hit one in batting practice at the very moment Giancarlo unloaded. "Well, that's where he hit it, about 10 feet from there," he said. "I can't say how far that is — only that it's stupid far!"

Marlins suck, Amen

Gaby hits a double off Mujica the clown..way to go Gaby


Don't get too excited, he'll be traded next year before the trade deadline.

Stan M

Today's a bad day for me. My part time job in Hollywood is finally coming to a close. I have been Arnold Schwarzenegger's body double in movies ever since he got older. But at 76 I simply can't take the wear and tear of also being his stuntman, so Hollywood is putting me out to pasture. I have contacted the Marlins and some fellow with a squeeky voice told me that they are interviewing for a batting coach and that my qualifications as a Little League manager are just what they are looking for. For some reason, they wanted to know all about my relatives, living and dead. The last question really puzzled me. It asked if I had ever had sex, active or passive, with someone named Loria and did I like art and could I draw pictures. Well, before I take a job in Florida, there is always Jeanne Claude Van Damme to turn to. He needs a body double as he gets older. Thank God I've still got all my faculties. Some people my age are downright nuts!


I think Giancarlo is the only one filling seats at Marlins Park right now. I'd pay just to see him take BP.

cheap baseball

you can get in for 1.00 on stubhub.com


Stan M,
Glad you still have all your faculties. Mine are all dead, except for my sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. Dendy. She's 102.


Great catch by Stanton. But every time he does something like that, I hold my breath.

Stan M

Watching tonights game. Seems like Eovaldi makes an effortless pitch, think its probably a changeup, then the gun reads 95. Later he seems to throw his whole body into a pitch and it's an 82 mph curve. This guy definitely has grear stuff and that effortless fastball amazes me for one.

With Colorado experimenting with a pitching schedule, it makes me think about an old idea. Games are so often decided in the last innings and by pitchers from the bullpen who are often the 10th to 12th best pitchers on the team. What would happen if the bullpen pitchers started the game and tried to go 3 innings. Then the former starters, and best pitchers on the team, could come in for the final 6. Most starters only go 6 anyway. And all of that "closer" nonsense would become irrelevent. I would rather have one of my best pitchers on the mound for the last innings than a bullpen retread.

No Brainer

Marlins should sign Stanton to long term deal using the 38 million they're not paying Hanley. Just add to it.

Marlin Fan

Good win tonight . Stanton another bomb. Everyone hit tonight , even Hernandez and Petersen. Eovaldi looked good , as did Bell. Cishek didn't have his best stuff , but still got the save .
I don't think the pitching experiment is working in Colorado, even with it being a hitters park . I personally feel it's getting ridiculous with pitch count and specialized pitcing ( righty/lefty) etc.


It's interesting that Cousins is going to the Big Easy and Gorkys is taking the plane to Flagstaff's neck of the woods (sort of). Gorkys has done well in the field and is starting to show signs that he isn't totally incompetent with the bat, so the Fish might as well give him a chance to show what he can do. They know what Cousins can do — and it ain't much.
Stan M,
I have some thoughts about your pitching plan but my sister-in-law wants her computer back, so I've got to hand it over for now. Ciao, everybody.


Eduardo Perez is really lucky... not that the next stop after the Marlins' flatlining offense was hitter-friendly Colorado, where Stanton hits a home run every game, but that his dad is close with the owner.

Fire Beinfest

Dave D in Detroit is trying to figure out how to sucker Stanton away,in his next deal with the Marlins.

Stan M

Alex Fernandez did it again! 5 innings (he is restricted to 5 in each start), 2 hits, no runs and 8Ks. Please move him up to AA. He just turned 20 2 weekd ago. Heaney's start was discouraging. I'll leave it at that.


Stan M,
The idea of starting a relief pitcher and finishing up games with your so-called starters is interesting, but I have to play devil's advocate on several points. First, I don't think many teams throw their 10th or 12th best pitcher in for the last couple of innings unless the score is so lopsided it no longer matters. And I don't buy the idea that your starters are the best pitchers on the team. I think most of the time, guys are starters because they perform better as starters (by way of physical ability and psychological makeup) than they do as relievers, and relievers are in the bullpen because that's where they perform best. I know once in a while a pitcher like Zambrano gets run out to the bullpen because he's not been doing well as a starter and they're hoping he'll do better in another role, but I think that's the exception, not the norm. A lot teams use some of their best young arms as relievers and have a more formidable bullpen than they do a starting corps.
And if your starters are, in fact, your best pitchers, why do you want to run them out there after some slug of a reliever has dug a four-run hole for them?
Most starters, even the good ones, start to lose it a little bit by the sixth or seventh inning, when batters are seeing them for the third time around, and that's exactly the point where they'd be trying to finish out the game.
I think there's something to be said for tossing the starting pitcher the ball, putting the game in his hands, and encouraging him to take it as far as he can. Maybe flip-flopping starters and relievers WOULD work best for some teams, but I'd rather get the best starters you can and the best relievers you can and let them do their jobs. Then, again, maybe you're right and I'm full of sheet, as is often the case.

Flav C.

Can we please move our home games to Colorado?


Flav C,
I agree. I don't see how they can expect a team to play well in all that damn gravity.

Flav C.

LB, if they could move to Colorado, they could take that monstrosity....er..ops...piece-of-art along.
With the barrage of Home runs being provided by Stanton, Loria would be happy to see that thing spinning non-stop.


Yeah, they'd be constantly splashing WD-40 on that pinball machine just to keep it from squeaking.


Marlins and Rockies need to switch cities.


Marlins get Denver. Denver gets Miami, Miramar and a city to be named later.

h. wayne. hypinga

give the miami gardens ,the ghetto shithole where sun-lifeless stadium is located.

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