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Wade LeBlanc returns to the bullpen; 6-man rotation a possibility

    LOS ANGELES -- Wade LeBlanc is returning to the bullpen, but could reclaim his starting job as part of a 6-man rotation after the Marlins get past a couple of upcoming off days.

    Though the Marlins are pleased with the job LeBlanc has done in his five starts (1-2, 3.29 ERA), they want to get a good look at rookie starters Nathan Eovaldi and Jacob Turner before the end of the season, and LeBlanc -- with bullpen experience -- is the odd man out.

     "We want to give the kids a chance," said manager Ozzie Guillen. "We want to see those two kids throwing."

     Said pitching coach Randy St. Claire: "LeBlanc has done an outstanding job, both out of the pen and in the starting rotation. Unfortunately for him, he's the guy that's done it (relieved) and been successful doing it. He understands. He took it well. I'm sure he wants to be a starter, and we all feel he can do the job."

     Once the Marlins get past scheduled off days on Monday and Thursday, they could go to a 6-man rotation that includes LeBlanc. But Guillen said it "depends" and St. Claire said "it's kind of up in the air, because we also have off days in September." Guillen said the front office, however, is "leaning" toward a 6-man setup.

      And St. Claire said it doesn't see where it would hurt the three veteran starters -- Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco and Mark Buehrle -- if the team goes to a 6-man rotation to finish up the season.


      Former Marlin Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers are tentatively scheduled to visit Marlins Stadium in interleague play next season. Caberera has not faced his former team since the 2007 trade that sent him to the Tigers. At present, the schedule -- which is subject to change -- has the Tigers in Miami for the final weekend of the season.

      The schedule, which has the Marlins facing A.L. Central Division teams in interleague play, also includes a visit to the Chicago White Sox, the team Guillen managed for eight seasons before joining the Marlins.


      Marlins: 1. Bryan Petersen, lf; 2. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Carlos Lee, 1b; 5. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 6. Greg Dobbs, 3b; 7. Donovan Solano, 2b; 8. Rob Brantly, c; 9. Nathan Eovaldi, p.

      Dodgers: 1. Shane Victorino, lf; 2. Mark Ellis, 2b; 3. Matt Kemp, cf; 4. Andre Ethier, rf; 5. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 6. Luis Cruz, 3b; 7. Juan Rivera, 1b; 8. A.J. Ellis, c; 9. Chad Billingsley, p.

      Umpires: HP -- Brian Gorman; 1B -- Bob Davidson; 2B -- Tony Randazzo; 3B -- Todd Tichenor.


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Marlin Fan

Keep Leblanc in the rotation . He's been consitent almost every start . Eovaldi has been maddeningly inconsistent .


Boy, how bad does Larry Beinfest have to look before he gets the axe? All these trades look horrible once again. He needs to go. He and Mike Hill. Wow.


Here's a question. Would you keep Zambrano for next year? Throwing it out there.

Camera Mike


Only if he takes a big pay cut or the Cubs agree to pay over 80% of his salary again.

Camera Mike

Question, is it mean to want Jeffrey Loria to walk through Dodger Stadium parking lot in a Giants jersey and hope for a repeat of last seasons opener?


Dear Camera Mike, That is mean and unwarranted but hoping he somehow loses all his assets in some kinda Rich Man's Ponzi Scheme is perfectly acceptable. It's the idea of the stepson/son-in-law(Which is it?)waking up on home plate and thinking he hit a homer that is particularly galling. Just think David Samson stays in Ritz Carltons while cancer researchers look for grant money. The two of them demonstrate that this country is both great and strange at the same time. When you realize how muck luck plays a part in this game of life, it really makes you wish that somehow, someway there will be a massive investigation into how this stadium got built and how the team got from Henry to Loria with the Expos disappearing.

Camera Mike

Yes Lou it is mean and unwarranted but I felt I needed to vent a little. Though in all honesty I sincerely hope Loria and his incompetent son-in-law end up in jail after the s.e.c. finishes its investigation into the stadium financing.


Too funny. Love the posts gentlemen.


I guess you would have to exclude Jeffery...but for everyone that voted to gut this team in July should be fired. These trades set this team backwards. Keeping the team together & making trades in the off season would have been the best choice.


I have no trouble with them ending up whereever they deserve to end up.Beinfest and Hill and the other Phi Beta Kappa that constitute scouting and personnel dp not warrant a legal investigation,however, if any of them ever work for another baseball team that would be another example of life being strange.


I love this game but if I were living in the 305 again there is no way I'm purchasing season tix. A few games yeah but the big investment nope. It should be interesting to see which bank, airline, casino or corporation will put out the $$ for their name to be placed on the ballpark entrance. It better come at a bargain price cuz that place is gonna be pretty empty for years to come. I just feel like this team will resemble the Pirates of years past or the Brewers, San Diego, all teams with shiny parks but with teams that basically don't compete. Miami won't just come out for a beer and a red hot though, we like winners. It's still the single most disappointing year of watching this team since their inception. Loria, Sampson and Beinfest will all work like hell to polish this turd but we know how that will work out.

the Truth

You can fool all of the Marlins fans some of the time[past Dec]...some of the Marlins fans all of the time[loyal season ticket holders & charity aution rubes],but you cant fool all the Marlins fans all of the time[empty stadium & apathy for years to come].

carlos a.

aint it the truth

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