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Will fans boo or cheer Hanley Ramirez?

      Barely two weeks since the Marlins traded their "face of the franchise," Hanley Ramirez returns to Miami tonight as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ramirez made a strong impression in his first few games with the Dodgers but has cooled lately, with only five hits in his past 36 at bats. Dodgers manager Don Mattingly had him playing third base initially but has since switched him back to shortstop, his original position that was taken from him on the Marlins by Jose Reyes. Overall, Ramirez is hitting .226 with a homer and 12 RBI in 14 games for L.A.

      Ozzie Guillen said it's hard to predict how fans will greet Ramirez when he is introduced for the first time at Marlins Park.

      Hanley"Some people should love him because he had pretty good years here," Guillen said. "But he had a couple of bad incidents here, and people remember the bad things. People don't remember the good things and we will see. If they want to boo him, please bring 50,000 people here so we can hear it. I don't want just 2,000 booing him if that's going to be the point."

       Guillen said he didn't have any issues with Ramirez in their brief time together.

       "I can't say anything bad about Hanley," Guillen said. "To be honest, he couldn't put it togther for us. Obviously, there wasn't the production we were looking for. But everything and anything we asked him to do as a coach, as a manager, I think he did it. But I don't have anything bad to say about the kid at all. I don't have anything against the kid. He just didn't play good for us."

       What's your best guess? Will fans cheer, boo, or act indifferently when Ramirez is introduced for the first time during his MIami homecoming?


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I would boo him.

Dr. Doolittle

I would throw bananas at him.


He'll be alright

Willy Pupo

Hanley was a top 5 major leaguer his first years with the Marlins. Then the organization rewards him with a big contract, and he literally forgets how to play the game the right way. I'll be booing him tonight.


Will be sitting in the diamond club tomorrow. Woohoo!!! I'll be booing him loudly and often.


I believe the booing will start every time Hanley's name is announced and it will be loud and prolonged. Tonight, he will be the poster child for this lousy season the Marlins' are having.

Stan M

TR Shour,
You said it all and I agree completely.


Boo for attitude and play since becoming rich.
What a dissapointment , and what we got in return for a so called star reflects what the lg thinks of this guy

Stan M

Can anyone add to this thought. After a great game, Stanton was rested. That by itself is surprising. However, I don't think he was rested in his minor league rehab starts. Maybe he was and I missed it. But if he wasn't rested down there , and at a period that was closer to his opeation, why in the world was he rested at the ML level. Perhaps the knuckleballer had something to do with it. Any ideas?


He played on the field every other day and was a DH on the other days.


They also sat Buck just when he was showing some signs of life.


If the fans didn't boo Hanley when he was a Marlin (and as far as I know, they didn't), there is no reason to boo him now. The only thing that's changed is that he's now, thankfully, someone else's problem. He didn't ask for the trade. We asked for the trade, and we got our wish. It just seems hypocritical to boo him now if you didn't boo him when the Fish were paying his salary.


Would the lack of caring which is what he seemed to display be the best thing, just utter silence?


Good idea, rbleigh. Give Hanley what he gave us — nothing.


I mean, not that there is going to be anybody there anyway.


They had to have booed Hanley at some point. I remember hearing the boos when Heath Bell came up in the 9th.


Don't you need to have fans to boo?


The fans in Miami are pathetic, so the booing will be a soft whisper


Booing is much more effective. I booed when he struck in the 9th in his last game. Point is he wasn't liked. We can all let him know without fear of him checking out.

My dislike for him was further cemented when I saw his reaction on the franchise. He first comes out doing some LA sign with his hands and says something about Hanleywood. Then he's all smiles and goofing around joking and saying to Bell "you're still here?" in a mocking manner. He then flips the switch and is all somber during the press conference.

Afterwards the smug SOB says well I hit .340 then everyone expects me to hit .370. No you bum how about not sucking. That would've been more than enough. So yeah I'm going to boo him based on that alone.

Stan M

Thanks, Glags. That makes sense.

Stan M

here is an excellent article on Coghlan. It has a perspective that I never considered. It's well worth a read.



Spit and Stan M,
Thanks for the links. Both good reads.
The speculation about Cogs wouldn't make sense if it were anybody but the Marlins. But with their history, it's the only theory I've read that does make sense, considering the shape this team is in.


Third paragraph, second sentence of the Coghlin story----"He would be due a significant raise"----Fine!!!!Call him up and let him hit .220 get a significant raise due to the arbitration system. And then people womder why people get their money and quit.

Marlin Fan

Interesting article . Just an overall pathetic organization . All prospects aren't moved up , Turner, Brantley , Yelich , Ozuna , Hernandez , etc .


Dear Marlin Fan, The difference between suspects and prospects can usually be reconciled by about a year and a half of observation. ALL of those guys are PROSPECTS and they all appear to have GUTS!!!!!!


Speaking of booing----SloMo just revealed that surgery is INEVITABLE--AND Lee just surrendered to Grant at Appomattox-----SloMO said he "Should" be ready for spring training. Of course if he takes a field trip to Katmandu and has surgery in January, he may not be ready,


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