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You decide: Which catch is Giancarlo Stanton's best?

Giancarlo Stanton said he isn't sure if his diving catch in right field Monday to rob Eric Kratz of an RBI is the best grab he's ever made, "but it's up there."

"It's either that one or the one in May [versus Atlanta] to rob [Jason] Heyward," Stanton said Tuesday.

But the best part of the catch -- no question -- is the fact Stanton didn't feel any discomfort or limitations from his recently surgically repaired right knee.

"To save a potential run and to get a ball I didn't think I could get to right off the bat is a good feeling," Stanton said.

Since Stanton can't make up his mind about which catch is his best, can you?


Emilio Bonifacio, who will play three consecutive rehab assignment games in the outfield in Jupiter starting Wednesday, said he expects to play in the outfield for the rest of this season when he returns from the disabled list Sunday in Colorado.

Manager Ozzie Guillen said over the weekend moving Bonifacio, who reinjured his thumb diving for a ground ball Aug. 3, is probably the safest move to keep him healthy and in the lineup. 

"Right now, that's what's in the plans, but I don't know beyond this season if that's where I will be," Bonifacio said Tuesday. "I told Ozzie wherever he wants to play me or thinks it's the best for me and the time, I have no problem with it."

> The swelling in the injured left thumb of infielder Nick Green still hasn't gone down enough for the Marlins to decide whether or not he'll go on the disabled list. Green said he took some swings Tuesday "at 30 percent" and still felt discomfort. Guillen reiterated the team is waiting to see how he responds to treatment.

The Marlins are shorthanded at third base with all their injuries. Greg Dobbs is playing there with an oblique strain. "Things are so bad, I almost activated myself a couple days ago," Guillen joked. "I know I can catch it and throw it, I don't know if I can hit it."

> Although he's 2-2, right-hander Nathan Eovaldi isn't particularly happy with how he's done in his four starts with the Marlins.

"I'd just like to get past the fifth inning," said Eovaldi, who has given up nine earned runs in 17 1/3 innings and has few strikeouts (10) than walks (12).

Even though he got himself in trouble a few times in Monday's 4-0 loss to the Phillies, Buck said he was encouraged by Eovaldi's adjustments.

"He's just been a little erratic with stuff," Buck said. "He's rushing at times and kind of got out of whack [Monday]. But I liked how he was able to slow himself down in those innings when he struggled. It probably could have gotten ugly if he kept doing the same thing. But he made some good pitches and got himself out of the mess he got himself in. The games he's thrown well for us are the games are the games he's getting ahead. When he falls behind, it doesn't matter how good your stuff is, it makes it easier on the hitters. He made some adjustments."

What has hurt Eovaldi the most is when he can't locate his off speed pitches.

"He's got great stuff," Buck said. "But when you can't locate your off speed stuff they can just sit on your heater. When they it spinning they can just shut down and wait."


> Phillies (53-62): 1. Jimmy Rollins SS, 2. Juan Pierre LF, 3. Chase Utley 2B, 4. Ryan Howard 1B, 5. Domonic Brown RF, 6. John Mayberry CF, 7. Kevin Frandsen SS, 8. Brian Schneider C, 9. Kyle Kendrick RHP.

> Marlins (52-64): 1. Bryan Petersen LF, 2. Justin Ruggiano CF, 3. Jose Reyes SS, 4. Carlos Lee 1B, 5. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 6. Greg Dobbs 3B, 7. Donovan Solano 2B, 8. John Brantly C, 9. Josh Johnson RHP.


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Camera Mike

How can any professional baseball team not score in three consecutive games? I've said it before and I'll say it again, this franchise needs a new front office but Loria will never fire his worthless son-in-law or rest of the three stooges. The only hope for the Marlins is a new owner and I have a hard time believing Loria will ever sell the team so long as he can collect revenue sharing from the organizations that actually do care about winning.


Sorry !! Meant tweezers.


My prior post disappeared. So that tweezer comment won't make sense but who cares>

Marlin Fan

Just when you think we hit rock bottom , it gets worse.

Camera Mike


Even without the original post your tweezers comment makes more sense then any move Sampson, Beinfest, or Hill have ever made.


I like the second one, just because DVH calls him Mike.


I sure wish my dad was a high ranking executive in a major league club. Just think of the job security. The team could be absolutely dead with runners in scoring position, and just blank out three games in a row, and Eduardo Perez STILL has his job. THAT is the kind of job security I want.

Marlin Fan

Eduardo Perez was what , a career.247 hitter?????


apparently, the marlins think the hitting coach is doing a good job. is it possible that the offense over the past 150 or so games, going back to last year, could be worse if there was no so called hitting coach?

Monkeys see,  Monkeys cant do

They dont have a hitting coach...Perez is a hitting videoroom tech.."see what that guy does? do the same"

The Only True Fake Alex

They should just do the inevitable and call up yelich and ozuna...f*ck it

The Only True Fake Alex

How many more times do we need to see cousins and petersons go 0-3 or 1-4 give these other kids a shot they just might surprise. instead of kearns and dobbs stealing at bats

baptize the youngsters through fire and get it over with

they shoot horses, dont they?

lets just give the kids a shot and shoot the rest.


You Guys Are Good!! Keep It Up!!

I wish you could have seen Perez' face as I reemed him out from near point blank range in DC. I wish I had known the Spanish word for nepotism but I even got that point across by mentioning "Doggy" a few hundred times.



Fighting Fish get the hat trick! Was it Denny Neagle in 1998 said it's "hard not to laugh at the lineup they're running out there?"



Ozzie, its okay if you can't hit it because nobody else on this god forsaken team can either. You fit right in.


Fake Alex,

Here's why the team will NOT call up Yelich or Ozuna and it has nothing to do with their inexperience or youth. There is no way (of course a piss poor decision long-term for player growth but Loria like most other idiots enjoys instant gratification) the FO will let those guys' MLB service time clocks, ie arbitration eligibility start to tick tock.

Other FO's employ the same tactics but in this case where the season is hopelessly lost these guys should be called up and get a taste of the Bigs.


Same argument was made as to why Coghlan, who has been doing better in AAA, was passed over for Petersen and Cousins. Marlins claimed they were going to go all in on Pujols. Reports claim that the Marlins offered Pujols $250M over 10 years. Yet, they're so cheap they're not willing to let their minor leaguers accrue even the slightest amount of service time. Rather save a few bucks than let Ozuna and Yellich get some big league experience under their belts, or let Coghlan show if he has improved.


Biden must also think you’re suffering from Alzheimer’s. Republicans are responsible for outsourcing? Doesn’t anybody remember Bill Clinton shoving NAFTA down the throats of the American people? I guess Democrats can’t see Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership sitting out there in plain sight.
More than ever, the false left-right paradigm, the same old Democrat-vs-Republican crapola is being used by the political class to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses as the Grand Game of Musical Chairs we call a national presidential election approaches. When the music stops, the same old gaggle of insiders and professional teleprompter readers will grab a chair. The rest of us will be out here in the bleacher stands watching, that is if we can stand to watch.
Like the late George Carlin said: It’s a club – and you ain’t in it.

Stan M

In my opinion, it would,'t be in the player's best interest to rush them from A ball to the majors, but the above financial seasons have validity. Especially Ozuna who strikes out much too much. But shouldn't they be at least advanced to AA ball, and here I include Fernandez. He and Yelich have nothing more to prove in A ball. If advanced now, Yelich and possibly even Fernandez could be called up to the big team late next year and the call up would be legitimate. Coghlan is a complete mystery. Not only should he be called up, but he is desperately needed. Agree with all above who are tired of watching our AAAA players. Right now, the Marlins would pick 7th in this Winter's draft. The team could end up picking 4th or 5th if we keep this up. Good.

Flav C

Stan, it doesn't matter where the Marlins end up in the draft. They could even be first, but they will never get the best player available. They'll go for the 5th or 6th best and consequently, cheaper. They would never pay $6.5 mil of signing bonus for Bryce Harper, or $7.5 mil for Strasburg. Remember this year they haggled for $200K off of the signing bonus of their #1 draft pick and last year they almost didn't sign Jose Fernandez, who wanted $4 million and the Marlins would not back down from their $1.6 million offer. They finally settled for $2 million.
That has been the M.O. of this Front Office over 10 years already: Quantity over quality. Cheaper draft picks.
Think about it: Even if they had the opportunity to get the #1 overall draft pick, and go for guys like David Price, Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, or Stephen Strasburg, they would not. Too expensive.

Stan M

Flav, under ordinary circumstances you are perfectly correct and I agree. However, this year will have to be special after the recent bloodletting. It's more likely that they'll pay for a draft pick rather than sign a big time free agent. Simply because it's cheaper. And boy, do I hope I'm wrong.

The more I think about it, a JJ and rollover Cox to KC for Gordon and one of their top prospects (they're loaded) makes a lot of sense. Takes care of 3B and allows Bono to stay at 2B if Solano not up to task. Hanley went nuts last night. Damn.


Stan, Know your sick of my comments, but Cox is not going to be an answer to anything except for--What was Bobby's last name?? I really hope they bring Coghlin up one more time and this time I want everybody to focus on that pathetic swing and horrific lower body movement. PLEASE call Coghlin up so we can be done with him. If he comes up and rakes at about .150 for 100AB's or so, can that be the end?? Makes Hurricane Hazel in 57 look like a long timer.



I humbly disagree with the FO comment on Strasburg and Harper. Even with a very I'll say frugal at best owner, the above 2 were/are recognized as once in a generation types of talent and I have to believe the fish if so lucky to have had the pick would of taken them.

Flav C

rbleigh, no problem my friend. We're here to share our thoughts and sometimes, agree to disagree.
Its just that there is nothing this FO have done in the past that can convince me they would do the right thing, specially with drafts.


I'm agreeing with Flav on this one. I'm sure there is an unheralded catcher at Broken Arrow High School who they will select. I despise this organization and wish them any type of financial damage ever imagined. I still hold out hope for a REAL expose on the entire gang.


Maybe they would've picked, but it could've been a waste of time for both the Marlins and Strasburg/Harper. They would have demanded $6M, the Marlins would have insisted on $2M, and both sides would not have agreed to a deal.

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