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Beaned batter -- Adam Greenberg -- to get second chance with Marlins

   ATLANTA -- Adam Greenberg, the player whose only plate appearance in the majors culminated in a beaning to the head seven years ago, will be given a second chance to receive an official big-league at bat, courtesy of the Marlins.

   Greenberg, 31, received a one-day contract that will allow him to bat Tuesday at Marlins Park when the Marlins face the New York Mets.

   "It's a dream come true, part two," Greenberg said. "Life’s going to throw you curveballs, or a fastball to the back of your head. I got hit by one of them. It knocked me down. I chose to get up and get back in the box."

 GreenbergOn July 9, 2005, while making his major league debut as a pinch-hitter for the Chicago Cubs, Greenberg was struck in the head on the first pitch thrown to him by Marlins reliever Valerio de los Santos. Greenberg fell to the ground and was removed from the game. It would turn out to be Greenberg's only major league appearance. Afterward, he struggled with post-concussion syndrom, double vision, nausea and vertigo and was never able to climb back to the majors.

    Fred Van Dusen of the 1955 Philadelphia Phillies is the only other player in major league history to be hit with a pitch in his only major league plate appearance without ever taking the field. For official scoring purposes, a player is not credited with an at bat when hit by a pitch.

     Greenberg has been the subject of a national campaign to get him an at bat. The Marlins received special permission from MLB commissioner Bud Selig to allow Greenberg the opportunity. Greenberg recently participated in World Baseball Classic qualifying in Jupiter for Team Israel.

     "He has earned this chance as his love and passion for the game never diminished, despite his career tragically being cut short," said Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria in a prepared statement. "I look forward to seeing Adam step up to the plate and realizing his comeback dream next Tuesday night."

     Greenberg has agreed to donate his one-day salary to the Marlins Foundation, which will then make a donation to the Sports Legacy Institute, an organization that advances the study, treatment and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes.

      "This is going way beyond just one at bat, and beyond sports," Greenberg said. "This was never a gimmick. I got to the major leagues on my own merit, and I earned that spot seven years ago. So the fact this is not my first at bat, that's important. It's just not 'Poor kid, let's give him a shot.'"

      R.A. Dickey, a knuckleballer and Cy Young Award candidate, is scheduled to start Tuesday's game for the Mets.

     Here's the piece that ESPN's "Outside the Lines" did on Greenberg a few years ago:


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Eddie Gaedel was not available.

This will give Samson all kinds of air time and will distract---he HOPES---from all the negative press directed towards the stepfather of the stepson. Fine that the kid gets his AB,however, it would be hilarious if Ozzie refuses to bat him and he kicks the crap out of Loria AND Samson on the field.

Stan M

With our present cast of stars, Greenberg could probably hit cleanup.


The Marlins would be the team to do it.


anything to try and offset all the negative facts about loria and co.

Camera Mike

Which would get a louder ovation at Marlns Park, Greenberg's at bat or Jeffrey Loria taking a fastball to the head?

Stan M

Yesterday I posted my opinion on what players should go. Here are my thought on what non-pitchers should stay:
*Bono-This is a different team with him in the lineup.I think he was miscast hitting #7. Leadoff and run, run, run. His defense is fine in CF...3+ pom poms
*Reyes- He should be an ideal #2 hitter, and run, run, run. Defense also fine...4 pom poms
*LoMo-on two good legs he is a fine hitter and adequate fielder. He's no Gabby but much better than Carlos. Switch to lower against lefties...3 pom poms
*Stanton-I'd like to see him move a little closer to the plate or learn to lay off that low, outside breaking ball. 5 pom poms, only 4 if he's hurt a lot
*Ruggiano-Has given every indication that he can hit ML pitching. Switch w/LoMo against lefties 3+ pom poms
*Brantley-If no competent hitter in a JJ trade is acquired. He hits the outside pitch to the opposite field better than anyone else on the team, but must overcome his uppercut on low inside curves 2+ pom poms
*Solarno-this kid is a definite find. He will never be great, but a team can win a pennent with him as a regular. Improvement over Infante of 2011 2+ pom poms
*if this lineup performs up to expectations, it could carry Cox or other young player here. If a trade for a better third baseman, he might fit one or two knotches above in the lineup. If Cox then 1 or 2 pom poms.

Reserves: I still love Coghlan and would rotate him with other outfielders if healthy. Boggs is a must and Peterson as a 4th outfielder if he keeps that too long swing and if no Coghlan.. Kearns looked out of shape, but he pinch hit well. I'd like to see a kid as a fill-in infielder, someone with potential or via a trade. Murphy can't really hit and is prone to too many injuries. Hope for Yelich after the AS game, maybe to rotate with Ruggiano if he bogs down.
This outfield can cover ground and is a huge improvement from when 2 criples manned the corners. Middle infielders are above average and the corners should be adequate. Brantley has too many passed balls but I anticipate an extensive and intensive off season fielding program. We might need a #2 catcher if not Hayes. I'd like to break in that kid from AA gradually.

Stan M

Camron Mike, I'd like to see Loria in that sea creature race dressed in a devil's costume and with someone with a pitchfork chasing him throughout.

Camera Mike

Great idea Stan, I absolutely love it. We could also take bids from the public to be the devil and then donate the money raised to charity. We could do a lot of good that way.


Why does anybody think Lomo is a fine hitter? He hasnt proven shittt over a full season yet,and probably never will. Damaged goods with all talk ,no proven consistant results. Marlins should have traded him last year before he was exposed as an injury prone .250 hitter.


What? Eddie Gaedels midget relatives werent available?Another cheap publicity stunt by the circus act Marlynns. How about Samson in knickers without a helmet ,taking a few hacks at Dickey?..."Oops it slipped",said Dickey. Would pay to see that. Not much though.

Camera Mike

While I cannot speak for everybody I still believe Lomo can become a good hitter and solid MLB player even though he hasn't shown that over a full season yet. Early on he did show some promise and while that was a couple seasons ago he is still a fairly young player whose biggest problem isn't being injury prone but his lack of maturity. I believe it was a lack of intelligence on the Marlins part on not giving him the proper treatment and rest last off season that lead to his injury this year. Of course if he was a more mature player he would have demanded the surgery sooner to give himself the best chance at being 100% ready for the season. These are problems which can be solved. The Marlins just need to be tough on him through the off season and spring training. I honestly believe a good dose of tough love will help him grow up. I may be proved wrong and he may always show more promise then ability, I just feel it is too early to completely give up on Lomo.


Marlins are stuck with Lomo as he's worthless on the trade market. Marlins have no choice but to give Lomo a last shot and hope for the best.

Flav C.


My only problem with all these players you mentioned above is the complete lack of experience and not enough at-bats to determine what to expect of them and have a good assessment. A team must have at least a couple of regular sure at-bats that would bring some runs in.

If you sum up the career at bats of Boni, Solano, Ruggiano, Stanton, Brantly, and Lomo, all of them together have less at-bats than Reyes.

Boni is a tremendous question mark for me. He only had one good season, which was in 2010. When he's on-base, he is good. The problem is getting on-base. He strikes out a lot, doesn't have a good OBP or bat avg for a lead-off guy.
If I could bring one guy to this team to be the lead-off, that would be Bourn. He hits for average, steals as many bases as Boni, has more pop on his at bats (hits more extra-base hits than Boni) and cover the outfield like no one else. If Bourn can't be signed, then Reyes should be the lead-off guy. His OBP and bat avg are far more superior than Boni's. This idea that Ozzie brought in to have Reyes as the #3 hitter next season is completely crazy.

For the sure at-bat, the Marlins will need to be creative or spend a lot of money in free-agency.
I'd go for Mark Reynolds, if the Orioles don't exercise his option. I've read they are inclined to exercise it.

If they can't get Reynolds, I'd love to see them work on a creative trade with the DBacks for Aaron Hill. He's 2B, so Solano could move to 3B. Hill still has a $5.5 mil contract for 2013.
The DBacks need pitching. Both starting and bullpen arms and possibly a CF, since Upton will most likely not resign with them. The Marlins could send Bell, pay the difference of his contract and throw in an outfielder from the minor leagues.


The pspick should have been put in jail for what he did.

Stan M

Flav, I was all for Bourn as well until lately. He has been awful for 2nd half (.222BA) of season to the point Braves don't want to retain him. Personally I don't like Reyonds either because he has the same disease as so many Marlin players. He strikes out too damn much. I've repeated many times that I like Alex Gordon of KC because he can play LF or 3B, and both well. Many seem to like Justin Upton but my personal feeling is that he is another Hanley in personal makeup. My whole reasoning, Flav, is that next year is one of transition, so the more young players, the better. It would be a major accomplishment to finish as high as 3rd.
Petey, half the teams in the majors would have loved to have LoMo a couple of years ago. The guy plays hard all the time, plays hurt (unfortunately) and hit quite well when he had two good legs under him. Please be patient. The talent is there and he's still young.


probably the only good thing the marlins have done this season

Flav C.

Stan, Gordon is a fine player. But another slap-hitter. He's a Jose Reyes without the speed. Zack Cox in the minors has characteristics very similar to Gordon. A lot of teams were linked to trades for him: Yankees, Braves, and very recently the Red Sox. The Royals pretty much said they won't deal him, unless the other team is willing to give up on prime prospects.

Reynolds does strike out too much, but he does what no other Marlins player in this roster does: brings runners home. He is a sure 75-85 RBI type of guy.

Bourn has been great for several years already. I was just reading the Braves is pretty much in contention to get him back. He brings a steady and veteran at-bat. Much better outfield coverage than any other Marlin we have.

Stan, I know this is a transition year and the team is young. Still, we can't have 6-7 players in the lineup with so very little experience. A team has to conciliate transition with competitiveness, which is what the Nationals did when they signed LaRoche and Werth, to be the veteran at bats to support the young cast they have. The Marlins have Reyes only.
When you have lots of young players without veteran presence and the team doesn't play well, there is a complete meltdown. We've seen this before.
Don't forget that on top of that, there will be 2 very young pitchers as starters, and I'm quite sure that more young pitchers in the bullpen (Ramos, Koehler, Jennings, etc).


This is a publicity stunt by Loria and Samson but still a nice story. I hope Adam gets up and hits one out.

selling like cold cakes

Tickets for publicicty stunt by Dysphunctional Team of 2012 vs Mets next Tuesday available on stubhub.com from .50 cents...

Marlin Fan

I personally like Ruggiano, Solano, Stanton, and Brantly as a good young core . Save for Brantly ( who with his swing and poise at the plate beyond his yrs) , I think all have shown with the number of AB what they can produce at the big league level . None were sept calls up( see above Brantly) who had torrid months and that was it . They have all had months on the job . I agree maybe someone could be brought in A's a veteran , but with all do respect to the aforementioned players , non will have a huge impact on this team. As someone said and correctly so, next yr is a transition yr , and so many of the pieces are still not there yet .
As far as Lomo, I do want to see him succeed , but, I'm still not sold on him. I feel Gorkys can be a 4th OF , although he definarely needs to improve his hitting . I'm thinking maybe keep the starting pitching in tact and revamp the bullpen .
As far as position players , worse case scenario , Dobbs at third , or more valuable off the bench pinch hitting ? Hopefully Cox shows something in spring training to be with the team. I also think give Coghlan one last legitimate shot . As a second catcher , what about Realmuto ? Or is he a 4a player?

Stan M

Marlin Fan, Realmuto was the player I spoke of above but couldn't remember his name. Yes, break him in slowly.

Flav, almost all that you say is correct. But why can't Gordon be a veteran presence himself. He will be 29 next year; a veteran with many years left and whose skill set isn't one that should be seriously hurt at 32 or 33. And, in my opinion, slap hitters are exactly what our ballpark calls for. My next post is going to be about pitchers and in it I will strongly suggest that JJ be traded...and I think that he and one or two others (eg Peterson, James and/or Sanabia) would easily pry Gordon from KC. Remember they have one of the best outfield prospects in the minors and they must make room for him. And Gordon is only making 6 million this year; Loria would love that. JJ is 8-13; I think we have other pitchers who could equal that mark...no matter how good he might be, or what his potential is, he's still 8-13.
Regarding Bourn, the history of leg hitters in their 30s isn't good. An exception might be Pierre whom I bet we both like and admire. Remember we would have to give him a contract that stretches into his declining "speed" years. I'm not totally against him, but do think Bono does the same things, is younger, is faster, and is good in the clubhouse. Maybe Bourn is too, but I don't know that. Lastly, Bourn is a free agent, a relatively expensive free agent, while Gordon is a trade and one that saves the team some gelt. Do the math, Loria will!!!
Flav, as you know, I'm an old fart. And as I look at this modern game, it seems to me that the teams with the kids bust their butts whereas the veterans with their long term contrasts watch their butts. I know it's a flagrent generality, but there is some truth in there, too. Would you rather have Trout and Harper next year, or Fielder and Pujols? Can you see my point at least a little bit?


Glenn Geffner and I had an exchange on Facebook about this. I don't see how this is a good story. The guy isn't terminal or anything. He's just another name that got lost in the system. While tragic he wouldn't be the first and only no name to get injured and not see much if any time in MLB.

It comes off cheesy and insincere in my opinion. I pointed out that two days ago if you googled Marlins the results would yield articles about Bells comments. Today the results are about an inspirational story. I don't see what's inspirational about not being good enough to get a shot at MLB in 7 years of MILB.

Really the only good thing about this is that the guy is donating whatever a one day MLB salary is. The Marlins could've donated the money in his name without much fanfare but what good would that be.

Stan 3

2 pictures of Stan M's better side from tuesdays Braves/Marlin game. I couldn't capture the moment when he yelled to Carlos Lee "Hey Lee, why don't you tell the rest of the team you retired already?"

Stan 3

Forgot the link. Sorry for the double post....

2 pictures of Stan M's better side from tuesdays Braves/Marlin game. I couldn't capture the moment when he yelled to Carlos Lee "Hey Lee, why don't you tell the rest of the team you retired already?"

Flav C.

Stan, I see your point.
Next year I'd rather have Trout AND Pujols.
Or Harper AND Werth.
Or Andy Dirks AND Fielder.
Or JJ Redick/Cespedes AND Coco Crisp/Brandon Inge.

That's exactly what the teams fighting for the playoffs have done: Good core of young players. A couple of good veteran at-bats that can actually produce runs and hold the fort when needed.

Either way, next season won't be a disappointing one for me, since I have "zero" expectations for this team.

Camera Mike

I just realized what is so painful about being a Marlins fan. We all know who is ultimately responsible for this season. Our owner who got involved making baseball decisions in putting the team together, and no matter how far below .500 the team finishes this year he still doesn't realize he is not qualified to make such decisions and will just make more this coming offseason. Most fans of losing teams can manage to generate at least a glimmer of hope and optimism for the next season, but with Jeffrey Loria we don't even get that.

I love baseball and know I always will, but I have never despised an owner as much as I do now.

Stan M

Camera Mike,
I think you have elegantly expressed the thughts of all of us. Nice job.

Stan M

Flav, look at the potential free agents available. The only one with power who wouldn't be bothered by our ballpark is Hamilton. And I'm confident that when not at the ballpark making a nusiance of himself, Loria is home sewing all of his pockets shut znd hiding his wallets. Perhaps I should have said, "Who would you rather watch" rather than "Who would you rather have".

Flav C.

9 straight road losses. This has to be some sort of record.

Flav C.

Stan - I agree. Having Hamilton playing in the outfield close to the "Clevelander" would be a bit dangerous.

Camera Mike

Thanks Stan.

Flav, I couldn't find the record for the most consecutive road losses but did discover that the 1961 Phillies lost 23 straight games and I'd imagine more than 9 of those were on the road.

Stan M

Camera Mike, As bad as Loria is, I've lived through worse. The old NY Mets were owned by a nice old lady named Joan Pason who had the Dupont fortune behind her. When she died, the team was then run be an old curmudgeon named M.Donald Grant. He will forever live in infamy as the (any curse word will do) who traded "The Franchise", Tom Seaver. That knickname had been well earned and was entirely valid. To show you what happened to the Mets fortunes after his trade, I will cite the record of another fine pitcher, Jerry Koosman. In 1976 he was 21-10. In 1977 (Seaver traded in mid season) Koosman was 8-20. The following year he was 3-15. He was then traded to the Minn. Twins and his record was 20-13. That should give you a rough idea of the change in the Mets with Seaver gone. Koosman was a fine pitcher, borderline HOFer, but there was nothing there that even he could help. And Grant still had that Dupont fortune (on a guess, that money could buy and sell Loria 20 times over) but wouldn't spend a penny of it. I'd bet that there are still old Met fans who seek out Grant's grave so that they may relieve themselves on it. Now there was a man to truly hate.

Marlin Fan

Great seats Stan. Your a pollack too ? lol lol

Marlin Fan

Hey , takes one to know one . Lol

Samsons Boyfriend

Stan M ...thanks for your support

Flav C.

Stan 3 - Great shots of Stan M!

Camera Mike

I posted a message about two hours ago and just noticed it appears to have been removed. Which I am a bit perplexed about as there were no swears or threats in it, and it was far less insulting to Loria and the Marlins then other posts on here. So I will give it another go.

Stan, Thanks for the reply to my comments and while I am certainly aware of the Seaver trade and the Mets fans ire of it, and I have heard of Grant I am not fully versed on his cheapness. At least Mets fans have an owner now who is willing to spend and is interested in building a winner. Though after watching Fred Wilpon go through the law suits from the Bernie Madoff disaster, of which I do not believe Wilpon was in any way actively involved and was merely one of the lucky ones to be duped early and therefore make a profit without any knowledge of the crimes, and seeing him almost lose the team over it. One does have to wonder if the Mets fans have worse luck then us Marlins fans.

Besides being a Marlins fan since ' 93 and being a witness to not only Jeffrey Loria but also H. Wayne Huizenga, I now live in Los Angeles and lived through the entire Frank McCourt debacle. While Loria is without a doubt the worst current owner in MLB, and fully does deserve the derision if not outright pure and unadulterated hatred of all South Florida baseball fans. All he has done is ruin one franchise to the point the only way to save it was to move it to not only a new city but to a new country as well as further sullying a team Huizenga did his best to destroy the fan base of. He has yet to attempt to bring down an historically beloved team across all of baseball like McCourt, or even go for pure publicity and shamefully embarrass himself and the club with an action akin to disco destruction night.

Although unlike Joan Pason, M. Donald Grant, or Bill Veeck Jeffrey Loria still has time to go and may very well go down in the annals of baseball history as the worst owner of all time.

I hope this post stays up this time.

Stan M

Camera Mike, didn't McCourt win a few before ruination set in? My surprise is your inclusion of Bill Veeck. I really liked the guy and he was certainly a fan favorite. Built the 48 Indians and , I think, the 59 White Sox. Too lazy to look it up. And his tenure with the poor St. Louis Browns was fun if nothing else. He did more with less money that any owner before or since, in my opinion. It looks like you have a nice future with the Dodgers, but you probably already know about Hanley. He'll never last there for more than one more year anyway. I grew up with the old Brooklyn Dodgers and will cherish those memories till my dying day. That was a team that could be both loved and admired, but it, too, was starstruck. Damn Yankees!

Camera Mike


I included Bill Veeck by mistake, I meant his son Mike who was behind disco destruction night. Bill did have his publicity stunts but he also was fun like you said and did sign Larry Doby thus desegregating the AL. I apologize for my error, e-me.

It does look like the Dodgers have a bright future and I agree with you on Hanley, it's just a matter of time till he tires of L.A. or L.A. tires of him. I'm more excited about Adrian Gonzalez. And as man who is married to a Red Sox fan I'll second your damn Yankees!


Stan M, Do you really "love" the guy you mentioned earlier? And I know you meant "love" as a baseball player. At this point in time and from everything you have seen at every level over the past couple of years, what could possibly be the rational for saying you love this guy as a ball player? I have said nary a word as you and others have continued to suggest how this guy is somehow being screwed in his handling by the Marlins. What could you cite in his minor league and Major League records since Shaving Cream Gate that would suggest a genuine Major League Baseball player is being deprived of an opportunity to display his skills. I'm open to any statistical evidence from either the PCL or MLB that would suggest this is a case that should be reviewed by MLB Union for unfair labor practice.

Stan M

Lou, have no idea whom or what you are talking about.

Camera Mike

Nice clutch hitting from Petersen and Lee tonight. It does feel good to see them showing pride and playing tough this late into a miserable season.

Flav C.

Mike, when the bats are silent, a player has to help some other ways: Gotta love that play from Solano throwing Wiggy out on 3B. And again, Buehrle showing why he's one of the most reliable pitchers in the big league.
2 hrs 22 minutes of game. Lee and Buehrle worked extra-fast.

Camera Mike

Couldn't agree more Flav, that throw from Solano kept us from having to play form behind early which could be deadly to a team not batting particularly well.

Stan III

I believe Lou is talking about Coghlan.

Stan III

Lou, I think people "love" or loved Coghlan because he seemed to play with some fire and moxie, and couldn't be much worse than some of the retreads and AAAA players we have seen in bits and pieces for much of the season. He was the ROY, he hurt himself in a rediculous way, and going back to 2011, he was sent down with decent stats. I've read about shoulder problems from spring training from not throwing much after the knee injury, and trying to compensate in spring training and making up for lost time and over did it. There might have been some clubhouse issues we don't know about. He seemed to play all out to me, and came across as scrappy. He's no Cabrera, I mean, the good Cabrera, not the drunk asking to be killed. Joe Maddon had this to say when he was sent down in 2011: "I have been a big fan of his since I have seen him in the big leagues. Apparently there is something going on there, but I am certain, as they are certain, he is going to be back with the big club this season." He may be a one hit wonder (probably is) and really hasn't done much to deserve a call up, but from a distance, sitting at home, it's easy to think, hey...what happened to Coughlan...he was the rookie of the year....It reminds me of living through Bob Hamlin in KC, you know the 1994 Rookie of the year.....! Basically quit baseball a few years later after grounding out. There was also Angel Berroa, the 2003 AL ROY. He was a mess the rest of his career, and a club house cancer. Coghlan will probably never live up to the numbers he put up in his rookie year, and hasn't even come close at any level, as you said, but when you read about him pre shaving cream it's a nice line:

Coghlan had 41 hits in August 2009, the most for a rookie since Todd Helton hit 45 in August 1998, earning him Rookie of the Month honors. He then followed with 50 hits in September/October 2009, the first rookie with back to back 40+ hit months, and the first player to do so since Ichiro Suzuki in 2004. His .321 batting average was 6th in NL among all players and 1st among all rookies. After the MLB All-Star break, Coghlan led all major league players in batting average (.372) and hits (113). His overall performance earned him the National League Rookie of the Year Award on November 16, 2009.

Baseball is a game that people always look back in time to try and predict the future. It's hard to let go and just shrug you shoulders and say, wha happened??


Solano is a keper. Only the Marlins would not bring him up immediately after Spring Training this year. Now he just needs to stay away from Eduardo.


oops, meant Solano is a keeper, not keper


Agree with everyting you said and especially that "he is probably a flash in the pan", I guess the only reason to still "like" this guy as a baseball player is he once SIZZLED in the cooking utensil while the other collection of culls will never belong on top of a stove.

Must somehow move on from all these individuals or this club remains an entity no longer worthy of attention and/or support. There is no sense in even evaluating or forecasting because the ownership is so onerous as to prevent any reasonable conversation.You can't discuss a baseball operation if the primary figures are not predictable in enacting a suitable model to bring about success. This is almost a classic example of taking a company with one major asset(a stadium) and blowing it up to such a degree that others in the business will be forced in to an intervention to buy you out so that good name of the nationalroduct line will not be sullied to point of detriment for all.

Stan M

There was one reason only that Coghlan wasn't called up this September and someone wrote an excelent article about it on abother site some time ago. It was money and his status. The FO was worried that he would fall into a different status regarding salary, Pure and simple. Boy, Lou, when you gat on something you just don't let up. Let's see what happens. And it is my perogative to "love" him, a political party, a point of view, several dogs, a snake, mouse, rat, kangaroo, or anything else I damn well please. Get on Gorkys, Peterson, Cousins, or someone else.

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