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Beaned batter -- Adam Greenberg -- to get second chance with Marlins

   ATLANTA -- Adam Greenberg, the player whose only plate appearance in the majors culminated in a beaning to the head seven years ago, will be given a second chance to receive an official big-league at bat, courtesy of the Marlins.

   Greenberg, 31, received a one-day contract that will allow him to bat Tuesday at Marlins Park when the Marlins face the New York Mets.

   "It's a dream come true, part two," Greenberg said. "Life’s going to throw you curveballs, or a fastball to the back of your head. I got hit by one of them. It knocked me down. I chose to get up and get back in the box."

 GreenbergOn July 9, 2005, while making his major league debut as a pinch-hitter for the Chicago Cubs, Greenberg was struck in the head on the first pitch thrown to him by Marlins reliever Valerio de los Santos. Greenberg fell to the ground and was removed from the game. It would turn out to be Greenberg's only major league appearance. Afterward, he struggled with post-concussion syndrom, double vision, nausea and vertigo and was never able to climb back to the majors.

    Fred Van Dusen of the 1955 Philadelphia Phillies is the only other player in major league history to be hit with a pitch in his only major league plate appearance without ever taking the field. For official scoring purposes, a player is not credited with an at bat when hit by a pitch.

     Greenberg has been the subject of a national campaign to get him an at bat. The Marlins received special permission from MLB commissioner Bud Selig to allow Greenberg the opportunity. Greenberg recently participated in World Baseball Classic qualifying in Jupiter for Team Israel.

     "He has earned this chance as his love and passion for the game never diminished, despite his career tragically being cut short," said Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria in a prepared statement. "I look forward to seeing Adam step up to the plate and realizing his comeback dream next Tuesday night."

     Greenberg has agreed to donate his one-day salary to the Marlins Foundation, which will then make a donation to the Sports Legacy Institute, an organization that advances the study, treatment and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes.

      "This is going way beyond just one at bat, and beyond sports," Greenberg said. "This was never a gimmick. I got to the major leagues on my own merit, and I earned that spot seven years ago. So the fact this is not my first at bat, that's important. It's just not 'Poor kid, let's give him a shot.'"

      R.A. Dickey, a knuckleballer and Cy Young Award candidate, is scheduled to start Tuesday's game for the Mets.

     Here's the piece that ESPN's "Outside the Lines" did on Greenberg a few years ago:


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Flav C.


What the FO is basically doing is not giving Coghlan enough major league time this season so he is not eligible for arbitration and a bigger salary raise next year. Also, by not being eligible for arbitration, the Marlins can retain him for another year.
They are playing Petersen, Gorkys, and now Cousins simply because those 3 are only eligible for arbitration in 2014.

Camera Mike

It doesn't surprise me at all to learn keeping Coghlan in the minors saves the Marlins money. Nothing is as certain as death, taxes, and Loria playing cheap on his payroll over trying to get wins. Yes he did spend this previous offseason but as we see now he only spent big for half a season.

I am not at all sold on Coghlan being able to put up numbers even close to his rookie year again, but he still should have been a September call up, after all its not like the team had a shortage of holes in the line up. The sad truth is his numbers and performance were on a decline lasting over a year even before the shaving cream debacle. He may have it in him to bounce back and become a major leaguer but I think all of us agree it's a long shot for him to return to the promise he showed. However, I am glad we alt least have him in the minors next year just in case he does surprise everyone and put up better numbers. As I said before we have more then enough holes in our line up and I'm willing to look anywhere to plug them. Especially on Loria's budget.

Stan M

Truly said, Caamera Mike. He could be another Charbeneau. Nonetheless, he has more upside than our other three wanabees. My reasons for liking him were that he always played hard, maybe too hard. He played hurt, perhaps to his detriment. At this point the guy has no trading value, so is just makes sense to see what he can do next Spring. Should he come back, his hitting style is a perfect fit for our ballpark.

Camera Mike

Can someone here remind me, whe was the last time Mike Dunn actually pitched well?

Stan M

Things I would like to see:
*Miggy win the triple crown and MVP
*Anibel pitch well again today
*Eovaldi follow up with another very good performance
*Solarno stay above .300 for the year
*Stanton stay above .290 for the year
*Brantley stay above .300 for the year
The stats really mean little but it would still be nice

Camera Mike, how soon we forget! Dunn went down to AAA and "figuered out what he was doing wrong". Simply overthrowing. Now all is fixed and the guy is terrific. He heard the same voices that helped Bell to straighten himself out. Thank god they gave away the Hopper and Miller for next to nothing. Probably saved enough to buy the trophy wife a new bracelet.

Mike Jacobs is back in majors with Arizona.

scws sr

Why is Ligero1 trashing Stan M in other Marlins stories in the Herald. Dont get it.

Stan M

scws, if you haven't been on this blog for very long, Ligero is a fellow named Axex who was cast off Joe Frisaro's blog and came over here to vilify him pretty badly. I, and others got on his case and he stopped, but started to dominate this post with repititious posts. I got on his case and from that point on he consistently worked me over until he was finally banned from here as well. Unfortunately, he isn't well and a careful observer could literally see him losing his reason. At this point, he deserves more pity than scorn.

Stan M

Since Bill James (HOF I hope) revolutionized the way baseball is viewed and recorded, many new stats have become meaningful, others are now frowned upon. RBIs and pitcher's wins have lost significance, but not to me. WAR is now big (wins above replacement) and it does have relevance...but...it's stats now claim that David Wright and Miggy are roughly equal in value and Trout is about 35 to 40 per cent more valuable than Miggy. I need Flav to work out the exact percentage. Whether Trout or Miggy wins the MVP, it's pretty clear to anyone over 10 YO the Trout isn't THAT much better nor is Wright Miggy's equal. Something is wrong there and I think it's defensive stats which I believe are included.
I can remember a couple of years ago when the defensive stat heads told me that Coghlan was a poor left fielder and to believe them and not my lying eyes. I saw a player drastically improve, stretch out is "infield" arm to the point that he threw acceptably, and more important, to the right base. He always hit the cutoff man as well. I wonder if these things are considered. Bono was rated as below average. Was the fact that he had a criple on either side of him taken into condideation? Did Miggy get any credit for unselfishly moving to 3B so that the team could sign Fielder?
There is one new stat that I do like and that's WHIP. It considers how many walks plus hits that a pitcher give up as compared to his innings pitched. If you look at Dunn, Webb and Bell, you can understand why they stink. Eovaldi is way up there, too, but it doesn''t reflect his recent improvement yet. Compare them with the Hopper and Andrew Miller and it makes one want to cry.


Dear Stan, Those people you mentioned in last sentence were never going to be Major League Baseball players. I do not hold them responsible for inability to perform. If someone overemploys and overpays you for a job you are not capable of performing that is not your fault and I therefore can not hold you responsible for your failings. That troika of outfielders you mentioned are career minor leaguers--except for the Marlins for whom they are the starting outfield at times---it would be cruel and harsh to get on them in any way.

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