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Chipper Jones shares a few Marlins memories

    No telling what the Marlins have in mind as a tribute for living Braves legend Chipper Jones when he plays his final game in South Florida on Wednesday. But, if it has anything to do with Livan Hernandez's 15 strikeout performance against the Braves in the 1997 NLCS, Jones probably wouldn't include it among his favorite parting gifts.

     Jones said home plate umpire Eric Gregg's extra-wide strike zone that day at Joe Robbie Stadium still causes him to shake his head.

      "Saw that on MLB (Network) the other day and I was like, 'Good Lord, I couldn't hit some of those pitches with a telephone pole," Jones said. "And Livan still thinks they were strikes. Talked to him the other day in Milwaukee and we were kind of reminiscing. He's like, 'Man, I could have pitched until I was 80 if I got that strike zone every day.'"

      Jones, 40, is retiring after the season. No active player has played in more games -- or homered more times -- against the Marlins than Jones has during the course of his career, which began the same season the Marlins entered the majors.

      Of his 40 homers against the Marlins, Jones said the one that stands out most was his shot off Ricky Nolasco on June 8, 2008, at Turner Field in Atlanta. It was his 400th career homer.

       "Your milestones, they stick out in your mind," Jones said. "Obviously, 400 home runs, that's a lot of trots around the bases. That's probably the one that sticks out to me the most."

        Jones said the end is starting to sink in as he makes his final visits to cities and ballparks around the majors.

        "It's starting to hit home now," he said. "I've had a lot of last trips into cities this year, but the ones in the East are a little more special because I've got such a history with the Mets, the Marlins, the Nationals and the Phillies. I've got three more cities, and one last home stand. It's starting to get to me a little bit."

        As for the Marlins, specifically, Jones said, "We've had some epic battles down here. The years that the Marlins ended up winning the Word Series, those were some pretty good teams. Seeing Joe Robbie, or Pro Player, or whatever the hell that stadium was called, packed for a baseball game -- with 75,000 or 80,000 people -- that's a memory that you don't forget."


        Jones is not in the starting lineup for the Braves tonight. Either is Giancarlo Stanton for the Marlins. Stanton is dealing with soreness on the left side of his abdomen. He said it's not a big deal and expects to be back in the lineup on Tuesday. But manager Ozzie Guillen indicated that Stanton could be out a couple of days.

         "It's something you have to be careful about because that thing can go for weeks," Guillen said. "I'd rather him to miss two games than miss the rest of the season, because that injury can really put you down for a little while."


          Marlins: 1. Petersen, lf; 2. Hernandez, cf; 3. Reyes, ss; 4. Lee, 1b; 5. Ruggiano, rf; 6. Dobbs, 3b; 7. Solano, 2b; 8. Brantly, c; 9. LeBlanc, p.

          Braves: 1. Bourn, cf; 2. Simmons, ss; 3. Heyward; 4. Freeman, 1b; 5. Prado, 3b; 6. Uggla, 2b; 7. Ross, c; 8. Baker, lf; 9. Hudson, p.

          Umpires: HP -- Bill Miller; 1B -- CB Bucknor; 2B -- Dan Iassogna; 3B -- Vic Carapazza


          Stanton had his own headline for John Buck's game-ending flyout in Sunday's 11th inning: "The walkoff that never happened."

          Buck's shot was caught in the Bermuda Triangle, the deepest recess of the ballpark, by Cincinnati's Drew Stubbs.

          When asked about it Monday, Buck chose his words carefully.

          "My kid thought it was awesome I hit it so far," Buck said, with tongue in cheek. "I walked in the door and Brody said, 'Daddy, you hit it so far!' I looked at my wife and said, 'Did you tell him to do that?' I was able to find some happiness that he thought it was cool I hit it that far."

          Obviously, Buck described his feeling as "frustrated."

          "I knew I got it, but I know where I play," Buck said. "I hit it good. But I know how deep it is. It was probably disheartening to see the one spot where it could land and not go out of the park, or not hit a piece of the wall. That's where I decided to hit it."


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Dr Virgin aint no virgin

Marlins lead the league with young players that miss games. If your a regular starter and cant play 140 games a year, you're injury prone. Stanton,Lomo, and Bonifacio fit that description.

not a Marlins fan

Some Opening Day outfield...and they want to depend on these same guys next season? Why?

fatass joe west

c.b.bucknor...ray charles on a baseball field


Too bad Brantly won't have enough AB's to qualify for the Batting Championship. Why hasn't Buck just been released??


Buck has pics of Samson in Key West during Fantasy Fest


Mr. V...Buck hasn't been released because then Ozzie would only have three guys on his bench instead of a whopping four. Not bringing anybody up to finish season is cheapest thing FO has ever done.


Brantly up to .343. He won't have quite enough AB's to get as many hits as Buck with 200 fewer AB's.

This could really be a GREAT deal. I was so wrong about Infante. The fear in his eyes is palpable. As long as sanchez can get 6 more starts against the Tribe that side of the deal might be okay for the Tigers. I guarantee they don't make that deal now. Brantly may be better than Avila right now.

Flav C.

Lou, you're absolutely right about Infante. He was brought in to be at least a little bit better from what the Tigers had on 2B, and he is going on the opposite direction.

makeup mixup

Did Yunel Escobar wear Samsons eyeblack strips?


Wow!!!! WoW!!!! WoW!!!!

I swear I tuned in only to watch the 9th to see if Evoldi could pitch a shutout. This may be the epitome of what the Florida Marlins are.


I had almost forgotten why this season has been such a dissapointmnent. Then.....Ozzie starts "managing" in the 9th and "puff". Just like that, tie game.


I would rather have the manager from South Africa. Putting the bunt on with Ruggiano had him all turned around. Horrible horrible managing.

Flav C.

Unbelievable. Ozzie must be doing this on purpose as a retaliation for the Fidel incident. Other than that, the only other option is that he is a horrible manager. Oh wait...


Flags, I've been to that beautiful section of Arizona, it amazes me that you are not outside.

I was wrong about the top of the 9th, the bottom of the 9th typiefied EVERYTHING that is the Florida Marlins.

Good Morning

Good Afternoon

Good Night

And Thanks For Coming

Flav C.

Gil Velazquez....why is this guy even called up? Does he have pictures of Samson too?

chapter 9. Managing for Idiots

'How to Blow a Shutout in the 9th Inning' by the Ozzhole.


Lou, all the windows are open enjoying a beautiful 61 degrees. Fall is in the air here on the mountain....but how ye olde heart aches for a fall classic with our Fish.


Exciting for sure. I'll eat a little crow. Rob Brantley is gonna be awesome in the bigs. Nice, patient AB. Jose!


Cabrera at .333 40 and 129.

Let's just say Cabrera was traded for Brantly and Turner.

Marlin Fan

Agreed about Brantly . Years beyond his age A's a hitter . Still needs work defensively . .......disgusted with the Bullpen . Ozzie continues to remove all doubt as to being the worst manager in MLB. ...... Liked Eovaldi's performance

Flav C.

Amazing the state of our team: Last night we had 6 players in the lineup (including the pitcher) who started the season as triple A players, either with the Marlins or somewhere else. Tonight there were 5 (including pitcher). Including a "Gil Velazquez", who will turn 33 and has played minor league ball for 14 years. This is obscene. Somehow it looks like the F.O. is saying a big "F.U." to the fans. And I didn't mean "Fank You".

Over the Rainbow

Velasquez has pics of Samson doing his best Judy Garland{lip sync} at unknown location{White Party} on South Beach.


The reason I watched this was because I absolutely despise the Braves and especially Chipper Jones based upon way too many stories about his interactions with people who idolize him. And before anyone says it--NO!!! I was never denied an autograph by Larry Jones. I think it is ridiculous that human beings ask other human beings to sign their names to a piece of paper. Talk about behavior that should have disappeared in the time of the Pharoahs. However, I also believe that people(and especially kids) who approach their IDOLS deserve to be treated with a modicum of respect and that means even in saying "No" to signing something.

It's somewhat gratifying there will only be about 12,000 people to witness his final game in South Florida. Maybe they should present him a mattress. The Fragile One was actually "injured" while sleeping on a bed in a 5 Star Hotel in New York. Not making that up.


Marlins are expecting at least 15,000 for tomorrows game due to Jose Reyes Bobblehead Nite. Tickets are being price gouged on stubhub starting at a hefty 2.00

Stan M

Couldn't watch game because Cinn games are blacked out in Western NC. While listening, I realized that all baseball fans are quite deaf. How do I know this? Because most commercials are for autos and all auto commercials are always shouted at us.

Ninth inning and it's a "save situation" so naturally the manager brings in his closer. Never mind that the kid had just pitched the best game of his career, etc. But he did throw over 110 pitches and is only 22 YO. But who was coming up? 2 LH hitters, that's who. The play should have been to bring in Dunn for those 2, then the closer because of the closer's trouble with LH hitters. But that's not the way it's done, is it? "Save situation" = closer. There are no exceptions.

Now after putting the Braves back in the game, the Marlins get 2 men on with no outs and the team's best hitter for the past half of the season coming up. Have him bunt, yea, that makes sense. At least it does to Ozzie and this game is another indication of why Ozzie is a horrible tactician. My understanding of a good manager is one who places his players in a position where they can show their best strengths and he failed all over the place here. And the result of all this. Bell will become the closer for the last few games. I loathe the guy but this might not be a bad idea when thinking ahead.

It is criminal that no 3rd catcher was brought up and that a 33 year old "never was" is here to stink up the joint. And why? Money saved, pure and simple.

Which of these off season mistakes was most most egregious? Signing Ozzie; signing Bell, or not signing Cepedes?

shaky the mohel

Bad omen Opening Day.Shaky Ali.Shakier Marlins season.

francis scott off-key

Another Opening Day bad omen..Jose Feliciano with crappy "Jose, Can You See" national anthem.


I agree Lou regarding Miggy. My god Beinfest should be fired on that miscalculation alone. The Marlins should have locked him down forever after his first AB in the bigs!! I can't watch Tigers games because it makes me sick to watch arguably the best hitter in the league...that's the big fish that got away.


Love to watch Tigers games seeing ex Marlins with a class organization,instead of the moronic AAAA Blowfish in little havana.


Reports that Ike Davis may be on the trading block in the offseason. Would the Fish be interested?

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