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Donnie Murphy suffers concussion in loss to Phillies

    PHILADELPHIA -- Donnie Murphy is out indefinitely with a concussion, one he sustained when Chase Utley's leg struck him in the head on a play at third. The injury occurred in the sixth inning when Utley slid into third on John Mayberry Jr.'s RBI single.

     Murphy remained in the game and batted once more, but came out after that due to dizziness.

     "I've been hit in the head before," said Murphy, who was noticeably groggy. "I thought it was one of those things you shake off with a little time. But even during that bat and right after, it just wasn't feeling right."

     Murphy was examined by a physician at Citizens Bank Park and said he would likely be re-examined on Thursday in Miami.

     The Marlins are carrying only 12 position players. If Murphy has to miss time, the Marlins would possibly bring back infielder Gil Velazquez


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Wheres Coghlan??? in the witness protection program??


Murphy is always getting injured. He could've been good, if the injury bug didn't bite him so often.

Stan M

Here is an evaluation of the players for next year's team. I agree with every single thing the guy says with one exception. I'd trade Nolasco and whomever (after our 4 or 5 top prospects)to KC for Alex Gordon. 28 YO, plays 3B and LF, both well. KC needs a pitcher and the Marlins need a hitter. It's a trade that makes too much sense not to happen. Loria would even save a couple million...not that he cares.



that line-up will produce another losing season for the Loria owned mediocre Marlins


hate to be a quitter, but, if i were Josh Johnson, I would ask to be traded...to any other major league team. this was another game where he should have won, with just a little support. the hitting coach must be proud of the success he has had since taking over last year.

Flav C.


I'd agree with you in several other circumstances, but yesterday JJ had the lead and could not hold it. We've seen him pitching gems just to have the bullpen come up and screw it up, but we've also seen him allow 2-3 runs late in tight games, when we needed the "ace" to bring his "A" game.

I agree the hitters didn't do much, but we have to agree Cliff Lee pitched really well for 7 innings.

JJ basically brought this to himself, doing what has becoming a trend of late for him: allowing runs/hits with 2 outs. And to make matters worse, allowing those "2-out hits" to batters that in the past he would easily overpower them. Yesterday with 2 outs he allowed the tying run single to Mayberry and in the next inning, allowed it to extend when there were 2 outs, giving up a single to Pete Orr, and then the HR to Rollins.

It is interesting to notice how his fastball is becoming more and more "hittable". He lost velocity and power on his fastball, and in several games, he's been having trouble to keep the command of his fastball. As an example, yesterday he allowed 3 BBs, 2 of them were straight 4 fastball throws.

Wisely so, he is developing the other pitches to balance that out.

Yesterday, all 4 hits he allowed where on fastballs at 90-91 mph, all bad located. You could see his throw well off Buck's target. And more and more his fastball is not creating outs. The other pitches are actually creating the outs. Using yesterday as an example again, JJ retired 21 hitters: 5 with sliders, 7 with curveballs (unheard of for JJ standards), 2 changeups, and 7 with fastballs. In the past, more than 60% of his outs were via the fastball.

Hopefully he will work hard on his fastball, learning how to paint that strikezone, since his power is gone after the shoulder surgery.


With the evidence now available about the effects of concussions I believe they should be especially careful with him. And just so nobody believes I'm being unfair, my treatment would result in his being paid and also accumulating vested time. I would suggest Donnie be put on the DL for at least 2 years to insure there is no chance of developing all the later illnesses associated with concussive effects. I believe the 2 year stint on DL will insure him of a long and healthy life. It would be dangerous to rush him back.

U dont get what U pay 4

Notice that the 6 players that Loria signed to long term $$$ contracts all turned out to underperform their contracts. Hanley,JJ,Nolasco,Buerhle,Reyes and Bell.


I give you guys credit for continuing to watch this stuff. I guess?? I quit a while ago. It's just too silly and I'm not like one of those "real loyal" FANaticS who remain steadfastly loyal to an idea, entity or person no matter what the actions of said idea, entity or person. I also don't hide in caves or do other things associated with being a "good" FANatic. I will let you guys continue to be unflinchingly "loyal" and true to your "belief" in this team and therefore the justification in believing things will get better. When I reached the point I was no longer even enjoying the 73(a slight exaggeration) Mike(don't believe in calling someone else by a new name after the age of 10 unless it is a woman who gets married) Stanton solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! homers, I realized it was time. Now I read the box scores and continue to be amazed that Buck sees any playing time whatsoever--even against a tough lefty---when it is obvious he is done. Remain impressed with Ruggiano and Salano and also LeBlanc who I wish the Tigers and/or Nats had as a 5th starter. I will return to watching when they give me something to see, hopefully 2014:

Ozuna--LF(After the All-Star break)
Morrison--1B(After he sits out 2013 season)
Nolasco-Starter(gets a long term deal)

Owner and President--Known and still despised

Average Attendance(In Real Bodies)--19,430(OPtimistic)

PS--Please watch Cabrera hit when you get a chance. Hopefully you will also get a chance to see his cannon of an arm and some "fairly" good range and what he touches he fields. It's a treat to watch the guy we ultimately gave away for "The Hopper"--cute name.


I can't wait to see what this team does with 1B and 3B along with trying to locate an "Ace" as JJ is no longer. As has been discussed it appears to be a weak FA market this off season so it will come down to a trade if the Marlins go that route. I still think players would like to come play in Miami even with the strange cast of characters that run the show with Loria, Samson, Beinfest, Hill and Ozzie. I'm sure playing in a brand new park has its benefits. However, playing in front of nobody in the stands could be a drawback.

If karma is real then this season proves it. Maybe Samson will run down the entirety of I-95 to draw in fans or the FO will pay more Mets, Nats, Phils and Braves fans to show up to games. Then we can hit that 20,000 mark!!


I realistically could not include Evoldi's name among the starters. By the way, in 2014 I believe Stanton will be a couple of years away from free agency. Think the Dodgers might like him in RF? Think they can afford it? Maybe a Stanton to the Dodgers for Hanley Ramirez will work? You know, it would qualify for the good of the game.

Infante continues to stink and Sanchez has 1 win(against Cleveland), in the meantime they both have expressions similiar to that on the teenage girl who is about to descend into the cellar with her parents away for the weekend. At least with Annabelle(that is how he is pitching) you don't get all the Infante ritualisic OCD mannerisims, although Annabelle does kiss the ball after recording an out--I'm not fooling!!!

Marlin Fan

Stan , that sounds like a fantastic trade. The only thing that worries me , is getting rid of Nolasco ( who's been very steady, if unspectacular through the years , getting 12-14 wins a yr for a number 3 on this team is not bad . ) if Eolvadli or Turner struggle , then we need Nolasco even more so.
Lou, I love that line up for 2014 , maybe some or the aforementioned players will see a glimpse of next year late.
So I guess Cox is so bad , he can't fill in the last 20 games of a season that has long been over ???

follow a real team & get a life

why does anybody waste their time following these clueless losers trying to run a MLB team???


Flav-appreciate your reply about JJ. True, he struggled through this game, but keep in mind, he only gave up 3 runs. Over his past 10 starts, he has given up more than 3 runs once but doesn't have much to show for it. This has happened to him regularly, he gets little or no run support. It must be very depressing for him and no doubt effects his performance knowing he almost has to pitch a shutout in order to get a win.

Flav C.

richiej, absolutely. He probably foes to the mound already knowing the task ahead.

Marlin Fan, Ricky's 12-14 wins/yr, not all but most of them, are the result of Ricky being the luckiest pitcher in the rotation. He has the highest ERA, but he also has the best run support of them all.


Due to pathetic apathy,tonites game against the Reds will not be broadcast on TV and Rich and Tommy will just take the night off.


DVH doesn't take days off.

missed that call by a mile

too bad...he should go up,up and away....

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