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For second time in team history, four Marlins whiff in one inning

    ATLANTA -- The negative milestones continue to pile up for the Marlins, who were not only shut out for the 17th time on Wednesday, but matched a club record by whiffing four times in one inning.

    Braves closer Craig Kimbrel did it to them in the ninth, accomplishing the rare feat by striking out Greg Dobbs, Donovan Solano, John Buck and Gil Velazquez. Solano reached on a wild pitch on his swinging K.

     It's only the second time the Marlins have struck out four times in a frame. The Reds Frank Rodriguez did it to them in the seventh inning on July 22, 2001, at Pro Player Stadium.

     Kimbrel's 4 K feat was the first by a Brave since Mark Wohlers did it in a 1995 game.

     Three Marlins pitchers have performed the feat, which has occurred 66 times in major league history, according to Baseball Almanac: Kirt Ojala on Sept. 16, 1998, Archie Corbin on April 28, 1999, and A.J. Burnett on July 5, 2002.

      Kimbrel became the 24th pitcher in MLB history to strike out the four batters in consecutive order. Ojala did it, as well.


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Has anyone ever struck out 5 in an inning? I was thinking if an NL pitcher needed 10K's going to the 9th in last game of the season for Strikeout Crown and he had a 14-2 lead against the Marlins, he could strike out first 2 the conventional way and then tell catcher to let 3rd strike on next 8 batters get by him and then strike out 11th guy to end the game and give him most strikeouts.


By the way, just found out definitevly that a tie between 2 teams in same division will be broken by head to head season record and there would be no playoff game to determine winner of division and the wild card. Now this is only IF both teams would make the playoffs anyway, still have not received clarification about what would happen to a team that lost tie breaker IF they were also to miss the playoffs because of that reason. Little complicated.

Camera Mike

Just did a little research and found this site which says 4 is the most strike outs in a single inning but 5 have been struck out in a minor league game 3 times. Don't know how accurate the info is but here is the link http://thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com/most60.html

Camera Mike

I also just found this web site http://thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com/most60.html which talks about a pitcher striking out 5 in an inning in a minor league game. Scroll down to the Charelston-Rome game and read about Mark Montgomery stringing out 5 while giving up a run, two hits, and two wild pitches. Sounds like a real life Nuke Laloosh, all he missed was hitting the bull.


I really, really, REALLY want the kind of job security that only having your dad be a close personal friend of your boss can afford.

Stan M

It's been a horible experience for all of us Marlin fans. A few days ago I defended Beinfest and felt that Ozzie had to go. After my experiences at the game yesteday, and the players stand in defending him, I kind of hope he gets another year even though I still think he is a poor tactician during the games.

That being said, there are certain players who through incompetence or just lack of major league ability should be goners. At the top of my list, and probably everyone elses as well, is Bell. From all that I gleaned Tuesday night, there is zero chance that he will return. Next is Buck. To his credit he always hustles and never complains, but his dismal failure as a hitter is so demoralizing that his departure would be a positive. Beyond these two, the choices are less obvious, yet still necessary. Gorkys Hernandez is pitiful swinging for the fences with his slight frame and he shows little inclination to change. I would like to see him retooled, but that should be done completely in the minor leagues. Peterson is a fine outfielder, but his swing is too long and he is doomed to be a .220 hitter unless he can change, again in the minors. Cousins, and Velesquez are at best career AAAA players and have no business on what will be a transitional team next year. I like Murphy's grit, but I'd rather see Cox or any other young player show his potential or lack thereof. Carlos Lee was an interesting addition a couple of months ago, but he stopped being any kind of offensive factor about 3 weeks ago and can't possibly be retained. In short, if we are going to be a .500 team or less next year, let's do it with young players who show a potential to grow. I'm to the point that I'd rather see the team keep Nolasco over JJ and the latter would probably bring a better return in a trade. Lastly, despite his parentage and sincerity, the results speak for themselves and hitting coach Perez can't possibly be retained. I still like both of the big mid season trades and if I have regrets in that area, it's again moving relatively young Miller and #1 draft choice Dominguez too soon and with so little return. Both are a reflection on the need for better coaching throughout the organization.
It is possible that our hopes can return to a more positive outlook in 2014. In the meantime, I'll be rooting for Miggy, Brice Harper and that crazy Baltimore team. How would we like to have their manager? His clashes with Loria would be something to behold.

Peter Gammons Dog

O's manager Buck Showalter would never work for Loria and Samson,because he would not put up with their interference and meddling in personel matters for one second,among other things.This season the Marlins have reaped what they have sowwed,showing the world they are incompetent baseball people, got lucky winning the WS in 03 with previous owners GM, and will be bottom feeders for years to come.


Stan, why would Buck not hustle? That is literally all he can do. The sum of his talents are running as quickly(not that quickly) as he can to first base on those few times he makes contact. Can't throw, is able to catch the ball and I get a kick out of those who say any catcher "calls a good game and works well with the pitcher", most pitchers would prefer someone who can drive in a run, get on base so he can be driven in and if necessary the pitcher will call his own game.

Flav C.

Lou, on a previous post I copied a link to the wildcard tiebreakers.
If two teams are tied for the Division Lead they will play a one-game playoff match.
If those two teams are not only tied for the Division Lead, but also to the wildcard spot, the team that loses is automatically eligible to play the playoff wildcard game.


Stan...I disagree that the Marlins should "do it with younger players"....Jeffery & his boys should try & find the talent to make it to the playoffs every year.
Staying consistant with the field manager would be a start. It all goes down to having the right people picking the talent. Look at he Rays...they keep winning by picking the right talent...even with some low draft choices. I would hate to see the Marlins turn into the Royals or Pirates.

cellar dwelling fish

turn into the royals or pirates? they already have.

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