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Guillen: Don't Blame the Ballpark

        For reasons unknown, John Buck didn't hang around to talk to reporters after Sunday's loss to the Reds. Perhaps he was late for dinner. Or perhaps he was too angry to talk and didn't want to say anything that might land him in hot water later.

        Marlins Park deprived Buck of a game-winning homer in Sunday's 11th inning, caught in the deepest recess that is the "Bermuda Triangle." Drew Stubbs drifted back into the cutout, reached up with his glove not more than a few feet from Home Run Sculpture, and pulled down the blast for the game's final out.

        Did the ballpark's large dimensions cost the Marlins a win on Sunday? Maybe. Maybe not. Manager Ozzie Guillen doesn't think it did. In fact, Guillen said that if the series with the Reds had been played in their bandbox -- Great American Ballpark -- they would have swept the series. They, too, Guillen said, had a few deep drives go for outs in the series.

        Watch what Ozzie had to say about it afterward. Then tell us if you think they should bring the fences in at Marlins Park.