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Guillen: Don't Blame the Ballpark

        For reasons unknown, John Buck didn't hang around to talk to reporters after Sunday's loss to the Reds. Perhaps he was late for dinner. Or perhaps he was too angry to talk and didn't want to say anything that might land him in hot water later.

        Marlins Park deprived Buck of a game-winning homer in Sunday's 11th inning, caught in the deepest recess that is the "Bermuda Triangle." Drew Stubbs drifted back into the cutout, reached up with his glove not more than a few feet from Home Run Sculpture, and pulled down the blast for the game's final out.

        Did the ballpark's large dimensions cost the Marlins a win on Sunday? Maybe. Maybe not. Manager Ozzie Guillen doesn't think it did. In fact, Guillen said that if the series with the Reds had been played in their bandbox -- Great American Ballpark -- they would have swept the series. They, too, Guillen said, had a few deep drives go for outs in the series.

        Watch what Ozzie had to say about it afterward. Then tell us if you think they should bring the fences in at Marlins Park.


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Camera Mike

After one near home run and over 100 poor porformances this season, John Buck has no right to be angry over the fences.


ozzie trying to double talk like casey stengal used to? the other day ozzie spoke in support of the way the team still plays hard even though they are in last place. today he talks like a manager who wants to get fired.

mr whipple

Same ol' Ozzie,spewing nonsense diarrhea outta both sides of his ozzhole...Clean-Up..Aisle 13


Ozzie stop covering up for the FO. The fences ruined it. The fences took away a possible Jose Reyes homer that would have given the Marlins the lead instead of just tying it. The fences ruined a John Buck homer that would have won the game.

And after that whole bird-flipping fiasco, you bet Buck doesn't want to talk to reporters.


A Great Stat, I think it's great, with 259 more AB's than Brantly, John Buck has 43!!!! more hits. I'm telling you if Buck plays another game this year before being released this Winter, MLB should conduct an investigation into what is behind it grom a competitive standpoint.

322 AB's 63 Hits

63 AB's 20 Hits

That ain't even funny. Well, yes it is.


Think Brantly would have had at least 43 more hits with an additional 259 AB's??

Flav C.

The fences also ruined homeruns by Bruce and Votto on Friday.
Sometimes we just need a single to win a game, not a homerun. Had Stanton made contact in the 10th for a single, with Ruggiano in 2B, the Fish would've won it.

Instead of complaining about these missed HRs and dimensions of the field, we should be complaining about the fact that Reyes went 3-5 with a double and never reached farther than 2B. Stanton continue swinging to the fences when Reyes is on base, and the pitchers have realized that already. They throw garbage and he swings at it. When a guy like Reyes is on base, Stanton has to focus on making contact. Just put the ball in play, no need for Home-run type of swing, those will come naturally. Let Reyes do the running.

The team played a very good series against a pretty good team. The team hit really well against good pitching, and our bullpen, incredibly enough, had pitched 8.1 innings of 1 earned run in this series, until Zambrano came on-board.


We complain about that too Flav C., but the homers!


agree about Stanton swinging too hard when all he needs is a base hit. i think the Marlins need to hire a hitting coach. there must be one available somewhere. try the local colleges, high schools, little league, etc.

Flav C.

bob, I know, I agree!
Yesterday I was sitting just by where Reyes missed his HR by a couple of feet and was thinking the same thing: "Damn, this is too far". I think he could have gotten a triple but he didn't run that hard thinking the ball was gone.


Of course we need the fences in!!! How can the fans tell the FO that we want the fences to be moved in???


Holy crap...this seasons still going?

Baseball Stew

Marlins will go over 2 million attendance at tonites game. A huge disappoint for Samson and the Marlins, as he told everybody before the season that the number would be well over 3 million. Just like the quality of their players, another poor judgement/evaluation by the Marlins. They lead the league in crapping themselves this year.


I know that none of you believe there were an actual 2,000,000 bodies in that stadium this year. They can say there were 4,553,421 people for all I Care, we all know the truth. And IF you do believe that number, there were 50,000 at the University of Miami game Saturday.


Samson might actually tell himself he is a 6'4" power lifter who resembles a young Sean Connery. The dream world that Samson lives in would prove to be an interesting study into the human mind.


I agree that you can't blame the fences, however it does bring up an interesting point going into next year. Should the Marlins think about doing what the Mets did? The park plays huge as we all know now. I like pitchers parks but with Giancarlo on my team I may want them in a few more feet. Don't know if this is even an option to bring in the fences?

Radcliffe Bond

ESPN Home Run Tracker says Marlins Park is the third stingiest in the majors with 1.43 HR's per game. Only AT&T with .99 and Petco with 1.32 have fewer home runs per game. However, if you compare the distance to the foul poles and to dead center for MLB parks, AT&T and Petco are on the low end. Marlins Park is on the high end but Comerica, Miller, Coors and Wrigley appear to have more outfield than Marlins Park. However, Comerica has 2.01 HR's per game, Miller has 2.76, Coors has 2.74 and Wrigley has 1.97. Could it be that the hidden factor is the roof? Safeco (retractable roof) and Tropicana are the stingiest in the AL with 1.36 and 1.65 HR's per game respectively. It might be cheaper to open the roof or windows and turn up the air conditioning than make major structural changes in the field.

P.S. At this point the Marlins have 49 HR's in Marlins Park and their opponents have 54.


The "hidden factor" is the hitters. The Marlins aren't exactly loaded with sluggers.


good post RB...Marlins did win the series & had chances to sweep it. The team appears to be playng slightly better & we do have a god chance to get out of the cellar.


good post RB...Marlins did win the series & had chances to sweep it. The team appears to be playng slightly better & we do have a god chance to get out of the cellar.

last place bennies

who cares if the Marlins finish last? Higher draft choice for the losers...


Great post Radcliffe!!

phonies r them

samson and gang will never open roof. they might melt.


This Turner and Brantly deal may end up being a miniature version of the Cabrera giveaway. Infante STINKS!!! I don't know if it is just the AL factor kicking in or if he is just a colossal choke artist under pressure?

Omar, we hardly know thee

Infante gagged on DP turn,chokes in loss to Chi Sox.

Flav C.

What a horrible pitcher this Rick Porcello is, God gracious.

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