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Healthy Josh Johnson nearing completion of a full season Monday night

Josh Johnson won't measure his success in 2012 in terms of wins and losses.

Johnson feels he will achieve the biggest goal he set for himself Monday night when he pitches his final start of the 2012 season against the Mets. The outing will signify a fully healthy season for the Marlins ace, who returned from a shoulder injury that limited him to only nine starts last season.

Johnson (8-14, 3.81 ERA) will make his 32nd start of the season giving him the most in a season in his career since he started 33 in 2009. Johnson was an All-Star in 2010.

"Getting through the season healthy was the biggest thing for me this year," Johnson said. "I didn't really set any goals as far as numbers or wins. The biggest thing was stay healthy and be able to go out there night in and night out and get outs."

Although Johnson, like most of the Marlins starters this season, has been durable, it's been a frustrating season in terms of results.

Johnson has pitched 191.1 innings this season and has 165 strikeouts, but has allowed 180 hits (just four shy of his single-season career-high) and has allowed 81 earned runs - his most ever in a single season. Johnson's 14 losses will be his most as well and more than he had combined the past four seasons.

The biggest problem has been lack of run support.

Johnson has been receiving a Major League-worst 2.92 runs per nine innings, and only 2.32 during his past 12 starts. The second-lowest is Nathan Eovaldi (2.94) who started Sunday. And former teammate Anibal Sanchez (3.28) has the second-worst for a pitcher with at least 30 starts this season.

Johnson, however, said he's feeling well physically after a long season, something he's taking as a positive sign heading into next season.

"All the rehab I did last year put me in the correct position with my shoulder to be in this spot," Johnson said. "You're always going to be a little sore and tight at the end of the year, but overall my shoulder feels as good as it did at the start of the year."

Sunday's lineups

Phillies (79-79): Rollins ss; Pierre lf; Utley 2b; Ruiz c; Brown rf; Schierholtz cf; Ruf 1b; Orr 3b; Hamels p

Marlins (67-91): Hernandez cf; Petersen lf; Reyes ss; Stanton rf; Lee 1b; Solano 2b; Buck c; Velasquez 3b; Eovaldi p


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Camera Mike

Another strong performance by two of the Marlins best players. Mike Dunn proving he did learn from his stint in the minors faced 4 batters and gave up 3 hits with 1 out, though unfortunately for him the one out was a sac fly. And John Buck went 0-4 with a strike out to end the game while representing the tying run. Ozzie if you read this we only have three games left and it would be nice to win them, please bench them both for the 3 games.


ozzie no reed ingles...ozzie no care..

Camera Mike

Batboy, most of us in here have our disagreements with Ozzie but please don't make fun of his accent or speech. At best it's immature and at worse it can appear racist, please don't go there.

Flav C.

Eovaldi might or might not become a reliable starter in the future. However, one thing is clear at this point: He can't get left-hitters out. Lefties are hitting .327 against him, with an OBP of .392.
The NL East is loaded with left-hitters and switch-hitters. If he doesn't work this out, he has no future in the NL East as a starter. We've seen the same issue with Andrew Miller who had one of the worst stats against lefties as a Marlins player.
Part of the issue is with the player. The other part of the equation is coaching.
As a reliever in the Red Sox organization, Miller succeeded and is now a reliable pitcher out of the bullpen. And lefties are now hitting .179 against him.

Flav C.

Correction: left-hitters are batting .133 against Miller. Not that this really matters to the Marlins any longer.

mrs andrew miller

who gives a flying f.ck about Andrew Miller

Camera Mike

Flav, that is just further evidence that we can probably find a better pitching coach the St. Claire


Flav, the magic word is "coaching". St Claire and Eduardo must work cheap. I cannot think of one player who has improved due to them. Obviously, all position players and pitchers that are or have been on the Marlins have been talented. They were good enough to be promoted from Double A or Triple A, up to the Major League Team. However, every one of them has had problems at the Major League Level. Knowledgeable coaches can help, but knowledgeable coaches must first be hired.

Flav C.

richie, mike - Unfortunately, this FO does not spend money on good coaching.
They are spending money on Ozzie, which does not translate to good coaching.

When they brought St.Claire, there were two other names being considered and apparently were interviewed for the job (don't quote me on that): Rick Peterson (coached Mulder, Hudson, Zito in the As' and later on went to the Mets), and Carl Willis (coached Sabathia and Lee with the Indians, and Felix Hernandez with the Mariners, all Cy Young winners during his tenure).

Willis is still the Mariners coach, doing an excellent job with that rotation which includes former Marlins Jason Vargas.

Peterson is Director of Pitching Development with the Orioles.

I guess they were too expensive to Loria's pockets and we got stuck with St.Claire.

Cheap Unglorius Basturds

According to Mike Beradino in the Sun Sentinel,in a story he wrote the other day,the Marlins coaches are tradionally amongst the lowest paid in MLB. Big surprise. Further proof,Loria gets what he pays for.

Stan M

I'll bet this inexpensive coaching business extends to the minors as well. There have been too many deAsa, Miller, Andino, Vargas, Christian Martinez types who went on to better things elsewhere. Now Dominguez might be another tragic example. Perhaps some of those draftees were good picks that were poorly developed. Flav, that is some terrific research and the whole post makes one stop and think.

As an old man I get up and have good days or bad days. Good days are when Hanley takes an O-fer and bad days are when he gets at least 2 hits.

Lou, way back you mentioned rooting for the Nats. I do too, especially Harper. But their winning is understandable. They've got a darn good team. But Baltimore being tied with the Yankees. I think it's great but incredibly diffcult to understand.


The end of the season is upon us...with all of the bad decisions this season...especially in July, I'll probably be disappointed in the all of the upcoming bad decisions that are about to be made during the off season. It’s tuff being a marlins fan.


Stan, Look at the ages of some of the Bronx Blunderers. And Poor c(carbonated)c(cola) looks like the advance party for a cardiac ward.

Too bad you guys have not watched the Tigers the way I have--why would you---the most amazing thing has been Miguel transforming himself into a very adequate third baseman. his lack of range is exacerbated by Peralta being a statue,however, he still makes many find plays and has very good reflexes on line drives and he NEVER makes a bad throw with that cannon arm.

Camera Mike

If anyone is attending one of the last three games could you please start the "Loria must go!" chant? I am positive it would not be difficult to get the crowd to join in on that one. Plus if it happens often Sportscenter might decide to show it and I wouldn't mind if Loria is embarrassed nationally.


Dear Camera Mike, The Tigers, who I have followed since 1956, need a RF and a SS. How about Stanton and Reyes to Detroit for Porcello, Boesch, Phil Coke(or a bottle of Coke)and 3 or 4 minor leaguers who are fringe prospects? Before you disagree, realize the Tigers and Marlins have already practiced making this deal when they did the Triple Crown candidate and MVP candidate for essentially Badenhop. Let's get it done. We can cut salary and await Yelich.


Hey guys do the Marlins still suck?
Oh yes they do , goodnight. Thanks Loria you crook !

Camera Mike

Lou, thanks for reminding me that Loria has tried to turn the Marlins into a minor league affiliate of the Tigers. Perhaps the chant should be "Drop Dead Loria!". No disrespect to the Tigers, but its time for the owner to treat the team like a major league team.

now hear this

just a reminder, 2013 season tickets are still available. good seats still can be had.

Camera Mike

Just heard JJ is scratched for tonights game due to a tight hamstring. So much for this story on him finishing a year healthy. Le Blanc will pitch in his place.


Camera Mike, You deserve tickets for EVERY game played in Southern California. Your passion and dedication are beyond reproach--I personally think you are crazy(JUST KIDDING)---If I could suggest something. Root for the Nats and Orioles in the upcoming playoffs. Can you imagine a Baltimore-Washington World Series and the pandemonium in the Beltway.

I live in South Carolina and I'm constantly reminded that anyone who is really liberal should have to spend a year in San Francisco and anyone who is really conservative must spend a year in Greenville, SC. Hopefully either one of those experiences would moderate the viewpoints of each person. There is no doubt if a reincarnated Thomas Jefferson at the peak of his intellectual brilliance ran as a Democrat against a 6th grade dropout who was running as a Republican for a Congressional seat in South Carolina, the dropout would win. A bit of reaslity is setting in among all my conservative buddies in the Palmetto State.

Camera Mike

Lou, Thank you for those kind words and I always do attend at least one Marlins game when they make their yearly trip to Dodger Stadium. I know I can be a passionate and emotional fan, and sometimes probably far too much emotional. My father is from Chicago and a life long Cubs fan, thus I was raised to always love your team and to never give up on them. I know I have made some strong comments on this blog, especially regarding Jeffrey Loria. If I have ever gone too far and upset someone I do apologize as that was never my intention. I have been a Marlins fan since the day Charlie Hough took the mound against the Dodgers back in 1993 and this season saw years of frustration bubble over in me. That being said I fully admit I am crazy and say so with no shame or embarrassment.

Also I already am rooting for the Orioles and have been for a few months now. My wife is a Red Sox fan so we always pull for them in the Al east but when it became apparent they would not make the playoffs this year we both starting cheering for the O's. Both out of a desire to see someone besides the Yankees come out of the east and also because Baltimore is a great sports and baseball town so it's great to see this for their fans after so many disappointing years. On the NL side I am pulling for the Dodgers having lived in L.A. for over a decade now they have become my second NL team, but if they fail to make it I will probably cheer for the Cards as I have always liked them as well. Please don't tell my Cubbie father.

I'd also like to thank you, Stan, Flav, and the other regular posters on this blog. I have read Fish Bytes for years but for some reason never scrolled down to the messages until this season. While I do follow the big league club I don't know much about our farm system and have found all the comments the rest of you posted to be enlightening as well as entertaining and thank you for educating me on the players I will be seeing in the years to come.

I know this has been a bitter, depressing, and even angering season for us this year. Especially coming off the one off season where we actually did try to greatly improve. Hopefully Jeffrey Loria finally does learn something about being a good owner and surprises us all by building off the pieces we do have instead of trading away our present for future prospects, so next year can be the season we all want. Even knowing Loria's history I know I will have a hard time not falling into the same trap of every fan of a disappointing team, optimism for next season.

I hope everyone here enjoys the final three games of this season and it would be great to see a couple more wins so we can end this year on at least a small high note.

Stan M

Camera Mike, you are relatively new to this blog and I just want to say that I hope you stay. You rank right up there with our more interesting posters. The fact that you have occasionally agreed with me is also a definite plus. We should all have a blast either expressing hope or disgust with developments.

Lou, I will never reveal what was disgussed in our long chat with Clark last week with this one exception. He would greatly prefer that we not use this blog to express any political point of view. Please take heed.

Marlin Fan

Does anyone think that if Stanton played all 162 games he could have hit 50 hrs? Another thing I think is impressive , is Lee's RBI 's this season. He played in two of the worst teams in MLB and still ended up with , what 75 RBI .

Marlin Fan

Why have Solano bunt ?? Understand the concept but not with the batter . Ozzie ???

Flav C.

Marlin Fan, statistically speaking, with a HR at each 12 at bats, and considering he has 3.65 at bats per game, if Stanton were to play 162 games this season he would hit approximately 50 HRs.
The fact that he doesn't have a Fielder, Teixeira, or Beltre to protect his at-bat makes his 37 HRs even more impressive.

If my grandma had Balls,,,,

'Does anyone think if Stanton played 162 games'. Bored and wishful dreaming Marlins fans left to mental masturbation. Guess thats all they have left after a horrendous,embarassing pitiful season.

Stan M

Had on Met telecast and it showed Salerno safe at 1B. Hope he doesn't miss .300 BA because of a blown call.

whatsthatsmell...dead fish

According to the yaledailynews.com ,a truck loaded with Fish crashed into the Loria Center at Yale yesterday. Sorta typifies the Marlins season. Ironic.


was Ozzie driving?

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