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Jeffrey Loria angered by Fredi Gonzalez's comments

     NEW YORK -- Jeffrey Loria is outraged with Fredi Gonzalez’s published comments in which the former Marlins manager said that no manager ever seems to satisfy the owner.

    Gonzalez, who now manages the Atlanta Braves, is quoted in Sunday's Miami Herald as saying: “There’s not a manager dead or alive that Jeffrey thinks is good enough. Not Connie Mack, not anyone.”

    Loria said that if Gonzalez made those comments, “I’m a little surprised because it’s classless -- and you can quote me -- especially because he was with us for five years and he was a colossal failure. Not nice. Not nice.”

    Loria expressed his feelings to a group of reporters waiting outside the clubhouse following the team’s 3-2 loss to the Mets on Sunday. Gonzalez managed the Marlins from 2007-10, going 276-279.  

    The last two winning Marlins teams, in 2008 and ’09, were managed by Gonzalez. But Gonzalez was fired in June, 2010, after the team got off to a 34-36 start.


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I am sure Giraldi feels the same. It's lorias fault this team stinks

Marlin Fan

Unfortunately Loria is clueless about running a team, and anyone who disagrees with him is gone . Maybe he should look in the mirror for the problem .

Camera Mike

As long as Loria is in command the Marlins stand zero chance of making the playoffs or even approaching a .500 record. He is the problem as all but himself and his son in law can clearly see. I truly want to see the fish succed but I know that will never occur with Loria making the decisions. In all my life I have never seen anyone who always chooses the wrong choice and makes the poor decision.

Mando is an idiot

Freddi was not a failure. Your inept leadership and the lack of giving fredi good players was a failure.

Blow it out urass , Loria

Hey Loria...in 09' Fredi went 87-75..how's that for colassal failure, you freakin douch-nozzle...


Oh wow that's nice. Colossal failure. Wow Loria.

Marlin Fan

Don't forget to add in Manager of the yr Giraldi , who may have been the only person to be names manager of the yr and fired the same yr. Loria's track record precedes him .

Marlin Fan

I know this will never happen, but perhaps the media should hound and hound Loria and make him answer for his descions . Maybe he'll feel it isn't worth all the hassle and sell the team. One can dream


and without fail, Loria embarrasses himself with his reaction that mimics those of a petulant child. He's a disgrace. Please sell the Marlins and GTFO of town already, you carpetbagger.

Camera Mike

I think it's time for a full boycott of the Marlins until Loria sells the team.

scws sr.

HaHaHa...Loria wrote the book on "classless"..just look around him.


We'll see if the Miami Herald has the balls to hound Loria. They barely did anything to Loria when the revenue sharing scandal popped up, when the team's financials came out, when it was revealed that Loria cheated Miami-Dade taxpayers out of millions of dollars to build his stadium. They're not gonna hound Loria until he gets rid of the team. The job of the Miami Herald is to push the agenda of Miami politicians, not put the baseball team's owner's feet to the fire.


Loria and his brat Sampson know nothing about humans!!

stu harmon

Look folks Face it Loria is making a ton of $ with this bad ball club. Hes a successful art dealer and has kept the front office personal employed for over 12 years. So what ever you want to say about him , hes certainly not a dummy. In the beginning of the season we were all congratulating him for spending big bucks on free agents and building one of the most beautiful stadiums ever. Because the players he picked didnt work out now he becomes a big stupid dummy? Should he have signed Pujols for a billion $ and now the Angels with Pujols wont even make the playoff. He got it right with Mark Buerhle and Reyes so two out of three aint too bad. Just the rest of the team sucked and tons of injury and you have to believe Ozzie didnt all of a sudden become a stupid , dumb manager overnight.
Also spent big bucks on a manager who had a lot of success in Chicago and won a world series. Give the guy some credit for being a shrewd business man and lets hope he has the good common sense to back off on player selection and let his baseball people do their jobs. In the mean time lets root for Freddi to win it all with the Braves and lets root for Joe to win the AL title with the Yankees for a nice Braves Yankees World series. Posted by Stu


Have you ever read anything in the Nerald or Sun-Sentinel that would give you any faith they would hound Loria about even his choice of artificial sweetner? Nobody(Figuratively) cars about the Marlins why waste your time hounding a stooge and/or his midget side kick?

 a marlins fan

Lets just hope Loria drops dead and his estate has to sell the team


Loria's a jerk...That's been documented and notarized.
But the payout clause on the ballpark contract seems (though I'm no lawyer) to provide that Jeffrey will have to cough up some major bucks if he sells more than 50 percent of the team before 2016. Which means that the boys at LIGO will detect gravitational waves before the Fish get a new owner.
So as much as it hurts, our fate as Marlins fans rests in Loria's chubby, varicose-veined hands and anything that hits him in the pocketbook — like boycotting the team — will only make things worse for us. It might be fun to see the Herald go after Jeffrey, but that won't help either because when you have an ego the size of Mt. Fuji, any kind of attack simply fuels your martyr complex and makes you dig your heels in harder. Flagstaff could probably put it in more elegant terms, but I think I'm pretty close. If you need evidence that he doesn't respond to criticism rationally, reread the story above.
Our only hope is that the SEC or the IRS will come down on our friend and his henchmen, and that MLB will do the dirty work for us.


After rereading my post above, I thought I should clarify: I didn't mean that Flagstaff doesn't respond to criticism rationally, I meant Loria. Flagstaff actually seems quite rational for a guy who lives at an altitude that has been known to turn ordinary citizens into crazed gunmen.


Fredi was a complete failure??? Everything at the Marlins is a huge success since Fredi left?

Some may say that loria is delusional, I say Crazy people think everybody else is crazy.


lb ...good post. Jeffery does have a sensitive ego. You are correct that the new stadium contract does prohibit him from selling right away. I bet if Jeffery were offered something close to Dodger money...he would find a loop hole around the no sell clause. I’m just hoping something rational is done after this lousy season.


Just read an article in the sun sentinel where apparently Ozzie pissed off Loria so hearing Fredi's comments might have sent him over the top. I guess the truth hurts.


Showtime left too soon.


Who the hell would want to come manage this band of losers. How far must've Coghlan fallen from grace that Scott Cousins gets recalled before he does?


Loria embarrasses himself with his response that imitates those of a petulant kid. He's a shame. Please offer the Marlins and GTFO of city already, you carpetbagger.

Flav C.

Interesting to see Joe Rose on NBC6 Sports Final program last night trashing Loria.
"You should fire yourself", those were his words to Loria.

Stan M

Wow! Just read that comment about me. Hang in there, Alex.
There is a lot of truth in that stu harmon post above. Loria is rich, bamboozled Montreal, then Miami, has a trophy wife, and a son-in-law who just adores him. I can't guess at how intelligent he is, but the guy invented the word "shrewd". And above all else, he didn't let Ali fall out of the cart in that horrible opening day ceremony.
You know, being on his case hasn't worked at all. Maybe we should all praise him and feed that enormous ego. I'm willing to try anything to see this team improve. Being swept by the Mets can reinforce humility a hundredfold.


Joe Rose trashing Loria is comendable,however keep in mind, that people who know Joe Rose personally will tell you that Rose' I.Q would be alot higher if he played football without wearing a helmet.

Stan M

Lou, I think you should reread David Hyde's article in the Sentinal of a few days ago. Pay particular attention to the last sentence.


Stan, I guess you are alluding to Hyde being critical of Loria. You are correct and I was wrong in not stipulating that it is the actual "beat writers" I was discusing as being unwilling to discuss Loria. That was my fault.

For you, Laurel, Flags,Marlins Fan and the other 10 people who care in South Florida--Why do you guys(girls)believe neither the Herald or Sentinel has done an expansive and vitriolic expose discussing this clown? In most cities you would have the local papers intimidated by the cozy relationship that exists between the team and its fan base,however, you have none of that here and there would be thousands who would enjoy Loria being ripped with not one iota of sympathy for Samson's benefactor. Why is this not done? It's not as if a Loria threat of cutting off access would have any effect on subscribers or internet readers. Why don't they sheer him off at a very private area. Hell, let all of us get together and produce the article. Stan and I have the TIME to do the reserach, Laurel has the newspaper knowledge and while many of you have LIVES, I believe you would all sacrifice some of your time to really engage in the first unpaid disection of a sports mogul in a large newspaper.

Stan M

Lou, I respectfully think you are not being realistic in expecting our very few beat writers to nail Loria as we all would wish. They would be cutting themselves off from the job they have been hired to report on; namely the team and its fortunes, or in our case misfortunes. And in that, I for one, think they do a pretty good job. Did you consider that they might take some derogatory tidbit and feed it to the columnists who can get away with what you are asking for. I would be surprised if that doesn't happen , and frequently.
Right now it should be the reporters who specialize in tax and political shananigans who should have an eye out for our beloved owner and his apostle. Look at it from this point of view. Loria is universally disliked or even hated by everyone who has more than a very casual interest in the Marlins. How did that happen? Somebody must have said something.

Personally, I think a more realistic approach would be to somehow create an atmosphere in the ballpark where everyone shouted, "Loria must go" during each game. I believe that there is enough animosity out there that nearly all fans would take up such a chant if it were inaugurated properly.


Do the Marlins advertise in the Herald? I don't get the print copy so I don't know but if they do the Herald will go out of there way to protect them. That would explain why this blog is so pathetically uncritical of the franchise. When I worked for the Panthers they were perfectly content to spend no money and make no attempt at winning or drawing fans because they make tens of millions of dollars off the arena alone each year. Yet they kept running ads each month in the Sun Sentinel and in exchange received favorable even fawning coverage.

Follow the $. Its easy for Joe Rose to criticize the Marlins when their games are not broadcast on wqam. He wouldn't dare do the same to the dolphins. They part his salary, give him radio guests so he shills for them. But there is a business relationship between the Herald and 790 (which broadcasts Marlins games on radio). Lebatard has that possible felon Samson on his show for two fawning segments each week, so no surprise you won't see real critical reporting on the Marlins from either the herald or 790. Its all about those broadcast rights and add dollars.

Camera Mike

Stan, like everyone else here I would love to hear a Loria must go chant at a game, but unfortunately Loria would view it in the same way he did Fredi Gonzalez's comments and completely ignore it. I think the only way it could work is if it was chanted outside of the stadium by a larger crowd then the one inside watching the game. That would garner the attention of ESPN and MLB Network and force Loria to publicly answer the national press.

Flav C.

What is seems to go unnoticed is the fact that the Ballpark still has no sponsor.
Companies like Goya, Bacardi, and Carnival are probably giving a big sigh of relief for not signing anything with the Marlins.
Come to think of it, I prefer "Marlins Ballpark". And looking at the scenario ahead, this is pretty much how it will be called next season.

Aldo the Apache

Evidently, Loria's ego is as huge as Clark Spencer's forehead.

Flav C.

Just read an article on ESPN about Bell and an interview he gave to 560 AM here in Miami.

Long story short: Bell bashing Ozzie.

A 5.19 ERA closer bashing his stupid manager.

What is wrong with this scenario?

I think I'll vomit.

Camera Mike


I just read the same article and please make sure there is room in your bucket for my vomit as well. Bell states he stunk in April, but he forgot to mention he also stunk in June and July. As well as forgetting to say when he did get a chance to close again in September he promptly gave up a home run to the first batter thus blowing yet another save. I feel safe in saying all of us here have some serious complaints about Ozzie (one of the main ones being how long he stuck with Bell in the first half of the season), but it is patently absurd for Bell to complain about Ozzie considering the amount of games he personally cost the fish.


Heath Bell--Relievers have nicknames:

Cuerpo Feo

Taco Gordo

Abuelo Elephante

Suegro Malo

Cabeza de Piedras


How about Taco Bell. He is as big as a drive-thru

lucy anne

Aldo, I think Clark has a very sexy forehead. And it's not polite to talk about somebody's looks, fatso.


I hope MLB do something about Loria and company. They ripoff in Montreal, then here in Miam the same. As long as he is owner Miami will never have a playoff.
His and his stupid son-in-low sucks and well as the FO
people. A bunch of idiots. Fredi and Girardi are great manager, they did a great job with a team full of first year ML players, both have winning seasons, both have class, which Loria and his pinkhead Samson don't have. It time to boicott the Marlins. Let see how many season tickets buyers for next years and I am sure the daily attendance will be the same as Pro-Players or the "five name" stadium used to have. The problem with attendance was not the stadium, was the
owner, management, fron office and last 2 or 3 managers after Fredi left. Girardi was great manager of the year and was fired the last day of the season.
I am sick of this situation. Hope someone do something about. It about time!!! LOL.

Camera Mike

John I agree but considering MLB allowed Loria to buy a second franchise after ruining the Expos to point they could only save them by moving the team does not fill me with hope that they will do anything now. My hope is that he is prosecuted by the SEC after they compete their investigation into the stadium financing.


Ozzie is pissed at Loria. Loria is pissed at Ozzie. Bell is pissed at Ozzie. Ozzie is pissed at Bell. Loria is pissed at Gonzalez. Hanley is pissed at Ozzie. Ozzie is pissed at Hanley. And nobody knows who else is pissed and is simply smart enough to keep their mouths shut. I, as usual, am pissed at everybody.
But to tell the truth (which I try to do on occasion), I'd be even more pissed if the people who orchestrated this fiasco weren't pissed. You're supposed to be pissed when your record is 6-146 or whatever. It's going to be fun to see who gets caught under this amber waterfall and who, if anyone, walks away bone dry.

all in the family

Samson is not Loria's son-in-law..Loria was married to Samsons mother for years before divorcing her and getting remarried. Samsons parents were divorced when he was a child, Loria was and is his step-father.

s. flynn

If the Marlins didnt get bad publicity ,they wouldnt get any at all.


I thought Samson is married Loria's daughter? Is that incorrect?

I'd argue that as unlikeable as Samson is he is probably the best at his job of anyone in the front office. To get a stadium built in a bankrupt city with minimal interest in baseball is an accomplishment. He got the mayor to sign off on a deal that soon after cost him his elected office (which adds some credence to the SEC investigation.) The real details of that stadium deal must be fascinating. I hope Yahoo and the New Times keep investigating.

Stan M

No one seems to understand Heath Bell and it's a terrible shame. You must all take into account that Bell pointed out that the pitching coach has left much to be desired. Furthermore, Buck has the bad habit of calling for the wrong pitches as Heath explained on another occasion. And now his manager doesn't coddle him properly. No wonder the poor guy has been a disaster. The fact that we might have, probably would have, had a winning record after the first half of the season with a competent closer is irrelevant. Keith works very hard to improve himself and one need look no further than his physical shape to see the results of his strenuous training regimen. Upon several occasions during this past year he has explained to everyone how he had figured out and solved his problems. Is it his fault that the results were never immediately apparent. He obviously needed more game time, more blown saves, more team losses before these new tecniques became obvious to all. Even we fans are to blame for our cruelty in booing his efforts. Let us all hope that Heath gets more chances to show his improvement. But perhaps it would be more beneficial to poor, misunderstood Heath is all of this took place on some opposing team.

It might be a revealing poll if Heath were posted with Loria, and Samson as to whom is the most despised. I'm no fan of the last two, but Heath would top my list.

Stan M

Lou, as it's the middle of the night and I'm not wasting anyone else's space at this hour, there is a question I have for you.

Back a short while ago, you mentioned, as I understood it, that Chipper Jones wasn't caring about the fans in general. Is this true, and if so could you explain a little more. I've always regarded him as an example of what a ML player should be. Stuck with one team, was a winner throughout his entire career, went to LF for a while during his prime to allow the team to bring in a different player for 3B, hasn't, to my knowledge, been a hard player to sign to a reasonable contract, and seems to be a mentor to his younger teammates. It is terribly disturbing to think of him as another Mickey Mantle when it comes to his relationship with his fans. Please say it ain't so, Lou.

Flav C.

I don't know about Lou, but speaking for myself I have the utmost respect for Chipper. I had the opportunity to watch the Braves several times here in Miami, a couple of times in Atlanta, and a couple of times at the old Veterans Stadium in Phillie, including the last major league ever played there in 2003, when the Braves beat the Phillies and Chipper had 2 hits.
In some of those games, I was able to get his autograph for me and for my daughters during batting practice.
I've always seen him treating all the fans very courteously. I guess the standing ovation on every road ballpark (including here in Miami) these last few days could speak a little bit about what fans in general think of him.

Stan M

So very glad to hear that, Flav. If all goes well, my son and I intend to go to tonight's game. If we go, we'll be in section 108, row 2 right between the Marlin;s dugout and home plate.

CLARK...if you're there, please stop by and say, "Hello."

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