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"Tragic" number is 1 as Marlins send out 104th different lineup

     WASHINGTON -- A loss tonight makes it official. With a defeat to the Nationals, the Marlins will be mathematically eliminated from winning the franchise's first-ever division title. Not that there's been much doubt since about, oh, the first week of July -- or about the time of Heath Bell's 19th blown save and the appearance of Giancarlo Stanton's "loose bodies." Maybe sooner.

     "We were two different ballclubs," manager Ozzie Guillen said of the last-place Marlins and first-place Nationals. "I think you get what you deserve, and the way we played, we don't deserve to be in the pennant race. And the way they played, they should be there."

      Guillen said that when he looked at the schedule back in spring training, he figured the Marlins would be playing important games in September, not ones that have become little more than glorified spring training scrimmages designed to judge talent while looking ahead.

      "I thought this series was going to mean a lot for both teams," Guillen said. "I really did. I thought we were going to be fighting all the way to the end. It wasn't that way. Unfortunately, things didn't go the way we thought. I thought the race would be a little bit closer in this division. But I think Washington has outplayed everyone in this division."

      Guillen is sending out his 104th different lineup (excluding pitchers) of the season in tonight's series opener at Nationals Park. According to Baseball-Reference.com, the team record belongs to the 1999 club, which had 121 different lineups. Conceivably, the Marlins could break that mark, though they have only 27 games after tonight's.

      Bench coach Joey Cora, who actually writes in the names on the lineup card, doesn't believe it will happen. Cora doesn't foresee there being much tampering with the lineup between now and the end of the season.

      "To be honest with you, I'm kind of surprised it's not more after all of the trades that we made," Cora said. "But I don't think it's going to be broken. I don't think it's going to change much. It's going to stay the same pretty much."


     Marlins: 1. Bryan Petersen, lf; 2. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 3. Jose Reyes, ss; 4. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 5. Carlos Lee, 1b; 6. Greg Dobbs, 3b; 7. Donovan Solano, 2b; 8. Rob Brantly, c; 9. Jacob Turner p.

     Nationals: 1. Jayson Werth, rf; 2. Bryce Harper, cf; 3. Ryan Zimmerman, 3b; 4. Adam LaRoche, 1b; 5. Michael Morse, lf; 6. Ian Desmond, ss; 7. Danny Espinosa, 2b; 8. Kurt Suzuki, c; 9. Stephen Strasburg, p.



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Coaching Made Easy for Morons

Ozzie should just wear his Dunce Cap and let Cora pick the line-up out of that. Or play Pin the Tail on the Ozzhole.

Solly Hemus

The real tragic number is 27 million,what Loria paid for lard ass Bell..Loria should've just asked Bell what he would do for a Klondike Bar and left it at that.


What Cora meant is he was surprised it wasn't more since Ozzie has no idea what he's doing, and Cora knows that first-hand for years now.

Recycled Julios

The Ozzie and Cora act is reminiscent of the previous clown act..Fredi and his wooden Indian Tosca.


A double and a HR already. If he truly hates hitting at Marlins Park there isn't any amount of money they can throw at him that'll convince him to stay long term. They asked Samson if they would consider bringing in the fences and the immediate answer was no. This of course will be a convenient excuse when Stanton walks away or gets traded. It's perfect.

Marlin Fan

Glags , let's hope that isn't true , but........
Like Solano alot . Think he's earned a starting spot , put Boni in center .

Marlin Fan

Why on earth do we continue to use Zambrano. Can't wait for the bullpen to blow another one .

Marlin Fan

Ozzie starts again with righty/ lefty . I believe someone posted about this before . I'm sure the Nats are struck with fear, facing Zambrano, Webb, then Dunn. Another wasted starting pitching effort .

Flav C.

Ozzie, deep in his thoughts:

" Hey, why am i going to let a pitcher who is on a roll with only 81 pitches thrown continue doing what he was doing, right?

I'll bring this kid from Double A called Carlos Zambrano and see what he can do. After all, he is a top prospect and will be in the Marlins rotation next season. St.Clare, call the bullpen. Bring that Zambrano kid, the one who God helped calm down.

Ops, didn't work out. 2 runs scored in 3 hits.

St. Clare, call the other prospect we just called up from Double A...Ryan Webb, right? The same one who allowed 3 runs, 2 hits, in 1.1 innings over the last 2 games. Yes, that's another solid prospect we have.

Ops, 1 more run scored. Sheesh...Let's keep trying. Let's try the good ol' "lefty-lefty" match up. Bring Done. Mike Done. Isn't he Done? Oh...sorry..Dunn.

Ooohhh..See? I was right all the way! See that? Done struck that prick out! Leave him to face Zimmermann!

Ooooohhhh...See that? We got Zimmermann! Can you believe what could have happened if I had left Turner pitch this inning? The Nats could have scored lots of runs! Thank God for my quick thinking! Now we need to keep this 1 run lead I helped protect. 2 more innings to go.

St.Clare, tell Gaudin and Bell to warm up !!! "


Well, if Beinfest thinks his job is in danger and he has a few more years on his contract, hopefully Ozzie isn't safe with a few years left on his contract.

Flav C.

Twice we had lead off doubles.
Twice we had 2 speedsters that could sac bunt (Solano and Petersen) and move the runners to 3rd with one out.
Twice Ozzie gave them the green light to hit - not bunt.
Twice the Marlins got screwed. Unbelievable.
Ozzie and his "101 on how to be a lousy manager".

Marlin Fan

Flav, thank God it's Ramos


If Loria was willing to blow $27MM on Bell, hopefully he got over his Ozzie infatuation and will buy out the rest of Ozzie's contract.

Flav C.

Marlins Fan, Ozzie just left this kid in a spot that a more experienced pitcher should be. This is so wrong in all levels.

Marlin Fan

Yeah , your right . ...... The starting pitchers should just concentrate on pitching 5 , ( maybe 6 , if Ozzie let's them ) good innings and lowering their ERA's . Forget about winning , since they get no help from the bullpen . With that said, he did have two leadoff doubles that couldn't score .

Camera Mike

Ozzie and the bull pen did it again. It would have been nice to let Turner have a shot at getting his first MLB win tonight, but Ozzie pulled him too soon.

Flav C.

I meant Ramos. Ozzie brought this kid when the 4 run lead was gone. IMO, he should have left Turner pitch the 7th, he was on cruise control and had thrown only 81 pitches.
However, if he really wanted to bring the bullpen, so bring Ramos. He played well the other night and there was a 4 run cushion.


Great stuff, Flav!

Flav C.

And you have a guy in the bench, who his only skill is speed (Gorkys Hernandez). The guy can't hit, but he can fly. Why not use your pinch-runner? Why take chances with a guy on 3B who already had torn hamstring, knee problems and is 34?

Camera Mike

Flav, I agree Turner sure looked like he had at least one more inning in him and if Ozzie was dead set in using Ramos he could have brought him in the 8th.

Camera Mike

Plus if Ozzie was worried about over taxing Turner, which would be hard to believe after only 81 pitches, keep in mind Turner would have an extra day off with the 6 man rotation.

Flav C.

Camera Mike, you know, we here are fans and baseball lovers. And we don't have the expertise of those guys in the field and several times we don't know what is going on in the diamond.
But, for Christ's sake... Why do people like Ozzie make things so hard? Stupid moves, stupid "non-moves". They do make commoners like us sound like true experts and could easily get his job at any moment. They make us look like we are right all the time. And it shouldn't be this way.

Camera Mike

Again I agree Flav. There have been countless games I've watched and questioned a certain move or thought of doing something different only to watch the professional prove he knew what he was doing and that my idea would have quite possibly been wrong. However we have watched Ozzie make the same decisions all season and most of the time with the same frustrating result. I can appreciate stubbornness in how one does things but his is seeming rather extreme.

Flav C.

And I promise this is my last comment tonight:

When I said that trading Matt Dominguez (for a washed up Lee as a way to "savage" a lost season) was a mistake, some people thought otherwise. Those who argued he had no talent and would not make it to the majors only took in consideration his not-so-promising 45 at bats with the Marlins and his .244 bat avg. In triple A he was showing signs he was putting things together.
His critics didn't take in consideration Dominguez's young age(22) and the fact that several scouts were still seeing a lot of upside on him and mentioned that with time, he would improve significantly his at-bats. After all, he was still a highly touted #1 pick and was still included as a top prospect on every top 50 list.

With the Astros AAA, he was hitting .300 and playing real good defense, so they called him up.

Now, 32 at bats later with the Astros in the majors, he is hitting .344, with 2 HRs, 1 2B, 1 3B, and 4 RBIs.

Tonight, he hit a game winning 3 run HR in the 9th inning in Cincinnati against the Reds, on a 98 mph fastball by Chapman.

Good going, kid. Make Chatsworth High very proud.


Somewhere in Miami, one old guy just had a heart attack.


Flav, apparently Dominguez has met a real hitting coach.


Just imagine where Petersen, Gorkys, and Brantley would be if we had a real hitting coach...


There can be no doubt what so ever that the only sports guy stupider than Loria and his son in law is the guy they hired to screw this team up, Oswaldo "Fidel" Guillen. He obviously has something going with "Dumb" Bell as every time there is a game to be won he throws this fat eating machine out there (like today again) and poof there goes another game. What idiots.

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