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Jeffrey Loria is optimistic about '13. Are you?

    PHILADELPHIA -- Caught up yesterday with Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, who is optimistic about the team's chances in 2013. Loria was typically vague on most issues -- including whether he intends to shake up the front office as some are predicting -- but said there's no reason to think that the Marlins can't turn it around quickly and contend by next season.

    Asked specifically whether fans can expect a methodical rebuilding process, one that takes some time, in other words, Loria responded: "I don't think it's going to take a long time at all. I don't have any patience for that. (With) a little bit of adjusting, we should be doing what we were supposed to do. We will do what we were supposed to do."

     Keep in mind, the Marlins (63-79) could be headed for a second straight last-place finish in the N.L. East. Despite their large free agent spending spree last winter, they could finish with a record as bad as -- or worse -- than last year's 72-90. Outside of Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Reyes, they have question marks at most other positions. Who will play first (Morrison? Lee?)? Second? Third? Left field? Catcher? Is Justin Ruggiano a full-time player? Is Donovan Solano? Their starting staff has been nothing to brag about. Nor has their bullpen.

     Loria said he believes there is enough of a foundation -- Reyes, Stanton, Rob Brantly -- on which to build. But is there? The pending free agent market is especially thin, particularly in spots where they have their greatest need (i.e., third base). So the Marlins will likely have to go the trade route in order to shore up the several "holes" that Loria acknowledges are in need of filling.

     How do you see next season turning out? Do you see things turning around as quickly as Loria thinks they can? If you had to fix one or two things, where would you start?


     The Jupiter Hammerheads -- the Marlins' high-A minor-league team -- are scheduled to face Lakeland tonight in what could be the deciding game of the Florida State League championship. The Hammerheads lead the best-of-5 series, two games to one.

     And, up in North Carolina, the low-A Greensboro Grasshoppers will be facing Asheville in the second game of their best-of-five championship series. Greensboro, the defending South Atlantic League champs, won the first game of the series.


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Camera Mike

The only way the Marlins stand any chance next season or any future season for that matter is if Jeffrey Loria sells the team. I have absolutely no faith in Loria fixing the problems while having complete faith he will run this franchise even deeper into the ground. I love baseball and Miami sports teams and desperately want to see the Marlins win, but with Loria in control it's impossible to feel even a glimmer of hope or optimism. Sorry for the downer of a post everyone but I am just being honest.


They need to spend money smart, not just spend money to get the MLBPA off their backs about revenue sharing.

And Loria is already talking about building a team off Brantly? He's no Buster Posey.

Can Loria hire a GM who actually knows baseball, instead of talking like he knows? Michael Hill clearly is just a yes-man, and Loria is the one calling the shots. If I had to fix one thing, it would be the front office situation.

If I had to fix two things, I would also overhaul the coaching staff. Randy St. Claire and Eduardo Perez ain't helping out guys get any better.


They need to discuss how they arrive at decisions. Gutting the team in July was wrong. It showed panic & poor planning. The Phillies were in last place in July ...not the Marlins. I believe that you get your best trades in the off season, not in July. I'm not sold on any of these trades they made in July...they did not get anywhere close to equal value.
If there was anyone in the front office that was against gutting the team in July...they should get the promotion.


Laurel, Will not comment on the nonentity you asked about in previous Blog.

The Tigers are totally disgusted with Sanchez and Infante. Omar actually looks scared at the bat and in the field. He made an error last night that was totally amazing and bizarre. He just dropped the ball on a routine roller to 2B. His bat is totally gone and he is drying his face with that sleeve more than ever and that is always indicative of him being in ultra OCD mode. Sanchez is pitching poorly and the 40,000 that attend every game apparently want Turner and Brantly back.

Some people should not be optimistic if they were about to spend a weekend at a private resort with a love struck Mariah Carey.


Laurel, I'm going to DC to watch the Nats in the Playoffs. Should be fun for that town. I just hope it won't be totally Redskin fervor overcoming any excitement for the Nats.

Flav C.

Being optimistic here: 2 innings over and it feels like another no-hitter by Doc. And against his favorite victim: The Fish.

Flav C.

Marlins Job Fair on Oct 24-25. Can we apply for Beinfeast, or Perez's job?


How bout that trade with the Dodgers now? Eovaldi looks like another Larry Beinfest special. And to answer the question about next year. I just don't see this team being able to land a 3B and an ace for the rotation. Heck I would see if Carlos Lee would come cheap at 1B because we really don't know what Lomo is going to look like as a professional ballplayer. I'd also pull the fence in a few feet at the park similar to what the Mets have done. It's almost over...now we can watch our Dolphins.....Next week Dolphins and Raiders could be the worst game in the history of football.

Flav C.

What a joke...
Thank God I went to Lakeland last Sunday to watch the Hammerheads.

Marlin Fan

I think there is potential and a nucleus . With that said , for a .500 team . Agree with the above posts that the front office and coaching staffs need to be revamped .

mrs loria

Loria is also optimistic that Samson is his daughter.


loria, what a joke. bigger joke is MLB for allowing him and his stooges to own an MLB franchise. Now, the World Association of Circuses, that is where loria and his stooges would be a perfect fit.

Loria's Dr.

Loria is also optimistic he will find the Holy Grail, Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot in 13'.

Sad marlinsfan

The team has developed a culture of losing at all levels. The owner must stay out of personnel decisions and the admin staff of Beinfest, Sampson and Hill must be changed. Ozzie is a good baseball man and he and Connie should be retained. Mike Lowell should be hired to teach and evaluate prospects. The team has not been competitive since 2003 and the fans know why...poor management and personnel decisions. Make the necessary admin changes and let baseball people make the personnel decisions


I'm guardedly optimistic. I think the mid season trades brought the team some good value in Brantley and some good young arms, and what they gave up in return was very reasonable. I think their rotation will be stronger next year as these kids mature. Solano is going to be a better 2B next season than Infante has been--the kid can play. They still have to solve the closer problem, they need to replace Choate (IMO the biggest loss among the trades), and they need to figure out their 1st and 3rd base situations, especially whether LoMo is going to stay healthy. They're developing a lot more young talent this season than they thought they would be, but that's not the end of the world. Dumping Hanley to a team that paid the whole bill and is now stuck with his sulking, .250-hitting butt was one of the best things they could have done.

Spending money is just part of the equation. If it was all-important, the Marlins wouldn't have won two world series and the Dodgers would be running away with the NL west this year.

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