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Marlins go to 6-man rotation

     The Marlins have decided to go with a six-man rotation for the remainder of the season, with Wade LeBlanc jumping back  into the starting mix. LeBlanc will start Tuesday against the Brewers while rookie Jacob Turner, who was scheduled to go Tuesday, is being pushed back to Friday.

      "LeBlanc will start just because we worry about Turner's innings," said Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen.

      Guillen said the six-man setup will come at a cost of about one start to each member of the rotation.

       "I don't want to burn bullets with a guy when we don't need it," Guillen said. "They're only going to miss one start, the big boys. It gives us an opportunity to rest those guys and see the kids."

       Guillen said he also plans to stick with Jose Reyes and Giancarlo Stanton as his 3-4 hitters the rest of the season.

       "Reyes has been a leadoff hitter all his life," Guillen said. "But to me -- this is my opinion -- it fits us good that he's the third hitter. He's a free swinger and can put the ball in play. And, besides, he's not afraid to drive a run in."


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Worried about Turner's innings? He's pitched two starts, that's what, 10 innings? Is Ozzie worried Turner will get to 20 innings? What a dumb reason to give.


Ozzie only talks because he has a mouth and at this point in the season I'm sure he doesnt really care too much. He doesn't give much thought to his comments, regardless.

answer man

Turner has pitched a total of 135 innings so far this year. Last season he pitched 143.2. Probably want to max out at 150 innings pitched for 12' and build on that next season.

Marlin Fan

How difficult is it for LeBlanc to from bullpen to starter to bullpen to starter and back?????

answer man

When your team is in last place,it's not difficult at all.

Stan M

I'm still upset with JJ's loss. Why does a manager pull a pitcher after 8 nnings when he is pitching one of his best games of the year? Pitch count? It was a reasonable 105. Saving him? For whom? There is a distinct possibility that he will be gone this offseason. It was done for one reason only. It was done because that it what is now being done. Again why? Verlander was pulled after 8 innings last night after pitching 8 strong innings in what could be called the most important game for Detroit ths year. And the closer got hit but got out of it. All of this nonsense has created such meaningless statistics as "saves" and "save situations." Artificial nonsense. Earlier this year, our esteemed closer,Heath Bell, was actually one of the league leaders in saves. Can anyone perceive how that chubby nincompoop should be on such a list? I will go to my grave deploring this new and ridiculous trend. If a pitcher is pitching very well, or having one his best starts of the year, you don't pull him to bring in a different pitcher whose performance on this day is not known.

Key West Frank

stan, that was an exceptional post. Saves and Holds just another tool for agents to ask for more money. I'm starting the newest stat called Bullpen ERA the number of runs given up in a bullpen session.


Stan M,
FYI, Cishek threw two pitches today and earned a save. Shadrach and Abednego did not pitch.
It's exciting to think how good Rob Brantly is going to be when he gets a few more games under his belt. For a team that needs a catcher like Minervini needs a diet plan, he's just what the sawbones ordered.


Stan, Nice to read you using the word "nincompoop" that would be like "IDIOT" or "MORON" coming from anyone else.

Stan, Can you think of one "good" reason why Buck gets another AB this year and I don't care if they are facing a tough left hander. Brantly right now is probably the youngest catcher in our system not counting Greensboro, Jamestown and the Rookie League--Let the kid play!! He is your future!! Buck is your deplorable past.


Speaking of diet plans. Is Hank Goldberg still with us. I remember he used to go to Duke every year and lose 50 pounds and then come back and gain 65 and repeat the cycle.


Stan, By the way if that line drive that Hudson hit off of Papa Fatso would have been 10 feet to the right or left, they trail 5-4 and you must remember that is Detroit where they tend to "show" their emotions and not just voice them. Can't believe El Gordito did not do even more of a silly dance after that "save", actually it was a "save" because it SAVED his butt coming out of that stadium. Those people love Verlander.


Stan M,
It's nicer than idiot, moron or even nincomshit.
I heard that Hammering Hank picked his first horse race winner the other day — on his 16,346,099th try. Paid $4.20, $2.60 and $2.20. Congratulation, Hank!


Shoot, I shorted Hank an "s."

Stan M

Lou, how about semi-rational, cod-eyed, bug faced, anthropoid rabble, gaping primate for a few not yet used.

I'm wound upabout that JJ thing. The first 2 batters Cishek faced were lefthanded. Not exactly fodder for his sidearm delivery. If JJ came out and gave up hits, then pull him. Carlos Lee has only made one mistake on the basepaths this year that I saw. He is a good baserunner. And except for one pickoff throw, he catches the balls hit at him. However, the first hit off Cishek was a ground ball that went by Lee. That is the second time in about two weeks that a rally got started because a ground ball got by Lee IN THE NINTH INNING of a close game. What in the world if Lee playing 1B in the ninth inning of a close game. That was the first out that got by him. Ozzie is simply not a good tactician. Stuff like this happens too often.

F. Arbuckle

Saw Hank at Jaxsons Ice Cream Parlor recently, sticking to his diet.

Braves Fans Hate Fredi & Uggs

Fredi benchs Uggla, replaces him with Prado as the regular 2B for the rest of season. Braves on hook for remaining 3yrs and 36million. Call L.A

Stan M

We would need Glags to prove this with stats, but the "average" major league pitcher doesn't give up enough hits plus walks to give up a run in an inning he starts. Nor are most saves only by one run. There are many 2 and 3 run saves recorded.Therefore, if given the OPPORTUNITY, the average major league pitcher should save somewhere between 3 out of 4 or 4 out of 5 saves if put in that position. Give him 45 opportunities annd he has 30 to 40 saves. That's an average pitcher and personality which is a factor can't be considered here. That's why I have posted in the past that all saves are not alike. A 3 run save or blown save should not be given the same weight as a one run save, etc. The whole damn system stinks. If a relief pitcher is that good, then he should also be used in critical times earlier than the 9th inning. How many games are lost by a team's lesser reliever in the 8th or 7th inning with runners on and one critical out required? It particularly galls me when a closer is simply brought in to get some work because there haven't been any "save situations". Well, were there any win-loss situations where he could have been used.

Stan M

Our FO is criticized for bad trades. How about the Uggla trade in retrospect? 3 more years would have been still left on his contract. How about Cameron Maybin? He went at the right time, too.

Someone asked about our award picks a while back. For pitcher it's got to be RA Dickey. Too early to call MVP. That kid in Pittsburgh had it rapped up but nowit's questionable. Actually, the player who probably meant the most to his team is Chipper Jones. Where would Atlanta be w/o him. And he's valuable even when not playing. In AL, too early to call Cy Young, but I'd give Carbera the MVP. One can only imagine what he would do in a hitter's park. He's a fine player, Lou, watch for him. I'm surprised you never mention good old Miggy!

Clark, this is apolitical so please don't pull it. For those of you that can get down on "journalists", watch how many don't know the difference between a podium and a lecturn at the convention. The lecturn is the thing you put your papers on and stand behind. The podium is a raised platform from which one delivers an address. You stand on it. It has the root "pod=foot" in it for crying out loud. Yet most will screw it up...you watch.

LB, did you ever meet Peggy Noonan while in Washington? Not only is she stunning to look at, but she uses words and phrase that most of us could only dream about.

Flav C.


Baseball Prospectus released a book called "Baseball Between The Numbers: Why Everything You Know About The Game Is Wrong."
They have a whole chapter regarding the role of the closing pitcher and show great evidence and data that, if the closer ace is brought in earlier in the game, in critical situations (and not only for the 9th inning role) an average of 4.5 more wins could be added to that team. They use examples such as Rollie Fingers and Goosage being brought in as early as the 6th-7th inning to "halt a nascent rally". They close this chapter by saying:
"Are teams wasting their closers? Not completely, but they aren't getting as much of out of them as they could. and it's costing them wins."

You might want to check out this link to a ESPN.com's article by Jim Caple, entitled "The Most Overrated Position in Sports". As someone who works with data all the time, I enjoyed this part of the article:
"Check out this study by Dave Smith of Retrosheet. He researched late-inning leads over 73 seasons, from 1944 to 2003, and an additional 14 seasons prior to that span. What he found is that the winning percentage for teams who enter the ninth inning with a lead has remained virtually unchanged over the decades. Regardless of the pitching strategy, teams entering the ninth inning with a lead win roughly 95 percent of the time. That was the exact rate in 1901 and that was the rate 100 seasons later. In fact, the rate has varied merely from a high of 96.7 percent in 1909 to a low of 92.5 percent in 1941."

The link to this article is here:


Marlin Fan

Stan , it was me who asked about Cy Youngs and MVP . I agree with you about yanking pitchers . Now quality starts are considered 6 innings , what is this little league . Years ago pitchers weren't limited so much by pitch count and innings , and how many arms were " blown out" . What I think is almost more worthless than closers, are the middle relievers who only pitch to one batter . It's ridiculous in every boxscore you see multiple pitchers pitching to one batter. At least closers will pitch a full inning . it's amazing with all the new coaching and training techniques today , yet pitchers can't pitch to righties or only Lefties, or God forbid pitch more than 100 pitches . If they are in good shape with proper mechanics there's no reason not to .
Laurelbowie , couldn't agree more with you about Brantly. Has a real sweet stroke at the plate . Still very raw defensively , but learning to handle the pitching staff. Even tough he has improved greatly( could he have gotten any worse ???) Buck should be used sparingly the rest of this year. Maybe keep him for next year as a platoon .


Stan M,
I posted a long, rambling response to some of the questions you raised earlier in this thread. It was there for a few minutes, then vanished like the last pork chop at a Fat is Beautiful convention. Guess the powers that be found it too boring to make the cut, and maybe they were right.
I've forgotten most of what I wrote, but I did mention that I've seen stats showing the save rate for MLB this year is right at 70 percent. That varies greatly from the stats that Flav C cited and I can't explain the difference, but it should toss some bituminous on your fire.
Peggy Noonan is a New Yawk/New Joisy girl and wasn't in Washington much when I was there, so I never met her. She did spend time in D.C. as a Reagan speech writer and she penned some of his most memorable addresses (think Challenger, for instance). You're right — she's a master wordsmith and I wish I had known her.
I also had much to say about the lectern/podium problem and related matters, but I'll get back to that later. Maybe it was my pontificating on that issue that got my post blown out of the water the last time.

Stan M

Thank you, Flav. Will check it out. But in a sense, I don't have to read it. I've lived it. The only problem with those days of old when a manager would bring in his best relief pitcher whenever needed, is that they usually were washed up after a year or two. The managers threw their arms out. Now a damn closer won't even enter a game in the middle of an inning. As someone above said, all this has mainly just increased the value of a pitcher and the agents and union love it.
Marlin Fan, it's not so much that pitchers can't pitch to right or lefthanded batters. Rather it's that the batters spend so little time learning their craft in the minors that THEY can't hit righty or lefty pitchers so the managers take advantage of it by switching pitchers.

Can Anybody here,play this game?

Why dont they go to a ten man rotation..Call up all the arms that are prospects that you would consider inviting to Spring Training and see what they they got. We know about JJ,Buerhle and Nolasco. They're already in last place,might as well take advantage of it. Couldnt be any worse. Would make the last month worth watching.To hell with the 40 man roster,Who can pitch?


Can Anybody,
When they bring them up, they gotta pay 'em. Enough said?

Can Anybody here,play this game?

They saved 38 million with Hanley...are you trying to say they are cheap bastards?


Correct on both counts. Look at it this way — they save even $100,000, at the going ticket price that's 100,000 seats they don't have to fill.

watch real MLB

Better game to watch is Tampa vs N.Y on Sunsports.

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