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Marlins on course for historically bad season

    ATLANTA -- As the bottom continues to fall out on their season, the Marlins could be headed toward one of the very worst won-loss records in franchise history.

     Having lost five straight and seven of their last eight, the Marlins now sit at 66-88 with eight games remaining. Even if they manage to go 4-4, they'll finish up with a record that is worse than last year's 72-90 mark despite spending gobs of money on free agents to improve the team.

     And a 92-loss season would rank as the team's fourth-worst:

     1998 -- 54-108

     1999 -- 64-98

     1993 -- 64-98

     2007 -- 71-91

     2011 -- 72-90

     As one can see, the three worst Marlins records belong to the 1993 expansion club and the '98 and '99 post-dismantling outfits -- teams, in other words, that were supposed to struggle.

     David Samson has long said that the 2005 team (83-79) was the most disappointing one in his tenure as team president, only because most everyone in the organization felt that unit was the one best-equipped to reach the postseason. It didn't.

     The 2012 team will not be going, either, making it nine straight seasons that the Marlins have failed to reach the playoffs.

      Of all the bad Marlins teams, where does this one rank in your book? 


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Camera Mike

Am I the only one who thinks it is no coincidence that the only time the Marlins have made the postseason under Loria and Samson was when most of the players were inherited from John Henry's term and thus were not chosen by either Loria or Samson?

Camera Mike

Just realized I should also give credit to Dave Dombrowski for the '03 team since he is the one who brought most of those players in.


samantha needs to talk to gloria because last year and this year gloria expected the team to reach post season. maybe the last time samantha was coherant was 2005

Aldo the Apache

In the worst teams chart, the 1997 Marlins won a franchise record 92 games, not the 71 that's listed. That was the 2007 team. Given that, another way to measure the success (or lack thereof) of these team is by looking at wins versus opening day payroll, to wit:

1998 -- 54-108 = $775K per win ($41.8M)
1999 -- 64-98 = $500K per win ($32.3M)
1993 -- 64-98 = $284K per win ($18.2M)
2007 -- 71-91 = $430K per win ($30.5M)
2011 -- 72-90 = $801K per win ($57.7M)
2005 -- 83-79 = $727K per win ($60.4M)
2012 -- 70-92 (projected) = $1.7 Million per win ($118M)

This does not bode well ...

Aldo the Apache

And by the same measure, at $259K per win (the lowest figure by far), is the 2008 version of the Marlins with an 84-victory campaign, which featured a lineup of Hanley (the motivated version), Dan Uggla, Mike Jacobs hitting 32 dingers, Jorge Cantu hitting 29, and Cody Ross. They accomplished a respectable record in spite of a patchwork starting rotation, only 15-game winner Ricky Nolasco and Scott Olsen (8-11) lasting the entire season in the rotation. The manager of this overachieving team? That colossal failure - Fredi Gonzalez!

Flav C.

2008 had two other coaches part of the colossal failure, who are going to the post-season this year:
- Carlos Tosca (now bench coach for the Braves)
- Jim Presley (now hitting coach for the Orioles).


I have been a marlins fan since 97...I cannot remember any season since, that has had so many blown saves. I still fault the panic demolition of the team in July as to why it has been so bad.

Flav C.

Lou, just in case you didnt read my post on the previous entry:

Yes, Tigers and White Sox would have to play one playoff match for Division leader, if they end up tied.

Now, there is an interesting scenario:

White Sox, Tigers, Orioles, A's, and Angels, all finishing 90-72. Improbable? yes. Impossible? No.

In this case, White Sox and Tigers would have to play the extra game to define AL Central Division champion. Winner takes it all.
The team that loses, would finish 90-73, automatically out of contention for Wild Card play-off game. Sucks."

Camera Mike

Flav, I was under the impression, and read an article a few weeks back that I believe was on espn.com, that incase of teams being tied for the division lead and the wild card a team would still be eligible for the wild card if they lose the division play in game. Though I openly admit I may be mistaken I'm having a hard time finding either in the rule book or article that explains your above situation. Do you know of an article or even section of the MLB rule book I can look this up in?


This team, I would rank just under the firesale teams of '98 and '99 in how bad they are. I only rank the firesale teams worse because the Marlins had a really good team, only to give it all away.

This whole season was one big disappointment. Great way to break in the new stadium, guys. Great job, JEFFREY LORIA.

You know, Ozzie should just bench Buck the rest of the season. Spare Buck the embarrassment of finishing the season sub-.200.

Camera Mike

Bob, my only hope with Buck is that we let him go in the off season. He had one good season in Toronto and is still living off that. Lets give Brantley the starting position next year and rid ourselves of one of the worst catchers in baseball this year.


I still feel sick watching this team. What a blown opportunity to grow baseball in the 305. It will be interesting to see who's job this season cost? I wish I could curse on this blog. I have enjoyed the banter with all of you out there. Baseball is still a great sport and I can't "wait til next year".


Oh yeah and 3K's for Buck. Lovely.

Camera Mike

It should cost Loria and Samson their jobs, or in Loria at least his right to ever make another baseball decision again, but unfortunately both will be back. Also I finally understand why Loria was so thrilled to have signed Bell. They both love to blame everyone and anyone for their own failures. And flagstafffishfan, I feel we should tell Buck to stay at home and start his offseason now. Given his performance there is no reason he should ever appear in another game again.

Flav C.

Camera Mike,

You are absolutely right. If two teams are tied for Divisional leaders AND for the wildcard spot, the loser is automatically qualified for the wildcard game.

I'm copying the link to the Wildcard Playoff Tiebraker rules, which, in all honesty...It is very complicated with the addition of the new wildcard spot.


Camera Mike

Good ole John Buck, hope he wears that golden sombrero proudly!

Camera Mike

Thanks for the link Flav and you are right in that it is certainly complicated. Also I am cheering for one of those complex results. Could be fun to watch one of them play out.

Flav C.

Now, folks...I know, the season is over for this team, etc...
But for God's sake...Peterson and Gorkys, our powerful 1-2 on top of the order started this game tonight 1 for 28 in this road trip. Exactly, 1 for 28.
Solano started the game 9 for 15 in the same window time-frame. The eternal AAA Gil Velazquez entered the game tonight 5 for 14.
So, with those two combining for 14 for 29, Why didn't Ozzie move one of the two guys from the 6 and 7 spot to the top of the order? Why not both? Why not give the team a chance to at least be a little bit competitive in this shameful end of season?

Why do I even bother complaining?

Flav C.

I know Lou will probably read this.... Lou, if Detroit wants any part of the playoff berth AND if they make it...They have to get rid of Porcello. This guy has been in a downward spiral that it isn't funny. He lost 7 of his last 10 starts, 6 of last 7. He wasn't even able to complete more than 5 innings in his last 4 starts and tonight was no different. 4 innings, 4 ERs, putting the Tigers in a serious hole. His night was done after the 4th.
Thanks to the baserunners on the 8th the Tigers were able to get a W.

Camera Mike

Question for the group, will the Marlins win at least one more game before the season ends?

They have seven more to go and I give them 50-50 odds of losing all seven. This is the most painful Marlins season I have ever been through. I know it's not the worst record, but those years there were absolutely no expectations.


i said it before, and, because it happened again, i will say it again...poor JJ, lost another game where he gave up 3 runs or less. in his last 12 starts, he gave up more than 3 runs once and has crap to show for it. he really needs to ask to be traded.

by "poor" i don't mean financially. his record is taking a beating due to pitching for a team that can't hit and hasn't got the sense to hire a hitting coach.

Flav C.

Mike, I'd say maybe they will take one game from the Mets.

Camera Mike

Flav, I'd like say the same as you but the Mets just seem to have our number this year. I think they've won the last 6 or 7 in a row against us. Sorry to be so negative but it's tough to be positive right now.


Porcello is a classic example of a guy who threw too much early. He has lost about 3 miles off his fastball and that renders his sinker very hittable. He has no out pitch because of a lack of differentiation between his pitches.

The scenario about the playoffs was based on the idea that the Orioles and A's are both probably going to have clinched by then UNLESS the A's continue to tank. IF the A's and O's have clinched the Wild Card at end of season I'm assuming the 1 game playoff will provide a Central Division winner and a team going home--Well, I know the loser is going home anyhow.

Boy!!!!! That team on the field today had exactly 3 guys who started Opening Day--Reyes, Buck and Johnson!!!

How's Mr Mayo(LoMo) Clinic after his surgery??? I trust Bonifacio isn't doing any head first slides as part of rehab.

Flav C.

Mike, I picked only one win and against the Mets because I still have 2 games to watch in the ballpark:

Next Sunday against the Phillies and since my wife and daughters are going with me, I'd like the Phillies to win. They're Phillies fans.

And next Wednesday I'll be in the ballpark for the last game of the season, as I traditionally do. It would be nice to see one home win for a change.

Flav C.

2 runs of support. That's what JJ has been having in average this season. Tough.

Camera Mike

Flav, I hope the fish do manage to win on Wednesday and let you see one win in the new season. If nothing else it would be nice to at least end the season on a positive note.


Camera Mike, Be careful, the Art Dealer and the Midget/Stepson may use that last win to call season a success and demonstrate no reason to spend money in off season.


I can no longer watch the marlins on TV (1) they are terrible (2) the announcers spend more time taking about the other team's players, they can't criticise the marlin's current players or the management. so they announce the game living in a fantasy world that everything is just fine. Can't bear to watch and If I do I turn down the sound. Every player and coach that leaves the marlin's gets better (too many examples to cite) this points directly to the owners and management in developing and fostering a culture of losing and mediocrity. This team needs new ownership and adiministration. Ozzie is good and if given the power and authority he will develop a good team.

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