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Stolen base pleases Giancarlo Stanton more than home run

    WASHINGTON -- While Giancarlo Stanton hit his 33rd home run of the season to leave him one blast shy of his single-season high, he said it was his stolen base -- his first since returning from knee surgery in July -- that made him happiest.

     Stanton even joked that he would aim for the team lead in steals, which is currently held by Jose Reyes with 35.

     "How many games do we have left?" said Stanton, who stole his sixth base of the season in Sunday's fifth inning.

     Adding the stolen base threat to Stanton's arsenal of skills would make him even more dangerous than he is now, according to Ozzie Guillen, who would like to see the slugger put his legs to greater use than he has in the past.

     "He did something for us today I want him to do (more), steal more bases," Guillen said. "When you can steal bases and they want to pitch around you, they have to think about it. You might steal second, too. I want the scouts to say, 'Be careful, because if you walk him, he can steal second base.' Especially in very close games, I want him to use that weapon in his favor."

     Said Stanton: "Anytime you can steal, it gets in the pitcher's head a little bit. It changes games."

      Gary Sheffield's club record 42 home runs, set in 1996, appears safe for this season. But Stanton needs only two more homers to register the second-high single-season total in Marlins history. He and Miguel Cabrera, who hit 34 in 2007, currently share that distinction.


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another Ozzhole idea

Yea right ...have Stanton steal alot of bases with his shaky knees...Brilliant


Giancarlo is bored of easy home runs with one swing of the bat. He wants to add some unpredictability to his game.

another Ozzhole idea

if he's bored have him hit left-handed


wow, reaching for blog ideas there. Let's get some hard hitting critique of Loria and Samson, the architects of this disaster....to talk about

Rock on ,Clark

Hey Clark..has Juan Rodriguez beat your ass yet...HaHaHa..go to stripclubwithstanton Marlins blog for Clark's date with Juan on You Tube...

Marlin Fan

Stanton A's of late seems to either hit a HR or K. It seems he tries to pull everything regardless

Flav C.

Marlin Fan,

If he doesn't work on it, he will become a Mark Reynolds or Adam Dunn. Or maybe Ryan Howard.

But fear not, the hitting coach is taking notes and will help him to fix it "pronto".


How bout them Canes?? Someone post a picture of the "crowd" at Sun Life for the Bethune Cookman game this Saturday.


nobody cares about the Hurricoons

they both blow chunks

If the Doofins played the Hurricoons would anybody win?


it seems obvious that Rich and Tommy are aware of the negative comments from fans regarding the hitting coach. every once in a while, they give compliments to the "good?" work of Eduardo Perez. However, I never hear them mention Eduardo and the very poor offense over the past season and a half, since he took over as the so called hitting coach.

S. Flynn

Marlins are having an Eduardo Perez bobblehead nite..Perez' bobblehead comes complete with cane and seeing-eye dog.


The one I saw had his Perez' head on a platter. Or maybe that was the Beinfest bobblehead. One thing is sure — neither Perez nor Beinfest will be back in their current positions next year.

Capt. Obvious

Loria doesnt have the balls to fire Beinfest. All he will do is shuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Stan M

There is no reason (oh, yes, except a monetary savings) in replacing Beinfest with a different member of that same front office. If they are not going outside the organization for a replacement, then they might as well keep him. Both Perez and Heath Bell must go for they represent the stench that has been 2012. We all must face the reality that our team will finish last 2 years in a row. To me, it is inconceivable that the Marlins could finish higher than 3rd next year. Next year will be a year of transition and we better get used to it. I still think that Loria must make a major move this offseason or hear echoes rather than cheers next year from his ballpark. Can't understand how so many talking heads are saying that Solarno will be a good reserve player. Infante was billed as the second coming of Bill Mazeroski, This kid is several years younger, fields as well or better, hits for a comparable average,and only lacks Infante's mediocre power. As far as I'm concerned, 2nd base should be his...period.
Has anyone noticed that Carlos Lee has very quietly become very quiet. There was an excellent article that explained why Coghlan wasn't called up. You guessed it...money. Playing Peterson is a good idea but I fear that his swing is too long.


I understand that Brantly has been tutoring Buck at the plate and helping him polish up his defensive skills as well. Nice of the kid to take the time.
Stan M,
I agree that Solano has been terrific. How 'bout moving him back to third, playing Boni at second and bringing in Michael Bourne to play center. That lineup wouldn't have much pop, but it would drive opposing pitchers nuts on the bases.
What do you think about Cogs? Should the Marlins have brought him up when they had the chance? Just wondering.

Stan M

LB, I guess you've forgotten. Lou was particularly upset because the team missed Coghlan's defense in CF.

Marlin Fan

Stan, I couldn't agree more about Solano. Been singing his praises for two weeks.
Laurelbowie, very interesting moving Solano to third and having Boni at second . I think it'll work.
I'm not sure any free agent in their right mind would want to sign with the Marlins unless it was a ridiculous contract that the marlins will be overpaying for.

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