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The Zero Factor

     Jose Reyes repeated the number -- 15 -- and shook his head in disbelief. The Marlins were shut out Friday night for the 15th time this season and that, ladies and gentleman, is a club record. The inaugural 1993 Marlins team was blanked 14 times, as was the fuzzy-cheeked '06 team that was stockpiled with low-paid rookies. Those teams were supposed to stink.

      But this, the $100 million Marlins -- the richest Marlins team ever assembled -- sunk to a new franchise depth with Friday's 3-0 whitewash. And there's STILL A MONTH TO GO.

      "It is hard to believe because the team we put out there was supposed to score runs every single day," Reyes said. "Nobody's perfect, but 15 times is a lot."

      Yes it is. Only the Oakland A's have been blanked as many times as the Marlins have this season. But the trend is pointing in the wrong direction for the Marlins, who were shut out five times in August.

      Like Reyes, manager Ozzie Guillen said he, too, is surprised, "Especially with the ballclub we started the season with. Right now we've got a lot of kids in the lineup. Try this. Try that. But that's the reason we're in last place, the biggest reason we're in last place. We haven't hit with men on base."

      But, when you get right down to it, the Marlins haven't hit period, no matter the situation. Their .244 team average ranks 13th in the National League, ahead of only the Padres, Cubs and Astros. Their .246 average when no one is on base also ranks among the bottom half of NL teams. They're 10th in home runs and 14th in runs.

      Keeping in mind that the upcoming free agent market is noticeably thin and the Marlins probably weren't going to splurge even if it wasn't, how do they fix the problem? Perhaps the better question is, in the short term, can the problem even be fixed?


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Stan M

Reyes is being picked off at an alarming rate this year. I wonder if the same was so in NY.

The poster boy for this year's collapse is Heath Bell without doubt. It is the American way to forgive and give a second chance, etc. However, after this guy ran out of excuses, he first threw the pitching coach under the bus and later even his catcher Buck. I do hope he isn't around next year.

Yelich recently went 5 for 5 in a game. Did any of you ever look at a player and "feel" that he would become a Marlin someday? There is no reason for this, but I think Tyler Corvin will be a Marlin next year. No logic, no stat comparisons, just a gut feeling. If it happens, you my all call me a Warlock rather than just an arrogant SOB.


Stan M,
Nobody ever said arrogant.

Stan M

LB,you have warmed my heart. Got your point though! Lou. I might be willing to accept your bet. However, what woulld be the criteria for success and/or advancement or failure. To my way of thinking, I can't lose...nobody can be this bad twice in a row!

Marlin Fan

Absolutely horrible . Up 3-1 and blow it in spectacular fashion. Why speculate about next year , why complain about the FO ??? it doesn't matter , Marlins are just horrible !!


U R Correct Sir!!!..this team is putrid and will be for years to come!!!!

Camera Mike

This one was actually different as Cishek has been playing well as closer until today. I'm not upset about one blown save if he recovers and pitches next time, in other words if he does the complete opposite of Bell.


Another great decision by the Ozzhole to take out JJ after 105 pitches. Take a Bow, Ozzhole.

Marlin Fan

Ozzie been doing it all yr. With pitchers , taking them out too soon or leaving them in too long . But hey, he" tells it like it is" . In that case he would say I'm a complete clown who can't manage .
It must be extremely frustrating to be a Marlin starting pitcher , knowing that if you give up 2-3 runs , your basically screwed . Can't really be upset with Cishek , since he's been on point almost all yr.







I know some of you will add others but in my mind that is it. And I Know you need a lot more than that because even the "sure things" don't always make it and that is why "I believe" you must have 20 "real prospects" to be assured of getting 3. We don't have 20!!

Cabrera might actually win the Triple Crown in the AL!!!! where it would really count. How's the Hopper??

Flav C.

Lou, the other day you wrote "Flav, You must lose this Hanley fascination...bla bla bla....Let Hanley Go!!!".

How long ago did Cabrera go to Detroit? Since 2008, right? 172 HRs, 570 RBIs, 761 games, 2855 at bats, 5 seasons later and you can't just let go? So i can fairly assume that your case should be an obsession, rather than fascination. Let Cabrera go!
In the end, even if he had stayed with the Marlins, he would have never won anything! Loria would never build a team around him. He would probably end up just like Hanley: unsatisfied and lazy.

And yes, there are several other good prospects that you did not add in your list, but since it is your list, I will leave it as is.


What a disaster that game, what a disaster...


poor JJ, bullpen screws him every time.

tommy john

at least he's made it to Sept without his arm/elbow/shoulder blowing out.

Marlin Fan

I'll change the pace from the Marlins for a second... Lucas Harrell for Cy Young ????? In 2010 Felix Hernandez won the award with a 13-12 record for a 61-101 team . Harrell is 10-9 for ( as of now ) a 41-92 team . He may get 12 wins for a team that wins only 50 . His ERA is higher than Hernandez's that yr , but still respectable . Last night against Cincy he pitched 7 , 7h,1r for a ND.
I proposed this toungue in cheek , but.....
So who gets this yrs award , Dickey, Cueto, Cain, Gonzalez, Chapman ? AL award.... Sabathia, Sale, Verlander, price , ??

Marlin Fan

Who's everyones choice for MVP ? AL ... Hamilton, Trout, Cabrera , Cano, ??? NL .... Wright, ... I'd leave out Votto and Kemp due to injuries .


Dear Flav, I attended my first baseball game on September 16, 1956 in Detroit(where I was born in 1947), it was a DH against Boston. I remained SOLELY a Tiger fan until the Marlins were formed. I was a season ticket holder until I moved to the Carolinas in 2002. I always speculated upon who I would pull for if the Tigers played the Marlins in the World Series. I FINALLY decided about 2009 that I would pull for the Marlins. I watch every Tiger and Marlins game by switching back and forth. I'm not obsessed with Cabrera out of fraustration but rather by gratitude that arguably the greatest hitter in the game was traded to 1 of my two favorite teams for essentially a Bowling Green graduate and a conisseur of minor league nicknames. Miguel Cabrera has made himself into a very adequate 3B, is one of the greatest TEAM players I've ever seen, is a drawing card for Hispanic and African-American free agents and may be the most valuable player for any team in baseball. I mention Miguel Cabrera because of his greatness and also the sheer stupidity of the trade. I can understand how people who only pull for the Marlins would not want to hear the name Miguel Cabrera. To paraphrase what was said about Dan Quayle--Flav, I knew Hanley Ramirez, I detested Hanley Ramirez, Hanley Ramirez is no Miguel Cabrera. I will continue to talk about Miguel Cabrera, until his induction into the Hall of Fame. You might consider skipping my posts as soon as you see his name in the posts where I do mention him. It will be about 20% of the time. I'm greatful the Two Dunces and the Wayward GM traded Miguel Cabrera to the Tigers rather than the Yankees or Red Sox or Rangers or White Sox or Angels or Braves.

Dear Marlins Fan, I have no idea how many games behind the Tigers would be without Cabrera. As a Tigers fan, it would not be pretty. He has literally been pitched around To Get To Prince Fielder and he Still has 111 RBI's without seing good pitches. If you have the MLB package, stop watching the Marlins crap when you can estimate when Cabrera will hit and tune in. He is no Brent Petersen.


Dear Marlins Fan, I would probably just hand the award to Felix until he retires. Chapman may not be a bad choice--of course he does not get it but I believe the coming out party for the Reds wa greatly based upon their knowledge of the game is over if they lead going to the 9th and I mean more over than with Mariano pitching the 9th. Now I'm not saying how long this lasts,however, he may inspire a rule change to limit his appearances.

Marlin Fan

Thanks for answering Lou. By the way I'm watching Detroit / Whitesox on Espn

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