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All quiet (for now) on the Marlins front

    Just a brief update on the inactivity involving the Marlins. Ozzie Guillen is still the team's manager. Larry Beinfest is still head of baseball operations. And owner Jeffrey Loria, upon whose shoulders rests any and all personnel decisions involving front office executives and members of the field staff, is overseas. He'll return late next week to conduct organizational meetings, at which time we should learn more.

    Though I have nothing concrete on which to base this on, it is my belief that as more time passes, the greater the likelihood Guillen keeps his job. Some others I've spoken with share the same sense. The rest of the coaching staff is another story, and I would not be surprised to see changes made there. Coaches are under contract only through the end of this month. Guillen has three years remaining on his contract (to the tune of $7.5 million) and ditching him after one season might raise more questions about Loria's acumen in hiring managers than it would Guillen's ability to successfully manage a team. It becomes much more an indictment of Loria than it does of Guillen.

    Only the Seattle Mariners have gone through more managers than the Marlins since 2002, the year Loria took over. Here's a look at the number of managers for each MLB team since '02. (Notes: I counted only managers who either started a season with a team or managed at least 50 games. Jack McKeon is counted twice. The list does not reflect current vacancies or hires made since the end of the regular season, such as Bo Porter in Houston and Terry Francona in Cleveland):

     Mariners 8, Marlins 7, Cubs 6, Orioles, 6, Diamondbacks 5, Reds, 5, Royals 5, Brewers 5, Mets 5, Blue Jays 5, Astros 4, Indians 4, Tigers 4, Dodgers, 4, A's 4, Pirates 4, Nationals 4, Rangers 3, Red Sox 3, White Sox 3, Rockies 3, Giants 3, Rays 3, Braves 2, Yankees 2, Phillies 2, Padres 2, Cardinals 2, Angels 1, Twins 1.

    Given the fact the Marlins barely qualified as a major league outfit after the July dispersal of six members from the Opening Day roster (including three of the four infielders) and late-season injuries to key fixtures Emilio Bonifacio, Logan Morrison and Giancarlo Stanton, it's hard to assign blame to Guillen for what was an unqualified disaster of a season. The blueprint was bad, period.

    With the Nationals/Expos and Orioles ending lengthy playoff droughts, the Marlins moved closer to the top of the heap of teams that have gone the longest without appearing in the postseason. Here's a listing of each MLB team and number of years since last playoff appearance:

     Royals 27, Pirates, 20, Blue Jays 19, Mariners 11, Marlins 9, Astros 7, Mets 6, Padres 6, Indians, 5, White Sox 4, Cubs 4, Angels 3, Red Sox 3, Dodgers 3, Rockies 3, Twins 2, Rays 1, Phillies 1, Brewers 1, Diamondbacks 1. All others: 0.


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Flav C.


Welcome back.

Camera Mike

Thanks Clark for the list of teams and the amount of different managers each has had, I think it perfectly sums up Loria's over meddling with the team. It's a known fact he admired George Steinbrenner and hopefully he realizes the Yankes didn't start winning under George until he hired a good GM and manager and got out of their way.

The Silly Guy That Wears A Beach Towel And Carries A Special Ed. Horn

I was disappointed. I tuned in for e-Mail Tuesday and found nothing. I decided to watch this silly playoff game. If Sanchez had been pitching, 33% of the players on the team up 3-0 would have been former Marlins.

Stan M

I found something disturbing on another site. I have been very hopeful that Ruggiano could fill a major role next year in LF. However I read where a stat head cast doubt upon this. I personally find some of these new stat categories silly, but this one makes sense. Evidently Ruggiano had an abnormally high batting average on balls that he hit that were in play; about .400! Should he return to a more normal percentage, his batting average would probably be well below .250; especially so when considering his high strikeout rate. We damn sure don't need another Cousins/Peterson playing regularly. I hope that the team gives the guy every chance to win a regular job and if not, then become our 4th outfielder for he runs and fields well. The stat head showed multiple examples of others with a comparably high percantage of balls in play, and all regressed markedly. That was not something that I wanted to read.


Stan - I wouldn't put too much stock in that statistic. Ruggiano is very fast and beats out a lot of throws, thus increasing his average in balls hit in play. He's similar to Bonafacio in that regard.

Eddie S

Ruggiano was the Marlins best hitter in 2012. Last year was his first opportunity to earn a starting position. Next year he should be EITHER THE STARTING CENTER OR RIGHT FIELDER.He was the only Marlin regular that batted over 300 . He can hit, field , run , hit for power .PLEASE ANNOUNCE THAT RUGGIANO WILL START IN THE OUTFIELD NEXT YEAR. HE PASSED ALL TESTS. JUST LIKE SOLANO. GET RID OF DONNIE MURPHY!!!!


Thought the commish wanted no news announced from non playoff clubs until after the world series, maybe thats the reason:)


Alright so with all the A Rod rumors starting to fly would and should and could the Fish go after him?


flags, There is no way a-rod would come here. Money would be #1 endorsments wouldn't be the same as in N.Y and with over 100 hrs to go the ball park would factor in it too. come on cheapo owner already is figuring how to pick up a new player via rule 5 or waivers. that's why rosario and scott cousins where let go today. opening spots on the forty man roster.solano would be great ala andino back up infield spots but they need a bopper at third or first no more singles hitters or the same problem they had last year is going to appear. There is talent in the minors just finding it is hard zach cox and johnson combined can get some players here in any trade. and a back up vet catcher would help the pitching staff much more maybe jose molina or miguel olivo would fit nice good signal callers.


A Rod to Marlins??? Only logical position for him would be in the front office. That would round out the cast of characters...Meddling Owner, Serendipitous President, Imitation General Manager, Loser Picking Manager of Baseball Operations, and, a couple of credible extras that are in Hall of Fame but really only serve as former very good players. I think the flaky personality of A Rod would fit in perfectly, but keep him out of uniform


just noticed that Scott Cousins was claimed by Toronto. Watch what a real hitting coach does for him. remember, you heard it hear first.

ps-if i am wrong, i will be prepared to eat my words

Flav C.


Don't eat your words so fast. Look at how good Matt Dominguez was doing with the Astros.


Hey richiej, great comments! A Rod would fit the front office just fine. Couldn't have said it better myself. Not only Dominguez, but watch Gaby in Pitt.

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