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Brad Ausmus not interested in Marlins job

    Brad Ausmus? Forget it. While the Marlins asked permission of the San Diego Padres to speak with Ausmus about their managerial opening, the former major league catcher -- and one of the hottest up-and-coming names on the list of prospective managers -- is not interested.

    According to a high-ranking Padres official, Ausmus told the club he will not pursue the Marlins job. Ausmus is presently a special assistant to Padres general manager Josh Byrnes.

    Ausmus interviewed recently with the Boston Red Sox for their managerial opening. But the Red Sox decided to hire John Farrell. Ausmus was also interviewed by the Houston Astros during their search but -- citing personal reasons -- withdrew his name. The Astros ended up hiring Bo Porter.

    Mike Redmond interviewed Wednesday for the Marlins job. Cincinnati Reds pitching coach Bryan Price is also considered a candidate. The Marlins held their organizational meetings on Thursday to lay out a game plan in advance of the upcoming G.M. meetings in November and winter meetings in December.


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Flav C.

LOL!!! Not even Ausmus wants this position!

WOW, this is laughable....


Ausmus is no dummy. I would even hate to work for Loria.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Flav, why would he? He's a special assistant to the GM, wouldn't it be a step down for him? Not to mention what the word getting around about working for Loria must be.

I doubt that anybody who has options above the low minors will be down for this job. Experience-wise, at best, someone who's been kicking around Triple-A waiting for a shot.

I'd give Ryne Sandberg a call, if I was the Marlins, but I doubt he'd be interested. At least not without making certain that Loria first watche the movie "Anger Management," then hires Jack Nicholson as a consultant. Only then, of I was Ryne, would I work for King Loria.

Bottomfeeding Fish

Doesnt matter who manages the Marlins. They will be going for the 'Three Peat' with the crappy players they have now.


How embarrising is it for an organization to be turned down without an interview. especially when the guys get a free flight and a wine and dine in miami. for a one season and get paid for three job problably thought loria would have him ride greyhound and when he got here he would take him to checkers or chuckie cheese so david samson can play in the bouncie house and get fre tokens what a sham of an organization that I love so much.


I see Loria wearing a fat guy uni sitting on the bench explaining that managing has been a life's dream. Ted Turner here he comes!! Wow wow wow....


Given the Marlins' record with managers, anyone considered "hottest up-and-coming" is not gonna be interested in having anything to do with this ownership.


@Dyonisus, you never know. Ryne Sandberg and Andre Dawson both played for the Cubs at the peak of their careers, and both are Hall of Famers, Sandberg campaigning for Dawson's induction. The Hawk might be able to convince Sandberg to come manage the Marlins. Maybe having such a good friend in the organization would put Sandberg at ease about working under Loria.


This is the link to an interesting story about Sandberg and his quest to be a big league manager if anyone is interested.

Old Gator

This is reminiscent of a couple of years ago when the Dolphins couldn't get anyone who was any good to come coach the team, remember? The Feens were the laughingstock then; now it's the turn of the Feesh. Meanwhile, I'm sure Teflon Larry is relieved and then some that it isn't his head in the basket.


Boycott games until Loria and his poodle sell the team.

Camera Mike

Sadly I would not be surprised if more people turn down the Marlins. Loria's reputation with managers seems to be worse then Steinbrenner's was when he kept hiring and firing Billy Martin. I don't see any manager who has opportunities else where choosing to work for Loria. Unless the team gets lucky with an up and coming minor league manager this will hurt the fish for years and could even have lingering effects after Loria sells the team. It is a sad day for Marlin fans.

Flav C.

Hey Old Gator, glad to see you writing here. I enjoy your comments on nbcsports blogs.
Teflon Larry, Scrooge McLoria and his Chihuahua, all these characters became fan favorites, as well as "the Feesh".


cant blame him. anyone that takes this job knows it will be a one or two year job tops. anyone with any prospects elsewhere will come here. I really hope it does haunt this franchise for years to come. Loria deserves it. when it comes to managers he acts like a spoiled rich little brat. it's unacceptable. do you realize this will make 9 managers in the last 11 years??! anyone with half a brain could just look at that statistic and see that the manager is not the problem. maybe it's a front office whose President is only in that position because he is Loria's stepson? or a GM that doesn't know how to trade or draft. pathetic.

kiss of death

Sports Illustrated already called to have the new manager on the cover in February 13',just like they did with Ozzie in 12'....


Loria and his Marlins are cursed and will endure last place finishes along with an empty stadium ,for years to come.


IF it was permissable under MLB by-laws, I have no doubt that jackLoria would name himself manager as he feels he is the only one intelligent enough to assume the position--No Pun Intended. You would need to be a horsesLoria to even consider this position. This man has his head so far up his Loria that it would take a proctologist to extricate it.

bubie kuhn

even Pete Rose would tell Loria to shove his managers job up his Samson

Stan M

There is a good article on the role of closers on Sports Illustrated site. General idea is that maybe they are not needed. By do I agree with that.

Anibel could be in the catbird seat with his start tomorrow. If he does very will, his potential salary as a free agent could show a considerable increase. I hope so. He has been through more than his share of sadness and injuries. He comes from an upper class background and he and his wife (who is a doctor) lost their one year old infant right when he was hurt.

Flav C.

Have they offered Charlie Corbell the pitching coach position yet?

Flav C.

Seems like Phil Wellman is the wild-card option.If no one else takes the job, he is available.


What does this tell you???? LOL! I can't blame him, who the heck would want to work for Loria, the guy is a complete tool!


Why would he be? It's a LOSER jlob wporking for an IDIOOT owner.


Stan M isthe biggest IDIOT postinmg here. I hurt my sides laughing about the "splendid off season moves" that this moronic Front Office made lasgt year. Stan Moron feels that as long as Loria SPENDS MONEY, it's "splendid". Unfortunately Loria spent his money STUPIDLY:

1) Giving Guillen a 4 year 10 million dollar deal
2) Giving Heath Bell, a 34 year old Fat Boy that even San Diego didn't want, 27 million for THREE YEARS
3) Giving .280 SLAP HITTER Jose Reyes a 19 MILLION DOLLAR a year deal for 8 years.

These were not "splendid moves" they were STUPID MOVES and anyone that listens to anythiong that the BLOWHARD Stan M posts is also STUPID.


loria is only interest on himself, not on d Marlin.look what happened to the Montreal expos.

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