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Bryan Price interviews for Marlins job. And Larry Bowa, too?

     Cincinnati Reds pitching coach Bryan Price on Friday became the second candidate to interview with the Marlins for their managing job, and Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports.com is reporting that manager Larry Bowa also intervewed for the job.

      PricePrice's interview came two days after Mike Redmond spoke to the team about the vacancy.

     Price, 50, interviewed for the Marlins' managerial opening in 2006 and talked to the team in '09 when it was looking for a new pitching coach.

     Price and Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest once worked together in the Seattle Mariners organization.

     Price also served as pitching coach for Seattle and Arizona before joining the Reds coaching staff in 2009. He recently re-upped with the Reds. Bowa

    Bowa also interviewed on Friday, according to a Tweet by Rosenthal. Bowa last managed in 2004 and since January of 2011 has been a studio analyst for MLB Network.

     Bowa, 56, is the only one of three candidates so far who has managed previously in the majors. Bowa skippered the Padres in 1987-88 and Philadelphia from 2001-04.


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Buckwheat Sharptonstein

Loria is trying white guys again,after going with a Cuban,a Rican and a Venezuelan, What, no Blacks,now that Lorias favorite token Black interviewee Bo Peep Porter goes with Houston. Dats raycess.Give a shvartza a shot.






Larry Bowa should be the next Marlins manager.


Why couldn't they hire Price in '09 instead of that failure Randy St. Claire? The Nationals fired St. Claire and look how good their pitching staff is now?

samsons fairygodfather

Samson is afraid he'll be beatch-slapped by Bowa often.

Flav C.


St Clare was cheaper. The Marlins also interviewed Rick Peterson and Carl Willis at the time. You would shocked with their resume and experience. Obviously, cheap-o Loria would not spend a dime on coaches salaries.


Cheap-o Loria, instead of hiring good coaches so he could even sniff the World Series, like the Nationals and Reds did, he hired a failure from his previous great failure, the Expos, and hired a failure son of his close personal friend.


Flav, I guarantee all Blog participants will be asked to contribute change to the Marlins Managerial Fund. This may become first team in MLB history to have a manager who makes less money than Yankees clubhouse attendant. I wonder if the jackLoria who owns this team will even allow salary to be released? This is gonna get worse.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Agree with Lou that it will get worse.

Reyes was an awful signing. I expect his propensity for injury will rear its ugly head before long, by which time it'll be too late to get any value in return.

Zambrano was another awful acquisition. Buerhle was reliable, but he came recommended by, oops, Ozzie Guillen, so lets see how that goes.

It's only a matter of time before we learn where Josh Johnson is headed.

Stanton is good, but he will see very few pitches to hit in this lineup.

Add a manager who will either be learning on the job or has failed elsewhere (Bowa) and the immediate future looks gloomy.

About the only thing that could save the Marlins right now would be if King Loria found a sound, experienced baseball guy and let him run things ... for more than one season, that is.

Not gonna happen. It will get worse.

Stan M

Relax everyone. I'm confident that Bowa was only interviewed because affirmative action required that at lest one maniac be considered. Now that first choice, Ausmus has said no, and Lowell and Conine have said no, my choices in order of preference would be: Cinn pitching coach, Texas pitching coach (Maddux brother), Sandberg, Andre Dawson, Redmond.


Doesn't Tony Perez or Andre Dawson have another son that could be named manager? So far we have only seen Eduardo as a hitting coach.

People tend to rationalize events after they occur and find the positive. What you should do to get proper perspective is ask yourself what reaction would have been to an event if someone had told you a year ago that it would occur.For example, you are told a year ago Guillen was going to be fired and Marlins first choice as replacements were going to be Bryan Price and Mike Redmond. HONESTLY----very important---what would you have said??

I honestly believe this franchise in the next couple of years will make the 62 Mets look as comedic as Max Von Sydow's role as the priest in the Exorcist. Wait for it!!!

I'm nowhere near the Pope and can't give a Papal Dispensation,however, I can give you all a Lou Baseball Dispensation and as of this moment I solemnly
release all followers of the Marlins from ever having to feel the pain of following them. You are given the opportunity as of this moment to choose another team. IF you wish to follow the Marlins for "entertainment" purposes solely, feel free to enjoy the fun and antics. This is not a one day edict, feel free to exercise this release from aggravation at any time in the future. Bless You My Sons and Daughters. You have all persevered in the midst of some heinous activities and I believe you have suffered enough. Cheer in peace.


Will follow the Marlins just to laugh at them, cherish their fans agony, enjoy their loses and misfortune,and hope it stays this way or gets worse.


Lou, is that your last post? Farewell


A lot of doom & gloom on here....I'm look'n forward to the World Series tonight!


Querido Nacional, Me gusta mi trabajo. Nunca Salgo. Tenga una buena dia!!! Quiero todos mis amigos y mis amigas tener una buena dia tambien. Tengo muchos verbos pero necesito mas palabras. No comprendo siempre pero sigo trabajando. Luego!!!

Camera Mike

Dionysus, while I agree that things will get worse next season I disagree on some of your player assessments. Reyes had a horrible first half but did bounce back well and I don't believe it's a guarantee that his injury bug will return. Zambrano did have some good games early in the season (if I remember correctly 3 of Bell's blown saves were on Big Z starts) and while his second half was one to forget you need to remember the fish only played 2 out of the 18 million he was payed and his few wins were far more then Chris Volstad was capable of. It was not a great trade but the Marlins did come out on the better end of it. Buerhle was our most reliable pitcher and after Johnson's trade he will stay and be the ace in my opinion. As for Stanton, he had no protection from the line up the whole second half of the season and still but up some great hits.

I agree that Loria does need to hire a baseball man and let him have control but like I said don't agree with all of your player assessments.

Stan M

Camera Mike,


Hey Lou ... no españoles está mal para un gringo!


Marlins will be out of the play-off hunt next season in May, instead of their usual June swoon.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Camera Mike, my assessment of Reyes goes beyond his performance this season. His career, after all, didn't begin in Miami. In his tenure with the Mets, he was a key player on a team that experienced two straight monumental late September collapses, during which he was a total nonfactor. Also, he missed more games in one season due to a simple hamstring injury than Aaron Boone did thatbuear in coming back from open heart surgery. Finally, Reyes regularly pulls bonehead plays out there, he's the same guy who once admitted to the New York media that he doesn't concentrate fully on every pitch cause there's so many of them ... yes, he actually said that. This is the guy Loria gave $100M contract to.

I repeat, awful signing. And fwiw, that was my opinion before last season even started.

 the Rest of MLB

Hope Loria continues to be the GM, Head Scout,and Chief Negotiator for the Marlins until he croaks....wont have to worry about them contending for years.


Larry Bowa's age is incorrectly stated as 56...he turns 67 in December.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...We hope the Marlins don't play shuffle-board with Johnson; and Giancarlo is somewhat under the tree, partially unwrapped!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Larry Bowa's 67??? Sheesh!!!

Stan M

Camera Mike,
While in a hurry I could only write "ditto". Now there is time to defend your post above. The Zambrano trade needs no defense for he was terrific at the outset. Were it not for tubby, both he and Burlhie would have had a couple more wins. But it's the critique of Reyes signing that concerns me. Although the poster's opinion is by far in the minority, it still bears scrutiny. There were three major free agents at large. A 32 year old star who is possibly 2-3 years older and has already shown signs of breaking down. A drastically overweight home run hitter who might have been at least partially stymied by Marlins field. Both of these signees required unrealistic committments both in time and money. Reyes was less expensive and readily signable which was very important from a public relations standpoint. He solidified the team's defense on the left side of the infield. As things turned out, this proved to be untrue as Hanley showed no improvement over his past year's performance. So now, in retrospect how does his signing look? First it is horrible to think what would have occured if he wasn't signed and Hanley was so poor that he had to be traded. Picture Murphy as our regular SS!. Now that the year has passed, what are we left with. We have a SS who is a better fielder than Hanley, plays with more enthusiam than Hanley, hits better than Hanley, steals more bases than Hanley, makes roughly the same money as Hanley, and is under team control for more years than Hanley would have been. And where the fellow who disagrees with you does make a valid point about his on field alertness, no one has ever called him a "mutt". Lastly, as his proclivity to get hurt in the past is also mentioned, it should be noted that Hanley has more recently been hurt. My point is that in essense, we now have traded Hanley for Reyes and are far better off, in my opinion. The person who disagreed with you presented a well thought out argument. I simply and respectfully disagree with him.

Jesus Hernandez

I would like to see dave martinez interview, price is a great candidate along with the rest. Anibal would be a great signing also, since the marlins were going to allow him to test the market anyway why not sign him and then the value that was recieved from his trade would be icing on the cake. I would like to see the marlins try to get a couple of nice pieces for JJ and let the rotation be filled with young arms and see how well they do that is where price would be a great asset since he has had great success with the reds young rotation.


Jesus...Loria will resign Anibal for big Free Agent $$$$ when he and Samson sell the stadium naming rights to Manischewitz...

Camera Mike

Dionysus, like Stan I appreciate your argument and believe it is valid and well thought out but do respectfully disagree. He did have a bad times injuries while in NY, but in the past three seasons he has avoided serious and long lasting injuries leading me to believe he could be past the injury bug. As for his comment on fully concentrating on every pitch, yes that was truly bad but sounds to me like the thoughts of a young and immature player. Since that time he has grown up some, and if there was ever a time for a player to take some pitches off it would have certainly have been the Malins second half of the season where he put up his best stuff of the year.

I hope you didn't think I was being insulting or disrespectful as that was certainly not my intention. While I do disagree you presented a well reasoned argument and it is obvious you do understand baseball. I hope to see more of your posts in the future.

H. Greenberg

Man O' Manischewitz..that's great wine.

Jules - CMLOR

There is just no right management for this team... and Bowa is 68 by the way haha

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