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Bryan Price pulls out of manager's race

      Cincinnati Reds pitching coach Bryan Price has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Marlins' managing job only a few days after interviewing, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer

       With Price out of the picture, that leaves only two known candidates -- Mike Redmond and Larry Bowa -- that have formally interviewed for the job. That doesn't mean the job will come down to those two, necessarily.

       Sources said the Marlins intended to bring in more candidates, though that would seem problematic for the time being given the weather issues in New York, where owner Jeffrey Loria resides and where he has spoken to each managing prospect individually.

       At the moment, Redmond is believed to be the favorite for the job, but that could always change.        


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Can someone, anyone, go back to the interviewees and find out specifics as to why they wouldn't want to manage in this organization. Within the organization you have two hall of famers and a beloved ex Marlin yet none of them have taken the bait. Valentine also had some choice words when he interviewed a while back. Then you have guys like Lowell, Ausmus and now this guy say "No thank you."

What gives?!!! Hochman's idea to bring in A Rod as a player/manager isn't sounding so crazy anymore. For the record I don't want this team to bring in A Rod under any circumstance.

elementary my dear Watson

Its simple...nobody wants to work for these crazy bastards.

Ted Turner

put Loria in a pair of knickers. and let him manage for himself.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I genuinely feel for whoever is desperate enough to take this job.


how surprising! Bryan Price doesn't want to have the honor of working for loria and his disfunctional organization. maybe loria should contact joe biden in case obama and he don't get re elected. biden would fit right in here


nah...I think Romney would be the perfect guy for Loria...they're both rascals.

Flav C.

Lloyd McClendon (Tigers hitting coach) interviewed for the Marlins manager position yesterday.

Should i call it "breaking news"? Naaahhh...

F. Art  Donovan

more like 'wind-breaking' news

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