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Guillen sends out thanks in Tweets

      Ozzie Guillen, who abstained from Twitter throughout much of the season, used it on Tuesday to offer his thanks in the aftermath of his firing as Marlins manager.

      Translated from Spanish, here's what Guillen said:

      "Thank you to my family and my great friends for the wonderful support, to my sons and my wife, and my countrymen for their support."

      "To the fans that support me and to those who are happy as well, my respect and affection."

      "In life there are worse things and I've lived bad moments in my life. This is one more of that. I will overcome with the suppot of my own."

      "Better things or worse things may come, but thanks again for your support in this bad moment, but not the worst."

      "I am calm with my own, with my head held high, real high."

      Guillen, who was informed of his dismissal in a phone call moments after his plane touched down in Miami this afternoon after a trip to Europe, did not return phone calls or text messages.


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What A shame; paying Ozzie 7.5 million to play with his voodoo dolls. We could have used that money to hire Gio

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Good piece today by Linda Robertson, but it only scratches the surface.

Say what you want about Ozzie, but he was right. Everyone on the Marlins should look in the mirror. But the truth is not a good thing to spout around King Loria (see F. Gonzalez, J. Girardi).

See, the truth is that Ozzie didn't pick these players, Loria and Beinfest did. And that being the case, the truth is an inconvenient thing to have, which made Ozzie inconvenient.

All of that adds up to a :-year paid vacation for him. I hope he doesn't return to another job till his contract is up. Let Loria pay ... it's what hurts him the most.


Stan M,
I, too, wish your wife well. Let us know how she's doing.
You're right — Buchanan and Safire shared speechwriting duties for Agnew, but it was Safire who came up with his most-colorful turns of phrase.
Call me cashews, everybody, but I believe the choice of a pitching coach will be more interesting, and more pivotal, than the managerial selection. With the Marlins' young pitching corps and some very good prospects on the way, the future of the team hinges on getting a guy who knows how to develop those young arms without letting them blow themselves up.
Stan M's comments about Fernandez's pitching motion inspired me watch some video. And to my highly untrained eye, his delivery is all over the place. He's going to be a blubberbelly if somebody doesn't monitor his intake of Milky Ways and meatballs, and he's got the kind of power delivery that can cause an arm to self-destruct without proper tutelage. With Dave Duncan out of the picture, I have no idea who they might get to nurse the most out of guys like Eovaldi, Turner and Fernandez, but I'm glad St. Claire is now St. Elsewhere.

Flav C.

LB, i would bet (if i had money) they will go for Charlie Corbell, the current pitching coach for NOLA.

He is far from being a big name, but has been putting some decent numbers and results with the young guys in the farm system. Some of them have been coached by him all the way from Jamestown, and guys like AJ Ramos, Koehler, Sanabia, etc are very familiar with his system.


Flav C.
That sounds like a good guess. I don't know much about Corbell, but I'm pretty sure he's never coached in the big leagues, so he'll come cheap. And like you say, it makes sense to have some familiarity between coach and pitcher. Guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that they come up with somebody who can do the job.


getting rid of hitting coach Dave Malee was the beginning of decline for the youthful offensive players. Malee had been their hitting coach in the Minors and had good relationship with the players. We never were told why the Marlins let him go, but, my first guess would be that Hanley had something to do with it.

Flav C.

richiej, you got that right. Hanley was not pleased with Mallee's philosophy and system.
Mallee had a very good impact on players like Gaby, Stanton, Coghlin, LoMo, when they were in the minors and during their rookie seasons, since they would still go back to Mallee for hitting counseling.

Just don't feel bad for him: He's the Director over Player Development wit the Blue Jays. And has his own hitting coach clinic.


Stan, Hope your wife is doing better. Just found out.


The only redeeming factor in this entire mess is that Loria must pay Ozzie 7,500,000 for doing NOTHING. Of course he tolerated Loria, Samson, Beinfest and mostly minor league players for a year so maybe that is just compensation. I would take him as the Tigers manager in a second. I actually believes with a modicum of talent to employ that he is a motivating presence and would especially like to see him with all those Venezuelans and Hispanics who play for Detroit. Ozzie, just think No MAS Petersen, Cousins, Hernandez, Buck, Murphy, Dunn, Webb, SloMo and the rest of that stellar cast. You will be able to get over Stanton and Reyes.

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