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Guillen sends out thanks in Tweets

      Ozzie Guillen, who abstained from Twitter throughout much of the season, used it on Tuesday to offer his thanks in the aftermath of his firing as Marlins manager.

      Translated from Spanish, here's what Guillen said:

      "Thank you to my family and my great friends for the wonderful support, to my sons and my wife, and my countrymen for their support."

      "To the fans that support me and to those who are happy as well, my respect and affection."

      "In life there are worse things and I've lived bad moments in my life. This is one more of that. I will overcome with the suppot of my own."

      "Better things or worse things may come, but thanks again for your support in this bad moment, but not the worst."

      "I am calm with my own, with my head held high, real high."

      Guillen, who was informed of his dismissal in a phone call moments after his plane touched down in Miami this afternoon after a trip to Europe, did not return phone calls or text messages.