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Josh Johnson done for the season, LeBlanc pitching instead

Although Josh Johnson was scheduled to start on Monday night, Ozzie Guillen said Johnson has a small hamstring injury and the team does not want to risk him getting more injured. Wade LeBlanc will pitch in his stead this evening.

“J.J. is done [for the season],” Guillen said. “I think J.J. has been pitching the past couple of starts with a bad hip flexor. It started to bother him the last game. It was very sore. He continued to have some problems and I don’t think we should it’s worth it to try to [put him out there].”

Johnson finishes the season 8-14 with a 3.81 ERA after 31 starts. Coming back from a long-term injury Johnson struggled in April – his ERA was 5.34 at the end of the month – but he rebounded later in the season, posting a 2.91 ERA in September.

“For me to have this kid out there every start, missing just one start, to me it was a very, very good season for him,” Guillen said.

Guillen said that if the Marlins were in the playoff race Johnson would have pitched through the pain, but since they are not, the risk is not worth it.


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Flav C.

It just makes me sick to my stomach when I read Rosenthal and Law (ESPN) trying to convince anyone that Trout had a better season than Cabrera and should be the MVP. Now I know for sure who they will vote for and it just drives me crazy. They keep using WAR as the key component to justify their decision and the fact that Trout is a better defender. Yes, it is fair to say his WAR is higher than Cabrera's and use this as just one of the components. But use this as key component and to compare players from different positions? Give me a break.
The fact is that WAR shouldn't even be used to compare players within the same position. Or are you going to tell me that you would rather have David Wright as your 3B than Miguel Cabrera? Well, that's what WAR says: Wright (7.8 WAR) over Cabrera (7.1 WAR). And both play 3B.

I would start by saying, yes, Trout is a better defender statistically, but guess what, he is not even the best defender in his own position. Just like Cabrera is not the best defender in his position.

Trout had an amazing rookie season and definitely deserves the AL ROY award. But to me, when the game mattered most and in several other stats, Miggy is far superior than Trout.

More RBIs, More HRs, higher bat avg, better SO/BB ratio, OPS off the charts (1.001). Miggy had great bat avgs against Lefties (.314) and righties (.334), where Trout wasn't as good with lefties (.267).
One of the most telling aspects of how good Miggy was this year was during clutch moments: He batted .352 with RISP, driving 87 RBIs. Trout had a very good bat avg with RIPS but nowhere near Miggy - .330 with 53 RBIs.
2 outs and RISP? No problem: Cabrera hit .420 (are you kidding me?) with 29 RBIs. Trout hit .286 with and 16 RBIs.
Tied game and need a clutch player? No problem: Cabrera hit .343 and 37 RBIs. Trout hit .332 and 18 RBIs. Very good but not close to Miggy.

To me, just the fact that Cabrera will be the triple crown winner this season should automatically seal this thing and be an unanimous decision.

Flav C.

Clark and everybody else, if you were to vote for MVP awards this season, who would be your choices?

what a country

if a guy leads the league in all three triple crown categories, how could he possibly not be the most valuable player? if rosenthal doesn't think the mvp award should go to the triple crown winner, then i place him in the same class with loria, samson, and company. only my opinion

Stan M

Flav, I said much the same thing on my post yesterday. Even used Wright as a WAR absurdity. Even worse, in my opinion, War rates Trout as about 35 per cent better than Miggy. One can make reasonable argumennts about whom should be MVP but Miggy is darn sure not that much worse than the rookie. And as I also said yestersay, no consideration is given for his move to 3B or there would be no Fielder and probably no pennant
My choice would overwelmingly be Miggy for MVP and Weaver for the Cy Young. The NL is more complex but I won't argue with Buster Posey but I want Dickey for Cy Young. All of that being said, consider this...would the Braves be in the Wild Card if Chipper Jones wasn't on the team? I'd rate the old man in the top 10, maybe top 5.

Jason Stark, whom I greatly respect has a good article on his choices. I especially like his least valuable players. If anyone can't get it on ESPN, so state it here and I'll link it for you.

Flav C.

Stan, I already read Starks article. I laughed a lot with some of the readers' comments.

AL MVP is Miggy for me. Cy Young is a toss-up between Weaver and Price.

NL MVP for me is Molina. And I'd go with Gio or Kershaw for Cy Young. As much as I admire Dickey, he greatly benefited from 7 starts against the 2 worst offensive teams in the NL: Marlins and Astros. So did Kimbrel with more than 10 games against both teams.
Neither Gio or Kershaw had this benefit.


trout was great but the angels where stacked this year and even improved their rotation at the trade deadline with greinke. miggy was the same player all year. he changed position conquered his demons and when fielder struggled at first miggy was the same hitter when the tigers where ten games out and the whitesox and indians looked to have their division miggy carried them to first and is a stone throw away from a triple crown how can you bring up war and numbers. what they both did this year was amazing and the angels couldn't catch the a's mvp should go to miggy how many times is he going to get ripped off in mvp voting while having an h.o.f career

Camera Mike

Like the rest of you I also believe Miggy is the MVP. besides all the points you guys brought up I'd like to add this quote from Tom Verducci today "Cabrera has hit 11 home runs in September/October while driving in 28 runs in the 29 games. The Tigers were three games out with 15 to play and roared past Chicago to win the AL Central. The Angels went home."

The MVP should be the player who gets the hits and RBIs when needed most, and his 28 runs in 29 games is as insane as his .420 average with 2 outs and RISP that Flav brought up. Miggy is the obvious choice in my opinion.

Flav C.

Mike, not only that but also Trout's numbers faded a bit in Aug-Sep, when the real chase for the post-season heated up. But instead of the Angels fade as well, they put up great numbers and a 32-24 record. Which means, other players stepped up. So as the team's WAR went up I know there isn't such stat), Trout's WAR went down.

The opposite happened with Miggy. The Tigers went 33-23 in Aug-Sep and Cabrera's numbers exploded. So there is a direct correlation between his WAR and team's performance.

Let's put it simple: Without Trout, the Angels can still be a contender. Without Miggy, the Tigers would be 3rd at best in the NL Central.

Stan M

Does anyone remember when some team tried to walk Miggy intentionally but the pitches weren't far enough away from the plate. So Miggy reached out and stroked a single to center. That is one of my most memorable Marlin moments, not counting post season series. The other would be when Cody Ross swung and the ball hit home plate and came up and hit him in the mouth. He leaned over and a stream of blood poured out onto the plate. He needed several stitches inside his mouth. Did he play the next day? You bet and Cody became my favorite Marlin.


Stan M,
I'm not sure we're talking about the same occasion, but I remember a time when Cody got his brains scrambled by a fastball and knocked out of the game — then hit a home run in his first at bat the next day. You gotta love it.
I've been away for several days, and I've been reading through the comments I missed, trying to catch up. Every time I do that, I'm impressed with how intelligent and savvy all you guys are. I'm not going to name any names, because then I'd leave somebody out, but the give and take on here has been the most interesting thing about this dogsh*t Marlins season. The new posters are terrific, and there has been one major addition by subtraction that contributes greatly to the civility of the discourse, if you get my drift. Hope everybody sticks around for the offseason, because it has to be more pleasant than the season.
One more thing: Nice butt, Stan!

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