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Larry Bowa discusses his interview with Marlins

      Former major league manager Larry Bowa was a guest on Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo's show on Sirius/XM radio on Monday and answered questions about last week's interview for the Marlins' managing job:

      Here's a partial transcript:

      Larry Bowa: "I had a nice interview with Jeffrey Loria and the general manager, (Larry) Beinfest, and (Dan) Jennings. It was a good interview."

      Host/Chris Russo: "Were you surprised they called you?"

      Bowa: "No, not really. I've known Jeff Loria for a while. It was a good interview. I had a good time exhanging ideas and everything and we'll see where that goes."

      Russo: "Are you optimistic that something could happen there?"

      Bowa: "You know what, Chris, you know how that goes. When you get interviewed, you don't know. You know, you think you did good, maybe you don't do good. I thought it was a good interview. We made some good points with each other."

      Russo: "That team could use a little feistiness from you."

      Bowa (laughs): "Yeah, that was one of the issues that was brought up."

      Russo: "They asked you how you are going to approach this team that underachieved, is that what they basically said?"

      Bowa: "Well, no, they didn't say underachieved. They said, are you gonna be, we need some intensity out there and we need some guys to play better than they played."

      Russo: "I can tell, Larry, you've still got a young heart. You want to manage. If the right opportunity comes you're going to take a job."

      Bowa: "That ballclub woud be good. That ballclub would be good, Chris."



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Known Jeff Loria for a while? It was a good interview?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the next Marlins manager.

no habla espanol, por favor

at least you will be able to understand what Bowa will be ranting about after they lose,which will be often


I kinda like the enthusiasm from old Larry. You know watching the WS I really loved seeing a team like San Fran win it. I mean who on that lineup scares you? No big boppers like Detroit had, they are scrappy and you can tell they enjoy playing together as a TEAM. Still shocked they swept Detroit but if ever there was a blueprint they would be a team I would try and model after. I know they have phenomenal pitching but it was nice to see every guy do the little things. And c'mon a closer that throws a 88 mph fastball with a wicked slider....gotta love it.


miggy was frozen pizza in the 10th...too bad it was papa romo's instead of papa johns

ben dover

is there an asskissing contest between Beinfest and Jennings?

Guy's a Riot

Dear Flags, The Tigers had 2 boppers on the entire team. We all saw what happened when Cabrera was silenced for 4 games. If Cabrera tears up his knee the first game of spring training, this team wins 66 games.


Sounds like Larry really wants the job.

J. Silverheels

Beinfest, just like Samson, speak with forked tongue.

Larry the Cable Guy

Two Larry's running the Marlins? Would rather have Larry Fine and Larry David.


One vote for Larry Flynt..office at the Clevelander

Dan J.

Beinfest is worried that if Loria hires Bowa, their dry cleaning will get mixed up, not to mention the monogramed towels in Samsons executive sauna.


Moe for batting coach. Curly for pitching coach. Why the hell not?

Flav C.

I gotta say, you guys are sharp. Best comments ever.


thanks flav.. comedy in tragedy

merchant of venice

does Loria hire an old guy that doesnt need the money or give a young guy his first shot at managing? Either way, Loria knows he wont have to pay either one that much.

Wish they would have moved the team to Vegas

different stadium, different name, different payroll, different jerseys, still the same old florida marlins

Colonel Sanders

you cant make chicken liver out of chickenshit


I've eaten at some places where they may have tried. I ate at this one place REALLYYYYYYYYYYYY close to where Orange Bowl was located and it was a disaster.


Did that place have a petting zoo?


mamacitas fish tacos on flagler? once you get past the smell,you've got it licked. samson went there and ordered tubesteak smothered in underwear.

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