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Larry Bowa discusses his interview with Marlins

      Former major league manager Larry Bowa was a guest on Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo's show on Sirius/XM radio on Monday and answered questions about last week's interview for the Marlins' managing job:

      Here's a partial transcript:

      Larry Bowa: "I had a nice interview with Jeffrey Loria and the general manager, (Larry) Beinfest, and (Dan) Jennings. It was a good interview."

      Host/Chris Russo: "Were you surprised they called you?"

      Bowa: "No, not really. I've known Jeff Loria for a while. It was a good interview. I had a good time exhanging ideas and everything and we'll see where that goes."

      Russo: "Are you optimistic that something could happen there?"

      Bowa: "You know what, Chris, you know how that goes. When you get interviewed, you don't know. You know, you think you did good, maybe you don't do good. I thought it was a good interview. We made some good points with each other."

      Russo: "That team could use a little feistiness from you."

      Bowa (laughs): "Yeah, that was one of the issues that was brought up."

      Russo: "They asked you how you are going to approach this team that underachieved, is that what they basically said?"

      Bowa: "Well, no, they didn't say underachieved. They said, are you gonna be, we need some intensity out there and we need some guys to play better than they played."

      Russo: "I can tell, Larry, you've still got a young heart. You want to manage. If the right opportunity comes you're going to take a job."

      Bowa: "That ballclub woud be good. That ballclub would be good, Chris."