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Marlins fire Ozzie Guillen

    Ozzie Guillen is one and done.

    The Marlins fired Guillen on Tuesday after just one season. President of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said the team would now begin a search for what will be the eighth manager in Jeffrey Loria's 12 seasons as team owner. The Marlins will have their fourth different Opening Day manager in four years at the start of the 2013 season.

    Guillen's Marlins went just 69-93, good for a second straight last-place finish in the National League East.

    The Marlins signed Guillen last fall to a four-year, $10 million contract. They'll be responsible for the remainder of that deal, or $7.5 million over the next three years. As a result, the Marlins will likely turn to a younger and, therefore, less expensive manager to replace Guillen.

    "After careful consideration following the disappointment of the 2012 season, we decided to dismiss Ozzie," Beinfest said in a prepared statement. "Our maagerial search begins immediately and our hope is that a new manager, along with roster improvements, will restore a winning culture."

    Sources said that Loria, as well as some members of the front office, didn't care for the clubhouse culture that was created under Guillen.

    More changes to the coaching staff could be forthcoming. Given that bench coach Joey Cora has long been Guillen's right-hand man in the dugout with the White Sox and Marlins, it would seem highly unlikely he'll be retained.


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Marlin Fan

Wonderful !!!!!


Man, there have been rumors about it for months, but I still can't believe it. Really, given the record this ownership has with managers (they fired Joe Girardi for crying out loud), what good manager do the Marlins have any hope of landing? And "restore a winning culture"? The only way to do that is get rid of the loser owner.

On Joey Cora, Ken Rosenthal is already reporting that he is gone as well:


I bet they'll keep Eduardo Perez.


another BAD decision in a long line of BAD decisions.

Adam Bloomberg

The next manager of the Miami Marlins is going to be Mike Lowell. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. He's a Miami guy, budget, and could be a hidden gem.



rhett t

Who cares as long as Loria is the owner no manager ill be safe.

Flav C.

They will probably hire someone like Manny Acta who was let go by the Indians. If not, some minor league coach or a guy like Ryan Sandberg (if the Phillies allow him to talk to the Marlins).

I really don't see a big-name coach coming to MIA to work under the scrutiny of Loria and the bunch of clowns a.k.a. Marlins FO.


As this kind of nonsense adds up...I’m sure it will help Stanton make his decision NOT to ever sign a long term deal with the Marlins. He will simply refuse & hope he gets traded...or play out his string & become a free agent. As for Mike Lowell becoming the manager….why in the heck would he want to????


I have to agree with spitballer. There's a better chance of Lowell coming on the broadcast team than the coaching staff. Jeff Conine, Mr. Marlin would probably prefer staying on the broadcast team 1000 times more than he would prefer to manage the Marlins. Lowell would know exactly what he would be getting into, and it ain't good.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

OK, so I read this ...

"Sources said that Loria, as well as some members of the front office, didn't care for the clubhouse culture that was created under Guillen"

... and I'm thinking, FINALLY, some real in-depth reporting on this team!

Yet, I read on and ... nothing.

No details, no quotes, not one question put to management about this. If you want a clue what I'm talking about, check out the hard-hitting journalism hat came out of the Boston papers at the end of Terry Francon's tenure there, followed up by the detailed stories regarding Bobby Valentine's joke of a season (btw, isn't Bobby V is the Anglo version of

Spencer, grow a spine and be something more than a Marlins management apologist. There's a great news story sitting there that would make your peers nationwide sit up and take notice. The story's name is Loria, the supreme megalomaniac who is the second coming of George Steinbrenner.

Grab a clue, Spencer! What is it, 8 managers in about 10 years, including firing one who was named Manager of the Year THAT same year???

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Pitiful that AP has a better feel for thia team than the Herald's beat reporter, to wit:

"Mindful of speculation his job might be in jeopardy, he said two weeks before the end of the season he was glad he rented a house in Miami rather than buying when he took the job."

And ...

"Miami's next manager will be the fifth for owner Jeffrey Loria since early 2010. Two managers he fired made the playoffs this year. The Marlins still owe Guillen $7.5 million for the three years remaining on his contract."


Jeffrey Loria is essentially baseball's version of Jerry Jones. Te difference is Jones doesn't get a pass from the Dallas media the way Loria does here. Really, is there any owner worse than him in MLB?


Come to think of it, would-be managers really should want to manage the Marlins. Chances will be greater that that manager will make the postseason ... with another club.


What I meant to say on the previous post about Ozzie He is a good manager In a sense the players like to play for him and as I remember cespedes wanted to play for him. To get a new manager now and still be dismantling the teams line up gives to many easy outs for owner ship to pass blame around and not point the fingers at themselves why 2013 might be bad . A new manager,new young unproven players a young rotation if they trade any starters and it would be another wasted year of having reyes and stanton in their primes consitency is the only formula to build a winner and consistency would bring fans to ballgames.


I would love to see the marlins get Tony pena,Dave lopes or a manger with some experience coaching at a good level. Signing a young inexperienced manager with a medling owner and a young club house he could be overwhelmed and lose that club house fast.


they could get_____ fill-in the blank to manage..wont matter because their players SUCK


Dionysus, Were you expecting Boston Globe caliber reporting? This market cares more about a moribund, dirty collegiate football program that draws comparably to the University of Richmond and Bucknell.


Dionysus, this team has been a gold mine of stories. Revenue sharing scandal, fleecing of Miami tax payers, SEC investigation, for all these stories we have to depend on other news outlets. Clark Spencer and the Miami Herald won't shake things up. They didn't shake things up when the ballpark deal was being negotiated with Miami-Dade, and they won't shake things up now that the taxpayers are in deep with the Marlins. The Miami Herald is just the mouthpiece of Miami politicians, they won't do any serious reporting.

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