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Marlins trade Heath Bell

    The Marlins have closed the book on failed closer Heath Bell.

    Bell was traded Saturday to the Arizona Diamondbacks as part of a three-team deal in which Miami received minor-league infielder Yordy Cabrera from the Oakland A's.

    The Marlins agreed to pay $8 million of the remaining $21 million still owed to Bell. The A's received outfielder Chris Young from the Diamondbacks while giving up shortstop Cliff Pennington to Arizona.

    In trading Bell, the Marlins discarded a ninth-inning specialist who repeatedly turned wins into losses on the field and become a malcontent off it.

    The Marlins signed the 35-year-old reliever last December to a three-year, $27 million deal. But the former San Diego Padres closer turned out to be a huge bust, losing his job after blowing six saves before the All-Star break and eight all together.

    He finished with 19 saves, a 4-5 record and 5.09 ERA.

    Unhappy with his diminished role, Bell was openly critical of pitching coach Randy St. Claire, the training staff and even the Showtime production crew that filmed “The Franchise.” Bell said he was portrayed too negatively during the series.

    For the Marlins, the final straw with the disgruntled Bell might have come the final week of the season when Bell, in a live radio interview, said it was "hard to respect" manager Ozzie Guillen.

    The following day, Bell's teammates on the Marlins, in a show of support for Guillen, turned on the manager's weekly radio show inside the clubhouse, raised the volume, and made Bell listen to Guillen state that he no longer respected Bell "as a person."

   Cabrera, 22, was the A's second-round draft pick in 2010 out of Lakeland.

   At Single A Stockton last season, Cabrera hit .232 with three homers and mostly played shortstop. He is currently playing third base in the Arizona Fall League.


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WTF..in english

Flav C.

From all we've been reading so far, it appears that the magical number for payroll next season is "$80 mil".
The interesting detail is that, if we exclude the salaries of the guys who were traded, the ones who opted for free-agency, others designated for assignment, and the $8 mil the Marlins will eat up from Bell's contract, they payroll for 2013 already shows a $80 mil commitment.

So, it makes even more sense that either JJ or Ricky will be gone next season, and will be part of a trade for a 3B or an LF, along with some decent prospects.

I would not rule out Buehrle being traded, since his contract is back-loaded. His salary is $12 mil next season and jumps to $20 mil in 2014, which is the expected debut season of Jose Fernandez.

Buehrle also holds a lot of value as a reliable pitcher, work-horse. Teams in the AL would be happily entertain trade conversations including Buehrle's name.

Flav C.

Correction: "...Teams in the AL would happily entertain trade.."


I was reading through our previous posts on this thread and realized that one of my comments needs clarification. In the instance above, I was agreeing with you and not William Safire. That does not mean that you aren't, on occasion, a nattering nabob of negativism. It just means that in this case, I agree with your nattering.
Guess that makes me, in Safire's words, a pusillanimous pussyfooter.

Marlin Fan

Was Ozzie fired ???? Was just listening to sports radio !

Flav C.

So, with Ozzie officially fired, who's next?

Flav C.

MF, I guess he was. I just listened to it, and there is a big "breaking news" icon on the front page of the Miami Herald stating that too.

Marlin Fan

Thank God , he was horrible and it was well documented on this blog his mismanagement of multiple things . Whoever they bring ,in will hopefully get rid of Perez A's well. I don't think they can do worse than Ozzie . Who knows , maybe he might be a good manager and the team might actually respond to him .


ozzie was not a bad manager he had a bad team around him and some costly injuries. A medling owner and a salary dump how good is the next manager going to do with what the marlins have now. Minus any of the three pitchers every one wants to trade ricky,johnson ,or buehrle. eovaldi,and turner can't hold down a rotation and with out buerhle pitching as much as he does the bullpen will be shot all next year.johnson is a frontline starter that can pitch and nolasco is not a bad three or four. stanton,and reyes can anchor a line up if you add the right bats around them dobbs,solano,and gorky's would be a great bench the problem the marlins have is this notion that when you trade established players in the majors you don't always get lucky with prospects if they build a team now. When fernandez,yelich ozuna or any other prospect are ready the transition would go smoother with a team full of veterans instead of a bunch of rookies. if they want to win establish a team for the long haul not a one year project at a time as a marlin fan I would like to expect the best team on the field every year.

Flav C.

mightymax, agree with you. Just look at the Cards/Giants giving the example that if you build from within and add on some extra pieces, you can succeed and be competitive year after year.

Marlin Fan

Mightymax , agree with about everything , except Oziie is a good manager , I'm well aware what hand he was dealt .

Marlin Fan

Mightymax , I agree with everything you said , except that Ozzie was a good manager . I too know the hand he was dealt , I guess we'll respectfully disagree on that one . Right on about the rest

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