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Ozzie: "Not much to say"

     One day after being fired by the Marlins, ousted manager Ozzie Guillen said he didn't have time for a lengthy interview. For one thing, Guillen said he was in a huge rush to get to Chicago, where he keeps his permanent residence.

      For another, Guillen said, "I don't have much to say."

      "No matter what I say, people are going to believe what they want to believe," Guillen wrote in a text message. "That's why I'm going to stay away."

       Guillen echoed earlier comments in which he accepted blame for his role in the Marlins' last-place finish.

       "Once again, manager's fault," he wrote.

       But Guillen said he disagreed with the decision to fire him after one season.

       "I know some people are on my side," Guillen said. "They should (be) because I don't think it was the right decision. But they (management) have the right to do whatever they have to do."

       As for any future plans, it's anyone's guess. Guillen is guaranteed the remainder of his original contract, which will pay him $7.5 million over the next three years.

       "We'll see what is going to happen," Guillen said. "Now going to Chicago."


       The Marlins aren't wasting any time in trying to locate a replacement for Guillen. Former Marlins catcher Mike Redmond is interviewing tonight with the team, and is considered by many to be the favorite to win the job. Redmond has managed the past two seasons in the low minors for the Toronto Blue Jays and spent this past season running the show at Single A Dunedin.

       Sources said the Marlins also hope to interview Reds pitching coach Bryan Price for their managing vacancy.


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

Great articles today by Linda Robertson and Greg Cote, both calling it as they it (is Spencer not allowed to do likewise? I KNOW he's not a columnist, but he STILL has the forum. Guess we'll never know).

Lets face it, the only option the Marlins have right now is to hire some guy who will be ever grateful for the chance. I mean, Redmond, from the low minors? Really?


Whether or not it was the right decision to hire him in the first place, it wasn't the right decision to fire him after only one season.

I kinda like Bryan Price as a candidate. He's been a good pitching coach over in Cincinnati, maybe he's what the Marlins pitching needs.


That's right , the trsck record will keep top tier talent from signing here . Who would WANT to be here ?


I REALLY would prefer these candidates:

Marlin Mike

Sorry!! Post so rarely I've forgotten most of your names. Don't take it personally. Anyone who has taken the time to post for a prolonged period--I would prefer you as manager with one or two exceptions. You would probably want more than Redmond or Price will settle for but it might be negotiable.

By the way, just when you think you understand baseball,it will bite you in the Loria. 6-0 Gigantes!!

Flav C.

Lou, this is unbelievable. And Sandoval playing like he is the triple crown winner.

Maybe it is my impression, but since 2 games back I see the Giants playing very relaxed, having fun, smiling a lot, joking among themselves.

It almost feels like they know they got this.

Obviously, this is a 7 game series and a lot will happen.


Remember!!! When you think you know how it will end, it will bite you in your Loria. I think I understand why Redmond is a perfect fit, he will probably pay Loria to take the job. Mike, Don't be a jackLoria.


Flav, Might be a 4 game series. Maybe the Marlins can sign Valverde to be new closer. This will be a true test of Boras. IF he can get Valverde a deal, then he should be put in charge of Mideast peace Talks.


doest matter who they hire..their players suck and will be playing for last place in the years to come


I'm on the coast of Cali on vacation and although I don't agree with this decision I still feel that no matter what it had to be done. Kinda like pulling the band aid off quickly. Ozzie wasn't the answer for this franchise no doubt. Not sure about Mike Redmond? Seems like a cheap move but look at what Mattheney did with the Cards this year. Disarray is the word that comes to mind. By the way was in San Francisco when they won the pennant. What a town.


i like the new word "jackloria", it sounds better than other more vulgar choices although the definition would be the same.

Lou, I must decline the opportunity to manage the Marlins, but, I am flattered by your nomination. Just the thought of being an employee of that ownership is very discouraging, plus, I have no experience with tropical fish.

Flav C.

wow, Redmond's name is all over the newspapers as a "perfect fit" for the position. Funny how a couple of months ago if you had asked anyone about him, people would say "Mike who?".


Redman??? LMAO!! C'mon! This team needs an identity and they are looking at Redman? The problem with the Marlins is simple, it's Loria!! Here is an "owner" who clearly can't work with any manager (or player for that matter) who has a voice and/or opinion. The record speaks for itself; Girardi, Leyland, and Gonzalez! This team will be in the cellar so long as meddling Loria is the owner, period!! I already cancelled my tickets for next year, I'm done with these losers!!


After due consideration, I've decided that I might, indeed, accept the post as manager of the Marlins, contingent upon satisfactory answers to the following three questions:

1)What time does a manager have to get up in the morning?

2)How old are the stewardesses on the team charter?

3)Are there any loopholes in the commandment "Thou shalt not kill?"

As manager, I would accept tweets (once I learned exactly how one receives tweets) from all regular contributors to this blog before, during and after the game and would make my personnel and strategy decisions based upon your advice. Even as I walked to the mound, I would be taking tweets from y'all advising me whether to pull the gossamery-armed starter or leave him in to face the menacing lefty on deck.
That all seems totally reasonable since the opinions I see expressed here every day show a lot more intelligence and knowledge of the game than those I've seen displayed recently by Marlins management and on-field staff.
I would become MLB's first true blog-o-manager. That is my election-year promise to you.

Marlin Fan

Sounds great !

Al Bundy

Al Bundy was brought in for an interview with plenty of experience by having been named M V P after winning the League Title with the Market Mallers

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