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Report: Marlins have interviewed Lloyd McClendon for managerial opening

Tigers hitting coach Lloyd McClendon has emerged as a candidate to become the Marlins' manager according to CBSSports.com senior baseball writer Danny Knobler.

McClendon, who managed the Pirates from 2001-05, interviewed with Marlins officials on Tuesday, according to Knobler's sources. The Marlins have yet to confirm or deny the report.

The Pirates were 336-446 under McClendon. After winning 75 games under McClendon in 2003 and 72 games in 2004, the Pirates went six years without getting to 70 wins. This season Pittsburgh won 79 games.

McClendon joined Jim Leyland's Tiger staff in 2006 and has played a big part in helping the Tigers to two World Series and three ALCS appearances including coaching triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera. Tigers fans, however, weren't happy with the lack of offense in the World Series.

McClendon, a native of Gary, Indiana, played eight years in the big leagues for the Reds, Cubs and Pirates and finished his career as a .244 hitter with 35 home runs and 154 RBI in 570 games. He played five different positions: catcher, first base, third base, left field and right field in his career and didn't break into the big leagues until he was 28 years old.

Mike Redmond, Larry Bowa and Luis Gonzalez have also been mentioned as candidates for the Marlins job. Redmond is considered the favorite.


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Flav C.

Wow, Clark...Guess I beat you on this one by 2 minutes...LOL... I swear it wasn't on purpose.

Flav C.

By the way, CBSSports.com is doing pretty good on bringing sports news first than everybody else.

Tatum O'neal

Morris Buttermaker would be a perfect fit for Loria.

curt flood

Being politically correct, Cliff Floyd will interview next. That way ,Loria has complied with MLB diversity hiring rule, by pretending to be interested in hiring Lloyd Floyd.


Maybe Barry Bonds would like an interview.

Flav C.

"curt flood" , I think by interviewing McClendon they just did that.

Action Jackson

By interviewing McClendon,Loria must be trying to appeal to his large Afro-American fan base at the ballpark...all 20 of them

Randle P. McMurphy

Action...Loria is appeasing his WASP fan base. McClendon is Irish.

Donovan McNabb

McClendon and I come from the same Northwestern region of Ireland, in Donegal.

Flav C.

Just read that the Marlins tried to acquire Ervin Santana yesterday through trade, right before the Royals acquired him. The Royals sent one of their top pitching prospects. I wonder what the Marlins offered...

black magic woman

Marlins offered Carlos Santana


I'd love to see Sal Fasano get an interview or some sort of consideration.....

Stan M

Having men who have never yet managed in the big leagues decline consideration as the Marlins manager speaks volumes about this team's travails. With all that money still due Ozzie, the managerial budget must be low as well. Redmond sounds like he has the credentials, but as an organizational mainstay, I am worried that he will be a Loria pawn.

Here is an excellent analysis of one of the recent trades. Also at the bottom and within the article are other useful links. Lou, you will be pleased with the link for Ozuma, he is tearing up the Dominican league.


I wouldn't mind seeing the team give new free agent McGehee a spring tryout. Nothing ventured and he could help at 3B if things work out.

Flav C.

Stan, its great to see Ozuna tearing it up, but don't read too much into those numbers: hitter-friendly parkers, tired pitchers....and a nice warm weather help to inflate those numbers.

I rather see how he goes in Jacksonville and in the Southern League, who is not that nice to hitters.


As a Tiger AND Marlins fan, I would loke to point out McClendon's nickname is Legendary Lloyd.

I would also like to thank the Legendary one for "turning" Cabrera into a successful hitter. Never possible without Lloyd. he also did a fine job with Fielder--not surprising. Now his efforts with players who actually NEEDED help are a little more suspect---Boesch, Avila, Peralta, Inge,Raburn,Kelly and a few more. Legendary does a great job with super stars and has problems with others. The Marlins are a whole bunch of "others", bet that Stanton hits 30 homers under his "tutelage."

Frank Perdue

another case of a coach that will be trying to make chicken liver out of chickenshit....

Flav C.

Redmond hired as new manager.

mike hill

Had to get the diversity interview out of the way first.


So far I'm liking Redmond. Luis Gonzalez could be interesting but who knows? This franchise has turned into such a joke around the league and it's painfully obvious. Total...Total miscalculation by Loria and crew and now we'll be stuck with a cheap manager and paying for Ozzie, Bell...etc...for years. What about a guy like Mike Maddux to manage the team?

The Manager and who will be hitting/pitching coaches for this team as well?

Fredi G,

Good on the job training for Redmond before he replaces Gardenhire in Minnesota.


Can Redmond platoon with Brantley and get rid of Buck and his stupidass contract?

Flav C.

Loria and Sampson enjoyed the part of the interview where Redmond explained his unorthodox methods for getting out of slumps.

Actually part of the interview was a "live demo" of his methods.

They hope he implements that ASAP in the Marlins organization.

Camera Mike

I am with Stan on this one and worried that Loria likes Redmond because he is a company man whom Loria believes he can exert control over. I hate to be pessimistic, and this is with all due respect to Mike Redmond, but I don't believe hiring a manager with only singe A experience makes the team better or a more attractive place for free agent. Though I sincerely hope I am proven wrong on this.

Peter Gammons Dog

Marlins ,with their heavily back-loaded contracts,are threw spending money on A type free agents,so dont worry about them not wanting to come here,as they wont be offered or asked to. Redmond will be asked to win with less than proven talent. Big Surprise. .500 baseball will be the goal.

Stan M

ESPN reporting Redmond hired to 3 year contract

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