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Scott Cousins claimed off waivers by Blue Jays

         Outfielder Scott Cousins, perhaps best known as a Marlin for his home plate collision with Giants catcher Buster Posey in 2011, was claimed off waivers by the Toronto Blue Jays. The Marlins also lost right-handed reliever Sandy Rosario on a waiver claim by the Boston Red Sox.

          CousinsCousins, the Marlins' third-round pick in 2006, was vilified by some Giants fans after his hard -- but within-the-rules -- collision with the All-Star catcher in San Francisco in May, 2011. Posey broke his leg and missed the rest of the season, and Cousins received hate mail and death threats.

         The outfielder never could get on track after that, going just 1 for 13 at the plate following the collision and ending the season on the disabled list with a back injury. Cousins hit just .163 this season for the Marlins, with three of his total 14 hits coming in one game at Tampa Bay in June. Overall, Cousins hit .231 with two home runs in parts of three seasons with the Marlins.

         Rosario had an ERA of 15.26 in 10 career relief appearances for the Marlins.

         The Marlins also announced on Wednesday that infielders Donnie Murphy, Nick Green and Gil Velazquez were outrighted to Triple A New Orleans.

         With the moves, the Marlins now have five openings on the 40-man roster.  


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yours truly

Keith Olbermann is spreading rumor of A-Rod trade to Marlins, maybe for Heath Bell. Go to NESN.com blog for more info.


just posted this on another article, Scott Cousins will become a good offensive player now that he will have a real hitting coach. As hard as it might be to believe, Eduardo is not a real hitting coach. He is the son of a great retired player who now works for the Marlins.

not a Marlins fan

Just checked out Olbermann's A-Rod rumor on his baseballnerd blog at MLB.com. Hope it happens ,as I would gladly pay 1.00 to see A-Rod play at Marlins Park,like I did this past season to see all the NL play-off teams ,from stubhub. Keep up the good work, Loria.

Camera Mike

Loria would certainly put any big name he can on the field in an attempt to simply sell tickets, but I don't see him going anywhere news A-Rod unless the Yankees pick up at least 90-95 million of the 115 million he's still guaranteed.


I remember Cousins for when Tommy emphatically yelled SCOTT COUSINS. Besides that he's mostly forgettable.

Waste Management

Wait until the World Series is over,when Loria flushes the rest of his dysfunctional dysentery roster and starts making embarassing, laughable decisions again.


When I first read the article I thought it said the "Toronto Argonauts" of the CFL had claimed him. I thought they were going to use him as a wedge buster on the kickoff team. Why the Blue Jays claimed him is puzzling. At least Rosario's era is below that of Jose Valverde in the playoffs.


Donnie Murphy cleared waivers??????????How is this possible? You must really question some of the talent evaluators around Big League Baseball???

Murphys Law

He cleared waivers because nobody thinks he's worth a crap. They're right.


How about A-Roid for Bell, Petersen, Buck, Dunn,and about 3 other minor league outfielders and Yankees eat all but 122.33 of A-Roid's contract??

Anel Hershiser

you forgot to throw in, or up, Coghlan, Gorkys and the HR sculpture in LF....

Camera Mike

That deal might be worth it, especially if instead of playing 3rd (we already have enough players hitting well below .300) A-Rod gets in the costume and plays Billy.

Stan M

Loria is a font of stunning ideas. ARod would be a godsend for the publicity department. I can just picture him entering the new stadium in a golf cart with Mohammad Ali holding him up.


If A-Rod could still take PED's...then I say do the trade....A-Rod without PED's is washed up.

P.T. Barnumstein

Loria doesnt care. As long as the Yankees pay the freight. Loria needs to sell tickets to his circus.


The A-Rod for Health Bell deal makes absolutely no sense for the Yankees. According to the rumor the Yankees are willing to eat A-Rod's ENTIRE remaining contract and the Marlins would simply have to pay Bell 18 million. There would have to be some top Marlin prospects involved for this deal to make any sense.


Dammit: Alex Fernandez didn't sell tickets, Livan Hernandez didn't sell tickets, and that freaking monstrosity in the OF is not selling tickets. The only thing on God's green earth that will sell tickets in South FL is the Marlins winning!

In 1997 they put 70,000 butts in the seats during the WS, all people care about is winning and the Miami Machisimo of being able to say "I was there" showing off to friends for status. People who actually care about baseball games will support whoever; A-Rod or not. But Geez would the Yanks really eat up close to $100M to unload the guy?


Major Joe wants A-Roid GONE. I guess the coupe de gras was A-Roid not being ready to play when he still had his sweatshirt on in 9th inning of 3rd game. AND if he was REALLY trying to get the phone numbers of some Kate Hudson Replacement Dolls behind the dugout , that would have sent the General Patton Wannabe into cardiac arrest. I WOULD do it if they took Bell, Buck and some other riff raff to be named later. Of course the Marlins would not pay more than $216.85 of A-Roid's deal. He is better than any 3B they have now, you know they want to move Bell and Buck, this is actually a layup and how much fun would the transplanted Early Boid Special New Yorkers get out of booing the former Mrs Hudson?

Camera Mike

While I have no doubt Loria is deluded enough to believe A-Rod would actually put butts in seats (I do not see him getting people to buy more tickets, only winning would do that) there is an irony that could prevent the trade. Loria's allergy to spending on payroll which I think will return next season could push the portion of his salary the Yankees have to cover above the limit they're willing to go simply to get rid of him. As well as asking them to take on some of our bad luggage could sour the Yanks desire for this trade. I believe Keith Olberman was either joking or just desperate to get A-Rod out of NY.

O' Reilly

Blobermann is just bloviating for attention.


To have the Bronx Bumblers humiliated in such a degrading and stupefying manner was especially beautiful and added even more to the sheer delight.

Having followed the Tigers since Harvey Kuenn was still a SS and Jim Bunning had not thought of the Senate, I would like to send out a Thank You to the largesse and STUPIDITY of Loria, Samson and Beinfest that gave the joyous celebration a little Miami flavor. At least the dealing of Sanchez and Infante brought back two young chips that could really help this team quickly, the dealing of the Special Guy only brought back angst and disgust.

LORIA!!!, You had your 3B. you got rid of him.


Let's forget the money part for a second, how did the marlins do with so much attention? Not much with the cameras on them. They failed,didn't hit and didn't do much. How much more attention would a-rod bring? How much pressure would he be under to perform now that he is going to a bigger stadium, a pitchers stadium. His defense and baserunning is good. He would be an improvment if he hits 18 - 25 hrs and at least bats .280. It is not like he is hitting 52 hrs anymore but from a defensive and batting stand point, he would be better than solano or boni at third. As a ball player he would be a better asset,than keeping bell and opened some funds for a better bull pen and outfield help. And to have a singles hitter like Lee protecting Stanton, I would rather have Arod.If we still have Lomo in left field, I would rather have Manny Ramirez, LOL.

Marlin Fan

The move makes no sense for the Yankees . Yes they want to get rinof Arod , but Bell is just awful . He stunk with the Mets and his return , I see no different . If Mariano comes back healthy and they still have Soriano , no reason for Bell, UNLESS they get Fernandez and Yelich . I think Arod is past his prime . Yes he's better than anyone we have , but I still wouldn't want a self centered , underachieving , malcontent .

Dr. Detroit

Special thanks to the Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria and his minions Samson and Beinfest ,for being totally inept,incompetent baseball talent evaluators,and giving us Miggy,then Omar and Anibal. Couldnt have made it this far without your contibutions to our cause. When can we count on you guys trading us Stanton? Sooner or later.


Dear Dr., They probably wont give Detroit Stanton but maybe Ozuna. Avasail Garcia played in the Florida State League like Pablo Ozuna this year and they were seen as comparable talents--Garcia a shade more prominent. You saw what Garcia is capable of--Well, actually he's capable of a lot more---and Garcia in RF and Ozuna in LF would really make the Tigers South America's Team. Avila, Infante, Peralta, Cabrera,Garcia, santiago, Martinez--There is room for an Ozuna. Arriba!!!!!!! Forgot Sanchez!!

Dr. NO

Anybody that thinks ARod would wave his no-trade clause to leave NY, playing for the Yankees, to come and play for the joke of MLB Loria Marlins, needs to be Baker Acted,and check themselves in to the closest mental hospital before they hurt themselves.


Dear Dr, What would A-Roid's attitude be if Major Joe let it be known that he would spend about 80 games a year sending autographed baseballs into the stands. I would also imagine that A-Roid may be hallucinating as well since he probably believes he still has a chance at the HR Record. I'm betting he would waive that No-Trade as soon as he realized he does not have a buddy in the manager's office.

Wasn't that a beautiful "spectacle", I believe the Tigers are something like 12-3 against the Yankers in the post season. Carbonated Cola SHOULD think about shedding some of that weight. Eventually it will catch up to him. There is no doubt Pettite is coming back. He will pitch until he is 50.

Marlin Fan

Lou, As a Yankee fan ( American league aligence ) I begrudingly offer you my congratulations !! I hope you guys beat the Cards , nice story last year , I'm getting sick of them . ...... Hey doesn't they're manager have little to no experience ?? Lowell anyone


Marlin Fan, Thank You. Matheny has NO experience BUT the best lineup in baseball.

I'm working on some Tigers-Marlin deals that will benefit both teams like the last one. Tigers don't win the pennant without Sanchez and Infante BUT I really think Brantly is Brian McCann Junior. Also think Turner will get some velocity back and he could be really good. The Marlins fans may be celebrating this deal very soon. Pay close attention to what Garcia does for the Tigers in the Series. Many in baseball would have chosen Ozuna over Garcia before the callup. I believe Ozuna had passed him somewhat as a 5 tool guy but his performance in Playoffs has been impressive. What I'm saying, If Garcia can do it this fast, why not Ozuna?? I really think Boesch and Porcello could help the Marlins but they have nothing the Tigers want OR that the Marlins would give up. You could soon have Stanton, Yelich and Ozuna in the outfield--MUST just rid ourselves of the flotsam and jetsam!!! in the organization. SloMo at first, Boni back at 2B, Reyes at SS and Cab--OOPS!! Well, anyway they need a 3b and it won't be Cox. Cards are like Braves(besides Andrus)they don't give up guys they will regret. AND I don't give a damn about Brantly's game calling. I bet the pitchers would rather shake him off once in awhile and have him hit .290 with 18 and 85.

Wonder if the Cy Young vote is in?? If it wasn't for Valverde and Benoit, Justin wins 20 in the regular season. The Tigers could go on a mini-run for a couple of years with Justin,Max, Fister, Smyly and Sanchez IF Cabby talks him into it. Still would like Jackson in CF and flanked by Stanton and Garcia. Tigers will probably have to give up Ramon Santiago and Boesch and Porcello. If that didn't completely shut down baseball in S. Florida, nothing would.

c u later, Loria

Bye-Bye Donnie 'Bleepin' Murphy and Nick Green,who told the Marlins to shove their minor league assignment up their assignment ,and will try the Free Agent route. Good Luck Murph.

moishe bibble

ARod has the Yankees by the balls, and he knows it. Girardi proves he's just another run of the mill manager by benching the guys with the only chance to turn it around for him. What a putz.


Donnie Murphy is one of those guys I couldn't help but root for, even though I knew it was hopeless. He's like the klutzy kid next door who'd trip over a wheelbarrow chasing a popup, go to the hospital for stitches, then rush back to game with a bandage covering half his face, yelling, "Hey, Coach, put me in!" But my pet wallaby Olbermann is happy to see him move on. I can't count the number of times I've thrown the furry little critter at the TV after watching The Bleeper swing through three straight 89 mph fastballs with men ISP.
By the way, Lou, I think you're misspelling the name of the Yankees' third baseman. I think it's A-Rod, not A-Roid. Unless, of course, you're trying to make him the "butt" of a joke.


It's gotta be hard for someone like Murphy, who's had a taste of the foie-gras-and-filet circuit, to go back to Kwik-Mart pork rinds and Pepsis. But like minor league managers tell their guys when they grumble, "If you don't like it, play better."
Meaningless trivia: Murphy went to the same high school as Barry Bonds. Barry must not have introduced him to his connection.

Stan M

Let's see if I understand this properly. There is a 3rd baseman who is possibly available who currently performs well below expectations, but somewhere around average for current 3rd basemen in majors. However, this player is a prima donna and is disliked by his teammates. He also makes a lot of money. Seems like there used to be some other guy in Miami with those characteristics. Should he be acquired? A ridiculous idea except for one flaw; that being a cubby little elf who thought displaying another former great in a golf cart was the epitome of good taste. Let us hope that more rational heads prevail. We've been there, done that...never again!


Hey Stan M,
The Marlins need a third baseman and A-Rod is now eligible for the senior citizens special at Joe's. Seems like a win-win to me.

Dr. Doolittle

Have put many wallaby;s to sleep for terminal olbermann of the mouth. Sorry

Cye Guzunt

ARod will collect his 114mill pension from the Yankees. What a country. Will he retire to Miami Beach, or will he go to Boca? Nah..he'll stay south. Maybe if he meets a nice Yiddish girl.he'll stay north.

Ozzies Chef

Is foie-gras available fpr my Santeria Sundays?

Murphy's playground

Meaningful trivia...We always knew Barry had the best connections. We're mad he never shared and kept it to himself.


Ozzies Chef,
We call it Sangria Sunday at our house. Either way, it starts out with a bloodletting and ends with everybody in a trance.

Flav C.

Let's see how the FO is playing their hand as far as reducing payroll for 2013:

Hanley, former All-Star and owed $15.5 mil in 2013: Traded for...Eovaldi. Rookie-pitcher who cannot put left-hitters away on left-hitter rich NL East.

Mujica, reliable bullpen arm, eligible for arbitration in 2013: Traded for Zack Cox, former Cards 1st round pick for 3B, who the team has no plans to give some playing time, not only during these last 2 months of AAA lineup.

Gaby Sanchez: former All-Star 1B, eligible for arbitration in 2013 as super-two: Traded for nothing...ops..sorry. Traded for Gorkys, minor-league player who's been bouncing around through 4 different minor-league systems over the last 5 years.

Chris Coghlan: former ROY, battling knee injuries in 2011 and 2012. Eligible for arbitration in 2013. Sent down to AAA, never called up so he would not accumulate enough major league time to be eligible for arbitration.

Omar Infante: $4 mil owed in 2013. Possibly one of the few good trades, bringing a cheap rookie, with good upside (Brantly).

Donnie Murphy and Nick Green: Eligible for arbitration in 2013. Outrighted to AAA, now opted for free-agency.

Let's see who else is eligible for arbitration in 2013: Boni and Ryan Webb. Interesting to see how it will roll for these two players.

Hey Lomo, Petersen, you better produce some good numbers guys...You're arb eligible in 2014! Papa Loria is keeping a tab on the expenses!

Don't forget that Brian Sanchez, Badenhop, Clay Hensley, all reliable bullpen arms, were arb eligible in 2012. All of them sent somewhere else.


Hey Flav, Let's not forget all those innings Badenhop gave us in long relief and all we had to give up was a third baseman with little range and very little speed and who grounds into a lot of DP's. Wasn't that a good deal?

Just the idea that Petersen is "eligible" for anything involving baseball reflects upon the craziness of the arbitration system. I would have much more preferred you telling us that he was eligible for government assistance. Even though I'm sure he does not need nor want it, for some reason I find that more palatable.

Flav C.

Did we give up a 3B for Badenhope?

Wow, I didnt know that. I read this blog almost everyday and I never knew about this trade or "good deal" as you mentioned above.

I'll keep myself more informed, I promise.

Anyway, that was not my point by bringing up Badenhop's name.

Stan M

I sat near home plate on Eovaldi's recent start and couldn't have been more impressed. Many were swinging when ball was already in catcher's mitt. There was even one pitch when he made Chipper look bad. Conine on a pre game show thought he has better stuff than Turner. I think this kid has tremendous potential. Am more worried about Turner. A 91-92 mph fastball and he's always around the plate. That means lots of HRs unless he gets his former 95mph fastball back. Despite that, I'm very happy with both trades.
Can't understand why everyone keeps bringing up Gabby as All Star. It was by default, we had no one else. He has never been a legitimate All Star in my book. But Gorkys? Trying to hit HRs with his build? Not in Marlin's Park, thats for sure. Mujica was getting knocked all over the place when traded and Cox still might work out. However, Flav, you are right on all counts from a monetary standpoint. What's all this about trading a third baseman for the Hopper. Maybe someone I'm thinking of could tell us about that. Could the guy hit at all?


Actually, we shoulda known Miggy was on his way out when he missed the question about the Savannah Sand Gnats.

Flav C.

Stan, you're right about Gaby. I just brought it up because if you have an All-Star in your team (it doesn't matter what we think about him deep inside) and you want to trade him, you bring some talent back. Unless, of course, you're reducing your expenses for the next season, avoiding having a arb eligible player in your roster.
As far as Eovaldi, yes, he has good stuff. But if he doesn't work on retiring left-hitter, he will have short life in the NL East.


Flav, I can understand your palpable distress in not wishing to discuss Badenhop deal, but not discussing that deal makes history more likely to repeat itself with Stanton. Do you really not understand the importance of slapping these stooges in the face as often as you can. Because if you dont, I can promise you Stanton will be gone in 3 years and at that point all the denial you wish to manifest won't mean a thing. There probably won't even be a Herald Marlins Blog after that goes down. I assume you're going to watch the World Series. That will be a much more blatant reminder of what you don't like thinking about.

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