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The curious case of the Marlins fan at the World Series is solved

     If you've been watching the San Francisco Giants in the NLCS and Game 1 of the World Series last night, you might have noticed a guy sitting behind the backstop wearing a Miami Marlins jacket.

     Yes, a Miami Marlins jacket. It's almost like a UFO sighting.

      LeavyAmy K. Nelson of SB Nation got to wondering who in the world would be wearing Marlins gear at a Giants game, did some snooping around, and came to discover that the dude isn't just some guy who found a deal on Marlins stuff.

     Turns out the man is Laurence Leavy, an honest-to-goodness Marlins season-ticket holder.

     Leavy told Nelson he thought Ozzie Guillen deserved to be fired, wishes the Marlins would replace him with someone like Bobby Valentine, doesn't care for the Home Run Sculpture, and prefers the old teal unis.

     Anyway, check out what Leavy had to say by reading here.


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He likes the new unis good enough that he will wear it on national television though.


Now that’s some good investigative journalism....I was up all night wondering who the heck that guy was...thought it might be Stan, Laurel, Flav or Lou.

Stan M

Thank you for the kind thoughts. My wife has COPD and Congestive Heart Failure with oxygen 24/7 so occasional hospital visits are becomming more frequent.

I was able to obtain some of the questions that are being asked to those seeking the managerial position.
*Is green your favorite color?
*Do you like very large gaudy rings?
*Is watching Latin showgirls your favorite form of entertainment?
*Do you see the Marlin HR extravaganza as a modern art showpiece?
*Do you have any prejudice against pudgy men?
*If you have to answer either "yes" or "no" to your employer, do you realize that yes is the more positive answer?
*Are you willing to work for a severly backloaded contract that pays a great deal in the second year; if there is a second year?
*Do you find jokes about short men in executive positions offensive?
*Is your favorite proverb, "A penny saved is a penny earned?"
*Will your voice echo in a almost empty stadium?

Stan M

I found this interesting.


I'm afraid that Redmond might still be "one of the guys". Also hope Maddux' brother and the Cinn pitching coach are given consideration. As LB pointed out a day or two ago, we really need someone to stabilize our young pitching prospects even more than we need a manager. And I'm sorry, LB. Your consideration for the managerial helm has been declined. Reason given had something to do with age of current stewardesses. It was also mentioned that firearms are not allowed within the confines of the ballpark. On a serious note, did everyone see where Loria actually needed bodyguards in Montreal?


Stan M,
Rest assured that all of us are pulling for you and your wife. I know from recent personal experience that dealing with that type of illness is tough, and the pelican poop the hospitals toss at you makes it 10 times worse.
Very funny shtick above. I was, of course, heartbroken to learn that my application had been denied, because I'd convinced myself that all of us together could make this thing work.
To say that Mike Redmond is a "perfect fit" for the Marlins job, as Jim Boles did, is really a backhanded compliment. Kinda like saying, "For a fat girl, you don't sweat much."
As we all know, former catchers often make excellent managers, but the idea of having a pitching coach as manager intrigues me, too.
Btw, I wouldn't dream of bringing a firearm into the ballpark. I was definitely thinking more like manual strangulation.


Stan M, add me to the list of well wishers for the health of Mrs. Stan M.

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